Jeulia Engagement Rings For Women
Jeulia Engagement Rings For Women

Mar 30, 2016


Love to style with hot tools but are afraid of terrible thermal damage? Learn healthy ways to use hot appliances and have no fear!
1. Start with a health check
Hairstylists at NYC best Hair Salons recommend examining your hair first. If it’s already in a bad condition, you shouldn’t undermine its health more.

2. Work with quality tools
Professional hot tools are rather a costly investment, but they’re worth it! We recommend buying your hot appliances at NYC best Hair Salons.

3. Choose right temperature
Good hot tools have variable heat settings, and you should use them! Start your work at lower temperatures and then increase them if needed.

4. Shield from heat damage
Heat protection helps to create a strong barrier between your hair and tool. Do your best to shield your locks from heat damage.

5. Manage your frequency
It’s possible to use heat without damaging your hair if you don’t use it excessively often. Try to minimize hot tools usage.

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