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Jul 27, 2017

Yoga or Pilates? That Is the Question

Many of us know about yoga and pilates, but what they really represent and how they are different, that’s not a question many can answer off the top of their head. The basics usually come down to yoga being for relaxing and reaching your spirituality, and pilates helping you tone and strengthen your muscles. Well, actually, that’s all true, but also misconceived.  To the person deciding to practice one or the other, the differences may be important because of the results they want, manner of practicing and difficulty of exercising. So, let’s see how these two are to be distinguished.


As with every physical activity, breathing is important in both yoga and pilates as well. The breaths are directly connected to the motions you are making, but the difference is in the manner of inhaling and exhaling. During yoga positions or asana, the practitioner breathes only through the nose. The idea is to deepen the breath, increase the capacity of the lungs, relax the nervous system and prevent possible injuries to the body when transitioning from one position to the other.

In pilates, the practitioner inhales through the nose and exhales through the mouth. Also, before meditating or warming up, the practitioners use three-dimensional breathing in a standing position or sitting up. This type of breathing is intended to help achieve balance in the front, sides and back of the body, concentrating on the core – the area between the armpits and the pelvis.   

Whichever one you choose to practice, make sure that your instructor is a person well trained in the breathing practices of your chosen exercise, since the manner and timing of your breaths are very important for your body and mind.


Although this may depend on the person and usually is not that different, there are some recommendations regarding what to wear since certain clothes are appropriate for certain exercises. When it comes to yoga, the advice is to wear the types of clothes that stretch with your body and thereby allow you the freedom of movement and don’t interfere with your capability. People who desire to get in shape and tone their body tend to wear specifically designed clothes for that, such as LaSculpté yoga pants.

Pilates is more centred on a good fitness workout with the focus being on the core and spine, so any clothes good enough for the gym can be used here. But it’s important not to wear too much clothing to hide your body shape since the instructor has to monitor you for the correct performance of the workouts.

Also, natural fabrics like cotton and bamboo are good for the skin, but for that extra sweat you can use clothes with lycra. The colour, on the other hand, is completely up to you.

Equipment and machines for exercise

Depending on your health and preference, this item can be a defining one when you choose between these two. Both yoga and pilates use your body weight for the exercises and toning, but they also introduce some equipment in their practice for different purposes.

With yoga it’s minimal, using pillows and blankets to relax the body and facilitate the performance of certain positions. Pilates, on the other hand, uses small and big balls, rollers and dumbbells, as well as machines. So, if you suffer from osteoporosis or spine problems, it’s better to go to machine-based pilates or classes with small weights, and also to inform your instructor about your restrictions. 

When to choose which

You can take both yoga and pilates classes at the same time, but which one to prioritise depends on the state of your body, mind and desired results. 

If you’re stressed out and less flexible, choose yoga. If you are energetic and need to keep being active, then pilates is more suitable for you, as well as if you’d like to build up strength more than reach nirvana. There are different types of yoga and pilates which you can research or ask your instructor about, but for a start beginners’ and basic exercises will do.

When it comes to losing weight, don’t expect that just by doing one or the other, or both, will melt the fat away. A balanced diet together with the correct set of exercises should be a winning combination.


When it comes to physical activity, the biggest problem for people is usually to start exercising in the first place. Yoga and pilates, besides being good for the physical appearance, are also good for the soul and will pump up those serotonin levels so afterwards you’ll feel fantastic and positive, fully ready for new challenges.

Jul 22, 2017

Infographic: How to Deal with Neighbour Disputes

Meet the Neighbours by Cast Iron Radiators 4u.

We are not always getting along well with our neighbours. For different reasons, neighbour disputes commonly happen. The infographic guides us how to handle when we face this inconvenience condition and how to find solution in peaceful way.  

Jul 15, 2017

The Affordable Way to Shop Trendiest Sexy Plus Size Dresses

Nowadays, curvy ladies already able to find clothes that made in different large sizes much easier. This condition was very different, let’s say, fifteen years ago. At that time, the search for clothes that meet the needs of plus size figures was an inconvenient experience.  There were only a few dress makers that willing to create plus size clothing along with very limited and less stylish offered collection.          
Round Neck Printed Mini Plus Size Bodycon Dress -FashionMia Price: US$16.95

Striped Pocket Round Neck Slit Midi Plus Size Shift Dress -Flash Sale (Extra 15% Off): US$24.61

Time goes by; luckily the big change in fashion industry finally happened. Fashionable sexy plus size dresses are available in today’s market in wide variety. Yep, finding bigger attire is easy now but for any plus size woman, picking and choosing the right dress that most fits and flatters is still a bit problematic. In fact, it is a fashion problem that happens to many women; regardless of their body types, weight and height.
Deep V-Neck Tribal Printed Empire Plus Size Maxi Dress -Flash Sale (Extra 10% Off): US$31.46
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If this morning you hard to find attractive pieces to wear from your wardrobe; you need to change the old ones with new clothes that modern and appealing. Especially for ladies with large frames, they need to collect specially made attire that able to camouflage bulky parts, create slimmer waist look and accentuate best features. The right dress is the one that gives you comfort, confidence and stunning look at the same time. The chosen dress might break the rules of common plus size fashion tips, but as long as it makes you look good and feel good, go ahead.

Girls, your dress search will be easier and faster if you go the right place. Going online is suggested as you can stumble on various awesome items such as FashionMia collection that offers affordable trendiest women’s clothing include  plus size apparel that comes to you in a wide range of well-made and well-designed tops and dresses. Their plus size dresses collection includes bodycon, shift, flared, midi and maxi dresses. Seeing so many wonderful dresses that offered at best prices makes my eyes so happy. For your inspiration, I feature here some different dresses at amazing inexpensive prices that you surely love like I do.  

Tribal Printed V-Neck Pocket Back Hole Wide-Leg Jumpsuit -Flash Sale (Extra 15% Off): US$24.61
I think you notice that jumpsuits –one of 70’s hottest fashion trends- are popular again currently.  Various styles of jumpsuits on sale can be seen in online stores such as FashionMia that offers a range of cute jumpsuits in their bottom category.  There are no specific plus size jumpsuits but you can find items that designed for large frames and available in big sizes.

Today’s preferred alternative to a dress is jumpsuits. Have you known that jumpsuits are becoming the new plus size fashion? Years ago this one-piece style were avoided by most large figures as it assumed would make them bulkier. But now plus size women can wear trendiest jumpsuits and they look good wearing it. Well, say good bye to boring clothes… please welcome modern, sexy and appealing affordable plus-size clothes!

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