Aug 8, 2012

The Three Best Adult Dating Sites

We have all seen the commercials for the dating sites that promise finding the love of your life and a happily ever after story with them. They base your interest and theirs off of some test you have to take and then they use some complicated formula to find the one that is just right for you. That's all well and good, but what if you are not looking for that perfect someone to spend eternity with? What if you are just looking for a fun person to have some mature fun with? Where are the ads for those dating commercials? You're in luck because here we list three of the best adult dating sites based on various stats that may be useful for you when making a decision on which one to use. would have to be one of the best adult dating site in cyberspace at the moment. They have a good female to male ratio of 55 percent males to 45 percent females. Additionally, their monthly membership fee is only $19 which is about 22 percent lower than the average of other adult dating sites. The website receives about 3.5 million hits per month with 1.5 million of those hits being potential new members.

Total membership is greater than 1 million
Monthly membership fee is reasonable at $19
Female to male ratio is almost equally balanced; 45 percent female to 55 percent male

This site would have rated higher for several reasons. They have a very nice monthly membership fee of only $17 which is one of the cheapest fees on the market. They receive a massive amount of hits per month, 110 million, and out of those hits, 41 million are new visitors. However, the female to male ratio is a bit one sided at 26 percent females to 74 percent males. Which means that if you plan on using this site, be prepared to compete for potential suitors.

Total membership is greater than 1 million
Very reasonable monthly fee of $17 which is 30 percent cheaper than most other adult sites
Female to male ratio is lopsided at 26 percent females to 74 percent males was very close at taking the number two spot. There are a couple of reasons as to why it didn't though. First, they have an even more lopsided female to male ration of 25 percent females to 75 percent males. Secondly, they have a high monthly membership fee of $29. That fee is almost 20 percent higher than the other adult dating sites. Other than that, it is a good site. They receive 11 million hits per month with 4.6 million being new or unique visitors. If you do the math;  that is nearly 50 percent of the hits are potential new members. This site has a very good chance at substantial growth so it might be worth the price in a few months.

Total membership is greater than 1 million
High membership fee of $29
Very one sided female to male ratio at 25 percent females to 75 percent males

There are a slew of adult dating sites out there in cyberspace. Just open up any search engine and take a look. The ones that have been mentioned are only a minuet percentage and are the ones that were picked for the three primary areas of cost, traffic, and female to male ratio. Take your time, and happy hunting.

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