Aug 31, 2019

Why Not Shopping Makeup Products Online This Fall?

Since the past 10 years, the idea of online shopping has made life simpler for its convenience, wide variety and money-saving opportunity. It supplies the need of people at all age and gender. Based on statistics (, women in the US are the majority of online shoppers (52% of all online shoppers) who also becomes the majority of heavy shoppers and medium shoppers. When it comes to shopping cosmetics online, many digital marketers guess it includes the top four items that women more likely buy on the internet besides clothes, jewelry and shoes. 

Among the variety of cosmetic products, beauty palettes are favored by lots of makeup enthusiasts. For example, Huda Beauty Palette launched by Huda Kattan and sisters which available in various types are one of new rising brands that popular nowadays.  Frugal women who desire to keep looking good without overspending; they can get makeup stuffs at wholesale prices which provided at reliable online cosmetics wholesalers. If you opt for high end branded makeups, don’t worry, various beauty products from different famous brands are also available at reduced prices there.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette
Most makeup enthusiasts love to follow makeup trends. Fall season is approaching,  so let us take a peek first a bit about beauty trends this fall 2019 as mentioned at online fashion magazines. Sourced from fall/winter fashion runways, the fall 2019 beauty trends show an interesting variety especially the eye makeup trends.   No-makeup makeup, glowy facial complexion, dramatic blushing and golden brown bronzer are some of fall beauty trends that you can follow.

If you plan to buy new eye shadow palettes that suit the fall fashion this year, consider the eye makeup trends that include more sparkles and glitters, bright colorful eye shadow, smudged eye shadow, monochrome, pink and purple eyes, brown eye shadow, golden eye shadow and dramatic eyeliner. Those are a few of eye makeup trends that you might choose, which one do you like most anyway? Whichever trends that you like to try this fall, you can count on good eyeshadow palettes like anastasia eyeshadow palette to give you satisfying result –the artful and stunning eyes!

Aug 28, 2019

Do You Like Silver Jewelry?

There are right ways to wear jewelry and there are wrong ways to wear jewelry. If you love metal jewelry, you don’t want it to look gaudy. That is why you need to choose delicate pieces that present nice details. You can find silver pieces with lovely gems that will stand out with various outfits. Again, you don’t want to overdo it when accessorizing with jewelry. The idea is to display a piece so that it is noticed easily. You don’t want to wear a number of bracelets, for example, as all they will do will take up space on your arm.
Showing Good Taste

The idea behind wearing jewelry is to do so tastefully. This can only be accomplished when you choose one or two pieces or a matching jewelry set to wear with your dresses, slacks and shirts, and blouses and skirts.

For example, you don’t want to wear a large expressive necklace and dangle earrings. While you may gain notice from other people and maybe some polite remarks, most people will not be impressed by the display. Instead, it is better to choose a piece of jewelry such as a silver flower earring and highlight it next to a plain, white blouse.

What Not to Wear

You don’t want to wear this type of jewelry next to a busy print or a dress that is somewhat provocative in design. Again, the idea is to present the jewelry so people can see it and admire it. You don’t want to show off jewelry so that no one really sees each piece.

Learn to Take a Subtler Approach

When you take a subtler approach to wearing jewelry, you will appreciate the art of jewelry making and display more. Allow a jeweler to show you some of his or her pieces and view them as conversational pieces. After all, jewelry making is a type of art and reveals something about a person’s personality. You want to bring the essence of a piece of jewelry to light. You can only do this when you wear it with some reserve.

How to Attract the Right Type of Attention

By choosing fine-quality metal jewelry in gold or silver, you will attract more attention or the right type of attention to what you are wearing. Not only is wearing jewelry this way more stylish but it also shows good taste. While some people may feel they are being expressive by wearing burdensome, large jewelry pieces, they are losing the point of displaying this type of accessory.

Make it a Goal to Always Look Your Best

Choose a jewelry company that understands how important it is to look your best. That way, you will find just the right jewelry piece to show off. Even a small, intricate piece of jewelry will be noticed when you present it properly. Go online now and look at the fashionable selections of fine metal jewelry. Find that one piece that will make a statement that attests to the beauty and quality of the piece.

Aug 26, 2019

What to Know before Shopping Eye Makeup for Beginners

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. Whenever you are happy, sad or angry; others can see it from your eyes. It tells us the significance of the eyes’ function is. Most people especially women are willing to take care of their eyes to keep their health and beauty. When it comes to facial makeup, eye makeup is a part that many women pay attention more. Once the eyes are beautified with the help of good cosmetic products such as eye palette from jacylyn hill morphe palette, they can change the look of a woman even make her look like a different person when a few definite modifications applied.  

We notice that various products related to eye makeup already available in the market. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, eye primer and mascara are some of those. Since the eyes and the skin around eyes are very sensitive area to risky chemicals, the safety is the first thing to consider when choosing and buying makeup to use on around your eyes. Always make sure that the cosmetics free from harmful ingredients and not expired.  One more thing, before going to bed, don’t forget to clean the whole makeup especially the eye makeup, for the sake of your facial skin’s health.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette
As a beginner, you need lots of practice in doing the right eye makeup. Anyway, let’s discuss eye shadow now.  Eye shadow is much well-liked beauty item as it can make your eyes more glowing and expressive. Conversely, it can destroy your look if you apply it improperly; you might look older than your age. Thus every time you apply eye shadow, choosing the right shade and pattern is always the main key.

To reach desired result, it is essential to buy good quality eye shadow products which are soft, highly pigmented and easy to mix. Another good example of such product is anastasia eyeshadow palette that you can count on for creating different eye looks that you want. So girls, let’s go online to grab quality yet affordable eye palettes at trusted cosmetic wholesalers!  

Aug 23, 2019

15 Easiest Ways To Look Younger After 40

When you are about to cross your 40-year mark, it is not easy to maintain a youthful look and lifestyle. It needs lots of effort and cares to keep yourself groomed and positive. Below are the 15 easiest ways to look younger after 40.

1.Stay away from alcohol

An adequate amount of fine wine may be good for you. Although, too much alcohol is harmful to your health. People who drink an excessive amount of alcohol are likely to look older than their same-age friends who don’t drink. So, have a little drink but know how much is too much. 

2.Lay off sugars

Sugars are everywhere. Make sure you are not making them a considerable part of your meals. Eating a large amount of sugars can make your face sugary with fine lines, wrinkles, patches, and blemishes with sagging under the eye. In short, everything you don’t like to have on your face.

3.Fall in love with sunscreen

Regardless of the weather outside being sunshine, cloudy or rainy, always wear sunscreen. Sun damage of every kind leads to premature aging. Hence, protecting your skin from it will prevent you from dark spots and pigmentation.

4.Eat a balanced diet

It is easy to eat desire foods in your twenties and thirties. However, it is difficult to get away with the same eating habits in your forties.To ensure you eat not just a healthy but balanced diet, include adequate portions of vegetables, fruits, protein, fiber, and healthy fats in your meals along with micronutrients. This will help you to be active and immune from head to toe.

5.Stay hydrated

Being hydrated helps you to look vibrant and keeps your skin elastic and glowing. Hydration makes sure you get rid of under-eye puffs, cracks, patches, and acne. It gives your skin a firmer and smoother appearance.


Exercise is not only good for your muscles and bones; it also helps you to maintain a tight and toned skin. Add a workout routine in your schedule with whatever you like including yoga, swimming, gyming, or spinning. It will get you in shape, making you glow from inside out.

7.Take multivitamins

“It is impossible to get all the essential micronutrients in your diet” says; Martha -medical writing consultant, KingEssay.  Many vitamins and minerals are skipped from our meal plans. Hence, having the right multivitamin assures that your body is protected and functioned well. It makes you youthful by eliminating deficiencies.


8.Treat yourself a spa day often

Regardless of gender, heading to a spa once in a while is always great for keeping up your youthful appearance. Get a warming facial, relaxing massage and refreshing mani-pedi to get everything cleaned up while having moisturized and groomed looks.These will make you feel vibrant and look fresh as well.

9.Get good sleep

Poor sleep leads you to have early signs of aging. It also decreases the body’s ability to heal and recover. Hence, get the right amount of undisturbed sleep as it will affect positively to your skin more than ever you can imagine.

10.Flash & brighten your smile

Stella Thomson, Photography advisor at winter soldier jacket believes; “Happy faces are more likely to look younger than frowning faces.” That’s the apparent reason to keep a beautifully bright smile on your face and grin through the most depressing days.

11.Wear fitted attire

When shopping, hit for the clothes that flatter your shape and get your attention in all of your certain areas. Search for those fittings that are just made for your body. This will make you look younger instantly and add grace to your style as well.

12.Trim & dye hairs regularly

A well suited is all you need to make the difference. Get to a proper stylist, let him/her give you the perfect style that looks perfect and is easy to maintain. Get your hairs dye, streak or have shades of foils as per your liking and your ability to do experimentation.


13.Limit sodium intake

Having too much sodium can impact your body’s ability to retain moisture. This leads your skin to get swelling and affects your vital organs as well. Stick to the RDA of sodium that is; 23oomg or 1 tsp. to keep yourself healthy and active.

14.Keep skin moisturized

For younger-looking skin, it’s all about moisture. Find a moisturizer that is compatible with your skin and apply it daily before going to bed. Regular moisturizing your face even with a serum will add a beneficial aspect to your skincare routine.


If you need one more reason to laugh, then we will give you two. First, laughing relieves stress. Second, it prevents premature aging. Hence these two excuses are perfect to have a good laugh with your pals.

What are you waiting for? Try these tips to drop all jaws looking you!

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