Jul 3, 2012

A Ladies Trip to London

Sometimes there is nothing better than exploring the world with a great friend. Together you can laugh and have care free fun in many exciting places! For women, it can be nice to take a holiday with another female friend as that way they can do all the girly things they want to do without having a man complain at the amount of shoes she wants to try on!

London is a great city for women to visit together and have a fantastic time. Here is a list of the top five girly activities in London.

1-   Shopping. Let’s not pretend that this isn’t often the first thing on a lady’s mind when she visits somewhere new! Luckily London is absolutely full to the brim with great places to shop. For ladies who like high end designer clothes, the shops along Sloane Square and the world famous Harrods in Knightsbridge are essential. For ladies who want to experience London’s high street fashion, trips to Oxford Circus and Stratford City’s new Westfiled
 2-   Spa Day’s. Plenty of hotels in London come equipped with spa’s, so a lady can have a nice relaxing massage or steam after a long hard day’s shopping! However if a lady was looking for a spectacular, expertly equipped specialist spa, The Sanctuary spa in Covent Garden caters for all women who wish to unwind and relax. The spa comes complete with a variety of pools, lounges, relaxation and treatment rooms, along with a restaurant.

 3- Afternoon Tea. Nothing is as typically English as a cup of tea. These days there is a growing trend of classy afternoon tea (served with Champagne of course). The most luxurious of places serving this fine English tradition include The Ritz, Harvey Nichols and Claridge’s.

4-   Trendy Drinks. London is filled with high class cocktail and wine bars that prove extremely popular with ladies on a night out who are looking to relax in a upmarket environment, or for those looking to meet new people. Some of London’s best drinking establishments for classy ladies include Sketch on Conduit Street, Bedales wine bar in Spitalfields or Dirty Martini in Covent Garden.

 5-  A Trip to the Theatre. Many women love a trip to the theatre, so why not take a trip with a fellow theatre loving friend. Women love the breathtaking romance of Phantom of the Opera, or the passion of Les Miserable’s. Similarly Singin’ in the Rain appeals to many love struck ladies.

This guest article was written by Rebecca Felgate, a theatre critic and arts writer for CheapTheatreTickets.com, a site dedicated to London’s West End shows. Rebecca loves all forms of culture and spends her free time in galleries, music venues and the theatre.

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