Mar 29, 2014

Small Garden at the Back of the Hospital Rooms

It’s nice to be able to join Today's Flowers this week.  My SIL was at home again since last Tuesday. I still have Ixora flower photos captured at the garden behind the patient rooms. There are some Ixora shrubs along the garden. I saw red, yellow and peach Ixoras on each shrub.

Mar 28, 2014

Gift Baskets: the Ideal Present for Anyone

Giving gifts can be both exciting and confusing. If you are searching for a gift for a female friend’s birthday, perhaps you are already bored with the common list of present ideas such as clothes, perfume and jewelry item. So, it can be the right time to start thinking outside the square. When it comes to choose a unique gift for someone close to you, try giving something that is a little different.


In this case, a gift basket can be the right idea. They may become perfect presents for anyone, no matter the event and the age of the recipient. For example, you may give your ten years old girl wonderfully wrapped and decorated m&m gift baskets for her good grades at school; she surely will love it. If you have enough time, you can make your own and fill the basket with things that you know your friend really need and like.


Otherwise, you can purchase one already made up at reliable and wide experienced companies like There are lots of quality options to pick; you’ll find one that meets your budget and occasion. Basically, gift baskets may contain anything that you can think of. Even for every pet owner, there are unique gift options like various dog gift baskets that will be special gifts for them. You may give a dog gift basket for relatives and friends who love their dogs so much. The dogs and the owners will be happy at the same time, right?

Sky Watch: Outside the Window of a Plane

Capturing the scenery outside the window of the plane can be a very pleasant thing. The photos from behind the plane’s window can complete the documentation of your trip.

Captured in 2011 during our flight from Jakarta to Surabaya (East Java,Indonesia). I only used my pocket digital camera.
Above clouds and mountains!
Here are photography tips that I read in a travel magazine:

1.Select the best seat.
It’s definitely a window seat is the best option. According to poll, the seat no. 6A is the most favorite. From this chair, you may shoot a view of the sky with the wing of the plane.

Use low ISO –as long as the speed is possible- to avoid the grainy photo, and the shutter speed above 1/250 sec. Aligns the camera lens with a window and don’t attach your camera to the window as the plane is moving or vibrating.

Diaphragm setting tailored to the needs; principally, your small openings mean more extensive depth of field which allows you to capture detailed objects.
Avoid using CPL filter since your photos will have imitation rainbow.
Don’t use the flash at all. It will worsen reflections and also disturb other passengers.

Choose morning or at dusk so you can capture the beauty of the sky.
If you choose the early morning flight to Europe, it will be arriving early in the transit country such as Doha. When you want to shoot below, wait a moment until the plane goes down; and an hour or 30 minutes before landing, in which the position of the plane will be decreased in height.

Your intuition should play in capturing moments. Avoid taking shots when going to take off or landing.

Mar 26, 2014

Benefits of Women Working in the Pest Control Industry

Benefits of Women Working in the Pest Control Industry -When you call to have your local exterminator to come to your home or business to treat the property, traditionally you expect a man to arrive to do the job. It has been that way for decades, and nothing had really changed in recent years to make you think otherwise. Lately however more women have been entering the pest exterminator business. While most would immediately think this was due to a lack of jobs, the truth is these women are actually following their passions. Here are just a few benefits of women working in the pest control industry.

While men had traditionally held the position of exterminator, a new trend has more women entering this industry and showing up to remove those rodents and insects. The one thing to consider is that with so many other industries to consider, if a woman shows up at your door to treat your residence, she definitely loves what see is doing. When you have a women exterminator at your home or business, she chose this career because she has a passion for what she does. This means that she is going to put everything into doing her job exceptionally well. While many men may get in this field simply to hold down a job, when a female is driving that pest control truck, you know you have an individual who is there to do her job to the best of her abilities.

Women who enter this industry understand all the dangers. Poisonous spiders and snakes are just a normal part of the job, and women who pursue this career have the ability to see past the dangers and focus more intuitively on getting the job done. Women have that motherly instinct that allows them to be more nurturing than men, and when a female exterminator sees a family with children struggling with rats, snakes, or spiders, you can bet she is going to step it up and make certain that family gets some relief. The next time you open the door and see a female pest exterminator, rest assured she is there to rid your home of dangerous rodents as fast as possible.

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