Feb 8, 2011

Passwords Tips

Ladies and friends, I guess we all have realized the importance of passwords.To help protect and keep track of all your online log-in info, here are simple passwords tips for you:

You need some different passwords
You should create a unique password for every online account, since scammers have been known to hack into various kinds of accounts. To be more safe, you must change your most important passwords—those for e-mail, financial institutions, and sites like PayPal—every 6 to 12 months.

How can you remember all my passwords?
You really have to place only one time to memory. Create a Google document at
docs.google.com. (The password to this secure account is the one to remember.) In the file, list all your log-in details, including user names. You’ll be able to access it from anywhere, since there’s available connection internet.

Create a secure password. What is the key?
The key is the length. Use 10 characters or more. Best are passwords that consist of a few parts : words, prefixes, and spelled-out numbers.

From these three tips, I’ve never tried the second tip. I have a small book that contains all my passwords. But since I can lose the book, I should prepare the back-up.

Data source:realsimple.com

7 komentar:

Neyna Naya February 08, 2011  

thanks your info sist...useful

Goyang Karawang February 09, 2011  

satu sisi pengen aman, tapi disisi lain kalo sering gonta2 suka lupa sendiri euy mba :D

eden February 09, 2011  

Great info, Lina. I have several on line accounts and I use different password.

Cheqna February 09, 2011  

Good tips, I do have many passwords to remember that sometimes I forgot which password is for which acct..hehe


Thy February 11, 2011  

Useful info. It's great for password management.

Jannicar Galarion Nayve February 11, 2011  

You got that right ^_^ nice article. I'm a new follower.

Pertolongan Pertama March 11, 2011  

Thank's for nice tips and info.

We must be careful with the scam because the specified action will harm us.

Well the easiest to do is mutually password, but sometimes we often forget, one tips have been provided by mba Lina and indeed very useful.

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