Jul 13, 2018

5 Activities for Mums and Bubs to Get Fit and Build a Solid Bond

After becoming a mother, it can be downright difficult or even impossible for you to keep up with a healthy exercise routine. The problem with this is that mums then become out of condition, gain weight and feel badly about the way that they both feel and look. Most mums will try to sneak in a half hour here and 15 minutes there, not realizing that many activities for mums and bubs not only help to get them active, but are a great way for you to bond with your new baby.


One of the best activities for mums and bubs is yoga. Yoga is a great way for you to stretch the body, lose weight and become more flexible all with one easy-to-do exercise routine. By doing yoga specific to mums and their babies, you'll be getting the baby involved with the stretches that you do, which includes them in the fun.


With fitness sessions like mums and bubs bootcamp, you're going to be doing intense training that involves your baby. Oftentimes, this involves using the baby as a weight in a safe and effective manner for you both. You will also learn how to properly lift the baby so that you're not hurting your back. The mums and bubs bootcamp is specifically designed for new mums, so you won't need to worry that you're doing something that is too difficult for both you and your child.


The great thing about personal training sessions that involve swimming is that it's easy on your joints. You will also find that it helps the baby to learn to swim while getting you moving in the process. As always, it's important that you utilize personal training sessions involving swimming so that you're doing this in a safe and effective manner, and be sure that baby is wearing all of the protective gear while in the water.


You might not think of it, but one of the best mums and bubs activities is simply going to the playground. By going to the playground, you'll be running, jumping and squatting down with your baby, which can get your body moving, your heart pumping and fat burning while having lots of fun doing it. Plus, with these mums and bubs activities involving playgrounds, your child is going to have a lot more fun than usual because they have someone to play with while they're there.


Another one of the mums and bubs fitness ideas is to take simple walks around your area or in a local park. Not only can you talk to your baby while you're walking, but it's a great way to get in some exercise. If you don't have a park near your area, you can always walk up and down the road with your baby until you get tired and come home.

With these mums and bubs fitness ideas, you'll be well on your way to bonding with baby while being a happy and fit mum. There is absolutely no reason for you to give up on taking care of your body and exercising because you've had a child. Yes, it can be difficult to get back into a routine, but think of it more as a way for you and baby to bond and you'll find you have fun doing it.

Jul 12, 2018

Seminar Planning Checklist: How to Plan a Women's Conference

Planning a women's conference from the ground up can be an enormous amount of work. A tremendous amount of planning and conceptualizing must take place, and every detail must fit seamlessly together to provide a memorable experience for the attendee. While the size of your conference has a lot to do with how long it might take you to orchestrate everything, it is possible to create a memorable event in less time if you know what you are doing.

The following material is intended to be used as a women's conference planning checklist as you create your big event, and it will allow you to cross your t's and dot your i's as you attend to every anticipated need that your guests might have.

Formulate A Vision Of Your Event

In thinking about the purpose for designing this conference, you'll want to outline the big "why" that would cause women to show up to your event. What will your topic(s) of interest be? How is it pertinent to your intended audience? What will you want them to take away from the event? Is it going to be low key or very vibrant and dynamic? Thinking through this big vision question before planning will allow you to craft some of the smaller details around your big "why" , pulling everything together for flawless presentation.

Choose a venue

With the number of projected guests in mind, you'll need to choose the proper venue for your event. Contact local hotels, schools, or public buildings and ask if they have a seminar room, coworking spaces or a meeting room for rent. Ask what rental rates are, and make sure that you have the proper funding to cover the cost of venue rental. Ask if there are other services the venue provides, such as food and beverage service, cleaning crews, and restroom facilities. If your conference is intended for more than one day, you'll have to have all of these services at your disposal to ensure that your guests are taken care of.

Set a price, craft a budget

This will perhaps be the most time consuming and tedious step of them all--where is your funding coming from? If you are funded by a group or organization, make sure that your operating budget stays within their guidelines. If you are funding the conference privately, make sure you have enough to cover the initial cost of rental fees, food and beverage services, speakers, sound systems, and other amenities so that everyone is paid in a timely manner.

Set your conference price reasonably, yet make sure it is enough to cover the cost of your operating expenses. Make sure that payment methods and services to manage conference payments are in place so that registration goes smoothly. If possible, consider rallying extra help to assist you in managing the books while you are making sure other aspects of conference organization are going smoothly before, during, and after the event. Keep impeccable records of revenue vs. expenditures to aid in the clean up process afterward.

Manage your special guests

Do you have talent flying in from out of town to speak or perform at the conference? Assist them in booking accommodations and providing them with options for leisure time activities while they are here. Supply them with conference schedules and contracts and make sure that expectations are laid out in advance for services rendered and payment. If necessary, schedule transportation to and from the event to make their time here less stressful. Follow up with thank you correspondence and keep records of guests who are willing to return for subsequent visits.

Think about providing a conference souvenir

When thinking about the content of your conference, what seems appropriate to give as a parting gift? Will it be a best selling book from a keynote speaker, a tote bag with conference related goodies, or a DVD of favorite conference moments? Whatever the gift, make sure that expenses are covered, and that it is relevant to conference material.

Once you have knowledge and the basics of how to plan a women's conference, preparing becomes crossing items off a massive checklist, plugging away at it until the last guest leaves your venue. It may be a stressful affair to orchestrate, but there are a host of planning materials available in print and on the internet to assist you in planning your big day, week, or weekend. Keep your "why" in mind, and let that fuel you when the going gets tough or complicated, and remember, you have information these women need to hear, they will appreciate the time in similar company, and hopefully everyone will come away from the event with a refreshed spirit and a renewed sense of purpose. Happy planning!

Author Bio: Emily is a writer, she writes for many companies includes E88 Bangkok who provides meeting rooms, seminar rooms, coworking space as well as the event space in Bangkok. Emily is working closely with many aspiring thinkers and entrepreneurs from various companies. She loves encouraging small business owners and digital marketing through her articles!

Jun 27, 2018

Cute Cheap Tops and Dresses for Your Casual Summer Clothes

Summer is already here, girls. Warmer days are the right moment for us to spend time outdoor more often. For many fashionable women, summer is the right time to back in fashion trends again. So, do you want to refresh your summer clothes? Well, no need to break your wallet; just go online to get trendiest cheap tops and dresses that perfect to wear in summer at reliable online fashion stores such as FashionMia.
V-Neck Color Block Plaid Midi Chiffon Skater Dress -Flash Sale (Extra 10% Off):US$28.45
Halter Cutout Flounce Ruffled Hem Floral Printed Mini Skater Dress  Summer Sale Price: US$22.95
Before starting your summer shopping, let’s find out first about fashion trends for summer 2018 mentioned in some online fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle and Harpers Bazaar. Some of this year’s summer trends include:
- shades: pastel and bold
- prints :micro floral, cherry, check and plaid
- details :sequins, fringing, sheer, ruffles, puff-ball sleeves
-summer dresses :cut out dress, polka dot dress, sequined dress, baby doll dress, floral dress, shirtdress, oversized lightweight dress, patterned dress

If summer clothes that you require are for casual occasion and you don’t want to pick wrong items, shopping at FashionMia is the right decision as you will get required info from each product description.   Ensure that the product specification about style, occasion and season are suitable with your needs. 
 Summer Polyester Women Round Neck Patchwork See-Through Plain Short Sleeve Blouses-Summer Sale Price:US$14.95
Round Neck Patch Pocket Plaid Long Sleeve T-Shirt-Summer Sale Price: US$23.95
Among various styles of dresses, cute skater dresses are the style that would be perfect for your summer dress (actually the dress is suitable for any season). A skater dress has a fitting bodice and a flared bottom. Flaring out at the natural waist, this lovely short dress suits all body sizes and types. You can pair mini skater dress with your favorite straight pants or leggings, voila, the dress becomes a cute top. Well, don’t you want to collect them in your wardrobe?   
Skater dresses at FashionMia collection available in various colors, fabrics and prints. Fashion experts said that skater apparel is a modern version of A-line dresses. If you are a fan of A-line dress silhouette, you will surely love skater dress as well.

I have chosen some casual tops and skater dresses that meet 2018 summer trends for you. Check it out girls. For hanging out with your friends, attending live concert, having lunch at your favorite restaurant and other casual activities, you will look so chic wearing those cute clothes.

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