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Jeulia Engagement Rings For Women

Feb 16, 2018

Best Organic Shampoo for Hair Loss 2018

If you are in search of a hair development shampoo which is reasonable and effective and which is full with the purest natural elements, you will relish this Green Touch Beauty Hair Development Shampoo review.

Made by the holistic hair specialists at Green Touch Beauty, this delightful shampoo is one hundred percentage organic as well as it is heartened with Saw Palmetto Oil plus Capsaicin. Both active elements are recognized to stop hair loss.

This shampoo is a joy toward use plus it works for men plus women alike. It gets outcomes by increasing blood circulation nearby hair follicles. It moreover puts back lost proteins so as to improve the strong point of hair follicles.

If you want a distinct shampoo which promotes grander scalp fitness and aids hair follicles to stay in the all-significant growth stage, this might be the formula that you have been in search of.

This Cayenne plus Saw Palmetto shampoo works because of its bio-active elements, which are botanical in addition to organic. Both Saw Palmetto Oil plus Capsaicin have the power toward boost blood flow round hair follicles. Maximum users of this highly-valued natural organic shampoo for hair loss discover that they reduction hair loss through fifty percent through their treatment through the product. They moreover boost natural hair development by one hundred also forty-five percent! Since this shampoo nurtures hair follicles as well as offers them the aptitude to remain in their development stages for much longer than they usually would, it’s certainly a powerful secret weapon alongside thinning, sparse hair.

This shampoo is a treatment shampoo which is full with pure also organic elements. Real-life users discover it very operative in terms of glowing new hair development. Thus, its key benefit is its purity as well as its effectiveness.

It promotes shiny bouncy and healthy hair. Moreover, it’s great for general scalp fitness and may decrease indications of dandruff in several users. Just be sure to evade using the shampoo if your scalp is annoyed or has wrecked skin. Also, do a spot test if you consider that you may be allergic to the product’s range of natural active elements!

This organic shampoo for hair loss helps to stop hair loss which is activated by DHT. This makes it a smooth choice for those who are dealing through male-pattern baldheadedness.

As well, it makes a rich lather plus smells fantastic. Your hair would be nourished in addition to it will have a light, fresh smell which is perfect for both genders.

This is a solid product by a strong and positive repute. If you’re fascinated in using a holistic method to treating hair loss or thinning hair, this hair development shampoo must be your first line of defense.

 It foams up pleasantly; leaving hair feeling fresh plus clean in addition to it also leaves the scalp feeling energized. It not merely helps to decrease hair loss; however it also has elements that can aid to improve new hair development. This is a shampoo that works on a diversity of levels to address this compound problem.

Feb 15, 2018

The Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine Surprises Fans With Black History Month Tribute

Dr. Keshia Gaines, an American author, has reached high levels of fame due to her published works. Known as the “new Oprah Winfrey” by her friends, Dr. Gaines has shown many talents through her self-titled mini-magazine and other works in the education field. After being one of the top graduates of the Ph.D. program at The University of Southern Mississippi, Gaines decided to start writing books, booklets, and then a self-titled magazine, which is published on a quarterly basis and of course, as the name suggests, the founder and editorial director is Dr. Keshia Gaines herself.

Where It All Began

The first issue of The Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine came out in the summer of 2016 and since then, we’ve seen her grow multiple folds. The venture has proven, and continues to prove, to be an absolute success. Going into 2018, the beginning of the year is highlighted with a special tribute to the beautiful and strong African American community. These heroes have not only been a part of the American society but also significant contributors to it. The mini-magazine begins with different sections including entertainment, helpful tips, a famous word search puzzle, and more. Fans grew to love the fun topics in the first issue: Fire Up the Grill, 3 Hot Ideas to Make $$$, Super Fun Summer Ideas, Last-Minute Landscaping Tips, and more. The magazine quickly gained immense popularity throughout Philippine Islands and Central Africa among other places throughout the world.

African Americans Heroes, This One’s for You!

The Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine has decided to pay tribute to all African American heroes for Black History Month in February 2018 by including information and articles regarding African American accomplishments. The magazine stated, “Over the years, African Americans and others have fought and transformed our country in many great ways. Music, science, education, and other fields have improved due to new inventions and unique talents by African Americans. Recently, Ms. Oprah Winfrey received the Cecil B. de Mille award at the 2018 Golden Globes. In remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other heroes celebrated during Black History Month, our prayer is for Americans to start loving each other more than before. -Sincerely, The Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine Team.” It is truly amazing to see how Dr. Keshia is working towards improving her community and also providing a well-representation of American Africans through scholarly and informative articles.

This special collector’s edition of 2018 was released on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday in January and will continue to be sold throughout February and beyond.

The main article is on the back page of the magazine and begins with the reason why the month of February was chosen as Black History Month. Dr. Carter G. Woodson is stated as the Father of Black History Month and the motivation behind this tribute. The main article is on the back page and includes numerous images of significant African Americans, which include Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. among many others. The edition also pays tribute to Dr. Gaines’s late grandmothers, whom greatly influenced her educational philosophy.

We absolutely love the initiative taken by Dr. Keshia Gaines to increase acknowledgement of the African American community and its heroes. This effort is aimed to increase love and kindness between all Americans. To order a copy of this special edition mini-magazine for $4.99, go to For the latest news about Dr. Keshia Gaines, go to and don’t forget to “like” and “share” the page!

Feb 13, 2018

2018: The Year Virtual Reality Will be Unleashed to the Public

The recent years have marked themselves as a decade of unbelievable technological advancement. What was once firmly encased in the realm of sci-fi and Hollywood dreams is quickly becoming a reality. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reaity, and Augmented Reality (AI, VR, and AR) have been some of the most visible developments.

With artificial intelligence, things like chatbot marketing technology have started to become almost commonplace. However, virtual reality is still lagging behind. VR hardware has had a hard time becoming popular over the past two years it’s been available for consumption. This is due in part to the high cost of systems. The biggest reason, however, is that all currently available VR systems need an external device to help it function. This can mean connecting to a smartphone, game console, or even a bulky PC.

This is all slated to change in 2018: the era of standalone, untethered VR systems is on the horizon. Before now, there was no conceivable way to power a wireless VR system that requires massive amounts of energy without using a connected device. Advancements in built-in computing have changed this view, and some of the biggest players in the VR headset sphere are set to face these challenges head-on.

Oculus Products

Oculus VR has two major releases in the works. Their Oculus Rift was one of the first VR headsets available on the market, but its release was greatly hindered by the high price point. The Oculus Go is set to remedy this, due for release early this year.

It’s said to be compatible with Samsung's Gear VR platform, and is under $200. While it doesn’t offer all the bells and whistles (e.g. no positional tracking), it’s a great place to start if you’re new to the tech. An added bonus is that it’s compatible with all types of mobile devices.

The next step up in the Oculus VR suite is the Oculus Santa Cruz. This system promises positional tracking, which means the user will not always be positioned in the middle of the view.

It also integrates six degrees of freedom (6DOF) technology, allowing the headset to recognize your hand movement. This opens up an entirely new platform and is expected to provide a similar experience to the Oculus Rift, but without wires and an outside connection to a PC.

Consumers who are eager for its release will unfortunately have to be patient: the Oculus Santa Cruz will be available to developers in 2018, and hopefully come to consumers in 2019.

Google Daydream

The Google Daydream is described as being the standalone version of the Google Daydream VR platform. Originally intended to be used with HTC and Lenovo products, HTC left the deal to develop their own system.

Now, Google and Lenovo are working on a system that offers both positional tracking and 6DOF. The latter will be integrated with WorldSense, a system built to understand real-world movements without the need for additional trackers. This system, like the Santa Cruz, is unlikely to be released to consumers before the end of the year.

HTC Vive Focus

What came out of HTC’s split from Google was their untethered device called Vive Focus. For the time being, it’s only expected to be released in China. There’s also a high chance that this will be the first standalone, 6DOF, VR headset that gets released to the public. Keep in mind, however, the fact that it doesn’t have an expected release date and that the developers have not made it clear whether or not the system will be released to other markets.

These systems are the first steps forward into the second consumer VR generation. As more standalone devices are released, overall prices will drop and visuals will get better.

There are still many challenges to be faced in order for VR headsets to become truly integrated into the average consumer’s life. This includes getting more content, lowering prices, and upgrading gear quality. Standalone hardware is a big step in the right direction, and those who do invest in it early will likely see the greatest rewards.

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