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Jeulia Engagement Rings For Women

Jun 30, 2010

What Not to Say (6)

What Not to Say during a Fight with Your Beloved

1.Don’t say: “You always” or “You never” or “You’re a [slob, jerk]” or “You’re wrong.”Why: Speaking in absolutes like “you always” and “you’re wrong” is playing the blame game, and resorting to name calling makes your partner feel helpless, which puts him on the defensive and makes a bad fight worse.

Instead say: “I’m upset that you left the dishes in the sink again. What can we do so that this stops happening?” Starting with the pronoun I puts the focus on how you feel, and it will make him more receptive to fixing the problem.

2.Don’t say: “If you really loved me, you would...”
Why: The more you treat your partner as if he’ll never satisfy you, the less satisfied you’ll be. Controlling your partner by begging him to do something isn’t a good way to build intimacy.

Instead say: “I feel taken for granted when you don’t help around the house. I would feel better if we could…” The best way to keep a productive fight from becoming a dirty one is to be clear about why you’re upset and then offer a solution
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Jun 26, 2010

Florist at the Side of the Road

Have you ever seen florists at the side of the road? Well, I often see it; and the flowers there are so lovely! Every day in the afternoon, exactly at the same spot, various cut flowers are there for sale. I’ve never bought cut flowers there, perhaps another time...

For Today's Flowers, I captured and share it here. Have a great week end!

Best Solution for Your Transportation Needs while Travelling Abroad

Are you planning to travel abroad in the near future? As you might have known, travelling out of the country needs prior preparation. Have you booked the plane tickets and accommodations? How about your transportation there? Are you planning to choose taxi or other public transportation to take you from the airport to your destination? I suggest you to reconsider it; as it will give you a hassle and cost you more money.

Why don’t you use Airport taxi transfer bookings service? Have you ever heard about it before? Well, airport transfer bookings are a new and dynamic concept. Using their service, you will be fetched at the airport and brought to the preferred locations. Isn’t it great?
If you are interested in booking Airport taxi transfer service, it’s much recommended to get it at, the leading door-to-door airport transfer company that based in Spain. They provide over 1000 routes to the major holiday destinations in 18 countries, instant confirmations to your booking demand, and all are offered in best prices, without other extra fees. Just visit the website; you can book their service in 5 easy steps.

They offer private transfers, shared transfered on selected routes, and group transfers. The distance, the number of passenger, and the type of vehicle that you choose will determine the price. Choose the service that most suits with your budget and needs!

There’s good news for you. At, now you can use their new mapping system that uses satellite imagery to show the nearest airports to your destination. It will give you helpful information on planning and preparing your travel! Using airport taxi transfer will make you have an enjoyable travelling experience!

Best Internet Business Broker for You

Since internet has been used by most people as a source of information; online marketing can become the best way to promote your business. That’s why every business owner should have a website, especially if you are running an internet business. Having an established website business is very important, since it can allow people to find your business easily. It also means bigger opportunities for you to bring new customers!

Have you already had your own internet business? Or you are just starting to have one? If you don’t want to start your business from a scratch and you want to skip the long process building a new website; you should consider buying an established website. It can be your best business strategy, as you can gain time and effort efficiency.

Well, let’s say that you in another situation. You already have an established online business, and you are interested in selling your website business. Since it’s an important decision that you have made, you should find the best business broker to sell your internet business in right value and price.

Whether you want to buy your new internet business or sell your current internet business, you can trust Website Properties, Inc. as your
business broker. They have professional staffs with extraordinary expertise that are ready to give you total support. To more ensure you about their best service, you can read success stories at the website. Check it out!

Jun 25, 2010

Sky Watch: Morning Sun

Last Tuesday, I, my husband and my in-laws went to the airport to take my sister in-law that will go abroad. To avoid traffic jam, we left home earlier. We arrived at the airport at about 06.30 a.m. I captured this warm morning sun a few minutes later.

Sky Watch Friday is a great place to share and see sky images around the world. Have a great Friday!

Jun 24, 2010

Best Place to Find Design-Oriented Lightings, Fans and Home Accessories

Home décor covers various different elements of design; from what kind of flooring and lighting you use, to how the furniture and home accessories are arranged in each room. Your option is limitless. What ever your style and taste is, you can apply different combinations of color, structure and furnishings to make a comfortable, functional and beautiful home.

The right home accessories can give a character to your home, as it reflects your personality. Actually, it’s the home accessories that make your home is unique and make you feel: home sweet home. Due to the necessity of home accessories, you should find it at a reliable and reputable store.
That’s why you should visit Lumens Light+Living, the right place for you to find high quality design-oriented lightings, fans and home accessories, all in best prices. If you’re interested to add a new lighting touch to your home, you should choose
Energy Efficient Lighting at You’ll love all designs; moreover, it’s sophisticated, fashionable, and energy-efficient!
How about installing new ceiling fan at your home? Check out the great collection of Emerson Ceiling Fans and Fanimation Fans at the website! I’m sure that you’ll find the fan, the lighting and other home accessories that most suits with your needs and style; as offers extraordinary collection for your option, from various brands, styles and themes.

Nostalgia #6: A Journey

This time I want to share photos on our visit (in 2003) to Gua Lawa (Bat Cave) in Purbalingga, Central Java, Indonesia. The cave is so large. When we entered it, we saw bats hanging above, but not in a large amount.

It’s said that the cave was used long time ago (during Majapahit Empire period) as a meeting and resting place of holy and religious leaders. In their effort to introduce and spread Islam religion in Java Island for the first time, they had to face with Majapahit soldiers that assumed them as enemies.

It’s interesting place to visit, we admired the views inside. I remembered that I saw cave wall and stones that have unique shapes, and a little pond with its continuous water source. There are strange colors in some of photos; I don’t know exactly what it is.

What Not to Say (5)

What Not to Say to a Single (or Newly Single) Person

1.Don’t say: “You were too good for him.”
Why: You are basically saying she has bad taste. And you’ll be embarrassed if they ever patch it up.
Instead say: “His loss!” It gets the same point across without disparaging her judgment.

2.Don’t say: “I’m glad you got rid of him. I never liked him anyway.”
Why: She’ll wonder about your fake adoration for him while they were together. Instead say: “I’m confident you’ll find someone who will give you exactly what you want.” It focuses on what’s to come, not on the guy you’re glad she’s done with.

3.Don’t say: “How could someone as perfect as you still be single?”
Why: A statement like this comes off as a backhanded compliment. What she hears is “What’s wrong with you?”
Instead say: “Seeing anyone?” If she’s tight-lipped about her love life, move on to other topics.

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Best Wheels and Tires for Your Car

As you have already noticed, tires are the only part of your car that always make contact with the road. Due to nonstop contact with various surfaces and conditions, tires can start to worsen, especially if you wear improper tires. Since safety is your priority, it’s much recommended to install high quality tires on your car.

Most car owners like to upgrade the tires performance by adding wheels on each tire. There’s no doubt anymore, if you use the right wheels, your car will look expressive, shinier, larger, and stronger. High quality wheels can give a big difference to your car appearance!

Since wheels and tires can give important function and new look, every car owner must use high quality
wheels and tires to ensure it functions as required. To avoid wasting your money by buying improper wheels, you should deal with a professional. That’s why I encourage you to visit CARiD. With their best and helpful customer service, you will get a big assist in selecting the right wheels for your rides.

At the website, you can browse to find the wheels by size, brand and price categories. Don’t worry, if you search at CARiD, you’ll find one that match with your car. Whatever the type and brand of your car, they offer a wide range of choices. Finding proper wheels for your car can be a stressful experience; but it won’t happen if you get it at CARiD, the best place for car owners who like to modify cars. For getting further information, don’t hesitate to visit the website or call them toll free at 1-800-505-3274!

Recommended Software to Manage Your Multiple Monitors

At present time, multiple monitors are commonly used by employees of companies in various sectors. If now you’re using dual or multiple monitors, perhaps you find difficulties in managing it efficiently. You need a special tool to help you manage the displays of all monitors!

dual monitor or multiple monitor users that apply Windows operating systems, I suggest you to install Actual Multiple Monitors from Actual Tools. Actual Multiple Monitors is an easy to use application that allows you to work efficiently with dual or more monitors on your system.

Whatever your Windows operating system, this tool inserts a copy of the original Windows Taskbar on every monitor display. It will help you to shorten and unite the task management on all monitors. The taskbar will reflect the applications being showed on the monitor, so, all monitors are reachable and observable at all times.

The extra Title Bar button on each application is very helpful. It’s a time-saving feature, as you can shift your application to a different monitor with just one click. With Actual Multiple Monitors, you can manage the
extend taskbar on the screens of secondary monitors. This tool will also facilitate you to have different screen savers and backgrounds for every monitor in your multiple monitors display.

For getting more information on all features provided by Actual Multiple Monitors, you can visit the website. If you’re a multiple monitor user, you should try this software!

LinkProz: Best Solution to Improve Your Website

Since internet has been used by most people as a source of information; online marketing can become the best way to promote your business. Search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and MSN, are useful tools that used to search information on internet.

If you are running an online business or you already have websites to promote your business, perhaps you have realized that your website should be at the top list in every search engine results page. It is very important, since it can allow people to find your business easily. It also means bigger opportunities for you to bring new customers!

According to Google, your business website will be at the top list on the search engine, if it has a high Page Rank. Having a high Page Rank website is crucial as it’s one of the major factors that verify a page’s ranking in the search engine results.

How to improve your website? As you should focus more on running your business, it’s much suggested to get a professional help from
LinkProz, a link building company that sells authority links and improve rankings of their clients.

At Link Proz, you can get best price on their complete services: SEO consultation, keyword research and link building to your site. To more ensure you, they are warranting their effective work by promising a 30-day money back guarantee, if their service is not as estimated by the clients. Isn’t it great? Contact them at 1-800-244-4719; you will satisfy with their service!

Jun 18, 2010

What Not to Say (4)

What Not to Say about Pregnancy and Babies
1.Don’t say: “Are you pregnant?”
Why: You ask, she’s not, and you feel totally embarrassed for essentially pointing out that she’s overweight.

Instead say: “Hello” or “Great to see you” or “You look great.” Anything besides “Are you pregnant?” or “What’s the due date?” will do. Save yourself the humiliation and never ask.
2.Don’t say: “Do you plan on breast-feeding?”
: The
issue can be controversial, and she may not want to discuss her decision publicly.

Instead say: Nothing. Unless you’re very close, don’t ask. If you slip, make up for the blunder by adding, “And do you feel comfortable telling me?”
3.Don’t say: “Were your twins natural?” or “It must have been hard for your child’s birth
parents to give him up.
Why: You’re suggesting that natural conception is better than in vitro fertilization (IVF) or adoption.
Instead say: To a parent of multiples, try a light “Wow, you have your hands full!” To an adoptive parent, say the same stuff you would to any other parent: “She’s adorable!” or “How old is he?”

I totally agree with these etiquettes; I’ve never asked a
woman whether she’s pregnant or not, unless if I have a very close relationship with her. But, it’s a pity, until now, actually it’s the most often question that asked to me. Hahaha, thankfully, I haven’t yet been bored answering the same questions with this,” Thanks for your attention. We’re still trying to have a baby and we hope for your prayer”…
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Make a Safest Playground for Your Children!

For parents, children’s safety is becoming their most concern. Children like filling large part of their times every day by playing. While playing, children can also learn and train their physical ability. Playing activity is truly important for your child’s growth and development; but have you realized that it can also endanger your child?

Most playgrounds, whether public playgrounds or your own back yard, are less safe for your children, as it has poor and coarse surfaces. Imagine how high the accident risk can happen to your child!

Parents, don’t worry, Rubberecycle has provided the best solution. You can install Playsafer Rubber Mulch on your playground surface. Have you heard of Playsafer Rubber Mulch before? It is manufactured and totally designed by Rubberecycle to make your playground harmless.
Using almost six inches thick rubber mulch for your playgrounds will give you many benefits. Rubber mulch offers softness surface along the year and protection to your child by its high shock absorption capacity; your child would not get injure even if she/he falls from a high place! You get the most thickness and safest playground surfacing; but in the most cost effective way. Isn’t it great?

Rubber Mulch is totally safe to your child’s health, as it is also non-toxic and it reduces mud and dust that can cause allergic reaction. For getting more detailed information, I suggest you to read the whole
rubber mulch FAQ's in their website.

Let’s make a safe playground! Your child will love playing on the soft and colorful playground surface!

Sky Watch: Branches and the Sky

Just another way to watch the sky : through the branches of a tree! I just share one photo this time, as my internet connection is too slow right now.

Sky Watch Friday is a great place to share and see sky images around the world. Have a great Friday, every one!

Best Stainless Steel Jewelry for Your Special Gift

My teenager niece has just graduated from Junior High School. Her final exam’s grades are great, too! No wonder, she’s a smart and diligent student. To reward her hard work, I plan to give her a gift. I guess choosing jewelry could be a perfect gift for a girl in her age.

I have noticed that my niece is a girl who prefers things in simplicity, so as with her preference on jewelry style. That’s why I’m interested to introduce her to stainless steel jewelry that she’s never had.
Have you ever seen stainless steel jewelry? As you’ve already known, stainless steel is usually used in cookware, cutlery, buildings, and medical equipment such, but now stainless steel has become more popular for jewelry design. Most stainless steel jewelry has contemporary and fashionable designs; it’s a good choice for a good price!

Stainless steel jewelry is becoming more trendy nowadays because it is also incredibly strong and scratch-resistant, far less expensive than the strongest precious metals (tungsten and titanium), and it doesn’t cause allergic reactions.

Well, next step is, I should get it at a place that offers high quality stainless steel jewelry. Since it’s not easy to find stainless steel jewelry at traditional jewelry stores, I prefer to buy it at Online Jewelry Store. My favorite store is Linoy Jewelry, the leading stainless steel jewelry shop online. You’ll love all designs!

Linoy Jewelry offers great collections for your option. You can browse the site to select your desired items by various categories, such as stainless steel rings, pendants, earrings, bangles, bracelets, chains necklaces, and several more. I’ve chosen an earrings and a bracelet for my niece, it’s really perfect as a special gift!

It’s your turn now to get your stainless steel jewelry. With their best service, shopping jewelry online can be so enjoyable!

Best Recommended Affordable Web Hosting Providers for You

Choosing the best web hosting has become a very important decision for blogs or sites owners; especially if you run an online business. You might have noticed that at present time, there are lots of fast growing web hosting providers over the internet market. If you still don’t know nothing about web hosting stuffs; selecting one that most suits your need can give you big difficulties.

So, you should increase your knowledge on web hosting information and news. Don’t worry, you don’t need to do online search here and there for gathering information; it only wastes your times. As the largest independent
web hosting directory, Web Hosting Rating will give you a great help. At Web Hosting Rating, you can read collected information on all major affordable web hosting providers that highly suggested. Moreover, it's also followed by web hosting reviews and ratings by true users.
Based on all provided information, you can choose your most required web hosting service, whatever your hosting type. For example, if you’re looking for information on reliable and affordable web hosting services that offer the best VPS hosting plans, Web Hosting Rating will guide you by mentioning their recommended VPS web hosting providers, also completed with the actual reviews and ratings by real users. At Web Hosting Rating, choosing your needed web hosting provider becomes definite and easier.

Jun 16, 2010

Nostalgia #5: A Memorable Old House

Actually this old house belongs to my great-grand parent in father side. I don’t know exactly the age of the house, I guess it’s about 100 years. Last Sunday, we held a family gathering there, so, I can take some pictures.

During my college times, I stayed in this house, for about four years. That’s why this house is full of memories! Four years isn’t a short time, right? My parents didn’t allow me to rent a room or something like that, so, I had to live in a family house.

Until now, an aunt and a cousin still live at the house. Last Sunday, though other family guests have gone home, I and my husband still stay for hours there…


Getting the Right Bathroom Vanities for You

Most people are dreaming to have bathrooms that promote a comforting and relaxed environment. If you feel that your bathroom already looks dull and you seek freshness in your bathroom; try to change your bathroom vanities. As you might have already known, bathroom vanities are the key attraction and play an essential part in your bathroom. Replacing bathroom vanities can change the whole style of your bathroom and help you to set your bathroom design tone.

When choosing for the right bathroom vanities, there are things that you should consider. First, calculate your bathroom dimensions, so, you can decide the right size for your bathroom vanity. Make sure that there’s still space to put a garbage can beside the vanity and you can move easily for cleaning.

You should choose a style that suits with your taste and also the décor of your home. For example, if your home has contemporary style, you can choose contemporary vanities or
modern bathroom vanities. These styles will provide cozier and more pleasing environment to your bathroom. Of course, you can choose other style that you like, as long as it suits with your needs and artistic taste.
Since you’re choosing for the highest quality Bathroom Vanities, it’s much suggested to get it at Quality Bath. You’ll find wide diversity of stylish and elegant bathroom vanities designs, as they provide the largest collection from various premium brand names. If you’re interested in getting contemporary vanities for your bathroom, try to browse all designs of Empire bathroom vanities!

As one of the leading suppliers, Empire Industries offer wide collection in various sizes and colors, from contemporary to traditional, hand carved, hand painted and antique style. With best customer service at Quality Bath, you will get a big assist in buying the right bathroom vanities for your bathroom. Don’t hesitate to contact them at 1-800-554-3210 and visit the website every time you need their help to update your bathroom.

Jun 15, 2010

Respect Your Body!

Female friends, as you might have noticed, until now, images of female bodies are found every where. Women and their body parts are becoming ‘tools’ to attract attention. It is used to sell everything- from food to cars. Most movies and other products of entertainment industry also still expose women bodies.

Lots of women don’t like this condition (as I do) but how it can be stopped if lots of women still love to over expose their bodies to public, what ever their reason are. There’s no one will respect you if you don’t respect your self.
I think this comic describe it well.

Source :

Get Your Own at Home Spa Experience!

Having good health and appearance are ones of the important things in life. Most people, whether women or men, are dreaming to have smooth and healthy skin, healthy hair, and healthy body. Due to the busy life, body and mind become often exhausted, so, it still needs rest and regularly treatments. That’s why nowadays spas are very popular; it is a place that you visit to release stress in your mind, and also to get the whole beauty and body treatment. Moreover, there are already health oriented spas that focus on maintaining customer’s health.

How if you still don’t have time to visit a local spa? What is the solution? Don’t worry, now you can have your spa treatment at your home. I invite you to visit
BeautiControl; a great online source for high quality beauty products, all in best prices. This beauty company offers wide variety of beauty products in similar quality with premier collection spas. Not only high quality, BeautiControl products are also effective and safe to use.

If you visit the website, you’ll find how easy to get your spa experience at home. You can search their beauty products by following categories: non surgical skin care, bath & body, and men’s health care. I really want to try Regeneration, one of a non surgical skin care products that can make you look younger. It’s an effective anti-aging skin mask product; you should try it!

Whatever kind of spa treatment that you need, you can get the related products at BeautiControl. Don’t hesitate to contact them every time you need help from their consultants!

Great Source for Your Landscaping Needs

If you still don’t have any garden space in your home, you should consider starting making your own. A garden space can be used for keeping and growing fruits, plants, flowers, vegetables, etc. According to several studies results, you can get several benefits from gardening. Relaxation and stress reduction can be one of the best benefits. Enjoying beautiful flowers and other plants is a good alternative for antidepressant drugs, as it can develop comfortable and peacefully feelings. Not only giving you mental health through relaxation, gardening also promotes physical health and better nutrition.
Let’s say that you’re already interested in having a garden. To start building your garden, you should prepare several things. In order to maintain your plants growing well, it requires good quality soil, sunlight and enough water. You also need tools to help you doing all gardening jobs. Don’t just buy any garden tool; you must decide first what tools that you will actually need. It’s better to get the highest quality of garden tools that you are able to buy. Using best garden tools will allow energy efficiency and minimize plants damage.
Not only high quality ones, you should also select garden tools that have ergonomically design. It will be more comfortable to grab and won’t hurt your hand if you use it for long time enough. As getting high quality garden tools is important, I recommend you to get the right garden tools at Landscapers Store, the online source for all landscaping needs.
You’ll find any garden tool that you require, since they offer largest selection of garden tools and other landscaping things. You can browse to search garden tools by the type (shovels, rakes & forks, diggers, shears, garden hoses, cultivating tools, etc.) and the brand. If you’re looking for pruners and loppers, you’ve found the best source as they provide all sorts of high quality pruners and loppers.
There’s no doubt that Landscapers Store is the best place to find your landscaping needs. Visit the website and contact them to handle your gardening requirements!

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