Dec 18, 2014

Skies above IPSC

IPSC is Indonesia Peace and Security Center, an area where seven institutions unite: Standby Force, Terrorism National Institution, Disaster Management Institution, Indonesia Defense University, National Language Center, Peacekeeping Mission Center, and Sport Committee of the National Military.

The area located on Merah Putih Hill, Sentul Bogor, West Java. Last week was my first time to pass through the hill.  

I captured some shots for Sky Watch Friday


All Kinds of Zippers – Zippers by Foot

Zippers are everywhere, holding together all kinds of things. We all know about the zippers on clothes, but there will also be zippers on tents, Jeeps and all kinds of other things. Generally, people don’t even notice them until they break down. That’s how common they are.

When you do wind up needing a replacement, go to to find one that suits your needs, whether it is for outdoor equipment, sporting goods, or just so you can zip up a jacket.

No matter what it is going to be used for, there will be several things to consider when you go looking for a replacement. Width and color will need to be considered, as will the material that the zipper is going to be made from. Do you need a metal or plastic zipper? You’ll also need to think about whether you’ll need the zipper to be open or closed-ended, and whether you want one or two sliders on the zipper.

However, the most important consideration will be the zipper length. Zippershipper has a number of different lengths, from an inch to twelve foot zippers. If, by chance, they don’t stock the length you need, then you can order custom zippers in batches of one hundred.

Dec 17, 2014

WS Dear: Great Place to Get Quality Cheap Clothing Online

Many fashionable women thank to the easiness, affordability and comfort of shopping online.  You can keep your stylish look without breaking your bank. Yep, it’s already approved that shopping for clothes online allows you to save lots of cash, but only if you deal with trusted online fashion stores. On the other hand, some women are still reluctant to go shopping online since there are varied clothing sizes in different stores and brands. This situation may give you sizing confusion. There is no female buyer who likes to get wrong-sized outfit that doesn’t make her look good. It is surely a disappointed shopping experience!

W.S. Dear home page

To avoid such risk, before making any purchase decision, you should always check first the applied return policy in the store. Smart female buyers should be careful in choosing the right fashion store, skip stores that have no return policy though they offer attractive prices. Therefore I want to share here W.S. Dear, another trusted boutique store that will be your favorite as well. This shop is worth to visit and try as they have lots to offer. 30 days money back guarantee, free shipping service worldwide on every purchased item, size guide, and 24/7 excellent service that allows you to place orders whenever you like are only a few advantages you shouldn’t miss.

The website has white background, sleek and simple design that pleased to the eyes. The store is well arranged to give every buyer a trouble-free, safe and informed shopping online experience.  Once you visit the shop, you’ll straightly enjoy their beautifully designed women’s and men’s clothing collection at prices that you’ve never thought before.  Their prices are so affordable; the cheapest items are as low as $ 5.99!  Would it be great to know where to go to get quality yet cheap clothing?

Cheap clothing provides you with useful features such as different product categories and filtering options. Whatever piece of clothes that you’re looking for, you should apply the provided filtering options as it will narrow and specify your search. You’ll be easier to find items that suit your style, budget, and needs. W.S. Dear surely supports you to have your own fashion state and style in cost-effective way!

Besides visiting the store, you can also check out the latest news and collection on their social media network services as follows: 

Dec 15, 2014

Differences of Heart Attack Symptons in Women and Men

Why do you need to know the difference of heart attack symptoms inwomen? No one denies the importance of maintaining the health of heart organ as one of the vital organs in human body. Women who suffer heart disease generally occurs due to the lack of oxygen supply to the heart so that her heart doesn’t function properly.

Based on statistical data, women mentioned more risk of heart attack than men. Improper lifestyle like unhealthy diet, irregular sleep patterns, lack of exercise and prolonged stress can negatively affect heart health. Female smokers are much more risky because nicotine can cause instability of the hormone estrogen in the body, but this hormone is a hormone antidote to heart disease.

In contrast to men, it turns out that the characteristics of a heart attack in women are not typical and not specific like general symptoms. Usually the symptoms of heart attack include pain in the left chest that depress suddenly and then spread to the left arm, back or neck.

Such typical symptoms are more common in men. The characteristics of a heart attack in women may be similar, but in most cases, the symptoms are perceived as symptoms of heartburn or indigestion. Female patients who had a heart attack experience nausea, vomit, and stomach pain. According to the heart specialist, non-specific symptoms are difficult to interpret by ordinary people and so allows the patient to perform fault identification. That is why women should be more careful so that no one recognizes these symptoms just as gastrointestinal or common diseases.

In the case of a heart attack in women are similar to heartburn, most likely affected area is the lower (inferior) part of the heart. In addition to symptoms such as gastrointestinal disturbances (nausea, heartburn, stomach spasms) and pain in the lower back, other symptoms that often accompany the inferior cardiac arrest is congested or short of breath, weakness, and fatigue without knowing the cause.

For we all women, it doesn’t mean that all digestive disorders lead to a heart attack. This knowledge can make you more alert. If after taking ulcer medication; symptoms are not reduced or even feels more intense, you should immediately go to the emergency unit at a nearby hospital.

Women who have to be more careful are those who have risk factors for heart disease such as have stopped menstruating, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, family history of heart disease before the age of 60, often experience stress and smoking. Women with these risk factors should be addressing indigestion with more vigilant and live a healthy lifestyle that includes the consumption of fruits and vegetables every day, regular exercise, reduce stress, stay away from cigarettes and alcohol.

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