Jul 1, 2011

Sky Watch: Sunset in a Big City

Another sunset from me. This time was captured from a running car on the highways in Jakarta (capital city of Indonesia). I still see its beauty.

Sky Watch Friday

7 komentar:

The Write Girl July 01, 2011  

Beautiful sunset...I can see the sun faintly in the sky.

Kim, USA July 01, 2011  

A very beautiful sky! And is that a moon? That red round in the horizon?


Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 July 01, 2011  

Jakarta must ber a very big city and densely populated.

Photo Cache July 01, 2011  

is that the ball of fire descending in the skyline? very nice.

Jidhu Jose July 01, 2011  

nice sky shot
happy SWF

eden July 02, 2011  

It's beautiful, Lina! You did a great job capturing it beautifully even if you were inside a moving car.

Dhemz July 03, 2011  

wonderful shot Lina!

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