Oct 23, 2020

Cheap Full Body Shapewear for Great Gifts

For those with big hips, liposuction and postpartum recovery

The Black Adjustable Straps Big Size Full Body Shaper Compression Silhouette


The pandemic should not prevent you from continuing to send gifts to your closed persons this year-end. For special women in your life, one of the great gift ideas is giving them a functional full body shapewear.  It would not be a wrong gift -as long as you know their sizes- since sooner or later, regardless of her age and figure, there will be times when a woman has personal reasons to start wearing body shaping garment for the first time.

Whenever there are needs to look firmer, slimmer or thinner, more and more women think of wearing body shapers to get instant way out. Shapewear helps by creating more seamless appearance. With shapewear underneath, clothes will fit much better and look good on one’s body.  While bodysuit shapers create the perfect foundation for a woman’s figure by shaping her waist, hips, tummy, thighs and butts altogether comfortably. No wonder the demand of advanced body shapers keeps growing since there are still many women who feel insecure need instant lifting and tucking on their targeted spots to reach the desired look. 

Shaping bodysuit with underbust style

Coffee Color Seamless Full Body Shaper Underbust Zipper Weight Loss

Anyway, are you in a search of affordable full body shapers for gifts? You don’t need to wait till black Friday sale shopping event at retail stores on the fourth Friday of November; which is still several weeks ahead. Gladly, black Friday event on online stores including wholesale shopping sites started earlier so at this time you can already stumble on wholesale shapewear Black Friday Deals collection which offered at attractive discounts. It is the right shopping time to get quality items at the cheapest possible cost!

If you still have no idea where wholesale site to go; a famous manufacturer and supplier of women’s clothing such as HexinFashion is much recommended. In the shapewear category of the shopping site, click the full body shaper type to discover a variety collection of quality bodysuit shapers at affordable prices.  For your shopping gift guide, I love to feature three different styles that really worth to buy for your loved ones. Choosing a full body shaping garment should fit the size and meet the personal needs of the woman who will wear it. Make sure that the offering product features suit her most.

Shaping bodysuit with chest-pressing cover
Black Front Hooks Full Bodysuit Lace Trim Flatten Tummy

Oct 22, 2020

Mindful Walking: Walking to Cope in a Time of COVID-19

COVID-19 is a national health concern, affecting the lives of many individuals across the world. Unfortunately, even individuals who have not been directly affected by this virus are dealing with high levels of stress and anxiety as a result of the current pandemic. With that being said, many people are wondering how they should ease their symptoms of anxiety. Fortunately, a meditation exercise known as “mindful walking” might be the answer.

To explain, mindful walking is a form of mindfulness meditation that incorporates physical exercise. Mindful walking can make you healthier while reducing high levels of anxiety and stress, related to COVID-19. Mindful walking, or walking meditation, can be a formal practice, such as watching your breath while walking. However, this practice can also be informal, where individuals bring heightened awareness to this everyday activity. Whichever way you decide to practice mindful walking, this form of active meditation can help to lower your stress and even boost your immune system.

Continue reading to learn more about how walking meditation helps individuals deal with the stress and anxiety of the coronavirus pandemic.

Understand your Reasoning for Mindful Walking

Individuals may engage in walking meditation for a variety of reasons. This could include soothing the stress of familial issues, legal concerns, financial burdens, and even diagnosed anxiety disorders.

In this case, we are utilizing mindful walking to relieve stressors stemming from the current coronavirus pandemic. You might be stressed about your career, contracting the virus, or how you will be able to financially deal with the effects of this pandemic on the economy. Whatever your reasoning for walking meditation is, it’s important to be clear and sure of the stressors you are trying to soothe. As a result, you’ll know exactly what you are meditating on during your walk.

Preparing for Walking Meditation

Generally, individuals preparing for a mindfulness meditation walk need to wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing and shoes. Additionally, it is important to schedule your mindful walk during a time where you will not feel rushed.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic poses additional factors during the preparation process. For example, you must spend more time choosing and planning the course you will walk. Social distancing is very important to prevent the spread of the virus, therefore, walking in big, open spaces would be better than utilizing a city sidewalk. Also, individuals partaking in mindfulness meditation walks to soothe COVID-19 anxiety should always wear personal protective equipment. This includes bringing a mask, gloves, and maybe even a small bottle of hand sanitizer. In doing so, individuals will remain safe and protected from contracting the virus during their meditation.

Planning your Mindfulness Walk

Typically, mindfulness walks are separated into three parts. This helps individuals remain mindful and focused during each step of their walking meditation. Each person may have different things they wish to focus on during each part of their walk. For example, the first part might focus on breathing. Next, individuals may begin to focus on their senses. Lastly, you can begin to meditate on the specific stressors you are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this is fully up to individual choice and needs. For better understanding, we will give you an outline to help you create a personalized mindful walk.

To fully reap the benefits of mindful walking, separate your walk into three parts:

  1. Meditate on how life was before the pandemic again, focusing on the positive. Think about things that made you happy or relaxed, people you enjoyed spending time with, or places you liked to hang out with friends and family. This will help to remind you that times have been good and they can be again.
  2. During this step, you can focus on your senses. Begin to pay attention as your lungs fill with air, how your arms and legs swing with each step, and how your skin feels under the warmth of the sun. Focus on how it feels to be healthy and safe during this virus while meditating on how grateful you are for this fact.
  3. Lastly, begin to meditate on how you would like your life to be after the pandemic is over. What aspects of your life would you like to leave behind? Are there any parts of your life that you would like to keep (think about loved ones, friends, pets, etc.)? And, what would you like to do differently after the pandemic is over?

After identifying your stressors, focusing on rebalancing your breathing, and remaining mindful regarding the positive aspects of your current life, you should begin to notice a lessening in anxiety.

Interpreting your Mindfulness Meditation Walk

After completing your mindful walk, it is recommended to reflect on everything you have meditated about. In other words, you shouldn’t let everything you gained from your meditation walk slip away.

While taking a few minutes to reflect, ask yourself these questions:
●    What did you learn during your mindfulness walk?
●    Did you come to any positive or negative realizations?
●    Have you reached any significant conclusions?
●    Did you enjoy meditating while walking?
●    Did walking while meditating bring you any more benefits than sitting while meditating?
●    Was there anything you’d change about the walk so that your next one is more beneficial?

Journaling your findings could help you to improve mindfulness walks in the future. It’s important to remember that mindfulness walking is a stress-relieving tool that is meant to be personalized and unique to your specific needs. In other words, there are no “wrong ways” to participate in mindfulness walking. As long as you are remaining mindful, focusing on your breathing, and meditating to relieve specific stressors you are facing, this technique will help to soothe your anxiety. 

Oct 20, 2020

How to Pack a Child’s Room when Moving


A child’s room

Are you planning to relocate any time soon? Even though you and your family are excited about living in a new home, you know that there is some less exciting stuff to do before you can enter your new house. Not many people are fond of packing, but there are ways you can make it more efficient and amusing to the youngest members of your family. Let's see how you can pack a child's room when moving and have fun while you are at it.

Get rid of the stuff you will not need

This is the golden rule of any relocation - moving the possessions you won't actually need in a new home simply makes no sense. You have probably noticed that your child's room tends to shrink as your kid gets older. That is, the more toys and clothes your little one has, the less room there is for playing and moving around the room. Plus, kids' rooms are the areas that get cluttered very easily due to children's ever-changing interests. The only way you can stop this from happening is by decluttering as often as possible. Needless to say, this is the perfect opportunity to do so, especially if you are moving abroad with small children. In this case, you should leave only the most favorite toys and some basic pieces of their clothes. All other items should be given away, sold, or donated.

A woman carrying a bin full of stuff, a child playing
Is your child’s room getting smaller or what?
Even if you are moving locally and into a bigger home, you should get rid of all outgrown clothes, broken and damaged toys, and items that your kid is not interested in anymore.

Get some proper packing supplies

You will need various moving materials to pack a child's room when moving. These are some you cannot do without:
•    boxes
•    tape and scissors
•    markers and labels
•    padding material and wrapping paper
•    sealable plastic bags

Boxes in all sizes

You can use the bigger ones for packing lighter items such as stuffed animals and other soft toys. You can put action figures, Barbie dolls, and other toys mainly made of plastic in medium-sized boxes. When it comes to books, you should try to find some smaller containers to accommodate those since they tend to be rather heavy. Whether you choose to rent or buy cardboard or plastic moving boxes, try not to overload them. That is how you will avoid the injuries that might occur and keep your kid's possessions safe during the relocation.

Tape and scissors

Obviously, if you opt for cardboard boxes, you'll have to tape them closed so that the toys don't fall out of the boxes during loading, transport, and unloading. Make sure that you get a good quality tape and enough of it for packing all of your parcels. You can even include your kids in the moving process by assigning them the task of sealing the boxes.

Markers and labels

Don't assume that you will remember what's inside each and every box once they are all unloaded into your new home. Use a marker to number them, note their contents, and indicate which room they should go to at the end of your relocation. You can even let your kids decorate the boxes containing their toys. This can be an excellent experience for them, and they will have a lot of fun doing it. They can even make robot or dinosaur costumes out of used boxes once the relocation is over. Additionally, labels will help your movers decide how to handle the packages.  
Mom and her kids having fun while packing
Packing can be fun for kids
Padding material and wrapping paper

Some toys need to be treated with the utmost attention. Wrap those delicates in some sort of padding material before putting them in a proper box. Your kid's collectibles, trophies, medals, and other breakable items also need this sort of protection.

Sealable plastic bags

They are by far your best choice for packing small items and pieces that can easily get lost (legos, pearls, materials used for arts and crafts, etc.). Speaking of legos, if you have kept the original boxes of your kid's sets, you should use them now. The same goes for puzzles and board games. When they are inside, secure the boxes with some tape, and you are good to go. On the other hand, if you haven't saved the packaging, you can use plastic or cardboard boxes. Put the small parts inside the plastic sealable bags and tape them to the box containing the set they belong to.

How to pack your child's clothes?

After you remove all the clothes that your child will not wear anymore, it will be easy for you to pack the rest. Plastic bins with lids should be your choice for this purpose, but there are some alternatives too. For instance, you can use empty bags or suitcases. Here's a practical tip for you packing clothes for a move: Pack the clothes you will put on the same shelf in the closet together.  The unpacking will be much easier. You can even try to include kids by asking them to pack their own clothes if they are old enough for the task, that is.

How to deal with packing your kid's room if he/she is too young to participate?

School-attending kids and teenagers can be your helping hand during the relocation process. However, unlike them, toddlers and babies will need even more attention than usually once they see something is going on in their home. Other family members, friends, or good neighbors can help keep the little ones out of the way while the guys from goodneighborsmoving.com carry, load, or unload your possessions. If you are not lucky enough to have that sort of help, you always have the option of hiring a babysitter.
Three women taking care of a baby boy
Family members will be glad to help
What are the items you should pack last?

If you are moving with kids, the chances are that you will not be able to pack your entire home in a day. However, a few hours a day should be enough to get the work done on time. The items you should pack first are those that you will need last. Leave the most important things (favorite toys, a few outfits, your kid's toiletries, a book to read at nighttime, etc.) for the bag of essentials. You should always know where the bag is just in case you fail to unpack all of your child's possessions on the moving in day.
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Oct 16, 2020

Having Fun on a Budget with Wholesale Matching Clothes

Shoulder Off Solid Mom And Kids Sweater

Available at Wholesale7

Before the pandemic attacked worldwide, most of parents had a long list of family outing activities that they love doing it regularly. It could be going to the zoo, swimming in water parks, having fun at amusement parks and other interesting places. Sadly, the pandemic makes majority of outdoor activities unsafe even shopping essential needs for your family like food and medicine is becoming risky. To stay safe from getting infected, lots of people cut back on their outdoor activities and spend time more at home.  If possible, you opt for ordering required items online, right?

During a dangerous pandemic as it is now, when you need new clothing for your family, shopping online at cheap wholesale clothing store is more advisable than you roam the malls or retail stores. It is much safer and cheaper.  As we all know, staying safe and spending money wisely are some of the ways to survive this pandemic.  In this case, buying wholesale clothing is closely related to saving money because it allows you to get the most amounts of high quality fashion items at the cheapest possible prices.

Clothes are items you wear for different occasions that able to provide comfort, show your fashion statement and personality, as well as enhance your confidence. When it comes to matching clothes, it speaks differently. Not only couples, more and more mothers and daughters love to dress alike. It is a good thing to show love, relationship and a close bond. Furthermore, Instagram platform is full of stunning photos of mom celebs who pose with daughters in matching outfits. Anyway, you can have your own mom daughter matching clothes without spending much money; just go to wholesale clothing shopping site like Wholesale7 and search your favorite items at the Family Sets category. One example featured above; a pair of cute mom and daughter sweater.

Demand for matching clothes continues to grow including for the entire family members. Mom, dad and kids in a family set clothing really convey happy and fun atmosphere. It shows that they are a team. It is a good way to enhance family bonding. It will look great on family photos. Well, kids are individuals who have their own preferences and identities but it is fun to wear alike clothes, at least once in a while!

Contrast Color Stripes Letter Christmas Family Clothing Sets

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