May 31, 2012

How Long it Takes for Bionic Eyes to be Superior than Biological Eyes in Females?

How Long it Takes for Bionic Eyes to be Superior than Biological Eyes in Females? 

About Bionic Eyes

Technological advancements have provided ease to the blind by introducing bionic eyes. A bionic eye is an electronic eye that is artificially implanted in to the eye area. The main objective for coming up with this technology is to provide vision to the blind.

Science has made it possible by using technological devices such as Charged Coupled Device (CCD) cameras along with bionic eye implant. This implant is actually a small chip. Eye surgeons implant this chip behind the eyeball’s retina.   


How It Works

Once the bionic eye is implanted in the eyeball of a blind person, it serves the purpose of the person’s retina. The bionic eye makes use of the retinal implant that is connected to a video camera. The purpose of this camera is to translate images into stimulating impulses. These electric impulses are used to activate the remaining cells of the retina that carry those signals back to the person’s brain.

The bionic eye adapts the functionality of the retina in this way. Similarly, it restores the sight of the blind person. However, it depends on the cause of blindness.


Who Will Benefit From Bionic Eyes?

Not all of the blind people will be able to benefit from implanting bionic eyes. This is because there are various causes of blindness. Although, scientists have made maximum use of technology to develop bionic eyes, it can be beneficial specifically for those people who had the following causes of blindness:


Retinitis Pigmentosa

This cause of blindness is said to be inherited among some people. Eye professionals say that retinitis pigmentosa can also strike in the early years of life. People who suffer from this eye disease experience symptoms such as, night blindness, blurry vision, extreme tiredness, and inability to adjust their eyes from light to dark environments.

Before the advent of bionic eye technology, patients suffering from this disease did not have any proper treatment. The only thing they could do to treat this disease was to consume a sufficient amount of vitamin A as directed by their doctor. But now, the bionic eye can benefit them and can help them with their vision.


Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is an eye disorder that is mostly seen in older adults. As people age with time, they start having Macular degeneration. This is caused when the retina of their eye gets damaged slowly with the passage of time. Although patients with Macular degeneration can perform their daily activities, they are unable to recognize faces or read anything.


The Future of Bionic Eyes

When looking at the future of bionic eyes, researchers say that bionic eyes have taken a good start. They are optimistic that they will see more advancement in technology as far as the bionic eye is concerned.

Although the blind can get vision from implanting bionic eyes, there is still a lot to do in this field. The aim is to provide the best vision to the blind. In order to make the presence of bionic eyes more feasible to people at the mass level, scientists are working hard on its research. Furthermore, the major challenge for these researchers is to come up with specialized power that can run the bionic eye implant easily.

Another concern about implanting the bionic eye is that it will take many years for bionic eyes to even compete with biological eyes. This is because there can be numerous causes of blindness among people. For instance, people can get blind because of severe stroke, severe damage of the optic nerve, etc. But implanting bionic eyes into the eyeballs of these patients cannot give them back their vision.

In situations where technology has not reached a point where it can really provide perfect vision to people with eyesight issues, contact lenses can help them most. For instance, wearing Air Optix Aqua can enable them to have clearer vision without the need for any implant. 

We are well aware of how advanced technology has benefited patients in terms of providing them artificial hearts, ears, and kidneys. These artificial organs are contributing positively to make people’s lives better. But when it comes to introducing new technology as such, bionic eyes for people with eyesight disorders, it will take many years to be superior to biological eyes. 

Pregnancy in Style

Congrats on your pregnancy! If it’s your first experience, you surely feel so excited. There’s no doubt that pregnancy is a precious time for every woman, but you may experience discomforts during nine months ahead. While your baby is developing in your womb, your expecting journey can be filled with back ache, exhaustion, sickness and a countless of other problems.  

As the time goes by, your body will get bigger and bigger. The expanding body can make a pregnant woman feel uncomfortable and displeased. Since any stress can affect your unborn baby’s health, it’s important for you to keep feeling and looking good during your pregnancy. You should start searching comfy and chic maternity clothes that will flatter your body yet fully support your growing chest, swelling tummy and disappearing waist.  Looking beautiful can be a great way to more enjoy your priceless moments!

Maternity clothes must be the most comfortable ones that you will wear. Fortunately, nowadays, it’s not hard anymore to find both useful and trendy maternity clothes.   You can always look trendy every day -for any occasion- as maternity wear comes to you in a large variety of colors, shapes, functions and styles.
Every woman can has pregnancy in style without hassles. Say no to oversized clothes and shapeless smock dresses. You can rely on empire tops that will emphasize your curves beautifully and empire-waisted or body-hugging maternity dresses that flowing over your large tummy. Putting on maternity dresses reduce the necessity for pants that may squeeze your lower stomach disturbingly. Whether you want to go for a picnic or a formal event, you’ll find a dress that most suits your style and preference.

Complete your maternity outfits with fitted maternity underwear and suitable shoes.  Since your feet will be bloat and unbalanced as your unborn baby develops, you should choose spacious and comfy flat shoes that match with your maternity clothes. Don’t forget to care for your hair, nails and feet. Exercise regularly, eat healthy and spend time for body treatments will also make you feel much better. Are you ready to get pregnant in style?

Makeover Tips for Women

Sometimes it’s just time to put yourself first for a change and treat your mind and body to an all over makeover. We all need to be pampered every now and then and whether it’s the kids, that mental job or relationship or family commitments, we are often the last ones to get any attention. Maybe you’re self conscious about your eyebrows and want to enquire about getting an eyebrow transplant, or perhaps you’ve always wanted to find out if blondes really do have more fun? Whatever you want to makeover we’ve got the lowdown on how to give your body what it needs:

Write it out
First off, we aren’t talking about a list of things you need to ‘fix.’ This is a list of things you want to makeover. This could be everything from toning up your body, which is more of a long term makeover goal, to things like getting your colours done so you can find out what tones work best with your skin tone.

Be kind to yourself
The above list is to help you identify what you want to makeover, and it shouldn’t be everything! Take time to think about things about yourself that you like and don’t ever need to change.

Take timeout
Now that you’ve made your list take the time you need to begin your makeover. Don’t feel guilty for doing this. If you don’t set a few hours a week aside for yourself, you are likely to simply not get it.
Making-over your mind
It’s easy to focus entirely on the outside but what about making over the inside? Is there a new skill you’ve always wanted to learn? Do you take time out everyday to try to relax and unwind? If you’re stressed you can’t be your best. Look after yourself, make a list of a few positive affirmations and say them before you start your day and give your mind some TLC.
Major areas you want to change
You may want to get your teeth fixed, or perhaps you want to get a
breast enhancement? Make enquiries with a number of cosmetic surgeons and find out which one is best suited for what you want. These are areas you want to really take time to find out who is the best person to help you get the results you want. A process not to be rushed.
Phone a friend
You may have friends or close colleagues who have had a particular surgery done that you would like to get done too. Ask them who they had do the surgery/procedure and if they were happy with the results. Referrals are often the best way to find a great doctor/dentist/surgeon.
We all need to focus a little attention on ourselves from time to time and there’s nothing wrong with doing that. All women have to wear many hats in a day and can often be the last ones to give themselves any attention. You owe it to yourself to give your mind and body the pampering it deserves. I hope our tips have given you some helpful advice about how to go about giving yourself a makeover that will make you feel and look great!

Staying on the Coral Coast in Fiji

The Coral Coast is an extremely popular destination for tourists heading to Fiji. Located on the southwestern shoreline of Viti Levu, Fiji's largest island, it is only a 90-minute drive from Nadi and was the first area in Fiji to be developed for tourism. The Coral Coast contains one of the largest fringing coral reefs and is also the soft coral capital of the world. With its crystal blue waters, palm trees and surreal sunsets, the Coral Coast will just blow your mind and spirit away.


There is a lot to do and see on the Coral Coast, with its 80 kilometres of beaches, bays, rocky outcrops, mangrove forests, lush vegetation and steep hills rising sharply into mountain ranges. Fijian villages are within easy travelling distance and are very welcoming to tourists. Here are a few of the major tourist attractions:

1.      Viti Levu's main town, Sigatoka, has a noticeably Indian presence, with temples and a mosque as well as lots of Indian restaurants and shops. Its central market is bustling with farmers bartering and trading and women selling jewellery, fashion, handicrafts, homewares and hand-woven coconut leaf baskets, among other exotic items.

2.     A good way to see the Coral Coast is via the Coral Coast Railway. The traditional train will take you along the coast, through the mangrove forests and over to the Muka caves. For a look further inland, you can take a tour along the Sigatoka River where you will see Fijian villages and plenty of wildlife. Of course, a visit to the Coral Coast is wasted if you don't put on some scuba gear and snorkel at least once to visit its famed soft corals.

3.       Another natural wonder in the Coral Coast are the Sigatoka Sand Dunes, a product of fluvial erosion. The dunes cover 650 hectares and are approximately 5 kilometres long, 1 kilometre wide and range from 20 to 60 metres high. These dunes are greyish brown and are home to plenty of shrubs and vines. Although not as golden as the dunes of the Sahara desert, they are nevertheless a sight to behold, an ancient formation that has been forming for millions of years. When visiting, go before 11am or after 3pm to avoid the heat of midday.

4.       For a taste of the local culture, you can attend the markets that spring up along the Coral Coast every Saturday. The market in Sigatoka, Viti Levu's main town, is the busiest, so get there early if you want to catch some good bargains.

Hotels and Accommodation

Being the original tourist destination, the Coral Coast offers a lot of variety and options for individual, couple and group accommodation, or you can enjoy the accommodation offered through one of the many fantastic Fiji holiday packages. For those on a budget or if you want more of the Fiji experience, there is also a lot of traditional accommodation available either on the beach or in the villages. Regardless of your choice, all hotels and resorts have a great view of the water, so no matter where you end up staying, you can enjoy the stunning ocean scenery.

May 30, 2012

Stem Cells: Base of Healthy Living

With the rapid progress in medical science, we can find solutions for all the diseases in the current time. With the change in the climatic conditions people are facing many problems at a very early age now days, so having good medical facilities are very much needed by everyone for a healthy living. Medical science has always given most beneficial results for all kinds of disorders, even for the extreme diseases which were not curable earlier. Now with all kinds of all latest techniques applied in medical field, you can get treatments for all kinds of diseases. Tall these changes have occurred with the assistance of stem cells. These stem cells are detected from the human body, especially from the human embryos. These cells have the power to renew new cells and can develop into any other particular kind of cell.

Stem cells have the power to replace or fix damaged tissues. They have the possibility to heal people suffering from several types of serious diseases like diabetes, cancer, or blood and heart diseases. These stem cells are unlike other cells present in the body as they have two very unique qualities. First, they are self-renewed and second they are adaptable, they have the ability to adapt according to the environment of the human body. On the basis of these two different characteristics, these stem cells are utilized for treating all kind of diseases.

These stem cells are generally taken from the placenta, which is connected with the mother and the baby inside the womb. During the baby’s growing period of time inside the womb, the placenta supplies all the required nourishment to the baby. After the baby is born the blood is taken from the cord within five to ten minutes of the delivery. On an average three ounces of blood is taken from the cord for storage so that they can be used for supplying stem cells in the future at the time of emergency.

The development factors of these stem cells are very unique and extraordinary as they are not mature cells so they can take place of any kind of cell present in the human body. These cells replace the dead cells of the body as they can divide themselves without any limitations. It serves in quick healing of the body from the disease at a less period of time.

After the stem cells are injected, they begin to release their growth factors which help the blood vessel in making new blood cells in the body of the patient. These new cells begin to replace the old withered cells present in the body of the patient. The new cells keep on separating until all the old cells are not replaced as the old cells are the cause of the disease. With time the patient starts feeling better and gets free from the serious disease. They are used for curing many diseases like cosmetic surgery, organ replacement like liver and renal, cancer, depression, arthritis, retinitis, etc. they are very useful and powerful, so these stem cells should be preserved for a better and healthy living.

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