Jul 31, 2019

8 Unique and Beautiful Ideas for Body Piercing Jewelry

Body piercings have been a common practice among generations from all across the globe. Some opt for piercings for cultural reasons while some wear body piercing jewelry to enhance a specific body part. A lot of people get a piercing done to look fashionable. No matter what the reason may be, there’s no denying the fact that body piercings never go out of trend.
So, if you also want a cool piercing, here are some ways you can get it done:
1)   Get a Sassy Piercing on the Belly: Flaunt your belly button with a cool piercing. Embellish your piercing with a gemstone belly ring to make it stand out. You can try a heart-shaped Cubic Zirconia Belly Button Ring in 14k gold. A dazzling heart graces the ring perfectly while a touch of pure gold adds to its elegance. This kind of classic design is sure to evoke subtle femininity!
2)  Dress up Your Ankle with a Cool Piercing: Stand out among women wearing anklets by getting a cool piercing on your ankle. You can opt for a simple barbell or colorful one.
3)  Beautify your Lips with a Gorgeous Piercing: Getting lips pierced is one way to add uniqueness to your everyday fashion. And when it comes to adorning a perforation on lips, nothing beats a diamond labret stud. Go for a diamond labret in 14k white, rose or yellow gold for a gorgeous look on your lip piercing.
4)  Get a Sassy Piercing on your Cartilage: Cartilage piercings will never go out to fashion. No matter what kind of piercing you choose, daith, rook or helix piercings, it will subtly show off your personal flair. For a unique yet sassy look, choose a twisted gold Ring hoop. It is a beautiful alternative to plain hoops and a perfect addition to your body piercing jewelry collection.
5)  Add Boldness to Your Nipples: Nipple piercing is a great way to flaunt your femininity and boldness. And when we talk about adorning a nipple, nothing will be a better choice than Gold - Diamond Straight Barbell. Two diamond balls supported by a gold rod make this barbell a perfect piece of nipple jewelry. You can also try this jewelry item on your tongue or industrial piercing.
6)  Make your Eyebrows stand out with a chic piercing: Eyebrows are an important part of your face and what’s better than to adorn them with a cool piercing. You can show your distinct style by adorning your eyebrow piercings with a pearl curved barbell. It will add a class to eyebrow piercing while making it look simple and elegant.
7)  Beautify your nose with a Gorgeous Piercing: Getting a nose pierced is quite common among women. However, one can make a piercing look one-of-a-kind with a unique nose piercing jewelry item. For an exceptional look, opt for a dual gemstone nose gold ring. It will allow you to capture the stunning spectrum of colors with a beautiful set of gemstones.
8)  Add Sparkle to your collar bones: Go for a collar bone piercing to make them stand out. Buy a pair of diamond studs from a body jewelry shop before you get your collars piercing.

Jul 30, 2019

How to Choose and Use a Breast Pump?

Breastfeeding – a natural process that connects mother with her child – doesn’t always go smoothly. While some women have no difficulties with it, others have to make efforts to set this process going. Breast pump can help in this situation.

What this device is needed for? It helps to pump out breast milk as quickly and painless as possible. But not all novice parents know when breast pump can be used, and in which cases it is better to abstain from it. First and foremost, mom should understand whether she needs a breast pump. If yes, then what type of the device to choose. And then make a final decision, taking into account all the main parameters, additional functions and the amount of money that can be spent on the purchase.

When do Women Need a Breast Pump?

Before buying a breast pump, you have to clearly understand that this device is not mandatory for every breastfeeding mom. It really solves a lot of problems, but if there are no indications, there’s no need to use the device for no reason.

Breast physicians are convinced that breast pump should be used only for the following indications:

·      Stimulation of lactation. For an optimal discharge of breast milk you have to feed the baby very often. But prematurely born and weak babies aren’t able to stimulate lactation, so breast pump is used in such situations;
·      Lack of milk secretion. If you have a deficit of breast milk, doctors advise to pump after every feeding. Such regime allows to increase milk amount for every next feeding;
·      Inability to pump milk by hands. A lot of women successfully pump milk by hands, but if you don’t have such skills, it’s better to use a device which makes the procedure less traumatic.

But in some cases such devices can only harm instead of helping. When is pumping with a breast pump contraindicated (or not recommended) to breastfeeding moms?
·      Milk stasis. A popular belief that the usage of breast pump helps to discharge breast and get rid of milk stasis is mostly false. In some cases, pumping with a device only worsens the problem, so specialists recommend to massage and pommel hardened areas manually;
·      Enough amount of milk secretion. Using device for prophylactic purposes will only lead to increase in the milk amount and breast overfilling. If the child ate enough, and woman additionally pumped milk, the amount of product will increase during the next feeding.
Manual pump -image:wikipedia.org
Women used to pump after every feeding, because they fed kids as per schedule. Nowadays the majority of breastfeeding experts are convinced in the benefits of feeding by demand. In this case there is no need in a breast pump, since child gets as much milk as he needs.

How to Choose the Best Breast pump? The Main Peculiarities of Choice

The question, which breast pump is better: manual or electric one, doesn’t have a definite answer. Despite the fact that electric devices surpass manual ones in the majority of aspects, you can’t convince a woman to choose more «advanced» models.
In the opinion of experts and women who already have breast pumps, there are no universal devices that would fit every breastfeeding mom. Hi-tech product may not fit because of the body’s peculiarities.

What should be considered when purchasing breast pump? Pay attention to a few important characteristics and peculiarities of these devices:
·      Planned intensity of usage. If you go to any women’s forum, you’ll see an advice to buy an electric model. Such recommendation is correct if you are going to pump milk every day. If you buy the device only for lactation stimulation once in a few days, it’s better to take a manual one;
·      Material and form of the cup. Women who bought silicone cups note its hygienic and anatomic properties. Plastic cups fit the breast worse, so milk can get leaked. Apart from that, it’s better to buy a cup in a form of petals, which imitates sucking breast by a child;
·      Two-phase pumping. It’s great if electric or manual breast pump is equipped with two-phase pumping program which is able to regulate the rhythm of natural feeding. The first phase is stimulation, imitation of quick but not very deep sucking. The second phase is an imitation of deep sucking which provides effective milk pumping;
·      Bottles or bags. Some women find it comfortable if the device is equipped with a bottle with which you can feed the baby right away. The other ones (usually those who work) prefer single-use bags where pumped milk goes to. Such plastic bags can be stored in a freezer and taken out when needed.

Apart from that, cheap breast pump from a no-name brand is always a risk. It’s better to choose products of popular worldwide brands: Philips AVENT (Holland), Medela (Switzerland), Chicco (Italy). These companies produce high-quality and functional devices. Reviews of the best manual breast pumps you can find here


How to use Breast Pump Correctly?

For the chosen device to work in full force and give you only positive emotions you have to use it correctly. The procedure itself is pretty simple but still has its peculiarities:
·      Pump after feeding the baby if you use the device for enhancing lactation and milk amount;
·      Pump instead of feeding if you can’t breastfeed the baby because of sickness or other reasons;
·      Strictly use a sterilized device. Breast pump should be boiled (or sterilized with a special sterilizer) after every use;
·      Bottles are necessary to sterilize as well, or harmful bacteria will appear in the milk. You can use single-use plastic bags as an alternative;
·      Dont give your device to friends or relatives even for a short period of time. Also don't buy a before-used device;
·      No matter whether you pump with a device or manually, you have to store the milk correctly. It should either be used straight away, or put in a freezer for 24 hours. Milk can be stored in special bags in a freezer up to 6 months.

Algorithm of milk pumping with a special device consists of several successive steps:
1.  Firstly, you have to wash your breast with warm water and wipe it dry.
2.  Then carefully massage lacteal glands to enhance lactation and milk flow.
3.  Now you have to put the device’s cup on the breast so that the nipple would be in its center.
4.  After that the breast pump is turned on. When milk starts flowing with a dense spray, pressure (or stress) should be decreased. On the contrary, pressure should be increased, when liquid starts flowing with a thin jet.

The duration of the procedure is always calculated individually and depends on the device’s type, woman’s skills, lactation peculiarities and the reason of pumping. If mom just wants to discharge the breast, the procedure won’t be long. If the milk amount should be increased, the procedure will last longer.

In Conclusion

First of all, you have to understand how often do you plan to use breast pump. If the procedures will be rare, it’s better to buy mechanical device, if pumping will be frequent you should choose an electric one.

Choosing an electric device:
·      Buy silicone cups with petal-shaped knobs (it improves lactation)
·      Choose models that both work from mains and run on battery power (it increases mobility of the device)
·      Buy lighter and more compact devices if you often pump milk outside of home (usually such devices are sold with a bag or a container)
·      Consider purchasing a device that can pump milk from both lacteal glands at the same time (it saves time)
·      Look at the models with two-phased pumping system that imitates the procedure of natural sucking by a baby to the maximum level

Breast pump cuts time of milk pumping, simplifies the procedure, improves lactation and enhances milk flow. But you still shouldn’t use this device for prophylactic measures. It’s better to discuss this issue with an experienced specialist.

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