Aug 29, 2010

Flowers around the Airport

There’s no much flowers that can be seen around Soekarno Hatta Airport (Jakarta, Indonesia). I just can share here: Bougainvillea / paper flowers and Mussaenda erythropylla (botanical name). We, Indonesian people, identify Mussaenda as Nusa Indah flowers. I don’t know its common name in another country.

Aug 27, 2010

Women Should Care about Their Health

A woman should care about her health, as she has important role to the people around her. If she is a mother, she has important role to raise her children and to look after her whole family. If the mother get seriously ill until she can’t do anything for her family, can you imagine how big the bad effect to the entire family life?

Speaking about
women's health, breast cancer still becomes a major threat to women’s life. Since breast cancer can really endanger us; it’s wiser if you more focus on prevention steps. You should acknowledge yourselves with all information on prevention actions that can be done to minimize breast cancer risk.
You can apply internet as a great information resource. There’s a great website that provides various
women's health articles on the latest women’s health issues. Reading one of the articles, you’ll find out that the adequate amount of soy intake is very important for every woman. It has scientifically proven that soy intake may reduce breast cancer risk. It’s good news, right? Check it out to know more about women’s health!

Sky Watch: Covered by Dark Cloud

That afternoon, I saw the very dark cloud covered a part of the sun light. It showed the mixture of dark and light in the sky!

Sky Watch Friday

The danger of Drug Addiction

The bad habit of drug addiction has extended around the world. Every year, there is increasing in the amount of people that get addicted to various kind of dangerous drugs. Many of them have become victims, they are died of overdose. There are various kinds of deadly drugs, such as amphetamines, cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, marijuana, ectasy/MDMA, and methamphetamine. These drugs are very dangerous and can destroy your health and life.

Let me mention here a little more about cocaine and heroin. Cocaine is prohibited and forcefully addictive drug. The usage of cocaine will cause various health troubles, whether in short term or furthermore long term. The general short term consequences are insomnia, paranoia, sexual dysfunction, nausea, weight loss, headaches, and allergic reaction. If someone uses cocaine for a long time, he will get some serious health problems, such as respiratory malfunction, heart attacks, strokes, brain hemorrhage, and other more.

There is a shocking fact in America: over 2 million people get cocaine addiction and 350,000 Americans try cocaine for the first time each year. That’s why the effective cocaine drug rehab is very needed in America. There are lots of people that must be helped to get out from cocaine addiction!

Heroin that extracted from opium is an expensive, very dangerous and addictive drug. As heroin in the brain causes rapid addiction, a heroin user always needs higher dose to reach the wanted high. Long time heroin usage will cause serious health problems, such as heart failure, liver illness, nervous system breakdown, and also mental and memory functions impairment.
Unfortunately, heroin addiction has also become the common problem in America. Since the brain is already affected; the heroin addicts can’t heal from the addiction without getting professional helps. Considering the danger of heroin addiction, heroin users must get treatment for heroin addiction at the best drug rehabilitation, immediately!

To select a good drug rehabilitation center, you should do a little research online. You can get help from the website that offers various drug addiction rehab information and guidance in searching the best treatment that most suits with the addict’s personal situation.

Getting the Best Outpatient Rehabilitation Program in Orange County

Do you recognize someone that has drug or alcohol abuse problem or even has become a drug or alcohol addict? Unfortunately, drug and alcohol abuse or addiction is becoming social diseases that many people face nowadays. You shouldn’t underestimate these social diseases, since abuse and addiction can occur to someone that is close to you. Whatever addiction that someone experiences, it can destruct her/his health, physically and mentally and also her/his life.

For your acknowledgement, you can observe some signs that are usually experienced by someone that has misused drug or alcohol. These signs will help you to recognize the addiction occurrence earlier. A drug addict will build up a drug acceptance, get drugs to minimize withdrawal signs (insomnia, nausea, depression, sweating, shaking and anxiety), lose power over his drug consumption, leave behind any action that he usually like, and he keeps on using drugs, though knowing that it will destroying himself.

Fortunately, addiction is curable but it truly needs immediately treatment. Let’s say that your loved one has problem with drug intake, in this case, your loved one has ectasy abuse, not yet become an addict. Have you known the difference between abuse and addiction? Abuse is sorted as misuse and addiction is dependency.

When choosing a right rehabilitation program that most suitable with his needs, you must consider various things. Every rehabilitation program, whether is outpatient or inpatient, has its own advantages. More intensive rehab program is needed for severe addiction cases. As outpatient rehabilitation program is the least intensive of all rehabilitation programs, it’s only proper for very mild addiction cases.

Since your loved one is still in ectasy abuse condition, the outpatient rehab could be the right treatment for him. If you live in California, you can choose the best
drug rehab in orange county that offers the Intensive Outpatient (IOP) drug treatment, ecstasy treatment and alcohol rehab program. With this program, your loved one will obtain effective treatment during the days or at night while he is still allowed to live at home. The outpatient rehabilitation program is broadly chosen by people with very mild addiction cases who want treatment programs that offer more flexibility and freedom.

Aug 25, 2010

Nostalgia: Graduation Day

May 26th, 1995 was my graduation day. My major is Agribusiness, Bogor Agriculture Institute. To be able to pass college education is truly a priceless thing. Only with education achievement, we will grow to be an open minded person. Without education, someone is like being in a dark, closed and locked room. Can you imagine it?

Aug 22, 2010

After 18 Years

Let me introduce my newborn nephew. He is a healty and cute baby boy! Moreover, he’s a big baby! With caesarean process, he came out to the world last Thursday, at August 19th 2010, 10.30am. Check out his measurement: body weight 5,5 kilograms and body length 55 centimeters. So cute!

I can’t mention the baby’s name here, as his parents still in process of searching for it. The baby’s father is the elder brother of my husband. It needs 18 years for my BIL and SIL to have this baby boy. Eighteen years that full of efforts and patience! Seeing their happiness, it motivates me to keep my efforts and patience as well. Perhaps you have known that after 8 years marriage, I still haven’t yet become a mom.

I’m a happy aunt! Today the baby boy will see his home for the first time.

Best Thesis Help

A thesis is a research paper that every student must produce prior to the end of semester. Every college student can’t avoid from writing a thesis if he/she wants to pass the semester with the fine grade. Occasionally, thesis writing can be a long semester-assignment as it needs much time to develop the topic and write the thesis entirely. Perhaps it also needs further researching abilities that most students don’t have yet presently. For college and PhD students, the thesis paper has become the requirement for a post or undergraduate degree.

If you want to write your thesis just by yourself, you must sharpen your writing skill. How if you don’t have a good writing ability? How if you have difficulties to clearly write down your thoughts and opinion paper? Well, it has become one of the many problems that students face when writing a thesis! Considering the complexity that can occur while writing a thesis, many students need
thesis help from a custom thesis writing service to develop their thesis. If you really need assistance in writing your thesis, you can trust Thesis Town to obtain great help from their expert writers.
As the leading in custom thesis writing service, Thesis Town will assist you in every step of thesis writing process. Furthermore, their highly experienced and educated writers can support you on various topics of thesis. Let’s say that you need to create a
communication thesis. You don’t need to worry; Thesis Town will present your thesis with high quality content.

After selecting a topic that you’ll develop on your communication thesis; you must create an appropriate title or heading that can describe the whole content. As the title is a reflection of a study paper,
thesis title should enlighten all the matter of your thesis project in very restricted words and terms. Ensure that your title words are short, clear and simple enough to understand and it also can grab attention from the readers. Don’t mention over info in your title, it only gives impression to the readers that your thesis is a hard to comprehend one.

As the title is one of the significant parts of your thesis and it’s not easy to build a title that most suits with your content, Thesis Town will also help you to select the most proper title. To observe more about how to get their whole support in every step of thesis writing, don’t hesitate to visit the website. You’ll find out that Thesis Town is a great solution to handle your thesis writing problem.

Beautiful Orchids

Thanks to Luiz for allowing me to be a Guest Friend Day on this wonderful meme Today's Flowers. Wish you all the best!

This time I’ll share some Orchids flowers that I saw at Agri Park that day. They all are for sale.

Aug 21, 2010

About Drug Addiction

Do you know someone that has become a drug addict? Unfortunately, addiction cases have become common problems that many people experience at present time. Drug addiction can happen to someone that is close to you!

Since drug addiction is truly a self-destructive manner; you can watch some signs happen to the addict. He or she will build up a drug tolerance, take drugs to reduce pulling out signs(such as insomnia, nausea, depression, sweating, shaking and anxiety), lose control over his drug intake, leave behind any habit that he’s used to like, and he will continue on using drugs, although realizing that it’s just ruining himself.

Drug addiction is a severe remedial situation that needs immediately treatment. Chemicals ingredient in drugs will attack the addict’s brain directly and make the brain doesn’t function normally. It explains why people with drug addiction are very hard to heal from the dependence by themselves and it takes many times to heal from drug addiction.

If it turns out that your loved one has become a drug addict; don’t be panic. What you should do is helping him to get the right Drug Rehabilitation that offers drug treatment programs that most suits with his condition, as soon as possible. It’s wiser if you seek and gather all information that related to drug treatment methods at, an online rehab directory. At the website, you can obtain helpful information that based on personal experiences about addiction treatments and treatment facilities. It will give you description on making decision what is the right treatment that should be applied to recover your loved one.

Finest Billet Grilles for Your Rides

Do you like to modify your car? Well, a large amount of car owners have a preference to adjust their car. There are many things that can be done to transform your vehicle. Have you acknowledged that any component of your car can be modified?

As a part of your car that gets seen first, you surely pay attention to the appearance of the front of your car. To enhance your car’s front part performance, why don’t you install
billet grilles? It will add classy look to your car! The good news is; you can get it online nowadays. To avoid wasting money by buying inappropriate billet grilles, you should deal with a trustworthy online shop.

That’s why I persuade you to visit CARiD, the unique online place for you to shop any high quality billet and chrome mesh grilles. With their best and helpful customer service, you will get a big help in selecting the right billet grilles for your car.

If you want to get finest car accessories at the best prices and it delivered within dependable shipping process; CARiD is your right place to shop. You will discover any car accessory that most suits with your car type; as they present large selection items for your options! Just browse the website and you will find out that shopping accessories for your car can become so fast, trouble-free and pleasurable.

Aug 20, 2010

Sky Watch: The Orange Sky

I captured this orange sky in one afternoon (about 5 p.m.). Actually, it’s the view that we saw from a café that located at 3rd floor, on the side part of Bogor Trade Mall (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia).

Sky Watch Friday

Aug 19, 2010

Nostalgia: Souvenirs from Bali

Bali Painting

Wooden Artworks
Bali Island is one of famous travel destination in Indonesia. Have you ever visited Bali? My last visit was several years ago. If you visit Bali, you’ll find not only beautiful places and landscapes, but also the rich of art and culture. For Nostalgia, I’ll share here some souvenirs that we bought while we’re traveling there. We put these souvenirs in our guest room.


Aug 18, 2010

Thinness Obsession

Is this what you want?

Have you ever noticed these facts?
  • Women’s magazines have extra ads and articles encouraging weight loss than men’s magazines.
  • Over three-quarters of women’s magazines covers mention at least one message about how to transform a woman’s physical performance—by diet, exercise or cosmetic surgery.
  • Television and movies emphasize the significance of a thin body as a measure of a woman’s value.
  • Over three-quarters of the female characters in TV situation comedies are skinny. Only one in twenty is higher than average in size. Heavier actresses tend to accept negative comments from male characters about their bodies.
But there’s also good news. Here are some movements to kick the trend.

  • The Quebec magazine Coup de Pouce has integrated full-sized women in their fashion section constantly. Chatelaine has never used touch-up photos and young models who less than 25 years old.

  • Madrid-one of the fashion capitals in the world- has banned ultra-thin models from the runway in 2006.

  • Spain has held lately a project with the purpose to make clothing sizes standardization using a special process (a laser beam) that is used to measure real life women’s bodies.
On the other hand, unfortunately, advertising set of laws in market place. In advertising, thin is potential and there’s still the conviction that only thin models can encourage the sales of beauty products.

So, ladies, now it’s all up to you. Do you choose to be much influenced by women images that you see in media and become obsessed to thinness? Or you just see it as promotion tools. It’s not ‘real’ women. Just be happy and grateful with your current body size and live a healthy life.

Coming Out of Drug Addiction

Have you ever noticed that addiction has turn into troubles that lots of people face at the present time? The addiction cases occur more frequently nowadays. If you don’t have any addiction, it doesn’t mean that your friend or family member will not become an addict.

Let’s say that you’re in different situation. Until now, you’re still struggling with your uncontrollable drug use or alcohol intake. You know that you’re doing something that’s destroying yourself and your life as well, but you find that it is so hard to end and come out of your addiction. You feel that you are keeping drawn into the dark hole and you don’t know how to search the way out.
If you are a drug addict, you’ll build up a drug acceptance, catch drugs to avoid or reduce withdrawal signs (for instance nausea, insomnia, depression, sweating, shaking and anxiety), lose control over your drug consumption, leave behind any activity that you are used to like, and you still carry on using drugs, even though knowing it’s hurting yourself. Drug addiction is really a self-destructive behavior!
Drug addiction is usually called brain disease. The excessive chemicals in drugs will affect your brain straightly. Since your brain is under the drug’s effects; it won’t be functioned as usual. That’s why you feel very difficult to recover from drug addiction just by yourself and in the short of time. There’s no doubt, you must get professional support at Best Drug Rehab to help you out of your addiction.

It’s really significant to select the proper drug rehab as the applied treatment programs will determine the success rate of your healing process.
Best Drug Rehab will provide you with tailored, effective, comprehensive treatment programs and services. Looking at the terrible impact of drug dependence to your health and life, you should obtain addiction treatment at the best drug rehab, right away!

Aug 17, 2010

Our National Flag

Today is Indonesia’s 65th Independence Day. To commemorate it, every house, school and office should rise up or install red white flag.

Aug 16, 2010

Yellow Flowers of Bushes Plants

I still don’t know the name. These plants can grow well without special maintenance. It has yellow bright flowers and you can see the blooming flowers every day. Have you ever seen these flowers? I saw this wild growing plant in Agri Park. Simple but still beautiful!Today's Flowers

Get Addiction Healing Immediately!

Ladies, are you still having problems with your out-of-control drug use or alcohol drinking? Sadly, there are many people that experience the same problem. If it doesn’t happen to you, it can happen to whoever that is close to you.

Addiction, whether is drug addiction or alcohol addiction, is truly self-destructive behaviors and a severe remedial situation. The chemicals in drugs have effects straightly on the human brain and its functioning. Since your brain is not functioning normally, it would be hard for every addict to heal from drug addiction suddenly and without other’s aid. Drug Treatment can become your finest solution, as you’ll get all professional help that you most need.

Too much alcohol intake will endanger your health and ruin your life. Alcoholics can experience poor health, such as dysfunction of the liver and heart. If you’re included the alcoholic, you need Alcohol Treatment immediately.
To obtain the best outcome, you must select the right drug and Alcohol Rehab, as the applied treatment programs will be the foundation for your or your loved one’s healing. Choose a treatment centre that has high success rate and accreditation, and provides you with personalized, effective, comprehensive treatment programs and services. Considering the bad impacts of addiction to your health and life, you must get addiction treatment, as soon as possible!

Aug 13, 2010

Sky Watch: Kujang Monument

Kujang Monument is the sole monument of the Bogor city. Actually, Kujang is a traditional weapon from West Java, Indonesia. This monument is situated at Triangle Park on Jl. Pajajaran, Jl. Otista and Jl. Baranangsiang, Bogor. It commemorated the struggle for Indonesian Independence of people in West Java.
I captured the pictures from inside our car. It’s just my lucky shot as we can’t stop to capture it.

Sky Watch Friday

About Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Benefits

Most women love visiting spas. It’s not only for beauty treatment, but also for health maintenance reason. I’ve ever visited a spa once. One of spa treatments that I most like is body immersing in a hot tub. I feel very relaxed and fresh after doing it. All my stress and fatigue is like being lifted up. It would be a great pleasure if I can do this every day!

hot tubs and spas is not only giving you the relaxation and enjoyment. A Jacuzzi hot tub applies jet of forced air to create water flow and bubbles. It will give you pleasure and healing effects. The warm water in a Jacuzzi hot tub will open your blood vessels and allow blood to circulate smoothly in your body. You can read about different studies results stating health benefits that you can attain by using a hot tub regularly. It’s a valid fact that there are positive effects of hot tubs on various health problems such as joint and muscle soreness, arthritis, stress and migraine, diabetes, back pain and hypertension.
Have you ever noticed that lots of people are turning into natural healing nowadays? The continuous rising in medical cost is one of the main causes; besides the high stress level in people’s daily life. The good news is, from
jacuzzi hot tubs, you can obtain natural healing benefits like hydrotherapy, hydro massage and reflexology. Have the beneficial functions of a hot tub made you consider installing a hot tub at your home?

As buying a hot tub is an important decision for you; make certain that you buy it at the reliable place. You should do a little search to catch all related information about hot tub designs, sizes and normal prices. It will make you able to choose the right hot tub that most suits with your needs, style and budget. After that tiring days, enjoy your valuable times in your new Jacuzzi hot tub, ladies…

Aug 10, 2010

Money Etiquette Issues for You (4)

7. Pulling out of a Financial Commitment

Trouble:You have already committed to join a weekend trip with friends, but the cost is over your budget.

Solution:Remember this. Anytime you're going to divide the cost of something with friends, be obvious about expectations from the beginning: "I can afford economy airline seats but not first class." Or "Can we agree to keep the room under $100 per person per night?"

If a friend makes luxurious reservations before you've discussed it, be honest. Say, "I misunderstood how much you were planning to spend. I can't afford a trip like that right now." If you agreed in the beginning and are backing out, you could offer to pay a portion of the cost, such as the room-cancellation fee.

That's cheaper than paying for a whole trip that you can't pay for. But what if she says she'll lend you the money and you can pay her later? It’s better to refuse it. That can be a way to end up with confronting each other. You don’t want this to happen, right?

8. Dealing with Friends Who Nag about Money
A friend complains that she has no money, and then spends excessively. How do you face this situation?

Is your friend really a cash-strapped shopaholic or just someone who habitually complains about money? It's time to force her into the open. Say something like: “Last week you said you didn't have any money, but then you bought those fancy designer shoes. I'm worried about you. Are you really having financial trouble?'"

If she is in trouble, help her find a financial counselor or look for a good advice book on budgets. But don't get too complicated in her problems, and don't loan her money.

If you anticipate your friend's bluff and tell her you're worried about her, she may become more aware of the money whining and stop doing it.

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Best Solution to Handle Your Car Loading, Servicing and Storing Needs

When we are talking about ramps in general, there are actually lots of ramps types; such as car/truck service ramps, wheelchair ramps, heavy duty ramps, commercial equipment ramps, lawn and garden ramps, pet/dog ramps, motorcycle ramps, and many more. In automotive sector, ramps are very useful items. Automotive car ramps system can be used for car and truck loading, servicing and storing.
For example, you have to move to another town. Besides your home stuffs, you also need to bring your car with you. The proper way is to transport your car with a trailer. To ease the loading and unloading process of your car, you must use car and truck loading ramp systems. It is able to hold a lot of weight per pair. When choosing car loading ramps that most suits with your car; you should ask the seller.

If your car is a small one, you can use portable vehicle ramps. Consider to select loading ramps that have a non-slip surface. It will avoid your car from getting slip when it is loaded and unloaded.
If you a car or small truck owner, perhaps you want to learn to service your car/truck by yourself. To ease you while doing car service, you need truck and car service ramp systems to lift your ride off the ground. With these useful ramps, you can do oil change and other services on the bottom part of your car easier.
Let’s say that you must take a trip and leave your car in the garage for a long time. You should use low profile car ramps to lift your car tires about 3 inches off your moist garage floor. It is the best way to store a car for a long time, as it can avoid dampness that can happen if you let the car tires contact straightly with your garage floor. The plastic low profile car ramps can also be used to display cars and to insert a hydraulic jack or service lift.

For car owners, automotive car ramps systems are surely the must have. You can count on these ramps to handle your car loading, servicing and storing needs.

Aug 8, 2010

Red Cockscomb Flowers

It also called Celosia Brains or Woolflowers. Indonesian people call it bunga Jengger Ayam (Cockscomb). I captured these flowers when I visited Agri Park (Bogor, West java, Indonesia).

The botanical name is Celosia cristata. The genus name Celosia came from the Greek meaning ‘burned’, referring to the blooms’ color. This annual flowering plant grows in warm lands of Africa.

Celosia is an unusual velvety coral-shaped flower that usually comes in shades of red, pink, yellow or orange. Celosia has stringy celery-like stems with leafy foliage, and is treated in Africa as a vegetable. The plant grows wild in hot tropical regions of South America, Africa and South East Asia.

Florists find the flower head of Celosia to be considerably long lasting, while the foliage wilts easily. The flower is bright and original, and looks great in funky arrangements. Source:

Today's Flowers

Aug 6, 2010

Sky Watch: Sun and Dark Clouds

The sun was 'trying' to come out from dark clouds. I captured these moments in one afternoon.

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