Sep 20, 2014 Review : My New Stylish Reading Glasses

Last month (August 19th), contacted me for discussing a collaboration plan. This reputable online prescription eyeglasses store offered the free glasses and as the return, I would write an honest product review based on my opinion and experience. They allow me to choose a pair of glasses on the store site that I’d like to try. Who can say no to a great offer?

The offer came in the right time. I was in trouble with both of my old reading glasses. One has broken frame while the other still can be used but with the scratched lens. I was so excited to find my desired glasses on their collection (more than 500 styles available on the site).

A pair of stylish and feminine reading glasses has been on my wish list for a while. I can get several glasses without a doctor’s prescription but the problem is; it’s still hard for me to find frames of reading glasses in stylish designs on the local stores.  Though purchasing reading glasses doesn’t need an eye prescription, you should wear one with the right strength and the right PD (Pupil Distance) unless you will get discomforts like inconvenient feeling, headache or nausea. Before, I only used glasses for reading near. I’ve ever worn my old glasses while walking but it made me almost fell on the stairs.

Once I visited the site, I was straightly searching at the reading glasses collection. provides male and female customers with prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses at much affordable prices. You should apply the available filtering options to specify your search. There are lots of stylish frames to choose but finally I selected one that suits my preference and needs. To ease your find of the right shape, you may use the ‘Try On’ feature that allows you to compare the look of different pair of glasses on your own face contour. If it doesn’t work for you, the dimensions for lens width/height and frame width/height/ length that mentioned on each frame may help you to decide the frame that fits your face well.  


Good Housekeeping Research Institute rated GlassesShop as the best and most stylish eyewear website in the Budget Buy category. I also read at Good Housekeeping site that all of their buying testers never experienced prescription errors and they all were satisfied with the actual frames that match their expectation. 

Cotton Tortoise reading glasses

Therefore when the package reached my address in almost three weeks (Sept 18, 2014), I waited no more to open the package. I was curious to see whether my new glasses fitted my expectation as well. Wow, I was surprised, the actual glasses on my hand looked like the pictures that seen on the site! Count me in the group of satisfying customers!


GlassesShop gave me a pair of glasses that I love. The chosen product named Cotton-Tortoise; it came along with the handy and useful protective case made from hard plastic and a microfiber cleaning cloth to keep clean the lenses. At first, the case is rather hard to open; but after several times trying, I’m able to open it easily now.


Here are the reasons why I love my new reading glasses:



The lenses.
  • They are very clear, single vision purpose, anti-scratch coated lenses.
  • As mentioned before, I used to wear my old glasses only for seeing near. Today I’ve tried to keep wearing the GlassesShop glasses while doing other activities as well as walking up and down the stairs. So far I haven’t encountered the vision problem that often occurred before.
Artistic details
The frame.
  • For me, its tortoise motif is special. I’m not into colorful frames but I’m already bored with my plain black-framed glasses. Tortoise frame solves my problem.
  • The hinges of the frame have artistic, shiny details that add feminine touch to the whole frame design.  Love it.
  • The rectangle shape looks nice on my round face –at least for me :)
  • After every usage, the simple and fit nose pads of the frame don’t leave annoying marks on my nose bridge.
  • Comfortable to wear for hours.

“I recommend this product and online glasses store. I'm very pleased with my reading glasses from”

So, are you searching for new glasses for whatever reason? Visit first and apply the special coupon code LinaX20 on checkout step; submitting this code will give you 20% off your total purchase. Enjoy!

Sep 19, 2014

Mount Batok

Mount Batok is close to Mount Bromo (East Java, Indonesia).
During our last trip, I've captured Mount Batok in different perspectives.
During sunrise moment
Reaching the mountain through the sand sea
Sky above the Batok mountain
The half side of the mountain, the blue sky and the photographer

Sep 17, 2014

Factors to Look for in a Great Ladies Watch

Whether or not you're into ladies fashion, you'll probably still want your accessories to match an outfit. The truth is that not all of us can afford to update our wardrobe as often as we would like, so we need affordable accessories available to brighten up outfits and give them a different look. This is where watches can really come into their own, because there are so many different watches to choose from. However, if you're looking for a really great ladies watch what should you be looking for?

Ladies watches – there is a lot of choice available

No one wants to spend more than they need to on a new watch, so looking at price sis important. Of course most of us know by now that the cheapest product isn't always the best, but there is a definite need for looking at different watches and comparing prices. This helps to make sure that whichever types of watch you decide to invest in, you get the best value for money even if that doesn't mean the cheapest price.

It goes without saying that you are probably going to want a watch that is high quality and built to last. That said, you should bear in mind that it is usually a case of getting what you pay for - so if you do pay a little less for a watch then you can expect it to last for a little less time and not be too disappointed.

These days reading up reviews on watch companies and other retailers should not be too much of a hassle. Reading social media pages of a company can be a good way of seeing what their customers are saying and if people generally are happy with their service and products - which can only be a good thing!

The Right Look
A watch can last for years and be a complete bargain but if you don't like the look of it then you aren't going to get great value. You need to give consideration to what a watch looks like and whether you are likely to get much wear out of it.

These days it is even possible to get a watch with interchangeable straps so you can change the look of the watch depending on the outfit you are wearing which can be great. If you're buying for someone else then try to pay attention to the type of accessories that they usually wear and see if you can find something to match.

Buying a Gift from Someone Else
Gift buying is difficult at the best of times, especially if you are buying for someone that is a little fussy. The best thing you can do is think about the age of the person you are buying for - as the type of watch you would buy for a teenager is probably different to what you would buy someone a little older.

Shopping for a ladies watch

Try to pay attention to what they usually wear with regards to accessory types, colours etc which should also help you to pick something suitable. It’s also advisable to read an Online ladies watch magazine to get some ideas and tips.

If you're buying a watch as a gift try to find something that comes with a nice gift box or bag so that it looks a bit special.

Added Extras
Whenever you are buying something you want to make sure that you get good value for money and a new watch is no exception. See if comes with a free gift, a special offer or even just a guarantee so that you can feel reassured of how long it will last - anything that gives you a bit better value for money.

Image Credits: Alex Kerhead and Consumerist

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