Jul 31, 2012

The First Red Sandals

I'm not a heels type. Flat shoes and sandals are always my choice. I only have one wedges. Black, dark brown and dark blue are my previous color options. Then my husband suggested me to have a brighter one. So, this is my first red sandals.  He selected this one for me. I think it's a cool one.

Jul 30, 2012

Pink Flowers

This flowering tree belongs to my neighbor. The very familiar flowers but I forget the name!

Jul 27, 2012

Sky Watch : An Old Mosque Tower and Blue Sky

 I didn't take any new sky shot lately. This one comes from my archives. The mosque tower is a part of an old mosque Sunan Ampel that built in 1421 (Surabaya, Indonesia). The bright blue sky emphasized the beauty of the tower.

Taking Benefits from Heathrow Airport Parking Service

A few days ago, I continued a chatting with an old friend who lives in London.  He told me about the latest situation of his travel preparation to South Africa. He has booked the flights, the hotel room and the car hire company, but he’s still confused to decide the best way to get to the airport.

He will fly via Heathrow Airport, one of the busiest airports worldwide in London. His options are leaving his car at the Heathrow parking slot or taking a taxi. He actually more prefers to drive a car himself to the airport, but he’s afraid missing his flight as searching a parking space at the hectic Heathrow Airport can be a totally nightmare. Parking cost is also becoming his concern.

I was glad that I was able to help him with useful information. I suggested him to take advantages of Heathrow Airport parking service that offers various types of parking. To get the best rates, he must choose and book in advance a parking slot that suits his needs; as he can save up to 60%. Planning ahead is always the best, right?

Since his most concern is affordability, long stay parking at ncp Heathrow Terminal 5 can be a great option for him. His trip will possibly spend about a week and his flight will depart through Terminal 5. This car park facility is located close to Terminal 5; he can easily take free shuttle bus to reach the terminal building in just five to ten minutes.  

To get the most inexpensive daily rates, he must compare all of the offered prices and then make an informed choice. Booking a parking slot earlier is very important step to get better online advanced booking prices. His car will be safe and sound during his vacation and he can save lots of money on parking expenses. Isn’t it great!

Jul 26, 2012

Bow out Fleas and Ticks with Premium Control Products

People love and treat their pets as a family member. Children love to play with the pets and have lots of fun with them. Out of most of the pets, people generally prefer dogs or cats to owe. Although puppies are very sweet but for their healthy living, they need appropriate care and attention. To get escaped from harmful diseases and scrounging pets, Hartz Flea & Ticks promises you to keep your pets safe and sound.

A warm ambience gives importance to your pet to become the perfect host for invasion of fleas, ticks and bugs as well. The weird creatures are very contagious and feed the blood of pets. They not only affect the pets but also the human beings when they get in touch with them. A proper establishment of hygiene and timely given medicines can save your pet from these pets.

Hertz Flee and Ticks provides and effective way to get instant relief from long protection from mosquitoes, flea eggs and ticks.  A product named Pro-cision Flo comes along with the product flees that penetrates the fur to apply the medicine right away on the skin of dogs. 30 days treatment program recommended pursuing while using flea drops. After applying flea drops to dogs, they get instant relief from skin irritation and sun protection.

Treatment Products for Flea Control

·    This is a premium brand that have been catered to pets including dogs, cats, reptiles, guinea pigs, parrots, rabbit, goldfish etc. for more than 80 years. The control treatments have created more than 1500 products until date. It is a company with a huge experience with the best pet care products through research across-the-board and vast proficiency of professionals.

·    The chemical mixture in drops kills these bugs at all phases of their growth. The toxicity of drops should be considered with care and advice before the usage. Follow the application instructions carefully every time you use it. Moreover, keep your yard neat and clean because if they are out there, then definitely they will find a way to hinge upon. It may take several repetitions if you the pets are really suffering from bad infestation. Be patient and make sure that you have carried off all the bugs completely.

·      Flea collars are available in plenty in market and thus these flea collars works as an insecticide as well as heroin detox and also work by killing adult fleas on cat. IGR another flea collar contained to block the production of the eggs & larvae. These flea collars frequently kill fleas on the head of cat & neck, but fleas further down the physical structure to survive.

·   The shampoos for flea are a useful way to kill down fleas on your cat. The drawback is that many cats can be unmanageable to bathe. As well, flea washes & plunges will only obliterate the fleas on your cat at one time but won't help put off re-plague. As a result, re-plague will take place if your cat is exhibited to fleas staying in the surroundings or on other pets.

Author Bio:  Anna is a person with a passion for writing. She has written many articles on various topics Heroin detox , for more information you can check her other blogs.

Jul 25, 2012

Reliable Online Travel Portal

Recently, I chatted with an old friend who lives in London.  He told me that he really wants to go to Cape Town, South Africa; but he has only limited budget and he’s too busy to prepare the trip by himself. Having heard his complaint, I guessed that he’s never considered about taking benefits of travel portal websites.

Since his budget is restricted -to make his dream trip comes true- he must save money on every item of travel cost such as flights, accommodation and transportation expenses. Don’t you know that a reliable online travel agency can be a great solution? Applying a travel portal will allow you to get cheap Flights to any destination you want to visit.

You can take advantages of a competent online travel agency as your online trip planning assistant. It’s surely a big help for everyone, especially for busy persons like you.  At a travel portal, you will discover helpful links that lead you to various hotels, car rental companies and airlines.

Once you visit a travel portal, according to your destination, you’ll find the list of local and international airlines –such as British Airways, South African Airways, Mango and Kulula- that can take you there, from first-class to economy fares. It’s not difficult anymore to compare the fares of the offered flights and then book the chosen flight.

For your information, you won’t get discounted flights if you search for it in the last minute, moreover if your destination is a popular place to visit. You should book tickets in advance; it will give you chances to get cheapest fares.  

When you’re looking for best deals of hotel room and car rent cost, the sooner is also the best. An online travel agency will be a good reference for you to discover and choose the right accommodation and car hire company that suit your funds.

My friend was so relief to know the helpful travel portal. He’s confident that he can travel to Cape Town this year. Now it’s your turn to plan your trip without any hassle too!

Jul 24, 2012

My Optical Mouse

Goodbye to roller-ball mouse. Nowadays you can use optical mouse, laser mouse, wireless optical mouse or the most advanced -touch mouse. I’m still with my optical mouse that I bought about three years ago.  

The technology of optical mouse was first introduced by Agilent technologies in 1999. It helped a lot; since it doesn’t require maintenance and cleaning that needed on roller-ball mouse. Optical mice engines use a LED light to track the cursor on the computer screen, while a laser mouse uses laser-imaging technology.  A touch mouse is based on Blue Track Technology that allows you to track from almost everything –your leg or your chair’s armrest (source:google).
What type of mouse that you use right now?

Why Smoking is Especially Dangerous for Women

The risks that are attached to smoking are relevant to all age groups and genders. The common health risks such as lung cancer, as well as the unpleasant factors such as the smell of lingering smoke and early aging of skin are synonymous with anyone who smokes.

There are, however, a significant number of additional risks that women smokers face.

Although contraception itself is not negatively impacted on by smoking, being a smoker while using certain contraceptive methods can be a health risk. For example, some oral contraceptives have been shown to increase blood pressure, albeit by a marginal level. Smoking, especially if you are a heavy smoker, can raise blood pressure to dangerous levels itself, so a combination of the two could potentially be increasing your chances of a heart attack or stroke.

Children and Smoking
Whether you are trying to conceive a baby or are pregnant, smoking is not a good idea. If you are trying for a baby, the chemicals in cigarette smoke can seriously alter the environment in your cervix and womb, impacting on how easily you can conceive. Many studies have shown that women who smoke take much longer to conceive, with non-smoking women over 70% more fertile than smokers. Smoking while trying to conceive can affect your baby, even if you give up once you find out you are pregnant.

The pregnancy issue is a well-known one, and is common sense in the eyes of many. The risks range from something seemingly as innocuous as having a smaller baby, to serious dangers such as miscarriage and stillbirth. The message is simple: do not smoke while trying to conceive or when pregnant.

For those who plan to conceive later in life, as many women are now doing, be aware that smoking can dramatically bring forward the menopause.

Specific Cancers
Although cancer has long been directly linked with smoking, there are two types that are far more common in women, with the risk massively exacerbated by smoking.

In many countries, women are now tested for cervical cancer from their early teenage years, and there have even been steps towards a partial immunisation to prevent cervical cancer from developing at all. It is thought that cervical tissue already contains some harmful chemicals that are contained within cigarettes, so smoking merely serves to multiply this risk.

Breast cancer is perhaps the best known when it comes to the risk to women. By smoking, women increase their risk of developing breast cancer by up to 75%, while smokers are also more likely to develop more aggressive cancers and those that are more difficult to treat.

Jasper and Jasper provide smoking cessation aids to help people progressively end their addiction to tobacco smoke. You can buy electronic cigarettes from their website at Jasperandjasper.com

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