Sep 30, 2010

Nostalgia: In Memoriam of My Mom

Today, September 30th, is the same date with my mother’s funeral. She passed away at September 29th 1999, at a hospital in Jakarta. She had a kidney failure; and had undergone kidney transplantation. My brother, Luki, has given his kidney. The new kidney can make her survive for about eleven years. But then, her condition was getting worse and worse. The picture was taken about two years after my Mom had been operated.

When I miss her, sometimes I write it down on a letter. I have ever posted this letter; but I’ll share it again here, in memoriam of her.

A Letter for Mom
Dear Mom,

Though we can’t meet again, you’re always in my heart and prayers
I do hope to see you in my dreams, but why you’ve never come?

Mom, I love to remember all the times that we spent together
We’ve ever had wonderful times, do we?
Learning to cook in the kitchen, shopping at the market and mall, watching movies at the cinema, or just sitting at the terrace and having a chat…

I have no sister, but I’ve never felt alone; because you’ll always be there as my friend
Didn’t you remember that every time I returned home from school, I always looked for you to tell you all what happened that day…?
and I’ll be disappointed if I found that you weren’t at home…

Mom, didn’t you remember many nights at hospitals that we spent just two of us?
I remembered the night at the hospital when we’re crying together…
I felt so regret that time, why was I so weak and why did I make you cry?
Since then, I’ll always try to be strong for you, I wanted to be your source of strength and I wanted to ease your pain…

Mom, didn’t you remember, on one day before you left us, you said that you felt so tired but you didn’t have the heart to leave us?
Didn’t you remember that then I was leaving you at the hospital room for a while? Actually, I was going out to cry in the front of door… I didn’t want to cry in front of you…

Mom, I remember that in the night, we had to move you to ICU unit, because your condition was getting worse and worse…
I can’t hear your words again; I even can’t remember what your last word was…
Sleepless, I tried to accompany you and kept whispering all prayers on your ear…

When I saw your hard breath, didn’t you remember I was whispering to say that I can let you go, so you can rest in peace?
Mom, did you really heard me because then you released your last breath?

With all my heart and soul, I let you go, Mom. But can’t we meet one day?
Mom, I’m not so good at arranging words, I write this letter for you, because I so miss you this night…

Miss you so much,

Your daughter


Sep 28, 2010

One Afternoon in Raflesia Garden

This playing field is located in my father’s home town (Ciamis, West Java, Indonesia). I came to the park about two weeks ago; when I visited my grand father’s house. You can see that lots of activities happen in this park. There are many sellers that sell various things, such as foods and drinks, balloon, kites, toys, etc. Children are playing kites and foot ball, and also other games that offered there.

The unique thing in Raflesia Garden: there are carts that pulled by sheeps. Children love riding the cart and then wandering the garden.

Ruby Tuesday

Sep 27, 2010

Pink Rosy Periwinkle

Indonesian people call it Bunga Tapak Dara. Its botanical name is Catharanthus roseus. Rosy Periwinkle has silky, dark green, oval leaves (1-2 inches long) and flowers all summer long. The blooms of the natural wild plants are a pale pink with a purple "eye" in their centers.

The plant has traditionally been used to treat a wide variety of diseases. It was used as a folk remedy for Diabetes in Europe for centuries (also in Indonesia). In India, juice from the leaves was used to treat wasp stings. In Hawaii, the plant was boiled to make a poultice to stop bleeding. In China, it was used as an astringent, diuretic and cough remedy. In Central and South America, it was used as a homemade cold remedy to ease lung congestion and inflammation and sore throats. Throughout the Caribbean, an extract from the flowers was used to make a solution to treat eye irritation and infections. Very interesting plant, isn’t it?

Moreover, it also had a reputation as a magic plant; Europeans thought it could ward off evil spirits, and the French referred to it as "violet of the sorcerers."

I captured these flowers, on my visit to my grandfather’s house. I saw the plant on the left side yard.

Sep 24, 2010

The Tech Etiquette for You (3)

7. Situation: You are in the middle of a time-consuming e-mail exchange or chatting. How to end it?

When the pings back and forth have gone to one word that means the conversation is over. If you’re receiving too lots of e-mails, it might mean that you’re also sending too many.

If it’s a good friend, tell her it’s been great conversation but you have to go. If it’s a client who is a friend, tell her you have to get back to work but would love to catch up when you see her next.

8. Situation: You ‘Google’ someone (use google to search information about someone) and it’s about time to meet for the first time. Is it awkward to mention what you have learned about her?

If you can praise someone on an award or a promotion, it explains you’ve done your homework. But bringing up personal information could be impolite.

Ask yourself : what you would feel comfy with someone knowing about you. Good news, such as a marriage, is generally allrigt, but be sure the information is up-to-date―within the last six months―and related to the conversation. And if you really had to dig to get the information, you might not want to mention it.

9. Situation : Are emoticons suitable to apply in office e-mails?

You can use emoticons, when it’s used carefully and with judgment. Apply them to soften the blow with coworkers when making a strong suggestion or a correction and things need to be lightened up.

In business, though, use them only with people you know well and never in a first approach.

If the other person is using them, go ahead. Unless you know the person well, it’s best not to be the first.
Illustration by Ross MacDonald/Photograph by Kang Kim

For Your Healthier and Happier Family

Perhaps you have realized that a family is a group of people with their own personalities, thoughts, expectations and problems. Since a family consists of different personalities, it is a common thing if disagreement arises occasionally. In fact, there are many possibilities of problems that can happen in a family.

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Sky Watch: Clouds that Touch the Trees

I saw this beautiful view at Kaligua Tea Plantation (Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia). I guess it’s a kind of low clouds. What do you think?Sky Watch Friday

Sep 21, 2010

A Man-Power Carousel

Perhaps this game looks like a carousel; but for me, it’s a more terrifying version. It doesn’t use any machine to make it rotates and people sitting on it moving in a circle- up and down. I can see more than five men were running, pulling and then releasing the carousel for a while to rotate by itself. For each round of the game (about 15 minutes); they do these series of actions several times.

It’s my first time seeing this, so, I was amazed to watch all these men’s actions. I think it’s quite dangerous; but it seems that they have already known what to do to avoid getting injured. They can be dragged to the ground, lifted up from the ground, thrown outside the carousel and sometimes they must jump down so high onto the ground. It’s almost similar with seeing acrobatics at the circus!
It’s a pity that I was too stunned to capture all their actions well. I saw this game when it was held (last week) in a field around the Petuguran Dam (Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia); during my vacation to visit my FIL there.

Fashionable High Quality Medical Uniforms

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Getting Cleaner Air for Your Family’s Better Health

There are several things should be considered to get healthy life; such as eating healthy food, taking regular exercise and living in a healthy home. Since we must breathe every time, we can’t live without air. So, air is the extremely important thing in human’s life. In fact, if you want to be a healthy person, you should get clean air every day.

You should avoid the air that contains dangerous pollutants, as it can really endanger your and your family’s health. If you think before that you can be healthier if you seldom expose to outdoor air; you are really wrong all these times. Dangerous pollutants can be also found in the indoor air; even the indoor air in your home.

Since your family members are at home most of the times, you should pay attention to the quality of the air in your home. You may keep clean the home every day, but it doesn’t assure that the air is free from dangerous contaminants. For your knowledge, long exposure to polluted air can be the illness source. The germs in the air that your family breathes in can make your loved one sick.

To solve the contaminated air problem in your home; you can install an air purifier that uses the best quality
Air filters. It will ensure that you will get the maximal function of the air purifier. If you also have furnaces and air conditioners, you must apply Furnace Filters and Air Conditioning Filters in each piece of equipment. To keep the clean air in your home, don’t forget to replace all air filters regularly!

Sep 15, 2010

Nostalgia: Grandfather’s House

On my previous Nostalgia post; I was talking about the grandfather’s house-on my mother’s side- that doesn’t exist anymore. Not similar to it; the grandfather’s house-on my father’s side- still looks beautiful until now. My two aunties can stay there to look after the house.

When my grandfather and grandmother were still alive, at least once a year, especially during Eid ul-Fitr vacation, the whole big family would gather together. I’m so happy, on this year Eid ul-Fitr vacation, we can visit the house. The first pictures were captured about 20 years ago (sorry for the blurry) and the second one was captured last Saturday.


Unforgettable Beach Vacation

When talking about having beach vacation; one of my dream destinations is visiting North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States of America. I always astonish every time seeing the stunning photos of beautiful sands, wide beaches and fabulous hotels. It makes me want to visit the beach and have my own coastal experience. I still don’t know when exactly I can visit there, but I have compiled information about North Myrtle Beach. Let me share a little bit here; perhaps you want to know more about it.

Located in Horry County, South Carolina; North Myrtle Beach is a coastal resort city that has become one of the prime vacationer towns along the Grand Strand. Myrtle Beach itself has been long famous as a main tourist destination along the South Atlantic Coast of South Carolina. Several reasons that make it so popular: wide beaches, beautiful sands, luxury
Myrtle Beach Accommodations, great choice of challenging golf links, excellent dining places and lots of shopping area.
The good thing is, North Myrtle Beach has all the attractiveness and atmosphere of other Myrtle Beach areas; but it is less crowded. I prefer the less full beach; as it can bring the peaceful feeling while you are walking along the beach and seeing the crystal blue Atlantic Ocean. You surely can more enjoy your beach vacation, right?

It will be a good idea if you decide to spend some nights and get experience with Myrtle Beach accommodations. Anyway, I have made my own plan. Based on the information at; when I truly visit North Myrtle Beach one day, I’m fascinated to stay at Sea Side resort. I really want to feel the comforts and experience their first class facilities; while I’m also enjoying the beauty of the beach and the ocean.
As Sea Side resort also provides a large option of special golf packages at best prices, I also plan to have my first Myrtle Beach golf experience and playing some rounds of golf there. I guess it will be fun! If you’re also interested; don’t hesitate to contact them and make your Myrtle Beach hotel reservations. Enjoy your unforgettable beach vacation!

Sep 14, 2010

Mass Transportation

In my country, Indonesia, it’s actually not common views in big cities. But if you are entering the small cities and rural areas; sometimes, you can see this - especially during holiday season. Trucks were used to bring lots of people; of course, it’s not a safe and comfortable ride. They were under the sun and exposed by the wind straightly. But it seemed that it’s not a big problem for them.
I’m still in my FIL’s house right now. We plan to go back home tomorrow. Hope my journey back home is going well. I really hope that there’s no traffic jam anymore!

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Sep 7, 2010

Women at a Gas Station

Five years ago, surely it would be hard to find a female employee at any gas station. But nowadays, it has become a common view here. Many gas stations place several female employees at the front line during the day.

Dream Vacation

When talking about traveling abroad; one of my dream tourist destinations is visiting Niagara Falls. I always amaze every time seeing the beautiful photos of Niagara Falls. It makes me want to visit and see the amazing waterfalls with my own eyes. Though I still don’t know when I can visit there, I have compiled various information about Niagara Falls. Let me share a little bit here; perhaps you want to know more about it.

Spending holidays in Niagara Falls would be so much fun! Not only the amazing water falls; the geological interesting landscape, the hotel and restaurants are also appealing points for visitors. Located at the Niagara River, Niagara Falls divides the international border of Canada province of Ontario and the US state of New York. Well, you can choice to visit Niagara Falls in Canada or US country.

Actually, there are three waterfalls. The Horseshoe Falls is on Canadian side. On US side; there are The American Falls and the smaller fall that known as the Bridal Veil Falls. Around the falls, you can also visit other interesting places, such as Niagara Park‘s Botanical Gardens and Floral Clock.

It would be an excellent idea if you choose to spend some nights in several hotels, particularly in Ontario side. You will find Niagara Falls Hotels that operated by trustworthy hotel owners in the world. The hotels around Niagara Falls are very famous with their exclusive accommodations, impressive dining, and remarkable fall view.

Anyway, I have made my own plan. When I really visit Niagara Falls one day, I’m interested to take
Niagara Falls Packages. Your kids will love it, as the package includes many interesting items for your whole family. I’ll visit the waterfall during summer, as all attractions of the area are open for the visitors. But if you would like to see frozen river below the falls, winter is your proper time.

Saving Money in Buying Auto Insurance

If you purchase a car or other vehicle; the law states that you must also purchase auto insurance. Avoiding auto insurance is not only making you break the law; but also having insecurity in your and your family life. Actually, getting auto insurance is important as it will guard you and your family from financial loss that is caused by accident or other loss reasons.

So, you have realized that buying auto insurance has become your obligation. But since saving money is also your priority; it’s wiser if you search for inexpensive auto insurance. Finding affordable auto insurance could be a daunting task as you have seen many shockingly high rates on auto insurance.

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Additionally, you can save more with multi-line discount that offered by an insurance company.
Auto Insurance Agent can help you getting information on discounts and informing you about the discounts that you may be suitable for. That’s why, it is better if you have a personal insurance agent. Without additional money; you can obtain professional consultancy on auto insurance, every time you need it.

Sep 6, 2010

Flowers of Bushes Plant

I’m so busy last week end, that’s why I’m joining this meme very late this time. I saw these flowers around my neighborhood. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name. I have tried browsing to search the name; but still no luck.

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Getting the Right Exhaust System for Your Car

Car owners must pay attention to their car’s exhaust system. Mufflers not only function to release the waste products of the ignition process; but also it has important role to the entire car engine performance. Actually, a gasoline car engine performs three processes: combustion, mechanical drive and exhaust process. If one process is blocked, it will affect badly to your car engine works.

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Sep 3, 2010

Nostalgia: At Grandfather’s House

It’s my late entry. Actually, I’m a little upset right now; as I still can’t find my personal photo albums. I remember that I’ve compiled several of them in one separate place; but I can’t remember where I kept it. Sigh.

This time I share old photos again. I guess it was captured in 1977. When my grandfather -on my mother’s side- was still alive, at least once a year, the whole big family would gather together. It was included all his grandchildren!

Unfortunately, the house doesn’t exist anymore. As there’s no one can stay to take care of it; the house was sold. The buyer destroyed and changed it into a car repair shop. These photos are my only memories to the house.


Sky Watch: Hanging Facing the Sky

Facing the bright sky, those three insects were hanging on the almost invisible string that attach to a little tree branch. Is it mosquitoes or a kind of dragonflies?

Sky Watch Friday

Sep 1, 2010

The Tech Etiquette for You (2)

4. Situation: If someone calls you by phone, can you e-mail the person back or send a text message? What if you text or e-mail someone and the person calls you back?

You should think about the best way to answer. If someone contacted you by phone to ask about directions somewhere; you can reply via e-mail, so you can send along a map to him.

You send a text message because you don’t feel like to talk; but the person calls back. Well, it’s better if you don’t answer. If you do answer, the other person will sense your bad mood right away and might get upset. Just text back to inform that you can’t talk now but will call later. Your friend will understand your reason.

5. Situation:Is it sneaky to use BCC (blind carbon copy) on an e-mail?

That’s right. It can also be dangerous, because your BCC can be exposed if the blind recipient hits Reply All or forwards the e-mail to someone else. To protect yourself from this, forward the message separately with an explanation.

On the other side, BCC can be also useful. If you feel that an e-mail discussion you had could become a larger issue, you could BCC your boss to make her/him aware of the situation. Just don’t flood your boss with copies of every e-mail you send.

6. Situation: Is it allright to talk on your cell phone when you’re ordering food, getting your hair, and any other activity?

Totally no. It’s impolite to talk on the phone when you’re relating with other person. Don’t overlook the people around you; they can hear your private conversation. You should treat everyone with common respect. Don’t do it!
Illustration by Ross MacDonald/Photograph by Kang Kim

Best Way to Find Your Dream Home in Austin

If you’ve just moved to Austin and you have decided to buy a house in Austin, it could be your best decision ever. You’ll find out that home values in Austin are increasing. Based on the reports that stated by the Austin Board of Realtors, the median price for Austin real estate in July 2010 was improved 15% from last year. Buying a house in Austin is a good investment option for you!

Besides the increasing home values, there are other reasons why your decision to buy a house in Austin is a right one. Austin city is really a potential city with high quality of life. Austin has 3rd ranking on U.S. News & World Report’s for the category of Best Places to Live 2009. Austin city has a promising sustained job development, as it get first position in long-term employment potential. If you plan to start your new family; Austin is the right place for you as it is included the Top 20 Best Places to Raise a Family that mentioned by Best Life Magazine in May 2008.

Without enough knowledge and experience about Real estate Austin TX, searching and buying a house that most suits with your preference and needs can be a daunting and tiring job. Since you also aren’t familiar yet with Austin city, it will only make your job more complicated. That’s why, getting help from the best real estate broker in Austin is very essential and it could be your best solution in finding a home in best location. With the help of a real estate agent, the whole steps of buying a home can be less trouble.

Buying a home is a big and important decision. To avoid any disappointment in the future, make sure that you deal with the reliable and experienced real estate broker that can guide you to find your dream home.

The Tech Etiquette for You

In this modern world; many people use gadgets here and there. Sometimes, it can bring us to the situation that makes us awkward – don’t know what we should do. Katie McElveen has compiled the tech etiquette; it can be your solution. Check it out!

1. Situation: Accidentally, you meet someone you know while listening to your iPod. Do you should remove both earbuds to talk to her?

If you’re having more than a two-minute conversation with her, both earbuds (and your Bluetooth earpiece) need to remove―whether you turn off the device or not. Other people want to know that the person they’re talking to is really paying attention to them.

Etiquette is all about making the other person more comfortable. Imagine this. How comfortable could your friend be trying to talk to you when you’ve got something in your ears?

2. Situation: Is it impolite to check your PDA while you are visiting a friend’s house?

It can be a little rude. But if you give explanation that you need to check a few e-mails before so you can give her your full attention, she will probably understand. If you don’t give any explanation and you’re busy reading your e-mails, you will send the message that you’re bored.

3. Situation: How fast must you answer an e-mail? Are the standards dissimilar for work e-mails versus personal e-mails?

Not responding quickly―within hours and certainly by the end of the day―to any e-mail might make the other side feel as though she’s being ignored. It’s important to respond on time to business e-mails because that is professional and courteous. You may use your out-of-office assistant or automatic-response setting to let people know why they might not be hearing from you as quickly as they’re used to. So, the earlier you can respond properly, the better.
Illustration by Ross MacDonald/Photograph by Kang Kim

Best Essay Help for You

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