Oct 31, 2018

Gorgeous fishnet stockings with a heart cut out

The fishnet trend has been in the scene for a while now. Even though they are the most versatile piece of accessory, it can still be intimidating for many people. Many people still have their inhibitions about wearing them, but don’t worry with the right guidance, they can become your absolutely favorite piece to style. Fishnet stockings have been in showbiz and in couture for so long that fashionistas have been meddling and exploring their potential.
Gen Z’s obsession with embellished fishnets is maddening. In a dynamic industry such as fashion, the need for constant creativity and innovation is inevitable and undeniable. Thence, the level up in the fishnet game was inexorable. The popularity of embellished fishnets has sky rocketed these past years. There have been many variations and designs in fishnetstockings.
They’ve started making it more versatile than the usual black one. Fishnets have become an epitome to define not only punk and hood but also, class and chic.

Kerry Parker has a wide-ranging variety of these magnificent fishnets. One of my personal favorites is definitely the fishnet stocking that has the embellished heart cut out. It simply defines chic and sexiness as a singularity. Not just on their sleeves, trendsetters wear their hearts on their thigh too! Embellished with hand crafted blossoms in the shades of ivory, off-white and frost, this small lattice white fishnet stocking comes with copious servings of gems, stones, pearl and crystals. This delicately hand-crafted article is a must buy if you’re a fashionista. There is plenty you can do with these. It works like magic with any outfit. But let me give you a small tip here; these fishnet stockings create classic yet trendy looks. You can experiment to great lengths with these embellished fishnets. Don’t keep your looks simple like you did while you were styling basic blacks.
One of the best ways to wear these cute pair of embellished fishnets is with a slit skirt and a cute spaghetti crop top. Wear a pair of platform heels with this perfect combination. I bet you are totally going to slay in that outfit.
If you are feeling too lazy to put in a lot of efforts into your outfit and want to keep it casual, try pairing these beautiful fishnet with a pair of jean shorts. Combine a pair of calvin klein jean shorts with a maroon coloured tube top. Finish this look with a pair of white denim jacket and you will definitely make everyone around you speechless. No struggle and no compromise on fashion either.
There is a different kind of elegance associated with long gowns. It can be worn on red carpets, cocktail parties, or when you are just feeling fancy. When you wear a gown, choosing appropriate accessories also becomes very crucial to pull off that look. A beautiful elegant navy blue gown with these fishnets will definitely make heads turn. Pull off this look by wearing the perfect pair of christian Loubuitins. There is no stopping you then. The whole world is your runway!

Travelling with kids? Here are some Much Needed Tips for you

Traveling is a great thing that you can do with your kids, and they can get to add the fun in their lives. You can do a lot of things that can help you and your family to make a memorable trip to someplace. There are so many things that you can do when you are on a trip, and some of you might think that traveling with kids is not a good idea but let me tell you that this is the only thing that can make your trip more fun.
Without kids, you will never get the joy of traveling and who loves to do something when your kids are at home with the boring ceiling over their head. We are here with some of the most exciting and effective tips that every parent should know when you are planning a trip to a destination with your kids. You need to be attentive and make sure that you enjoy being with your family to some new place.

1) Plan Out
Planning all about your expectations and all the things that you might be doing for your trip cannot be just right. You need to look out for all the things that you can do, and you want to do. Before you get to a place, you need to make sure that it is safe and if you have already seen half of the world, then you will know things much better than your wife and your kids.

You need to make sure that you have a proper way to do things. There are many things that you can get into touch with this travel thing, and you can look out for some companies that can help you plan your trip efficiently with your kids.

2) Prepare your Kids
Preparing your kids for the fun and all the activities plays an important part, and if your kid is not able to do that in such a way, then you need to train him or her about all that. If you are leaving for a trek, for instance, then you need to make sure that your kid has proper training for legs so that he can climb the mountain with you. You cannot pick your children at such a high altitude, and for that, you need to train your kid with proper training.

3) Book Your Tickets
Once you are all done, now it the time to plan out all other things. Well, you need to make sure that you are choosing up a destination that you can assure to be great for your family. It can be any of your traveled or one of your bucket lists.

You can choose up any of them, and it will surely help you out in the best way. If you are traveling by buses, then you need to plan out on your flight tickets, bus tickets and any other ticket that you are going to need.

4) Add Fun Activities
There are many fun activities like central park bike tours and any different road trip that can add too much fun and a memorable trip for your family. You can even use so many other things like the fair or some other play park that can help you and your kid to have fun. On a hot summer day, a walk to the water park would be great, and you can add a day to your trip for the water park, and that can turn out to be beneficial for your trip in summers. 

5) Prepare your Medic Kit
The medical kit is the must to have a thing that you need to have. There are many things that you need to get in your medic kit and here are some of these things that are most important for general use –
·         Bandages
·         Antibiotics
·         Digestion medicine
·         Aspirin for Headache
·         Sanitary pads and Baby pads for Babies
·         Motion Sickness Medicine

These are all the things that you should have in your medical kit when you are traveling with your kids. It makes you a more responsible parent, and if you have some other disease, then you should know that you need to use the things and the medicine that you are taking for that. Take a note on this, and this is the only thing that can help you in hard days and traveling needs you to be responsible for yourself.

6) Let Your Kids Explore
Let your kids explore and let them see what is around them. This thing can help you in some of the most amazing ways. You can choose up any of these things, and when your kid is on your own, then you need to keep an eye on them without them knowing. Let them do the things that they want to do and let them fun. Keeping the kids around you kill their fun sometimes, and you need to know that in advance.

7) Don’t Spend Money on Excursion
Why live in a luxury hotel with the same concrete walls on either side. You need to get out and get some central park bike tours to let yourself connected with nature. You need to get out somewhere on a hike and have a picnic at some spot with your kids, and this is all that can add fun to your trip without excursion and it is going to be much more fun than a 5-star hotel.

8) Stick with the Routine
When you are on a journey with your kids, then you should know the value of your routine. You have to stick to that only, and it will help you have quality time with more time to travel places. You need to stick with the sleeping and waking time, and that thing will surely help you out to get the best trip with your parents.

To get more such trips on traveling with kids and other traveling tips, you can stay tuned with us!!

How does your face shape influence the wig style?

Your face shape is one of the most important factors while making wig buying decisions. The shape of your face will determine which wig style is the best for you. Wigs work the same way haircuts and lengths work. Different face shapes and features decide which cuts are ideal for a person. Then other factors fine-tune the choices including their profession, daily activities, personal style quotient, and dressing style. Even today, there are several people, who shop for what they like on the mannequin or display online. These products might be of a delectable quality, and they might be bespoke designer creations, but that does little to ensure that they will look great on you.
Why do people struggle to find the correct wig style?

A wig that looks good on a mannequin or a Styrofoam head might not look good on you. That does not raise any questions about the quality of the hair or the weave. It only says that you did not pay enough attention to your face shape while choosing your new wig. The equation is quite straightforward. Either you buy a wig with a particular cut that will flatter your face shape, your neck, and overall personality. Or, you get a generic looking wig in the right color and take it to a hair stylist for a cut that will accentuate your features.

Each person has different sets of defining features. You might have beautiful eyes, high cheekbones, a perfect pout or a really pretty petite forehead. Unless you pay attention to these features individually, you will never understand what you should highlight. A good wig can slim your face, accentuate your cheekbones and hide high foreheads. Thus, it is essential for each buyer to know their basic face shape and type before they go out and splurge their hard-earned money on expensive and designer wigs. Each face type is unique, and there is a perfect wig for each face shape. That is a mantra you need to remember while going wig shopping. If you do not have even the slightest clue as to how to classify your face shape or find your best features, you should speak with your salon stylist, who cuts your hair.

How to choose wigs and haircuts according to face shape?

There are a few general types of face shapes that you need to keep in mind. One of these basic shapes should resemble your face shape. Now, your best friend might have a round face and a wig might look gorgeous on her. The same wig might look artificial and cheap on your heart-shaped face. So here is a brief guide on the different cuts and lengths of the hair you should pick based on different face shapes –

Oval face shape

If you are the lucky few, who have naturally oval-shaped faces, you may have never faced any problem finding a wig that fits perfectly. You are also the lucky ones who never struggle with "odd" haircuts and new hairdos. At this moment, you might be wondering "what wig problem? I have never found one that is unflattering”. That is probably because your face shape, eyes, cheekbones and chin have perfect balance. However, that does create a new kind of problem. There are so many wig choices at hand that you do not know which will look best on you. Well, it is always smart to begin the screening by choosing a parting style. Oval shaped faces look great in side parts. You can choose soft curls that frame your face perfectly. Or, you can go with poker straight lobs that will give you a sophisticated, yet understated look. Always pay attention to your skin tone while buying wigs. If you have a warm undertone, go with cooler colors. Black and brown are generic hair colors that look good on more or less all skin tones. To be on the safe side, you can pick one with subtle highlights. Try the wigs on and go with the ones that live up to your expectation of texture and movement.

Square face shape

People with a square or square-ish face shape have highly angular cheekbones, and jawline. The primary aim for you should be to soften the angles of your face with the help of the wig. While you should not be hiding behind the hairpiece, it should take complete responsibility to highlight your best features. Some natural textures work best for square face shapes including loose curls, wispy bangs and messy tendrils around the face. Most flattering wig styles for this face shape include media and short lengths with heavy volume and noticeable texture. It is always a smart move to avoid completely straight angles, especially ones that end at chin length. These might accentuate the angles of your face instead of softening them. In short, you should be looking for something that screams "feminine," and you should be good to go. Hairpieces will meet the same purpose, and you should try wigs of front lace for maximum security.

Diamond face shape

Those with a diamond-shaped face often face the problem of finding a haircut and a style that does not give their face an overly angular look. A diamond face shape already has broad and pronounced cheekbones and a narrow chin. You might be highly photogenic, and almost all sunglasses may flatter your face, but finding the right wig is a pain in the neck. So, what you need to do is find a few styles that lay flat on either side of your head. You do not need to add any more volume on the top and the sides. Your wig needs to be light so as not to add volume to the area around your ears, or your cheekbones will look more pronounced. So, while picking out your wig, investing in a breathable and tight wig cap is absolutely mandatory. Full lace wigs and frontal lace wigs are the best choices for you since you wig should be light, flirty and wispy. Shorter hairstyles including pixies, formal bobs, and asymmetric bobs will flatter your face. They should carefully frame the temple area of your face, but not draw much attention to the narrow-angle of your chin.

Pear-shaped face

If you have a pear-shaped face, you must have an enviably small forehead and a visibly pronounced jawline. It is a unique face shape for women, and it takes some amount of effort to find a wig or a haircut that suits this face shape. You are one of the very few in the world with this face shape, and you should seize this special opportunity to have some fun with the full lace wigs. Go with wigs that add volume to your eyes. Layered looks are the best for you because you can afford to add volume around your ears and around the neck. Adding full layers will deflect attention to the eyes and your neck, and away from the middle of your face. A classic shag should look fantastic on you. Pear shaped faces are the only ones, who can carry of a full shag hairstyle without making it look unprofessional or messy! However, remember to steer clear of blunts, and bobs, and basically any other cut that ends at your jaws.

Heart face shape

People with heart-shaped faces are quite lucky since they get all the fancy short bobs and trendy lobs. Heart shapes are a little different from diamond shapes. You might have a narrow chin, but a broad forehead that calls for bangs, fringes and clever layering. The idea is to bring some hair on the forehead with your new wig. The new lace frontal wigs make it possible to add hair on the forehead in the form of bangs or fringes without really making the source of the hair too evident. Proper blending of the wig with your natural hairline will make even the best hair stylists in the city second guess all night long! Always keep the volume to the nape region and go with subtle layers. Remember to not go with choppy layers and super short, but high volume cuts during this season.

Apart from this basic guide, you do not need much to shop for the right style of the wig. You must remember that confidence is the key when it comes to wearing a wig out in the open. If you do not want to make it too apparent that it is artificial hair you are wearing, then choose subtle colors and simple styles. Begin with something that looks a lot like your real hair to avoid unwanted attention. If you do not find something that matches your dream wig, take it to a salon where a stylist can trim and add layers to the wig to give it a more natural look. You can gradually move onto the bolder colors and cuts once you gain the confidence of “wigging it out” in public. Confidence is the only glue that can hold the entire style together and complete your whole look. 

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