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Feb 24, 2017

Finding Your Perfect Hairstyle for 2017

The start of the year is the best time to update one’s look. With the many changes that the New Year brings, having the perfect hairstyle for 2017, matched with a new wardrobe, a new body, and even a new career can really boost one’s confidence levels to face everything that a new phase of life has to offer. Physical transformations can truly bring out the best in most people and your hairstyle can be a great place to start.

However, not all looks are created equal. Some haircuts can be quite disastrous and of course, not all cuts fit the same person. Furthermore, some cuts are also dated and can be unflattering to the person by making them look older than they are.

As a guide for this year, here are some ways to make the trip to the salon a success, with you ending up with the look and feel you want from the get go:

1. Bring a Pinterest Board
Sometimes it’s really hard to put into words what we want when inside the salon. Truthfully, being in the chair can be a nerve-wracking experience and the question “What are we doing today?” can be overwhelming. Most of the time, you may end up simply with a trim to be on the safe side or worse, a radical look that is totally out of your comfort zone. Either way, walking out of the salon with anything other than your ideal hairstyle can be a huge disappointment.

A Pinterest board can be a great tool to prevent this from happening. Prior to actually being inside the salon, prepare some looks that you gravitate towards and are a fit for your lifestyle and personality. Don’t edit yourself! If the salon is reputable and is handled by true professionals, they will tell you if the cut works for you or not and modify it accordingly to suit your needs. Whether it’s a magazine or a screenshot from online sources, feel free to show what look makes you feel alive and beautiful.

2. Choose to be Honest with Your Lifestyle
Can you really blow dry your hair every day? Do you shampoo your hair every day? Are there certain treatments you cannot afford or are allergic to?

Be honest with what you can and cannot do when it comes to maintaining the cut that you are aiming for. No matter how good your stylist is, a realistic assessment of what you can do on a daily basis that ensures your hairstyle’s success in the long run. For example, that bob cannot stand on its own if you keep on tying it up or those long extensions will be for nothing if you cannot heat dry it every day, especially if your hair isn’t naturally straight. When you set realistic expectations for yourself, the stylist can provide you with either the right cut that you can maintain or the proper instructions and process that you can follow to make the cut happen for you as it should.

3. Be Open to Treatments and Suggestions, and Ask Questions!
Stylists always have your best interest in mind, so listen to their suggestions when they advise for or against a certain hairstyle. You should always feel comfortable with your final decision, but consider their advice when making your decision.

Most top salons will never pressure you to commit to a treatment without your consent (if they are pushy, run out of the place!). Your stylist is an expert, so don’t feel bad about asking them to share their insights.Ask questions and inquire about all the things that you need and want to know when it comes to it.

Top Hairstyle Trends for 2017

Now, are you ready to take the plunge when it comes to your hair? Here are the top hairstyle trends for 2017:

1. Get Your Rose and Ash On
Ash grey hair
The top two hair colors for the year that were seen on most celebrities are rose gold and ash grey. These colors, although surprisingly severe, can be very forgiving for most people, regardless of cut or skin tone. They bring out the deep undertones for deep skinned, olive skinned women while those in the cooler spectrum enjoy the benefits of these colors for the fun it brings to their skin. More so, these colors also fade out beautifully compared to blondes and even brunettes.

2. Embrace Tight but Big Curls
For 2016, the wavy beach hair was in, but for 2017, let those big curls go loud and proud! With many hair treatments available, more women can now really maintain their curls and most salons are supportive of this, even going as far as going for shorter cuts to really accentuate the curls more.

In the Denver area? Come explore our haircuts and other hair salon services today!

3. Make it Long
2016 was about the lob (long bob that grazes just about above the shoulders), which was a real pain to maintain with blow drying and using other heat driven hair paraphernalia.

For 2017, it’s also about embracing length. In fact, even Kim Kardashian is sporting long locks with her high fashion looks as she’s out and about. What’s great about this style is that it is low on maintenance but high on versatility – so whether it’s a high ponytail, long braids, a messy bun, or a middle part with the hair flowing freely – long hair is definitely a good decision for 2017. To be sure, make the cut in a salon with just one length and like Kim, color it in your natural hair color to make things even easier.

4. Bang it Up
This trend has been seen in most years but this year, there is more emphasis on bangs. Bangs frame the face and with most people going for specs, it’s up there in making a bold statement with just a few snips.

Afraid to cut your own bangs? Watch how to trim your bangs with confidence.

Enjoy your new look!

Grand Salon is a full-service beauty salon based in Denver, Colorado. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, and offering the most fabulous cuts, color and style services in Denver.

Feb 23, 2017

Knowing the Best Electric Shaver for Women

Much the same as men, women likewise grow hair on various parts of their body, similar to legs, underarms, swimsuit range, lower arms and there all over. Development of undesirable hair in women can have many causes, for example, hereditary qualities, certain drugs, abnormal amounts of specific hormones and polycystic ovarian disorder.

Whatever the cause is, these undesirable hairs are a risk to a women's stunner and disposing of them is the preeminent magnificence sympathy toward generally women. So what is the best technique you can receive to expel these undesirable hair?

There are a few routes by which you can expel those undesirable hairs and make your skin as smooth as silk. It incorporates shaving, waxing, laser hair evacuation, depilatory creams, epilator, electrolysis and a ton more. Yet, in the event that you are occupied, have a tight spending plan and can't deal with those salon or regular checkups, then finding the best electric shaver for women is a decent alternative.

Electric shavers for women come in all shapes and sizes. It is anything but difficult to utilize and is a standout amongst the most regularly utilized hair expulsion hardware.

Before naming the best electric shavers for women, it is fundamental for you to know the distinctive sorts and elements of female electric razors. This is to guarantee that you are very much educated about the different qualities of the item for you. 

Smaller and Lightweight Design 

Best electric razor for women must be smaller and lightweight. This makes the shaver portable. This is on the grounds that women jump at the chance to convey their things alongside them, particularly with regards to magnificence. So on the off chance that you are anticipating an outing or get-away, you will have the capacity to convey the shaver without any difficulty. 

Wet or Dry Use
The best electric razors for women can work both on wet and dry surface. You can shave while you are scrubbing down utilizing gel, cleanser or moisturizer. You can likewise shave subsequent to scrubbing down, when you can go for dry shaving. 

Thwart or Rotary 

Rotary Shavers – these shavers have roundabout cutters on the head and must be proceeded onward rotational movement everywhere throughout the skin. They don't have a defensive thwart, yet rather have a turning head that maneuvers hair into the cutting edges of the shaver. We could just discover one rotating shaver particularly intended for women – the ButterFly Shaver Pro.

Thwart Shavers – the most widely recognized kind of female shavers – these contain different cutting edges that can go in reverse and forward. The cutting edges are situated under the thin work oil. At the point when the electric shaver is conveyed near your skin and moved crosswise over on it, the undesirable hairs will stick through the work and the sharp edge of the shaver will trim it. There are 1 thwart and 2 thwart shavers for females. 

Separable or Additional Bikini Trimmer 

A decent shaver ought to likewise have a separable or extra swimsuit trimmer. Sometimes it can be hard to achieve certain parts of the body might be on the grounds that you are not extremely versatile or have shorter arms. So these augmentations can help you to achieve your removed parts and trim your swimming outfit territory without bringing on razor blaze. 

Top Best Electric Shaver for Women 

Electric shavers have now turned into a need for females as opposed to an extravagance. Most electronic producers now offer a wide assortment of female electric razors.

So on the off chance that you are energetically searching for the best shaver to expel your undesirable hair from your legs, underarms, or swimming outfit range, then purchase a quality item and ensure you are very much aware of every one of its elements.

Taking after are some best electric shaver for women that can help you to limit down your alternatives and help you with the shopping. 

1.Panasonic ES2216PC

Panasonic ES2216PC is the best electric shaver for women which is wonderful,and it will give you a promising outcome. Its various components include:

-It is waterproof. It can be utilized for wet/dry shaving and can likewise be utilized as a part of shower

-Lightweight and versatile

-Highlights the most keen sharp edges for protected and close shaving

-Contains fly up trimmer for more and stray hairs

-Made of sans nickel Hypo-Allergenic cutting edges and thwart that can be utilized for touchy skin

-Swimming outfit connection is incorporated

-It keeps going 20 minutes for every charge and comprises of a conservative charger

2.Remington WDF-3600 
Remington WDF-3600 is one of the best electric shaver for women you can ever lay your hands on. It is rechargeable and can be utilized for both wet and dry shaving. Its eminent components are:

-Smooth skim trimmer with nano silver which decreases aggravation

-Contains two-piece trimmer set out monitor toward trimming inside the swimming outfit line

-The edges are Hypo-Allergenic, reasonable for delicate skin

-The reward trimmer can be utilized for prepping and itemizing eyebrows

However, Electric shavers are utilized by both men and women. In spite of the fact that the distinction between them isn't much, best electric shaver for women is not quite the same as those of men's and require diverse sort of razors. Men's shavers give a perfect, close shave that keeps the facial hair and the mustache trimmed to the length favored. Then again, women' shavers offer a nearby, smooth shave on legs, underarms or even on difficult to-achieve ranges. 

So it is better for women to adhere to the woman shavers to stay away from cuts, aggravations or any type of uneasiness yet nothing awful will happen if men's electric razor is every so often utilized. By reading this article, hopefully now you can know better about the differences of men and women electric shaver. Each type of those shaver has their own functions, pros and cons. However, for the best electric shaver for women, those two types mentioned earlier are the best options that you choose to make your skin keep beautiful. If you want to know more information about shaving, you can visit our website,

Why You Should Be Careful in Selecting the Right Skin Care Creams

Skin is a pesky thing, requiring all sorts of products to maintain its health and vivacity. There are all different types of skins, coming in a wide range of colors and textures, and to make matters even more complicated, the skin on different parts of the same body has different needs. The skin on your face is significantly different than the skin on your calves in terms of necessitated care, and these differences can make finding the best skin care creams a nightmare. The skin is thinner in some areas, like the eyes, and it needs more protection than the thicker places, like the abdomen. Additionally, some skin is more sensitive to product than its counterparts, causing rashes and redness. There are obviously several reasons why you should be careful when selecting the right skin care creams, but here are some ways to aid with the confounding issue of skin care creams and should make your selection process less confusing.

Be Safe With New Products: Look At The Ingredients & Consult Your Dermatologist

When you are considering a new skin care cream, you should investigate their component parts. A dermatologist will be able to give you an allergy and sensitivity test to determine if you need to avoid certain products or ingredients, and you can save yourself a great deal of time and effort with these precautions. Why are they necessary, though? For the most part, skin care creams are used on the face to improve dryness, reduce acne, or protect against exposure. Therefore, when you use a skin care cream that contains ingredients that are harmful to your skin in particular, you run the risk of having horrible marks and welts on your face for several days at a time. Reactions to compounds are more readily visible on overexposed places such as the face, and you can end up with more than mild physical irritation from such an experience. A loss of confidence, an increase in experience-oriented depression, and social contribution issues can all result from a bad reaction to a skin care product.

Keep Yourself Healthy: Prevent the Spreading of Irritation

Your face may or may not be sensitive to certain ingredients, but when it becomes inflamed, irritated, or rash-ridden, these ailments can spread to the rest of the body more rapidly than you could imagine. A negative reaction can go from causing harm to the face to damaging the skin of the neck, scalp, and shoulders. It can be incredibly painful, especially in areas where the skin is naturally thinner. Such irritations are difficult to treat, and they are much easier to prevent. The bane of selecting skin care creams is trying to find the right one that does not cause damage to any part of your body, but this is particularly difficult to accomplish when one wants to deviate from their regular brand. Using a dermatologist to treat an allergic skin reaction and provide specific allergy testing is the best way to exercise caution in the face of skin care creams.

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