Jeulia Engagement Rings For Women
Jeulia Engagement Rings For Women

Aug 18, 2017

Jeulia Best Selling Wedding Rings

Weddings are once in a lifetime experience; therefore most couples desire to make their wedding day unforgettable. No wonder if the list of a wedding preparation always consists of various details; one of the most significant aspects is searching for the perfect wedding bands for both of you and spouse. Thought not as difficult as getting the right engagement ring, it is still important to choose wedding bands that could flawlessly convey the love and bond between you and him. Girls, no need to waste time and even overspend, you can trust affordable jeulia jewelry collection that also offers high quality handmade bridal jewelry includes women’s wedding bands, men’s wedding bands, wedding band sets and wedding sets.
Jeulia Vintage Baguette and Round Cut Created White Sapphire Women's Wedding Band -The Price: $135.95  

It is not hard to find the various styles of cheap wedding rings at Jeulia that come to you as diamond ring alternatives.  When it comes to find a woman’s wedding band, it should match her engagement ring. Your wedding ring should be made from the same metals and the same types of gemstones. Choosing wedding sets since the beginning will ease much as each set features an engagement ring and the matching wedding band. While every wedding band set consists of two wedding bands for both bride and groom; so it could be a cost-effective option.  
Jeulia Gold-Tone Irregular Round Cut Created White Sapphire Women's Wedding Band –The Price: $129.95  

Jeulia Art Deco Milgrain 1.26CT Round Cut Created White Sapphire Wedding Set -The Price: $149.95  

If classic solitaire rings are too common style for you, don’t worry, you can choose womens wedding rings in unique designs. For your ideas, I feature here a few pieces of vintage themed rings that I like a lot. While shopping for your unique wedding ring, pick the design that harmless and comfortable for daily wear. For example, a ring with sharp corners which embellished with very small stones is not a good choice.

The right chosen wedding jewelry will make you a stunning bride. The jewelry could be created from different metals such as platinum, gold, sterling silver or titanium; they will look equally superb. Finally, what you will wear on your wedding day becomes your personal decision. As long as you shop the items at the reliable stores like Jeulia; there is no reason to worry.

Aug 17, 2017

Our Top 12 Unique Wedding Dress Ideas

Do you want to be remembered as a stylish bride? Then forget the big white dress and opt for an enchanting alternative. The trend these days is all about statement-making, graphic lace that perfectly combines femininity with a modern edge.
Go For Delicate Ombre

Not sure that you want to go for colour all over? The edgy ombre in a light hue may be perfect for you. To keep the style gentle you can go for a full skirt dress with layers or ruffles, but if you are all about making a statement then try out a strong shade with minimal texture in the fabric.

Sheer Lush Lattice

If you love timeless styles but want to create a little surprise, then go for a dress with sheer panels that have a basket-weave or netting style. You can opt for a delicate choice with sheer sleeves to a bold and modern convertible or sheer skirt when it comes to lattice, even a little can create a unique look.

Consider A Crop Top

The past few seasons have seen plenty of crop tops and now they are making their way to the bridal runway too. Hayley Paige, Sophia Kokosalaki and Theia are all showing that, if you want to reveal a little skin, a glimpse of your midriff is a great way to do it. A cropped bustier is a choice for the brave, or a boxy top with a high waist skirt is a more subtle and very chic style. If you are having trouble finding the perfect two piece wedding dress, Riki Dalal has a fantastic collection.

The Futuristic Column

For brides who want to make a statement, this modern version of the column gown is sure to please. We are dying about the bold and modern look that designers have given to this timeless silhouette, including the flattering neckline and intricately structured shape. To bring the whole style together try out a futuristic belt.

Intriguing Embroidery

Interesting embroidery has given traditional silhouettes a new breath of life. It is out with the traditional sequins and floral lace is in with gold detail and complex geometric patterns.

A Fringe That Knows Fashion

Fringes may make you think of a gang of motorcyclists - but hold that thought for one moment. Fringes are hot right now and are even showcasing on the bridal catwalk. To make sure your look remains wedding-like, opt for a classic silhouette that is perfectly draped, materials should be of a very high quality such as silk, and detail should be subtle such as crystals and pearls.

A Strong Colour

There is no law saying you must wear white. Get inspired with colour. One popular choice is blush, but you can find a gown in every possible colour from red to gold and from electric blue to hot pink (really!)

Opt For Lacy Rompers

Rompers at weddings have become popular and it's not just a choice for the guests. Designers have created a really pretty lacey option that is ideal for a bride who is all about standing out.

 The Modern Ball Dress

Do you reckon that all ball gowns are one and the same? You couldn't be more wrong! Ball gowns are getting makeovers in many surprising ways. Sweetheart necklines and bodices are being replaced by collared shirts and big belts.

The High-Low Hemline

Are you hoping to show off your gorgeous shoes (and legs) but aren't quite sure about the mini dress option? An asymmetric choice could be the perfect middle ground. Longer at the back and shorter at the front, this is a style that is both playful and successful in creating a modern and edgy look.

The Half Pant And Half Dress Option

Emma Watson's style book will show you a very cool and inspiring choice - a dress over pants. We already know the romper, the jumpsuit and the pantsuit but this combo, that has made its mark on the bridal runways, is certainly going to give the style of your wedding a completely new dimension!

Aug 16, 2017

What Are Various Options Available in the Wedding Stationery

Among the various preparations about wedding ceremony, choosing of right wedding stationery is also one of the very important one. Your guests will get an idea about the wedding and know the details of various events that are going to happen on that day. Wedding invitation is the first impression of your guest about your arrangements. So, let us discuss about various options available for wedding stationery.

What are the main objectives of wedding invitation card?

Wedding cards are not just to impress your guests, but they will fulfill your following objectives too.
1.   This is a confirmed notification of your wedding along with the date, venue and timings of various events. Besides that, it is also an acknowledgement from your side that you consider the person whom you are inviting as a special person, whom you want to be present during one of the most important events of your life.
2.   The kind of card and its style will represent your taste and you will let your guests know how you are going to treat them on this day. Of course, as mentioned earlier, it is also a way to impress and wow your guest. Therefore, if you make any poor choice of wedding stationery, then expectation of your guests will also be low.
3.   Your wedding card will also tell your guests, how good you are in organizing any event.

Different options about wedding stationery

There are different options available in the market, as far as choosing wedding stationeries are concerned. Let us look at few of them.
·         “Save the date” card
You can choose a card with a caption “save the date” with short details about your wedding arrangement, so that your guest can make them free on that day. If any of your guests are from different city or country, then they can make their advance travel arrangements in order to be present on that day.
·         Invitation card with evening party
With invitation card, there will be complete information like date, time, venue, various events and may be some information about menu too. There will be RSVP at the end of card where all your contact information will be available, so that your guests can confirm about their presence on that day. In case if any guests cannot attend the event then they can also inform you in advance.
·         Laser card stationery
If you are looking for rustic wedding invites design then either you may create your own design or take help of any professional card designer and get it cut by using laser cutter. You can get really very attractive designed cards, which will become special attraction for your guests who may like to preserve the card too.

These days because of many advancements in technology you can get wide varieties of wedding stationeries. Depending upon your available budget and number of guests that you are planning to invite, you can make your choice of stationeries for your wedding.

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