Sep 25, 2018

5 Hacks That Will Help Your Wigs Last Longer

You’ve finally found a wig that gives you a look you love. Now, you need to know how to care for it so that you can continue to look your very best and extend the life of your wig. Our hair can play a major role in how we feel on a daily basis, so ensuring that your wig looks its very best means that you will also feel your very best as well.

Here are a few tips to extend the life of your wig and keep it looking fresh, which will help you continue to look stunning for as long as possible.

#1. Use the Right Products

Wigs must be treated differently than real hair, from how you touch and hold a wig to the products you use when cleaning or styling it. When you clean your wig, you may be tempted to wash it using normal, everyday shampoo and conditioner. 

However, the chemicals and parabens in shampoo meant for the hair on our head may be too harsh for your wig. It can strip away some of the wig’s shininess in addition to drying out the hair, leaving you with a tangled mess.

Another product to avoid that you may be tempted to use on your wig is hairspray. This all-too-common product can contain alcohol. This is very drying and it can leave your wig feeling brittle. Using a styling spray made specifically for wigs will prevent this from happening and keep your wig looking as good as new for a much longer period of time.

Instead of using regular shampoos or styling sprays, use products that are sulfate-free and alcohol-free, and have been created especially for wigs.

2. Never Sleep or Shower in Your Wig, and Always Store It Correctly

It may seem like common sense, but sleeping in or showering with your wig can lead to impossible knots and tangles. Even a heavy rain or a trip to the pool is cause to remove your wig and safely store it to prevent unwanted tangling or damage.

How should a wig be stored? It’s important to store wigs so that they avoid tangling or bunching and so that they do not collect dust. Hanging a wig on a wig form (which looks like a mannequin head) not only protects the shape of the wig but also keeps it from tangling.

Many wigs also come with a net; while it will temporarily give your wig a lunch lady look, it should be placed over the wig when it’s being stored to keep dust from collecting and to prevent unnecessary movement which may lead to knots and tangles.

For natural hair extensions, you should store extensions in a soft, silk satin-lined pouch to protect them from tangling when you store them.

3. Hydrate Your Hair

While you will want to wash your wig as infrequently as possible in order to keep your wig in pristine condition, you will need to use a leave-in conditioner spray safe for wigs. Wigs, even when they’re made from hand-crafted from ethically-sourced human hair, require constant hydration. Unlike hair growing on our head which receives hydration from the oil from your scalp, wig hair and hair add-ons don’t get that same natural hydration.

A leave-in conditioner spray keeps your hair from becoming brittle and overly dry, protecting your wig from damage, and extending the life of your gorgeous locks.


4. Clean Your Wig Like a Professional

When you need to clean your wig, it’s best to follow the advice of the professionals to keep your hair looking beautiful. Prior to cleaning your wig, remove excess glue or tape, gently de-tangle with a wide-toothed comb, and then turn your wig inside out. If you’ve got a wig with waves or curls, skip the de-tangling comb and style the curls with your fingers after washing instead.

Soak your wig in cold water and a capful of wig shampoo for 5 minutes; gently swirl the wig in the shampoo solution without wringing or rubbing it. Rinse the wig thoroughly with cold water and turn it right-side-out again, squeezing the hair to remove excess moisture. While your wig is still wet, avoid brushing, combing, wringing, or rubbing, place it on a wig form, spritz it with leave-in conditioner, and let dry.

How often should you wash your wig? Generally, after every 6-10 washes, or once per week if you wear your wig daily.


5. ...Then Style Your Wig Like a Professional

After you’ve washed your wig, it’s time to style it. With a wig that is 100% human hair, you can use a hair dryer and even heat styling tools like a curling iron or straightener. However, you should be gentle and avoid using heat too close to the roots. You can either style your wig on the wig form or you can choose to style it while wearing it for extra ease and to ensure that you get the exact look that works for you.

For curly styles, avoid a comb and form the curls around your fingers while the wig is still wet. Styling a curly wig is much easier when the wig is still wet.

Remember: Your wig doesn’t get the natural oils from your scalp as real hair does, so don’t skip the leave-in conditioner, and be cautious with the curling iron.

The main thing to consider when it comes to wig care is to be gentle and take your time. Remember: Your wig is an investment, and with careful attention, you can keep your wig looking luscious, voluminous and glamorous for years and years to come.

Bio: Bio: Author Mariam Kathet is a blogger and infopreneur who writes on various topics, including proper care for wigs. At present, she works on behalf of Perfect Locks.

Sep 23, 2018

Opt for Vinyl Flooring to Revive Dining Room on a Budget

The most important function of a dining room is to bring people together over meal and talk. Many homeowners use their dining room to invite and entertain guests as nowadays, dinner parties have become routine in one’s social life. Let’s say that your turn to host a dinner party for close relatives and friends is next month. You decide to hold it at your own home dining room since you prefer to serve your guests in more personal, warm and friendly ambiance. 

To impress your closest people, you plan to renew the look of your dining room. With a few modern updates, a dining room will be more comfortable, spacious, efficient and pleasing to the eye. You can add new energy to the dining room with simple ideas such as adding new colors, textures and fabrics.
Unfortunately you can’t afford expensive changes, therefore only easy budget ideas which are on your mind.  To make the room appear much wider, one of the most recommended ways is combining properly light floor and light wall. Thus you need to change the old dark grey tiling floor with the new floor in lighter tone. When searching for the best budget friendly floor options, you will stumble on vinyl flooring among others that much favored by savvy homeowners. So why don’t you try vinyl to cover your dining room floor? In this case, you can choose high quality Quick-Step vinyl flooring to access all innovative features for enjoying optimal result.

We know that the floor will become the foundation of the room interior. Quick-Step Ambient Click flooring in light shades  could be the right vinyl flooring options to bring sunnier feeling, together with elegant and airy ambiance to your dining room. Moreover, this type of vinyl floor provides you with extraordinary features that will support you to make a successful party.

Well girls, check out the offered features that fit for your revived dining room:

-100% waterproof as it made of first-rate synthetic materials. The floor is prepared for any drink and food spill.

-The patented Scratch Guard and Stain Guard technology protect the floor surface from whatever possible impact. The floor will be able to bear up all activities in the room.

-The antistatic joints and perfectly sealed floor surface make vinyl floor easy to clean and maintain. The floor will not catch dust.

-Long lasting usage with at least 25 year warranty.

-Its warm, soft, glossy and natural-look surface creates inviting and welcoming ambiance.  It feels comfortable to walk on.

-The sound-reducing vinyl core makes annoying sound of footsteps will be much reduced.

-Easy to install with the patented solid click system.

No doubt that the right chosen vinyl flooring that welcomes guests and withstands all activities will assist you to make the party enjoyable!

Sep 22, 2018

6 Essential Tips to Maintain Slicing Knife for Lifelong Use

If I ask you about the most important culinary tool in your kitchen, what would be your answer?  I am sure that it will always be “knives”.  Yeah I have a doubt that there will be any person who will give a different answer to this question. Today I am going to talk about knives.
Among the various types of knives, we are really used to slicing brisket knives while cutting meat whether for BBQ meat or any other meat item at our home or any kitchen.

We usually prefer to buy the best knife set in the market for ourselves to get the best experience while cutting meat.  But we can’t be able to use a knife for long time despite buying a costly one from online shop or market.

So what is the reason behind it?  Why buying the good knife isn’t enough to use for long time? We always have these questions in mind. Today I will answer these questions and will give the solutions to get rid of this kind of situation.

The main factor is maintenance of slicing knife. We do buy a good knife but don’t maintain it properly. That’s why day by day performance of knife gets worse and it doesn’t last long enough.

So you have to maintain the knife carefully. In fact you must take care of your knives as much as you take care of your kitchen appliances.  So here are some tips to make slicing knife long-lasting:  

1.       Cleaning completes the cutting
Slicing knives are always busy with raw meat and meat dishes.  Any chef or professional can’t think of a day without a sharp slicing knife. But the problem that we create always that we don’t clean the knife properly after finishing the cutting of meat. This is really very bad for the blade of the knife.

Remember cleaning the knife completes cutting as it makes the blade sharp enough for next usage. So don’t forget to clean the knife properly. You can use scrub knife cleaner for easy and efficient cleaning. 

2.       Manual knife sharpener is always better option
This is time of fast and efficient performance for any kitchen works.  That’s why we use various kitchen appliances for fast and efficient cooking time. And when sharpening the knives we use electric knife sharpener. I agree it takes less effort and time.

 But it reduces the effectiveness of blade day by day. Mainly it decoys the blade’s metal as it operate powerfully which is very bad thing for the slicing knives as well other knives. So if you want to use a slicing knife for long time then you better use manual knife sharpener. It will take time but it won’t decoy much of the blade and you will be able to use the knife for long time.

3.       Sharpening the knife frequently is not suggested
We often do very big mistake always with the slicing knife.  Yeah I understand that we need the sharpen one to have the best slicing experience every time.  But that doesn’t mean that you need to sharpen the blade of the knives again and again while using it.

This is not a very good thing to do with the knife.  You may get a temporary sharpened blade but in long run the knife won’t perform very well.

So next time, restrain yourself sharpening the knife frequently if you want your knife to be survived long-time.

4.       Don’t put the knives in wet
Kitchen is always full of wet places.  And we don’t clean knives regularly. Though we clean it we don’t do it properly which caused the blade remained wet for the long time. And that is very much bad thing for the knives’ blade.  It will start to get rust.  So be aware of this situation. Once the blade gets rust you won’t get the same performance again no matter how many times you sharpen the blade of your slicing knife.

5.       It is always good to use the knife regularly
Always try to use the knife regularly because the more it will be used the more it will sharp as it won’t get much time to get rusted. So don’t put the knife unused for long time. You must use it regularly for better usage experience.

6.       Don’t heat the knife blade for any reason
Sometimes we use the knife to bring out anything from hot stove which makes the blade less durable and if you do that regularly it will be tough for you to sharpen the blade in future. Because the blade is prepared by following specific temperatures. If you burn the blade the material of blade will be vulnerable and knife will lose its efficiency.

That’s all for this time.  I hope you have got enough idea how to maintain a slicing knife for lifelong use. I believe you won’t suffer anymore with your slicing knife anymore.

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