Dec 30, 2014

Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Gone Right

Many celebrities will undergo plastic surgery in order to further improve their looks or to make their imperfections disappear for good. However, many take it too far and end up with a hideous disaster afterwards; they just cannot draw the line where to stop.

There are many celebrities though which have underwent plastic surgery and they not only look absolutely perfect, but they look like nothing has been done, as if they were born that way; which is the best that any plastic surgeon can achieve.

A celebrity cutie
One of Hollywood’s most famous star, Megan Fox looks as if she a finely aging wine, looking better and better only by simply aging, however, her looks can be deceiving. Although it looks like she has not had any plastic surgery, it is indeed through that she went under the knife, but it was so well done, that the difference cannot be seen.

However, this actress was a beauty to begin with, so in order to complete her beauty, she did not had to do much, but in the end she turned out be looking even more perfect than before.

A young Disney actress
Although it is uncommon for young actors to have plastic surgery, Ashley Tisdale is one of those rare ones, she had a big rhinoplasty job done, and it can be seen on the young actress. However, it was so well pulled off that it seems the actress is very pleased with the results.

One of the Friends
One of the most prominent actresses from Friends, Jennifer Aniston has had many plastic surgeries, but it is virtually impossible to tell if she has had any, as it goes so naturally with her looks; which only speaks about her diligence to only improve her looks, and not to go crazy with what plastic surgery has to offer in general.

The man of action

It could be said that Brad Pitt’s face is Hollywood’s most recognizable male face, and for a good reason. Although he might be getting well into his older years, he still looks at least twenty years younger, but it is quite impossible to tell if he had any recent plastic surgeries or not, which is a great compliment for his plastic surgeon.

A Hollywood favourite
One of Hollywood’s favourite actresses, Kate Hudson, might seem like she had no plastic surgeries under her belt, but it is known that has underwent breast augmentation, and that the procedure is so well done that there it is impossible to tell if she had any surgery. However, it must be noted that the young actress has the situation well under control, as she did not crumble under peer pressure to go for a bigger bra size, as she had only improved what she had. A job so well done that suits her naturally.

A darling avenger
Scarlett Johansson is one of those actresses that you just simply fall in love at first sight, and even though it is still questionable whether she has went under the knife, it is plain to see that she did have surgery, but, it only improved her looks to a degree that the changes are barely noticeable. She is another clear example of how to control the destructive power of plastic surgery.

When actors become extremely famous, there is a demand for them to look their best whenever possible, which means that they will need to undergo surgery in order to give their best, even if enhanced a little bit. However, many actors soon feel drunk with power as they recognize that with cosmetic surgery almost any part of their body can be changed; it can soon lead to botched and disastrous operations that will only deteriorate their health.

However, a lot of younger actresses are being cautious and performing only slight changes from time to time, so that they can enhance and complement their already natural beauty without having to go overboard and to experiment with dangerous surgical procedures. They are definitely worthy to look up to, as they are setting an example for the rest on how to successfully improve looks but without having to ruin their health.

Dec 29, 2014

A Guide to the Various Collections of Jewelry in Jacob & Co

Having valuable jewelry or putting on luxurious jewelry has turned out to be a style and Jacob, the Jeweler has entirely modified the statement of fashion. He wants to decorate jewelry in such a way so that it would offer a wonderful blend of contemporary look and minimalist look.

Popularity of the jewelry firm, Jacob & Co.

The charisma of the jewelry is such that almost everybody wish to possess a jewelry set from Jacob, the Jeweler. The appeal of the jewelry firm lies in the fact that the customers can easily buy authentic jewelry at a reasonable cost. Jacob Arabov, as his clients think of about him, is a very good individual and well accepted among the citizens of New York. What makes him likable is the  fact that the jewelry lovers can get hold of the best assortment always as he goes on constantly updating his sets to offer his shopper the best facility.

He is also specialist in fabricating watches.  Watches have always been recognized as a wonderful fashion accessory and nowadays many people are giving attention to wearing trendy watches with stone implantation. A few of his excellent work may be observed in the watches, which have been designed by him; this include diamond tones, skull dial and so on. The jewelry firm has brought an innovation in the world of ornaments for men as well as as women.

For women, they have got beautiful rings, ornaments for ear, necklaces, and bangles in addition to pendants. For men, the range includes cuff links, bands and bracelets. A number of celebrities adorn themselves with jewelry offered by Jacob Arabov and the firm is also a favorite with common man. After all, the firm is known to offer the best range of jewelries that are stylish and gorgeous.

Diamond and platinum – Find the Best Assortment from Jacob the Jeweler

Though the polish of diamonds do not weigh its value, it involves its appearance to a certain extent. It verifies how well light will go through the stone, and therefore it has a direct effect on its shine. The most excellent polish intensities of a diamond can be found in Jacob & Co. However, you can make certain that the diamond is appropriately polished before having a deal. The difference a systematic polish can make in a gem's brilliance is amazing.

There are also platinum jewelries available in Jacob & Co. Its white natural color will never get pale or change shade, and emphasize the sparkle and brightness of a diamond. This metal lasts long, making it the crucial symbol for accurate, enduring, and endless love. Platinum jewels are  rare and Jacob’s platinum is purer as its clarity makes it obviously hypoallergenic, perfect for those with perceptive skin problems.

Jacob Arabov helps people to get the best deal while purchasing jewelry. Whether be it for men or women, the worth of a jewelry can hardly be undermined. While buying from Jacob & Co., the customers can remain assured that they are having precious things from the trusted shop.

Dec 26, 2014

Natural Strategies to Prevent Cataracts

Cataract is the condition of the eye. Patients that suffer from this condition may experience clouded vision at first, or they may see halos around the objects. Also, these patients may experience sudden and big leap in their eye diopter. All these are the consequences of the fact that the lens of the eye is getting dimmer and turns yellowish, making it increasingly harder for the light to get to the retina which is necessary for the eye to perform its function. If not treated in time, cataract will lead to complete blindness in time. The most successful treatment for the cataract is the surgery. Therefore, make sure that you do everything there is to be done to prevent this condition in the most natural way. Here are some of the things to do.

Avoiding the Causes
The main and the most common cause of the cataract is old age, and therefore it cannot be avoided. However, there are other ways that cataract can be caused. Some of those ways are eye inflammation or eye injury. Avoiding the eye injury is pretty much self-explanatory. You need to make sure that your eyes are intact. In all extreme conditions and when you are working on something that may cause eye damage, like drilling and similar jobs, always wear the safety goggles. Other type of cataract cause is inflammation of the eye. To avoid these, you need to make sure that no foreign objects reach your eye. They may cause inflammation. Also, dryness and itching, burning and redness are sometimes causes of the prolonged computer screen exposure. Dryness of the eyes is caused by the insufficient lubrication of the eye. That means that it will get inflamed due to the friction.

Regular eye checks can save your vision. Inflammation and eye injuries may occur and by leaving them untreated, you are increasing the danger of those conditions turn into a cataract. Therefore, if you are in doubt, always go and see your ophthalmologist so that he can help you with these conditions. Also, regular checks will allow you to catch the cataract at its beginning and in that way plan your recovery and rehabilitation better. It is best to have a doctor that you can trust and keep your checks with him because they will know you the best and every change will not pass unnoticed.

Your diet needs to be healthy and well balanced in order to provide you with the overall healthy system that can deal with the condition such as the cataract. This means that you need to get enough food that contains Omega 3. These foods include fish mostly and flaxseed. Besides this, your body needs to stack up with antioxidants. These are found in fresh fruit and vegetables. Antioxidants are said to be the elixir of youth and given that the cataract is the disease of old age it is only logical that they can stop the cataract from appearing. Also, antioxidants can filter out the harmful UV light from the sunlight and in that way help the lens of the eye suffer less effort. You can also try with some herbal supplements. Famous for prevention of the cataract are wheatgrass juice, triphala tea and many others. This tea is also used as dry eye treatment.

You should adjust your lifestyle so that your eyes are not suffering from constant strain. This means regular and frequent eye rests from the computer screen and any other type of effort in that way. Quitting smoking is a must, as smoking narrows the blood vessels and causes more strain to the eyes and increased blood pressure and eye pressure. Because of the same reason with blood pressure, you need to maintain the healthy weight. This includes exercise, but also you should avoid lifting heavy weights.

Healthy lifestyle and healthy diet will increase the resilience and the overall wellbeing of your body. With regular checkups and a little bit of natural supplements you will do all that you can do to prevent the cataract and cataract surgery that is themost efficient way to treat this common eye problem. However, it is always better to prevent it than to treat it.

Dec 25, 2014 Trusted Marketplace in Your Hand

Many modern women have close relationship with their mobile devices. There is still no accurate data that described the fact in Indonesia, yet a study from Time Inc. and Nuance Digital Marketing that held last year in the US may give you a general description about this women’s interest. It mentioned that 60% of women assume their mobile phones as the most significant gadgets in their daily lives while only 43% of men who have similar opinion. 

Women use smartphones mostly for communicating, socializing in social media, and since the past few years, they can also apply it for getting their needs online. Since women are main online buyers and they are also gadget lovers, many busy and modern women thank to the comfortableness, simplicity, and cost-effective way of shopping with mobile devices. In this case, Indonesian people are fortunate as the new marketplace portal that launched recently at December 8th, 2014 allows every customer to perform transactions safely and comfortably anytime, anywhere, and with any device since the platform offers both e-commerce and mobile commerce fields. It is surely good news for Indonesian active online buyers and smartphone users, right?
The C2C-based is managed by MetraPlasa, a joint venture corporation between Telkomsel, a subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia, and eBay that developed since 2012. While eBay is a worldwide famous e-commerce company, Telkomsel is one of the biggest mobile phone network operators in Indonesia that has about 122 million subscribers. The e-commerce site only applies eBay global platform that suits Indonesia market; it makes Blanja marketplace has different added value that you should check out. If you are including Telkomsel subscribers, you will be allowed to enjoy extra advantages such as various cashbacks and bigger discounts.

Are you looking for best deals of the latest smartphones? For your information, Telkomsel provides their subscribers with the bundling program in Blanja that offers the latest devices like 4G smartphones at handset discounts up to 3 million during December 2014. It’s only several days left; Telkomsel users shouldn’t miss this great deal!

Blanja could be the favorite and most trusted destination by any customer who wants to sell and shop stuffs online. This neatly-designed and user-friendly portal gives chances to verified local small and medium businesses to widely promote and distribute their products. Buyers can enjoy a wide range of more than one million items that categorized into ten main product categories, including Fashion & Accessories; Health & Beauty; Phone & Gadget; Child, Baby & Toys; Home & Electronic; Computer; Film, Music & Book; Automotive; Photography & Video; Sport, Travel & Food.  Helpful sub categories and product filters will specify and ease your product search.

Compared to other e-commerce sites, buyers can benefit from secured and complete offered payment method consisting of T-Cash, T-Point, credit card, ATM transfer, internet banking and COD (Cash on Delivery). Then the stores can ship items to buyers using the delivery service that has been integrated with the Blanja system. So, grab your phone, visit the marketplace site and have fun shopping!

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