Jul 31, 2011

Simple and Beautiful

This pics come from my archives. I captured lots of flowers inside Nusantara Flower Park (Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia). Since I don't have new captures, I share them here. Sorry, I don't know their names either. They're simple but beautiful, right?

Jul 30, 2011

Best Quality Drug Test Kits and Detox Products

There’s a fact that lots of people face excessive drug intake nowadays. Perhaps you have realized, every drug abuse will cause bad effects to the user, physically and mentally. At a workplace, employers don’t want to have employees with drug abuse or addiction problem, as it can reduce the work productivity that will lead to the decrease in profitability.

To keep healthy and safety work environment, employers should conduct drug testing frequently by using drug test kits. For employers, using drug test kits obtained from KitDetox.com will give many advantages in saving money and times and also giving the accurate results.

Drug tests can be held through blood, saliva, urine and hair. KitDetox.com provides various kinds of drug test kits, including saliva drug test kits. You can choose one method that most suits your requirements.

If you’re one of employees that will have a drug test in a short time; of course, you surely crave to pass the test. Don’t worry, detox products at KitDetox.com will help you a lot! If the drug test is an urine test, getting quick fix synthetic urine at KitDetox.com is a good decision. Quick Fix synthetic urine has been specifically made to have the similar characteristics with the real one. To get maximal function, read the product directions carefully and follow it correctly.

The best way to always pass any drug test is by living healthy. But to ensure that you are clean from any bad intake, you can depend on products at KitDetox.com!

Jul 29, 2011

Sky Watch : Mountain Peaks and White Clouds

Today's one-hour flight was enjoyable. The schedule was on time and the weather was so bright. I can also saw beautiful views from the window’s plane, such as these mountain peaks.

I'll be at my brother's home in Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia) for a few days. Have a great weekend, guys!
Sky Watch Friday

Jul 28, 2011

Jump in the Water: Fun for You and Child!

The water can be your best friend during your pregnancy. While during the first trimester, discomfort is the least of your worries and you are more concerned for morning sickness, second and third trimesters are when baby grows to its largest inside you, and can start to put pressure on your body, both inside and out. And when you are starting to feel like you can’t possibly stretch any further in any direction, think about how comforting water can be. Many women these days look at the option of having a water birth, partly due to its reputation for decreasing pain and also for its supporting and relaxation features. But why wait until you’re at birth stage to enjoy these qualities?

While you may not feel at your most attractive, your body is actually the envy of many – this state, despite how you feel, is an incredibly beautiful look for a woman – so flaunt it. Maternity wear stores sell a range of different swimwear, which are both flattering and well suited to your new shape.

So how can you enjoy the water?
1. Play
Chasing your other small children around while pregnant can be exhausting. But the water not only leaves you in a state where you are more mobile and buoyant, it also generally means your kids are confined to a smaller space and want to stay close to you. Use this time to really play and show them you still have energy, so they don’t get distressed that mummy isn’t as active any more. Head online and get some pool
toys, and you and your little one are set to enjoy the water!

2. Exercise
The water is also a great place to continue your pregnancy exercise routine. While you may not be able to go to the gym and ride exercise bikes or run on treadmills, many public pools now offer the option of water aerobics – which means back on the bike if you want, but without the impact or use of energy. Take the opportunity to look after your body, so post-pregnancy you’re off to a good start to get back to your old size!
3. Support
One of the most amazing parts of the pool when you are pregnant is that for a small part of your day, you don’t have to deal with the weight of your baby, the aches, pains and strains. Check out the internet and find yourself a local pool that is slightly heated and take advantage. Don’t worry about swimming or using the pool to exercise, just use it for relaxation. Let the warm water support your body, and the baby and just float around for a while, collecting your thoughts and taking it easy. It can make all the difference in your day.

4. Heat
Finally, use the water to escape summer. One of the most trying parts of pregnancy is being heavily pregnant during the peak heat of summer. Head to the pool each day to relax and escape the heat!

Spiritual Jewelry for You

Most women love wearing jewelry. But nowadays, jewelry doesn’t only function to beautify the wearer. In fact, there’s an increase of people –women and men- who are interested using spiritual jewelry. They use this kind of jewelry as they believe it can guard them and also bring good fortune with love or money. Almost every culture and religion has its own spiritual jewelry. Do you crave to wear protection amulet? For your information, an amulet is basically a pendant or an item carried for defense against evil, sickness or harm. It could also a particular object to bring good luck. At eastory.com, a handmade jewelry online store, you can choose one amulet from various shapes of protection amulets that most suits your needs and desires.

Jewish faith and culture has spiritual jewelry called kabbalah jewelry. Have you ever seen it? Jewish culture believes that Kaballah jewelry can look after the wearer from the negative forces, such as evil and bad things. It can also demolish the harmful negative forces.

Before buying any spiritual jewelry at eastory.com, it would be better if you know and find out first the significance and purpose behind the specific jewelry item. Having related knowledge will make you easier to select the right one for you!

Jul 26, 2011

Busy Tuesday

It’s my late entry for Ruby Tuesday; cause it’s already Tuesday night here. I was out of home all day; preparing plane tickets and other stuffs, as we will go to another town next Thursday. Sigh, I can’t get cheap plane tickets. I prefer to go by train, but my father’s condition isn’t fit yet to take longer journey.

Anyway, about a month ago, we went to Jakarta Fair. There were flying helmets that attracted my attention. I share it one here. An interesting marketing tool!

To Solve Your Financial Problem

I believe that many people ever experience unexpected things in their life that need extra cost immediately, such as house renovation, medicine expenses, car repairs, higher bills and other urgent situation needs. Of course, you require immediate cash to cover those expenses, but in fact, your payday is still weeks ahead. Unfortunately, you don’t have any savings left. What can you do?

In this situation, you can consider getting cash advance by applying a payday loan. It would become the right solution for you, especially if you have bad credit score and credit issue. Having bad credit condition wouldn’t become a hindrance for you; as the approval process of a payday loan doesn’t require any credit check.

Payday loan is a type of loan that provides you with cash advance before your next payday. Before applying a payday loan, you should consider several things first. Lenders at payday loan companies offer different fees and rates. The larger offering loan amount will affect to the higher fees and rates. You should value yourself to decide whether you are capable and qualified enough to apply payday loans.

It’s very important for you to select the right payday loan company that offers you with the best deal that you can afford. As long as you deal with the reliable payday loan company and you obtain the best offer that most suits your needs and ability; getting cash advance is a right financial decision!

Jul 25, 2011

Women in Horse Racing

In what is generally considered a male-dominated arena, it is important not only to acknowledge the contribution that women have made to the sport, but to celebrate the very real successes of women in horse racing. What many people don’t realise as they swap horse racing tips or place their bets is that while the jockey might usually be male, there is, more often than not, a woman involved somewhere along the line whose hard work and dedication have contributed to the success of the horse and the jockey. Here, we pay tribute to some extraordinary women in horse racing.

There have been many great female trainers throughout horse racing history, notably Mary Hirsch (daughter of Max Hirsch), as well as Mary Keim, who was the only female trainer to train a Kentucky Oaks winner. In Australia, while female trainers were one rare, they are becoming increasingly commonplace. Gai Waterhouse has become a household name, and has had countless successes in her training career.

Female owners are more common than female trainers, and there have been several hugely successful thoroughbreds owned by women. The first female to own a Melbourne Cup winner was Mrs E.A. Widdis, with Patrobas. The first female to own a Kentucky Derby winner was Rosa Hoots with Black Gold. Women continue to play a big role in the racing scene in this way, and over the years more and more women have become involved and interested in owning their own piece of the action.

When it comes to female jockeys, there is still a perceived imbalance of power in the industry. Many female jockeys report having difficulty being selected by trainers, even through trainers usually prefer them to work the horses in the exercise yards. While the industry is getting more and more accepting of female jockeys, it wasn’t always easy for ladies to pursue their love of horse racing at a professional level, and while Pam O’Neil and Linda Jones are widely credited with being the first female jockeys in Australia, bursting onto the scene in 1979, it is also believed by many that Bill Smith, a skilled jockey in the 1940s, was actually Wilhemina Smith, posing as a man to be able to compete!

Women have long played a part in horse racing, not only in these more prominent roles but behind the scenes as well, in the stables, as exercisers, veterinarians and caretakers. As far as
racing tips go, here’s a good one for you to take to the bank: we’re tipping they continue to make their mark on the scene in years to come, and with prejudices dying every day, it won’t be too long before we see a much more even representation of women in the racing world.

Jul 23, 2011


July 14th is our wedding anniversary. The date has passed for days. Both of us forgot the date, as we spent the whole day in the hospital, accompanying and caring my father. Being days in a hospital environment made me not noticing the date. I was only aware what day was that day.

It’s almost midnight when we finally realized that the date was July 14th! In the hospital room, we were holding hands and praying together. So, there’s no any celebration this year. But it’s not the most important thing, right? Both of us were so grateful that we still can keep our marriage commitment.

I hope I can share our wedding anniversary dinner photos here, but I can’t. Here’s one silly photo of him that captured in one quiet night in the hospital. Have a great weekend, guys!

Jul 22, 2011

Sky Watch: A Bright Morning in Bogor Train Station

The weather was so bright that morning. I was there, Bogor train station (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia), as I wanted to go to Jakarta (Indonesia's capital city). Train is a favorite public transportation for Bogor people as it's cheaper and you don't need facing traffic jam. But starting this month, this train will stop in every station. The journey becomes longer and the passengers inside becomes fuller. I saw in the news that the unpunctual departure schedules make lots of train commuters dissapointed with recent train service.

Before getting into the train, I took my short times to take pictures around. I think this one can be shared here, Sky Watch Friday. Anyway, it's my very late entry. Have a great weekend to all!

Getting Cash from Your Valuables

Life is full of unexpected things. There will always be a possibility that you may face emergency and unanticipated things which need immediate cash to solve it. You don’t have extra cash, but you have valuables like diamond and jewelry. Can it help you to solve your financial problem?

Diamonds and jewelry are not only fine and stunning accessories; they can also be the right solution to your financial crisis situation. Diamonds and jewelry are very liquid, that’s why people crave to have them as investment.

If you live in Scottsdale and you have decided to get more cash by selling your diamond or jewelry, you will find no trouble in finding a diamond dealer nearby. But when it comes to sell diamond jewelry Scottsdale, the main problem that you must consider is, how can you get the best offer based on your diamond jewelry?

Since you require extra cash to handle your needs, of course, you want that your diamond and jewelry are given the highest prices as possible. Choosing the right purchaser is becoming very crucial. Most people avoid selling their jewelry to a pawn shop as the jewelry will be very low appraised; only about 10% of the jewelry value.

To get best deal, you should invest your times in searching the reliable purchaser in your area. Use the keyword jewelry buyer Scottsdale to find jewelry buyers that available in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Arizona. Based on the search results, you can start comparing their offering terms to select the right jewelry buyer that most suits your requirements.

If you don’t want to lose your jewelry, you still can get added cash by applying a collateral loan and using your jewelry as collateral. The reliable collateral lender will provide you with best customer service, rational jewelry appraisal and maximal loan value. There’s no doubt, as long as you deal with the reliable jewelry purchaser and collateral lender, your jewelry can help you out from your recent financial woes!



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Jul 21, 2011

Nostalgia: Thanks Greeting from Mr. President

I’ve missed Nostalgia meme for several times. I don’t want to miss it again this week. Today, I spent the whole day in hospital and drug store. We took my father to visit a doctor in the hospital this morning and it needed hours to get the medicine from the drug store. We didn’t pay for the consultation and drugs, but we should follow the procedures. We always satisfy with the service from the hospital. But the drug store seemed to differentiate the service. We must wait for hours!

For Nostalgia this week, I want to share a Thanks Greeting that my father received from Indonesia President at that time, Soeharto. In January 1972, the President held two important family events at Bogor Presidential Palace (West Java, Indonesia). Both events related to the weddings of his son and daughter.

When the wedding events held, my father was a Branch Head of PLN Bogor (a Nation Electricity Company in Bogor Branch). I heard that my father was responsible for the electric supply and stability during the events. I also heard that there was an order to put off the electricity in a public facility. My father decided to disobey the order. Was it the reason that not long after this event, my father was transferred to another town and another island?


Jul 19, 2011

Playing with Bubbles

My brother and family came to visit last weekend since Saturday afternoon. On Sunday morning, when we arrived home from the hospital, we found the home was empty. They were out for having breakfast. When they came back, Aya and Rafi (my niece and nephew) brought a glass of soap water each. Yep, they love playing bubbles!

From crafttutorials.net, I share here a few great recipes of home made bubbles. Check it out and enjoy :)

Basic Bubbles:
1 cup water

2 tablespoons light karo syrup or 2 tablespoons glycerin
4 tablespoons dishwashing liquid
Mix together

Colored Bubbles:
1 cup granulated soap or soap powder

1 quart warm water
Liquid food coloring
Plastic straws
Small juice cans
Melt soap in warm water. Blend in food coloring until preferred color is reached. Give each child a can about 1/3 full of mix and a plastic straw to blow the bubbles.

Fancy Bubbles:
1 cup water

2 tablespoons liquid detergent
1 tablespoon glycerin
1 teaspoon sugar
Combine all ingredients together until sugar dissolves.

Ruby Tuesday

Jul 17, 2011

Welcoming My Father Home

During past few days, I didn’t notice our front yard, as I spend most of times in a hospital. This Sunday morning, my father went back home. Arriving at home, it’s my father himself who noticed these blooming Amarylis flowers for the first time. Two blooms and two buds, exactly.

I made a post about our last time blooming Amarylis at June 13, 2010. At the post, I promised to write a post in Today's Flowers every time it’s blooming. As my promise, now I write this post and share the flowers here.

This time, they ‘choose’ the right time to bloom. They seem like welcoming home my father after 10 days in hospital. They ‘know’ how to make my father feel special.

Will they bloom next year or perhaps sooner? I’ll post it again here!

Jul 15, 2011

Crave to Have Straight and Silky Hair?

Most women definitely crave to always look stunning. There are several ways that women do to reach their best appearances; one of it is pursuing wonderful hair. There is a famous quote says that hair is a woman’s crown. It’s obvious that some women believe in the quote -perhaps you’re also one of it- as some women are willing to spend much money to keep their hair wonderful.

Though the curly hair style tends to fashionable again, straight and smooth hair is always becoming the most favorite hair style until now. Lots of women desire to have straight, smooth and elegant hair. Are women with very curly, rough and thick hair in nature able to have this favorite hair style?

Thanks to the advanced technology, nowadays, there are already available various hair straightener products in the market. Many women in the world are becoming the loyal flat iron users. Since it’s a kind of hair tool that you’ll wear every day; you must be careful to only choose best hair straightener that has best quality. Using poor quality hair straightener will only cause damage to your hair. For your long lasting healthy, smooth, shiny and silky hair; it’s worth to spend money to buy an excellent flat iron!

If your most priority is to have the best hair style every day, you should try kqc hair straightener. Very powerful Korean Ceramic Heater on KQC X-Heat makes the flat iron can supply accurate and constant temperature. In fewer than 30 seconds, KQC X-Heat is able to warm up to 410°F! Highly recommended by famous international hair stylists, it guarantees that you will be satisfied with KQC X-Heat features.

Ladies, you can only get KQC X-Heat at the reliable online stores that offers quality hair and styling tools like Flatironexperts.com. Once you browse the store, you’ll know that they have the other two best flat irons: best wet to dry flat iron and best budget flat iron. The distinctive “Wet to Dry” feature on WD-AVCROC flat iron will let you to straighten your wet hair. There’s no need to blow dry anymore.

If you’re really interested to get one of top 3 best flat irons at Flatironexperts.com, you should be hurriedly. For Canada and USA women, you can get free shipping if you spend more $50. Moreover, you’ll get three free items as $80 value if you shop over $100; but this great offer will end at July 16th 2011! So, check it out, ladies!

Jul 14, 2011

Sky Watch: Sunrises Seen through the Window

These sunrise moments were captured in two different days. The big window in the hospital room allows us to see beautiful sunrise almost every morning. A nice way to start a day!
Sky Watch Friday

Jul 13, 2011

When You’re in Trouble on the Road- How to Make Sure you Get Best Service

There’s nothing quite like being stuck in an immobilized vehicle in heavy traffic. It’s not only annoying; it can be dangerous and expensive. The fact is that any sort of car breakdown is a potential major problem, and the sooner it’s sorted out the better. A good mobile car service is the first, best option.

For most motorists there’s an added issue- Getting stuck in an unfamiliar area and not knowing who to call, or how good the service is. This is another risk to the wallet, because you can get stuck with a range of fees and charges as well as the service and repair costs. Even if the service job is minor, you may find yourself stuck with having to spend more money upfront to get service.

The need is to know how to get a reliable on road service when you need one, and shut down any possibility of added cost blowouts. It’s worth doing some research into this subject, particularly if you’re on the road all the time. You will need to have good servicing options available sooner or later, and you don’t want to be guessing about your choices if you’re travelling on business, either.

Mobile service basics
The fact is that there are some very good mobile car services available, and many of them have excellent coverage of large areas. The big mobile service companies are perhaps the best example of a good service you can get anywhere when you need it. Most of these services use a centralized system which allows a fast response to calls in particular areas from the local branch of the company.

That does speed up getting service and equally importantly it also cuts costs. A mobile service which has to come from some distance away is likely to incur travel charges, and those can be expensive. The big companies don’t charge these fees, and it’s a good indicator of how much of a rip-off the extra fees usually are.
Getting the on road service you need

Finding mobile car service isn’t hard. The real issue is finding a service that covers all the areas you need covered. This pays off well in the long run, because you can also save time. As a regular customer you won’t need to use up time on setting up billing. You’ll also know how to get service and who to talk to when you contact the service company.

Check out the “all areas” services first. This is your short list, and you can narrow down your choices by checking out the different companies’ terms, guarantees, and warranties online.

Now, contact the companies directly. Say you want information about fees and charges, getting all-inclusive quotes etc. and see what additional charges you might get hit with.

The rest is easy. The best companies will also give the best deals upfront. You’ll always be able to get on road service and know your costs.

Jul 11, 2011

Almost a Week at a Hospital

Tomorrow is my first week here. In this afternoon visit, the doctor didn’t mention about coming home since there’s still a little swollen on my father’s legs. We choose this hospital as my father’s doctor practices here and this hospital is included in the hospital list that becomes partners with the government institution that my father used to work for.

I can say that all staffs here are professional, kind and friendly. They all are hard workers. Not only staffs in medical field, but also the other staffs that responsible for serving the food and cleaning the room. Salute!Ruby Tuesday

Excellent Place for Your Memorable Event

Ladies, do you have a special event to hold in the short time ahead but you still search for the right venue? You might have realized that selecting the right location for special occasions such as weddings CT, business meetings, parties or celebrations is a crucial thing to have a successful result for your special event.

When looking for an appropriate place for your special occasion; make sure that the location is conscientiously clean, easily reached to all guests and accessible by public transportation, the venue has plenty free parking, a comfy lobby room, a coatroom, and convenient toilet amenities.

Don’t forget to consider the available space of the location; especially if you want to hold CT bridal showers. Does it offer enough space to accommodate all guests and other things that you plan for the event? The place must have banquet facility which can be arranged to suit your event’s needs. Ensure that the banquet manager will explain you the room layouts describing all important parts that will be placed.

If your event will be held in Connecticut, why don’t you really consider choosing Seasons at the Tradition in Wallingford, Connecticut? The place is already well known as a perfect venue to hold weddings in Connecticut, as it offers you with excellent space and food. Visit the website to know more about all advantages that you can get from Seasons at the Tradition!

Jul 10, 2011

Stone Sinks to Beautify Your Home

You need to install new sink in your bathroom but still can’t decide what type of sink to choose? Why don’t you consider placing stone sinks? It’s a kind of sink that hand-crafted from different natural stone. People like to select stone sinks to beautify their homes as they are unique, fine-looking, and durable. Where ever you place the stone sink; whether in your bathroom or kitchen, it can really attach a great charm to the room.

For your information, a stone sink can be created from marble, travertine, mosaic and onyx. If you’re looking for a sink for your bathroom, marble sink is a good option as its anti-stain. You can find that marble sinks available in various colors. You can choose one that most suits your bathroom décor.

As mentioned before, lots of people prefer to buy a stone sink for its strong and hard-wearing. Made from a solid material, a stone sink wouldn’t simple to break down. If your top priority is searching for long lasting ones, a stone sink is the greatest selection. To get it online, you can visit a reliable place like Stonesinks.com; you’ll find lots of high quality and beautiful stone sinks there!

Though it’s a solid material, stone is absorbent in nature. Some matters can leave stain on your sinks unless you take first the right treatment. To keep clean your stone sinks surface, any stain should be removed quickly and cautiously. It’s also necessary to maintain dry the stone sinks by wiping water every after usage.

The Flower that Grabbed My Attention

I forget when I captured it; but I remember that I saw this bright red flower in the front yard of my grand father’s house. Until now, I still haven’t yet known the flower’s name. I’m too sleepy to search its name now. Anyway, have a great weekend to you all! I’ll spend my weekend here, at a hospital.
Today's Flowers

Jul 9, 2011

Unique and Attractive Jewellery for Your Every Occasion

From various women accessories, jewellery is always becoming women’s favorite. There’s no doubt, wearing the right jewelry will give you dazzling look. Too much putting on jewellery will only make you look like a jewellery store! Simplicity is still the best; don’t you agree, ladies?

Why lots of women love silver jewellery? Here is the most possible reason. Silver jewellery is not only a fine jewellery but also a fashion jewellery. It means that you can wear your silver jewellery in whatever occasion and it will look stunning on every woman!

Have you ever seen any collection of Silver Island Earrings? It would be a perfect item for adding your collection or giving it to someone special as a valuable gift. You’ll love the earrings collection as it combines high quality sterling silver and various gemstones. Can you imagine its beauty and elegant impression?

Similar with silver jewellery, turquoise jewellery is a kind of jewellery that you can wear together with your formal dress and also your casual outfits. Nowadays, you can see various unique and attractive turquoise jewellery; from rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces to other jewellery items. Moreover, turquoise jewellery has unique and attractive color that will beautify any outfit that you wear.

So ladies, if you crave to find the right jewellery item for you; why don’t you click here to see more jewellery. Happy shopping!

Online Friendships

Human are a social creature; that’s why most people like to being connected one another, become a part of a community and join chatting websites such as chatroulette. Thanks to fast development of internet technology, nowadays, it’s not hard anymore to communicate with someone from any country in the world, as long as the internet connection is already available.

Internet technology allows and introduces different new perspectives in many ways of life. Let’s say that about 20 years ago; who will guess that nowadays, from the comfort of your home, you can use omegle to chat with strangers in the worldwide without any hassle!

It would be wise if you use internet only for positive purposes. With internet, building online friendships is not an impossible mission anymore. At sites like iMeetzu.com, you can use facilities text and video chatting online to know your online friend more personally.

If you own a business, especially if it’s an online business, this kind of site could be a great tool for you to build your marketing network. You don’t only make new friends; but also new opportunities. Smart people say it as making friends online for benefits.

So ladies, how’s about you, do you prefer making online friends for just having fun or for creating constructive ideas?

Jul 8, 2011

Getting the Excellent Stockbroking Service

Many investors have chosen having stocks as their investment. In fact, it could be the simplest and most gainful methods to develop your prosperity over the long term. Have you known that almost each member of the richest men in the world holds a big block of shares in a public or private company?

If you’re interested in this type of investment, first thing that you should do is choosing a reliable broker. It’s much suggested for you to apply the best support at CMCMarkets.com.au, a main online brokerage that offers Stockbroking service in Australia.

CMC Markets is well known as a low online brokerage with many great services to offer! Lots of frequent traders are satisfying with their excellent assistance and chose CMC Markets as the best stockbroker in customer satisfaction. If you open a stockbroking account at CMC Markets, you’ll find out that they support every client with reliable and accurate online trading platform, tutoring to enhance your skill, 24 hours customer support, and many other useful amenities.

It’s no wonder if CANSTAR CANNEX gave “Online Share Trading Best Value Australia” award to CMC Markets. If you want to be a successful investor, dealing with a reliable broker like CMC Markets is one of the essential keys in achieving your highest gain!

Sky Watch: Colorful Sky

One sunset moment that captured at a fishing place.
Sky Watch Friday

A Story behind an Old Guava Tree

This old guava tree grows in the front of my FIL’s house. The age is about 37 years old. My husband has the oldest brother, called Udin. He was the one who planted the tree. At that time, Udin was thirteen years old. After planting the tree, he said to his parents (my FIL and MIL) to keep the tree and never fell it.

In the next day, Udin got very serious sick and died two days later. It turned out that he had appendix infection that took his life. There’s still no hospital nearby at that time, so he couldn’t get the required help.

The tree is still alive until now. As Udin’s request, this guava tree will be kept live freely.


Jul 7, 2011

Fur Coats for You

Ladies, what’s your impression if you see a woman wearing fur coats? Wow, it looks so glamorous and luxurious! Have you known that despite the recent economic decline; fur clothing is still strongly as a fashion style in fall 2011 and as an important part of 2012’s fashions?

Are you interested to buy your first real fur coat? Since it could be your investment, it’s so crucial to choose the right one at a most reliable place. To avoid any later disappointment, you should choose yours from Marks Lloyds Furs collection at Mlfurs.com. As a part of oldest furriers in Colorado, Marks Lloyds Furs is already well known for their finest quality fur coats and accessories since 1951!

You’ve chosen the right place to get your first fur coat. To choose the right one for you; there are things that you should consider first. Make sure about your desire of having a fur coat. Is it only for style cause or you need one that has long durability?

After deciding your main purpose, at the site you can select a fur coat based on the fur type, the color and the style. Don’t forget to set first the price range that you can afford. Happy shopping, ladies!

Jul 5, 2011

Crave to Have Soft and Silky Hair?

Anyway, who doesn’t want to have soft and silky hair? But it seems hard to reach if you still face the frequent hair troubles like dry, tightly curled and uncontrollable hair. Whether you have straight or curly hair; both can experience hair problems.

So, what can you do to get soft and silky hair? Hair experts said that the secret is hair conditioning. Perhaps you’ve noticed that hair problems can be caused by various things that you face everyday. Things like sun overexposure, pool water, wind, pollution, overheat blow drying can give negative outcomes to your hair. It’s able to enlarge your hair’s cuticle layer and make it feeling rough. In this hair case, your hair is also at risk to lose of humidity that can lead to further hair damage.

Do you think that your hair is neglected by your day by day habit and environment? Well, your hair needs a deep conditioning treatment. From lots of brands in the market, you should choose one conditioner product that really effective to solve your hair problem, such as terax crema. It’s a kind of conditioner that able to open your hair cuticle and lets wetness into your hair shaft. Make sure to follow the directions mentioned on the product package and apply it as weekly treatment.

Selecting best hair conditioner and shampoo is very crucial. The shampoo and conditioner must be mild and have moisturizing formula; especially if you often wash your hair.

Using best flat irons is also required. It would be much better if after you wear flat irons, curling irons or blow dryers, you provide added shield to your hair by applying a leave-in conditioner. If your hair is a rough kind, you should pay attention more by using deep conditioning treatments more frequently.

Ladies, are you interested to try terax crema conditioner? You can get it online at Flatironexperts.com. Check out the website to enjoy benefit from their current promotion! Until next Saturday, you can attain 3 free valuable items if you shop more than $100. Moreover, you will be offered free shipping if you spend over $50. Isn’t it great?

A Busy Road

This road is never empty and quiet. Every night, the road is full of vegetable sellers. The space in Bogor market inside can’t accommodate the fast increase amount of sellers. The night market only ends approaching morning.

During the day, the road is still busy; especially on the weekend. On the left side of the road, some two-wheeled buggies that pulled by horses are waiting to be rented. You can also find rabbit and fruit sellers there. On the right side, there are several handy craft stores in the row.

That afternoon, road maintenance was also being held. It can’t be done in the night, since the road is used as night market. In the end of the road, near the traffic light, some street singers are sitting and gathering (I didn't capture all of them).

Can’t you imagine the whole hectic situation?

Jul 4, 2011

Reliable Online Pharmacy

Ladies, have you ever been familiar with an online pharmacy? Recently, there’s an increase of people who prefer online pharmacies to usual drug stores. An online pharmacy is like the other online stores, but offers large variety of medicines and healthcare products. Using online pharmacies will give you benefits as long as you deal with the trusted one.

MedLifePro.com is one reliable online pharmacy that you can trust. With having experience in the business for six years, MedLifePro has been becoming one of the online primary pharmacies. They supply you with excellent generic medicines and guarantee to send secure and generic medications at best prices.

If you visit the online pharmacy site, you’ll find out that there are offered more than 20 medicine categories. One of them is antidepressants drugs. In this current hectic and stressful life, many people face tenseness almost every day. It’s a normal situation, unless there’s a symptom of depression or an anxiety disorder, such as feeling desperate, experiences a lack of energy, can’t sleep or eat well and lose many previous interests.

Doctors often advise Effexor to treat depression. Effexor enhances the levels of some important natural chemicals in the brain that can support someone who suffers from depression and nervousness to go back to normal all over again. As a depression treatment is usually a long time cure; it would be better if you get quality Effexor online at MedLifePro.com. You can save money a lot!

Flower and Droplets

It’s my late entry for Today's Flowers. I captured this flower in a green house inside Nusantara Flower Park (Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia). Sorry, I don’t know the name and I don’t have enough time to search it.
The flowers there have just been watered. You can see droplets on them, like on this one. It’s lovely, isn’t it?

Jul 1, 2011

His Cheating Emotional Signs

Ladies, of course, we don’t want to experience this; but I think knowing emotional signs of a cheating man can be useful. At least you can help a woman friend that needs your advice; whenever she guesses that her partner might be having an affair with other woman.

Here are some signs that described by Raymond B. Green, a private investigator and former police officer, and Marcella Bakur, a psychology professor at Marymount Manhattan College. Check it out:

1.Your partner is more considerate to your desires than common. This is because of the guiltiness feelings experienced by the cheater in the early steps of his affair. The consideration will reduce as the affair goes on with.

2. Your partner starts giving you presents -- many of them. These are "guilt gifts" purchased because your partner feels guilty about deceiveing you and pouring you with gifts makes him feel better.

3. Your partner's manner is causing a gut emotion in you that it isn't right. If this occurs, focus on your instincts. Don’t ignore it and blind yourself to the reality. Since only you who recognize your partner's habits, routines and attitudes; be wary when these things change.

4. Your partner often selects fights with you. Doing this gives him motive to get angry and leave the house and thus the chance to meet up his lover. A cheater may also do this because of diverse emotions he is feeling about betraying you.

5. Your partner continually speaks about your relationship finish when you battle or quarrel. He talks things like, "What will you do if our relationship finished?" or "If something ever happened to us, I will care you like a friend." In common, he seems very unenthusiastic about your relationship. Your partner makes these announcements because he has a lover to run away on if your relationship ends. If your partner says these kinds of statements over and over again, be suspicious.

Five signs for this post, I’ll post the other later. Have a great weekend!


For Your Memorable Baby’s Baptism Party

For Christians, baptism is a holy ritual for religious cleansing, christening and initiating a child or an adult into a church. Baptism is already becoming a very significant occasion for the entire family. It’s also a very blissful family event!

After the baptism ceremony has been held, the family often arranges a party. To celebrate the baptism together, you must distribute Baptism invitations to your friends and relatives before. If you want to make a memorable baby’s baptism party, planning it out carefully is a must.

Whether you decide to arrange a little gathering after getting the church service or a formal party at home; you should consider a few matters.

When it comes to Baptismal invitations, it would be more memorable if you create the personalized, beautiful and unique baptism cards. If you crave to have unique cards for your baby’s baptism party, you should visit Baptismcards.net. You’ll be amaze with their finest quality and design! Moreover, these cards are offered at best prices! Personalize your cards by adding your baby photos on the card. Your cards would be perfect and impressive!

If you need baptism party supplies, you don’t need to look for in other place. Baptismcards.net is a great source of baptism party supplies and custom stationery. You can rely on them!

Plan a guest list to estimate the amount of people who would be coming to the party. Note down the names and addresses of your relatives and close friends. Don’t forget to send Baptism invites in advance, at least two weeks before. You’ll give adequate times to your guest to arrange their times, plan what they would like to present or what outfits to put on. It would be more useful if you also mention the dress code on the baptism invitation cards.

Choosing the party theme and decorations, party entertainment and party catering vendor are the other must do in your planning list. Hope you have an unforgettable baby’s baptism party!

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