Jan 18, 2019

How Fashion and Fitness Have Basically Become the Same Thing

Fashion determines more than just our look-it defines our lifestyle, fashion sense and how we appear to the world around us. Hence, with the passage of time it is to no surprise that the lines that differentiated between fashion and fitness have, steadily and gradually, become a blur.
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A lot of people don’t notice it as much because the trend is so common now but if you observe the clothing of people around you, majority of them have their sportswear on even outside of their gym places.

Within our modern culture, fitness and fashion are two ideas that most people are now more likely considering as the same thing. A major reason for that is the fashion boom of Athleisure’- clothing meant for workout became a trend to be worn in settings outside of gym and more in places such as school, workplace or any casual and social events. For decades, fashion companies have dedicated to developing large amounts of spandex into clothes that would fit within your normal everyday attire.

Enclothed Cognition

Does it really matter what clothes we wear? Does our getup affect our mentality? Does fashion sense go beyond more than just what we want people to see? The answer to that has actually been proven to be a big yes. Enclothed Cognition is an expression that explains how our clothing affects and reflects our psychological processes. Most people aren’t aware of the major role your attire plays in influencing your mood and lifestyle. Put on a pair of gym clothes and it is most likely that you will start feeling some confidence backing up your self-esteem. Hence, we can determine that, just from putting on a specific set of clothing, you will be inclined to feel whatever it is that your clothes are reflecting.

You are what you wear

Basically, ‘You are what you wear’ is the perfect statement to define this phenomenon. You are far more likely to feel the difference in the type of clothing you wear- for example, wear a doctor’s coat and you feel more responsible and similarly, wearing sports clothing makes you feel fit. Furthermore, there are high chances where you even feel inclined to turn the feelings you get from your getup into a reality- put on your workout clothes that make you feel confident and fit and in turn you will notice that you really feel like working out and staying fit at that point.

What we wear affects how we feel. Dressing up automatically turns you into the character that determines what role you must play in that getup. And not only that-people who look at you in a specific attire also determine the type of person you are according to what you wear. Notice that when you see a person in sportswear, chances are that you think that they are active and have gotten their lifestyle together despite not knowing what the actuality of their personality is.

Desiring to feel confident and fit 24/7, people end up wearing active wear more often thus converging the concept of fashion and fitness as one.

Author Bio:
Judy Robinson is a passionate health and lifestyle blogger. She loves to write on healthy lifestyle, fitness 101 and DIY related topics. Currently, she is associated with Sophie and Trey. Follow @judyrobinson for more updates.

Stylish Knitwear for a Night Out

When it comes to finding an outfit to wear on a special night out, I guess lots of women still opt for flattering dresses like shift dresses, bodycon dresses, skater dresses, wrap dresses, shirt dresses and other more. Anyway, have you ever considered trying different option and choosing knitwear for your evening occasion?  Perhaps you will say no as you might think the clothing that made from knitted fabric would not make you look attractive. 
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Common knitted tops like pullover, sweaters and cardigans definitely give you  comfort and a bit warmth but how will be your look while wearing them? Girls, put your worries at bay, today’s knitwear are not old fashioned and dreary anymore.  Many knitted items are designed and created to always keep up with the fashion trends. Ruffles, bell sleeves, fringing, cape sleeves, asymmetric style, leopard print, lavender & neon colors are only a few of the latest trends that you might want to follow. The next question is; where to go to easily find stylish knitwear collection?

I’m sure that you desire to add several styles of fashionable knitwear to your wardrobe. Yep, you should not miss them but there is no need to overspend. For your shopping on a budget, you can go online to find trendy knitted apparel at trusted online fashion stores such as FashionMia that provides up to date, appealing women’s clothing at discounted prices.
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FashionMia cheap knitwear collection consists of a variety of pullover, cardigans and sweaters in innovative designs. You will also find various dresses made from knitted material like knitted shift dresses which I feature above. Aren’t they adorable? For more shopping ideas of different knitwear styles which perfect for a night out, I also choose and feature a few super stylish knitted tops from their collection which embellished with the latest fashion trend here. Wow, there are many awesome options to choose!  
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Fashion knitwear can be used for any season and occasion -not only for a night out. Being outdoors during coldest days, you can layer it with your winter outerwear if you require more warmth and protection from harsh weather. Knitted clothing with regular thickness or light knitwear is suitable for you to use in warmer months even summer knitwear already popular nowadays. When searching for your desired knitwear at their user-friendly store website, don’t forget to read the product description on each product page. It will ease you to get the right knitwear item that meets your needs.   

Dressing stylishly is a good way to show your charm, express yourself and enhance your confidence.  Thanks to FashionMia that helps you to dress fashionably without over spending.

Jan 17, 2019

Understanding Prime Top Sirloin Steak and Cooking Methods

There are various types of steaks, and top sirloin is one of the best choices to make among these, which is a comparatively leaner cut. In fact, there are various sirloin steaks itself, and top sirloin differs from others as it has the bone, tenderloin, and the round muscles at bottom removed.

The story about it goes like King Henry VIII was very fond of this steak cut from the beef loin, and that's how it was named as 'Sir Loin.' The ideal cut of sirloin steak is from the lower part of the beef ribs, running towards the rump and then covering the soft tenderloin parts.
Muscles of this portion are minimally exercised, and when compared to the premium filet mignon steaks from the least exercised portion, sirloin steaks are a bit tougher. For this reason, sirloin is the cheapest among the premium steak cuts. This needed to be perfectly marinated to become tender. Typical prime top sirloin steak is ideal for cutting into cubes and also for skewering with various vegetables to grill.

Top sirloin steak

Top sirloin is ideally cut from the primal loin of the beef or the subprimal sirloin. Once the bones and round muscles of the tenderloin get removed, the remaining muscles are biceps femoris and gluteus medius to term it as top sirloin.

USDA NAMP and IMPS codes 181A and 184 refer to the subprimal sirloin cut. The categorization is as below.

        181A is a sub-product of 181 on removing bottom sirloin and the tenderloin part in the sirloin, called butt tender.
        184 is the sub-product of 182 by cutting off the bottom sirloin.
        The standard food service cuts of 184 are:

o   184A through 184F
o   1184 portion cut
o   1184A through 1184F as sub-portion cuts from 1184.
o   There are no food service cuts from 181A.

Cooking top sirloin

Along with being the most affordable choice among premium steaks, sirloin also has a pleasing flavor. The fat gets perfectly melt into the meat while cooking. Top sirloin can be cooked in a variety of methods.

·         Fry

        Heat oil in a frying pan for one minute.
        Sear the steak in the pan for 30 seconds each side to see a golden crust forming.
        Cook for another one minute by turning over each side with an additional 30 seconds for higher doneness.
        Change the steak into a serving plate and let it sit for one minute to tenderize before serving.

·         Grill

        Preheat the grill. Based on the source, let it heat medium to high.
        Place the marinated steaks on to the grill. Don't put the steak directly over the fire as it may cause charring.
        Grill each side for three to four minutes. Heat for an additional two minutes for higher doneness.

·         Oven

        Set the oven at about 260 degree Celsius.
        Lightly spray non-stick grease on the broiler pan.
        Put the steak into the pan as close as about 10 cm from broil.
        Cook for 4 minutes x each side for rare steaks and take an additional one minute each side if higher doneness is needed.

It is important to spice up and marinate prime top sirloin steak at least two hours before cooking to let it absorb the flavors. It is ideal to serve cooked steaks with green beans, caramelized onions, pepper, and potatoes.

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