Jun 30, 2011

Makeover Tips for Women

Sometimes it’s just time to put yourself first for a change and treat your mind and body to an all over makeover. We all need to be pampered every now and then and whether it’s the kids, that mental job or relationship or family commitments, we are often the last ones to get any attention. Maybe you’re self conscious about your eyebrows and want to enquire about getting an eyebrow transplant, or perhaps you’ve always wanted to find out if blondes really do have more fun? Whatever you want to makeover we’ve got the lowdown on how to give your body what it needs:

Write it out
First off, we aren’t talking about a list of things you need to ‘fix.’ This is a list of things you want to makeover. This could be everything from toning up your body, which is more of a long term makeover goal, to things like getting your colours done so you can find out what tones work best with your skin tone.

Be kind to yourself
The above list is to help you identify what you want to makeover, and it shouldn’t be everything! Take time to think about things about yourself that you like and don’t ever need to change.

Take timeout
Now that you’ve made your list take the time you need to begin your makeover. Don’t feel guilty for doing this. If you don’t set a few hours a week aside for yourself, you are likely to simply not get it.

Making-over your mind
It’s easy to focus entirely on the outside but what about making over the inside? Is there a new skill you’ve always wanted to learn? Do you take time out everyday to try to relax and unwind? If you’re stressed you can’t be your best. Look after yourself, make a list of a few positive affirmations and say them before you start your day and give your mind some TLC.

Major areas you want to change
You may want to get your teeth fixed, or perhaps you want to get a breast enhancement? Make enquiries with a number of cosmetic surgeons and find out which one is best suited for what you want. These are areas you want to really take time to find out who is the best person to help you get the results you want. A process not to be rushed.

Phone a friend
You may have friends or close colleagues who have had a particular surgery done that you would like to get done too. Ask them who they had do the surgery/procedure and if they were happy with the results. Referrals are often the best way to find a great doctor/dentist/surgeon.

We all need to focus a little attention on ourselves from time to time and there’s nothing wrong with doing that. All women have to wear many hats in a day and can often be the last ones to give themselves any attention. You owe it to yourself to give your mind and body the pampering it deserves. I hope our tips have given you some helpful advice about how to go about giving yourself a makeover that will make you feel and look great!

Jun 29, 2011

A Nostalgia House

This house is becoming a hot topic for my blogs this week. I’ll post it again in Nostalgia post since it very relates with memories, especially my father's. When I stayed in this house, my age was under three years old. Still too young to remember all details of the house.

My father worked at national electricity company. When he was placed in Bogor (West Java, Indonesia), his position was the Branch Head. He and all family were allowed to stay in an official house, the beautiful big house that has Dutch colonial building structure. After four years, my father moved to another town and left the house.

I spent my college days in Bogor. Retiring in 1996, my father decided to buy a house in Bogor and accompanied me here. We live together in the same house until now.

Back to this nostalgia house again. Located in Ceremai St, it’s not far from our home. Before, we sometimes passed by the house; and it looked empty. About one year ago, I noticed that the house has transformed into a café.

Though it has opened for public for months, we just visited the café last Sunday. My father looked interested and wanted to see around the café. He also told one staff that he had ever lived there. Fortunately, the staff was kind enough to take us wandering around.

My father still remembers well all details. During our lunch, he told us interesting stories that happened in this house. Here are some interesting stories : a gardener who got possessed (by a spirit) after felling the mango tree in the back yard, a woman helper who gave birth a baby by herself in the back room (she didn’t tell my mom about her pregnancy) and baby-me who always crying every coming dusk. The house now is becoming a horror-themed café. Did the café owner hear these stories and then decided to create a horror style? I don’t know.

Jun 28, 2011

Windows 8: Features that Will Make it a Breeze to Install and Repair

Everyone one who is a PC and Windows user probably knows about the blue screen of death by now. When that screen appears on your Windows based machine, you know something has gone seriously wrong, you have lost data, and there is little you can do about it. It normally means you will have to reinstall the whole system.

A Windows 8 blue screen will apparently exist. It might even be black as some rumours have it. That can be a little concerning for all of us. It does imply there could be those serious problems will occur with Windows 8. On the other hand, there are a number of features that will exist to make it much easy to install our system, applications and recover if something goes seriously wrong. Installing Windows 8, and repairing it will not be the hassle we are currently used to with Windows. Here is a look at the reasons why.

· Installation.Windows 8 will not come in the form of a disk. However, it is probable one will be available online if you have some strange reason why the easy installation from the soon to be announced Windows 8 website. Essentially, Windows 8 will rotate around the website for it. This will mean installation and updating of your machine is designed to be an online activity. Windows 8 will install, and it will install the best configuration for your machine.
· Update.Windows already regularly updates, or wants to update itself as an online activity. This will be no different with Windows 8. The way this happens, might be a little different. Instead of heavy and slow downloads, the system will appear more like a cloud operating system, in that updates will be instantly integrated into the system.
· When Disaster Strikes. There is one feature that we will all be very happy about. The Windows 8 system will have a push button reset feature. If you do happen to have a situation where your operating system crashes, and you do get that black or blue screen or death, there will be the choice to reset you operating system to the original factory settings at the push of a button WITHOUT losing any of your data. An excellent feature that will take a whole lot of pain out of using Windows for all of us. More often than not, it is the fear of making changes that might result in disaster, that makes us feel nervous and overly cautious with our PCs. This will no longer be the case. Do what you like, because if all goes wrong, you can reset it with ease.
· Apps.Windows 8 is designed to incorporate the language of web-based applications into the system better than any other system that exists today. This will mean web-based applications will run extremely fast and take full advantage of the whole machine’s processing power, and not just use the processing power available for that single browser.

On top of that, all Windows 8 applications will be available from a single App Store. Something Apple users are very used to. This will mean searching for apps and software will be a thing of the past. Microsoft will also release web-based versions of your favourite apps, such as Microsoft Office, as Office 365. This will mean the application is actually not on your machine, but on the Microsoft server. There are a number of benefits of this, but that is another whole article.

Windows 8 can be expected to be a leap forward in the world of computing, and a welcome and safe experience for all Windows users. It will bring together all those companies, developers and manufacturers producing all that software and hardware under one roof.

Jun 25, 2011

Siraman Traditional Ceremony

Siraman (bathing) is one of traditional ceremonies (in Sundanese and Javanase culture of Indonesia) that held before the wedding day. The main meaning is to cleanse the soul and body of would-become bride and groom; before marriage vows are said in the next day. It’s not a must-do ceremony, you may skip it.

I just describe it a little here. Siraman (bathing traditional ceremony) is usually held in the afternoon, in the bathroom or in the yard, at each house of parents’ bride. It’s very important to list seven people who will pour water to the bride/groom. Not only parents, it could be also close family and elder people in the family. The water should be from the good nature water source and flowers such as roses and jasmines are blended into the water. I didn't capture the real moments since I came late to my aunt's house.

Getting Best Professional Debt Advice

Of course, no one wants insolvency or bankruptcy. But if you can’t repay your debts and you think that there’s no other option, perhaps being officially bankrupt could become your way out; although it’s a hard way.

Bankruptcy is a lawful status of an individual or an organization that can’t pay back the debts it owes to the creditors. At present time, bankruptcy is more often initiated by the insolvent individual or organization. These debtors assume bankruptcy as a right way to solve their debts problems. All assets can be applied to pay debts. The debtors must agree to definite restrictions and their financial matters will be examined.

There’s no doubt, bankruptcy will cost you much. You’ll experience the negative effects until a few years ahead. To avoid any following regret, before submitting bankruptcy application; you must get professional debt advice first. You can visit Bainesandernst.co.uk to get trusted debt advice. They will support you in deciding whether the bankruptcy is the right solution for dealing with your recent bad debts.

At the website, you can obtain immediate personal debt advice from the experts by simply answering some questions. It’s really a quick help! Guys, don’t hesitate to contact them every time you need their debt advice.

Best Place to Buy and Sell Mobile Phones

Between various gadgets in the market, mobile phones are already becoming the most popular gadget that almost every one uses. A mobile phone isn’t only an efficient communication tool but also becoming a part of someone’s life style. Due to advanced technology, mobile phones can really make your life easier.

The functions of mobile phones are escalating continuously. From its basic function in only communication field; nowadays you can get another advantages of a mobile phone as your helper in emergency situation, your data storage and entertainment device. If you need to extend more your mobile phone’s functions, you can install various specific applications that you require. Isn’t it great?

Guys, what kind of mobile phone that you have now? Do you need to change your recent mobile phone? Whether you’re interested to buy a new or a second one, you must buy it at a reliable store. If you live in UK; it’s much recommended to get mobile phones at Cash Generator; you can shop online and at their retail stores!

At the site -cashgenerator.co.uk/mobile-phones- you’ll easily find many mobile phones of various top brands that offered in best prices. They provide you with quality items; whether brand new or second hand ones. If you have unnecessary mobile phones which still in good condition; you can sell it to them and get instant cash instead.

Started in 1994, with a trusted online store and over 150 retail stores, Cash Generator has been becoming a famous buy, sell and loan discount retailer in the UK. Based on their huge amount of stores, Cash Generator is also included the Top 10 UK discount retailers. So, what are you waiting for anymore?

Things to Remember for a Family Outing to the Pool

Every summer one of the most ordinary getaways families choose is an outing to the pool. The warmth of the sun just makes it perfect to play with the kids in the water and have a fun bonding moment. Before going to an outing planning is essential so you are prepared, not only to have fun but in case anything goes wrong. To make sure that you get all the things you need in your suitcases, here are a few things you should bear in mind for a family outing to the pool.

First things first, you need to plan in advance if you want to make certain that you have a fun and exciting outing. Deciding on the time and the venue for the outing can take some time so it is a good idea to plan at least 2 weeks ahead. It is good to select the date when everyone is free and has no other important things to do. This is so they don’t have to worry about anything during the outing. When it comes to the venue, make sure you find a place that is family friendly. It is a fine idea to search online for the best venue and look reviews of their prior customers. Make all the essential reservations so you make sure you will have an accommodation.

Next comes packing. Sunscreen, swimsuits,
swim shirts, hats, foods, and drinks are the most significant things you should bring. When choosing a sunscreen, go for something that has at least SPF 30. Hats are also necessary so you can guard your face from the scorching heat of the sun. Make sure to bring some food and drinks for the trip also, that way you can save some money.

When it comes to bathing suits, always take an additional just in case you require them. A good swimsuit could be something that has a built in SPF for more protection against the sun. There are a variety of them being sold online. If you are in search of plus size bikinis or
plus size swim shorts, don’t worry they have those too. If you have children coming with you, you can try baby banz. They provide everything you need for your children to wear for a fun day at the pool.

Do not overlook to carry you’re a first aid kit, especially if you have children. If playing gets a little rough, you can treat scratches and wounds. If you have babies coming with you, don’t forget all their things. Make sure to bring their bassinet so they have a protected place to sleep in. It is also good to take a camera so you can capture all the enjoyable moments with your family.

All in all, keep in mind to arrange everything ahead of time so you don’t end up cramming. There is nothing more fun than a day spent with whole family together so make sure you treasure every moment. Keep the children always in sight to make sure their safety. Have fun!

Jun 24, 2011

Sky Watch: Looking through Weeds

Though growing wild, weeds can frame this sunset beautifully.
I also want to share a sweet poem by Lilli Singh :

Listen to the Sunset

Listen to the sunset,
Hear its silent sigh
As it falls down the horisen
Warning, the moon is nigh

Listen to the sunset
Hear its silent threat
That darkness will be upon us
It makes everyone upset

Listen to the sunset
The vanity of its words
How beautiful this sunset is
With its colour, and birds

Listen to the sunset
See its pretty hue
But I cant enjoy the sunset
If I am not with you

All the pretty colours are meaningless
So are the birds, and the sounds
Because it all means nothing to me
If you are not around

Just remember this though,
Promise you wont forget,
Even if your far away,
We'll be watching the same sunset

So listen to the sunset
Enjoy its beauty true
When you see it, think of me
And I will think of you

Sky Watch Friday

China Care Foundation- Helping Orphans with a New Life

It is somewhat known that living conditions in China can be quite harsh for the majority of the population there. It is also known that due to the population boom there is a cap put in place that limits the amount of children a family can have to 1.

So if a child is born with a disability or abnormality they are usually abandoned to underfunded and crowded orphanages. This is a sad tale indeed, but then enters Matt Dalio, a young man looking for his Eagle Scout project and wanted to do some good in the world.

Having lived in China as a boy, Matt Dalio became aware of the hardships Chinese orphans face at a young age. So when he got the opportunity to help, he wasted no time and started the China Care Foundation. The foundation raises funds so Chinese orphans can afford to get simple surgeries, which in turn make them more adoptable. That is what the foundation was at its inception and initially was only out to raise about $50,000. Matt Dalio and his foundation has grown quite a bit since then. They have currently raised over $1.5 million, helped 80 children be adopted in American families, helped put 90 children into Chinese foster families, raised money to preform over 100 surgeries and renovated 3 different orphanages. So far the China care foundation has done a lot of good and shows little sign of slowing down. If you or anyone you know would like to get involved in the China Care foundation, go to chinacare.org.

Jun 23, 2011

Getting Financial Solution from Payday Loans Online

Have you ever been in situation when you must cover unanticipated expenses? It could be extra expenses for medical cost, car service, higher than usual invoices and any other emergency needs. You need extra cash, but unfortunately; your payday is still a few weeks ahead. I think you and many other people have ever experienced similar financial problems. What can you do to get immediate cash?

Things can be worst if you also have bad credit score and credit issue. It would be very hard for you to get added fund from traditional loans. Don’t worry, there’s still other solution for you. First, have you ever heard about loans called payday loans? This loan is a kind of short-time loan that can offer urgent money before your next payday. The common amount of a payday loan is between $100 and $500. Some lenders at payday loan companies can offer larger amount; but it usually will affect to higher fees and rates. This sort of loan can be your best financial solution since the approval process doesn’t need credit check and credit issue doesn’t consider in the requirements.

Before applying to any payday loans company; it would be a great idea if you do some researches first to get needed information. Visiting trusted websites such as Thedailyskunk.com and Nofxfans.com will give you reliable reference. By reading all information at the resource websites, you’ll know almost every thing about how to apply payday loan, where to submit payday loan online application, and the needed requirements that you must fulfill.

Based on information in the FAQ section, you can appraise yourself; whether you are qualified or not to apply payday loans online. Don’t submit your application if you don’t meet all requirements; such as your position in recent occupation is still less than 90 days.

If you are able to meet all criteria, you can move to another step. Every payday loan company will offer you with different fees and rates. When choosing the right company that suits your particular needs, you should focus on factors that becoming your top priority. Make sure that you have chosen the right payday loan plan that offers best deal to you.

The main purpose of applying a payday loan is to solve your immediate cash problem. Since the interests tend to higher than other loan, make certain again that you can manage to repay your payday loan. Reconsider if it only gives you another problem and harder times!

Our Marriage Books

I’ve promised last week that I’ll share our marriage books. From its cover, it looks like passport. Mine is the green one, and my husband holds the brown one. Besides the personal data of the married couple; there is other important information inside.

You can read the marriage advices for couple, guidance to reach a happy marriage, rights and obligations of a husband and a wife in a marriage. Both rights and obligations are described in detail into mutual right/obligation, husband’s and wife’s rights, and also husband’s and wife’s obligation. Since our wedding day almost nine years ago, I’ve just read my marriage book again.

A Helpful Currency Converter

Every country in this world has its own currency. That’s why you can find that there are many different currencies worldwide. If you go to another country, you can’t use your country’s currency there. You must change your money into the local currency. The currencies between two countries can be exchanged one another at the rate called a foreign-exchange rate. You can consider this rate as the worth of one country’s currency in terms of another currency.

If you often travel to other countries or conduct foreign-exchange trading, you would often deal with different currencies. To ease you in exchanging money process, you need a tool like Currency Converter, a specific calculator that facilitates in transforming one currency into another. With this tool, finding the equal value of two different currencies would be much easier.

In a borderless world that happens at this time, many people require Money Converter to ease their finance activities. International travelers or business people could use money converters to help them changing their money to the local currency without any hassle. Then they could expend money for fulfilling their needs and wants in the visited countries. If you’re a forex trader; you’ll also need this tool. You can determine money equivalents with fast and easy. It’s really a big help!

Nowadays, there are already available lots of currency conversion sites. You should choose one conversion site that also provides you with other important information that could be your reliable reference. At a trustworthy website, some exchange rates of important currencies in the worldwide would be displayed in a live table. To make any proper decision, you need accurate data of live exchange rates! There’s no doubt, in this recent modern world, money converter is already becoming a practical and helpful tool that many people should be grateful!

Jun 22, 2011

Looking for a Reliable Windows Hosting?

Nowadays, every business owner should have their own business websites; especially if your business is an online type. You’ve already known that internet has been used by many people to search for information. So, you must ensure that you use the right domain name that can describe your business. Not only the right domain name, you should also place the domain in Reliable Windows Hosting.

To gain successful online marketing and achieve the most benefit of your website, you need best support and service from a website hosting. Hostingfest.com is a recommended Cheap Windows Hosting; check out the website to know all benefits that you can get!

Jun 21, 2011

Tips for Improving Your Kids Confidence around Water

If you have a backyard pool or if you spend a lot of time around water, such as at the beach, by a river or lake, it is important that your kids feel confident and safe. Many children unfortunately drown each year, and many in backyard pools, so it is important they are educated about water safety, that they are taught how to swim and that your pool area is secured by a safety fence. You want your children to be able to enjoy their time spent around water, especially as many families like to spend their summer holidays by the beach or at a pool. For children that don't swim well one way to help build their confidence is to buy them floatation aids that assist them when swimming. These can be bought from any pool supplies store.

Swimming Lessons

Every child should be taught how to swim. All public pools and some private ones offer lessons. Make sure they are accredited and that they are run by fully qualified swimming teachers. Your children can start lessons from around the age of six months, although these lessons are more about water familiarisation. A weekly lesson will cost you around ten dollars but it is well worth it, particularly for the peace of mind. It will also mean your children will not be afraid of the water which is a big problem with children who can't swim.

Be there for them

Let your children know that you will always keep them safe. Always be there watching when they are swimming and don't take your eyes off them. It is a good idea to undertake a first aid course and learn how to resuscitate. Hopefully you will never need to do this but it is a valuable skill to have and first aid courses are not that expensive.

Join a club

Improve your kids confidence around water by increasing the number of activities they actually do around water. If you live near a beach enrol your child in the local life saving club. As well as being fantastic community clubs they offer great opportunities for kids and get them involved in all sorts of activities, as well as getting them outside and exercising. If you don't live near a beach your child might want to join a local swimming team, which will not only improve their swimming skills but they can begin to compete at swimming competitions. For those who don't like getting wet so much there are other activities on the water that they can get involved in like sailing, canoeing or kayaking. Groups like Cubs and Scouts do lots of different activities, and many of them involve water.


Teaching your kids about pool safety is also important, and even have rules in place if you own a pool, such as no running around the pool, no diving in the shallow end or jumping on to pool toys. Make sure that your children know to always shut the safety gate around your pool, particularly if they have younger brothers or sisters who don't know how to swim.

My niece, Hana, and his father were playing with waves on Pangandaran Beach (West Java, Indonesia). She isn't afraid of water but she always be careful when around the pool and beach. Ruby Tuesday

Jun 20, 2011

Frangipani Flower

These common flowers are popular for their unique sweet-scented clusters of colorful, bright, waxy and lifelong flowers. The trees produce flowers ranging from yellow to pink.

Do you want to know the history behind the flower’s name? Frangipani was the name of an Italian perfume used to scent gloves in the 16th century and named after its maker, Marquis Frangipani. When the frangipani flower was found, its natural perfume reminded people of the scented gloves and so the flower was called Frangipani. The genus name, Plumeria honors Charles Plumier, a 17th century French botanist.

Today's Flowers

data source:google

Jun 17, 2011

Enjoying Your Favorite Music Video

Seeing a music video is like watching a mini musical movie. Many people love watching music videos as it can be so inspiring. You can’t only listen to the music but also enjoy the visualized music. Since most people prefer to memorize more visual things, music videos are also becoming the popular marketing strategy in recent music industry.

Every song has its own story and message. If it’s described visually well in an attractive music video package; surely it will attract more fans. My nephew is becoming a Linkin Park fan, after watching Linkin Park Iridescant for several times.

Ladies, have you ever seen the latest single of Katy Perry? I’ve just seen Katy Perry Last Friday Night Video; it’s a hilarious one! In her new music video, Katy Perry appears as a female teenaged nerd. You’ll feel like watching a mini movie within duration about 8 minutes. The video is very interesting to watch. Many famous stars are becoming cameos here. You should see it!

If you love Jason Derulo’s previous songs; don’t miss checking out his new video Jason Derulo Don't Wanna Go Home. Whatever kind of your desired music and artist; it would be more fun and enjoyable if you watch your favorite music videos at the special music video site! Since enjoying music can decrease your daily stress, why don’t you often do it?

Five Safety Tips Your Children Should Learn

It is important that your children learn all about keeping themselves safe, avoiding danger and being wary of strangers. You don't want to frighten your children but there are things you can teach them so they are more aware of the dangers that they could come across. Unfortunately the reality is that sometimes accidents and bad things happen, and there are people out there who have no concern for others and their safety. Take appropriate steps yourself to protect your family, and installing security doors and security screens is a good start.

Don't open the door to strangers

You need to teach your children about the hazard of strangers. Not everyone is a danger, of course not, but it is impossible to tell who is a friend and who is a foe. Even as adults we can't always tell and this is something that is even harder for children who are often quite trusting of adults. Teaching them that they should never open the front door if someone knocks is a start. Either they let you answer it or they open the front door but leave the security door shut and locked. With a security door you can still see out and speak to the person, but with a lot of security doors they can't see in.

Never go with a stranger

This is a vital lesson to teach your children. They should never accept a lift from someone they don't know or accept an offer by someone to walk them home. You hear cases where some children have been grabbed by strangers and put into cars and kidnapped. Don't frighten your child but warn them of the dangers of strangers and that if anything like this was ever to happen to them they should make as much noise as possible and try to fight off their attacker, unless they have a weapon.

Be careful around water

Every year there are many incidents of children drowning. To help our children it is important that they firstly learn to swim, but also that you teach them the importance of keeping safe around water. Swimming at the beach or in rivers presents many hazards as there are a lot of unknown factors, like the force of the tides and rips at the beach and underwater hazards in rivers, like tree branches and rocks. Teach your children that diving into water that they don't know the depth of is extremely dangerous. Also always make sure they swim between the flags at the beach. When they are swimming in a pool they still need to be careful, knowing not to dive into the shallow end or run around the edges in case they slip.


Have a plan in place in case there is a fire in your home and have your family practice what you would do. Teach your children to get down and crawl to safety, as dangerous smoke and fumes rise, and if they need to go through a door to check to see if it's hot first in case there is a fire on the other side. Show them where you will assemble outside, preferably on the footpath on the other side of the room. Tell them they are to get themselves out and not worry about any belongings or pets.


When your children are very young you need to lock up any dangerous or poisonous substances, but later once your children are old enough you need to explain that they can't play with chemicals or hazardous materials. It is a good idea to have a list of phone numbers stuck on the fridge, including all the correct emergency numbers.

image: google

The Moon, Blue Sky and Lyric

This blue moon was captured on Sunday, June 12th. Seeing its beauty makes me remember this song. I captured the moon in the front of my BIL's house.

Blue Moon
Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald
Blue moon, you saw me standin' alone

Without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own
Blue moon, you knew just what I was there for
You heard me sayin' a prayer for
Someone I really could care for
And then there suddenly appeared before me

The only one my arms will hold
I heard somebody whisper "please adore me"
And when I looked, the moon had turned to gold
Blue moon, now I'm no longer alone

Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own
And then there suddenly appeared before me

The only one my arms will ever hold
I heard somebody whisper "please adore me"
And when I looked, the moon had turned to gold
Blue moon, now I'm no longer alone

Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own
Lorenz Hart, Richard Rodgers
Sky Watch Friday

Jun 16, 2011

A Marriage Certificate

Not only my mom’s diplomas, I also found my parent’s marriage certificate. They got married at November 4th, 1963. I love seeing their photos! Look at my mom's outfit; she's so fashionable. The certificate has been laminated; it surely can keep the paper from damage. Nowadays, the marriage certificate are in book format; every husband and wife holds one marriage book. I guess I'll share our marriage books another time.

Getting Instant Cash from Payday Loans

During your daily life, there’s always a possibility that you may face unexpected moments. To handle those emergency things, you often need extra income and immediate cash. You must cover extra expenses here; but your payday is still weeks ahead! Since you don’t have adequate savings; what can you do to get instant cash? Other people who have similar financial problem will apply instant payday loans to solve their problem in a short time. So, why don’t you try it as well?

Why recently there’s an increase in people applying for personal payday loans online? Many people prefer to choose this type of loan as credit scores aren’t required in the approval process. Whether you have bad credit scores or issues, you can get your payday loan.

If you’ve decided to fulfill your immediate cash need with applying payday loans no faxing; you should gather further information first. To search the right payday loans site, you can visit resource sites such as luxurygaze.com, mslevantine.com, and nofxfans.com. It can help you in selecting reliable payday loans sites.

One recommended payday loan site is paydayloansonlinepad.com. You won’t face any difficulty, as the online application process is easy and quick. You will obtain direct approval on your loan submission. After the loan approval, the required cash will be transferred into your account. It’s easy, fast and very helpful!

Looking for High Quality Ebooks?

Reading is really a good habit. Don’t you agree with that? Due to advanced technology, now you can read book in paper and electronic format. A book in electronic format is called an ebook. It can be downloaded to any gadget such as computer, laptop, PDA, Ipad, and is appeared on the screen. Each ebook can has pages, table of contents, images and graphics. It precisely looks like paper book or traditional book!

Nowadays, you can find various ebooks available in internet. But when it comes to academic literature and textbooks; perhaps you wonder if you can get it in ebook format. If you’re in quest of academic literature and other non-fiction ebooks; you should catch it at bestebookseshop.com, a reliable online ebook store that provides you with more than 120.000 books in about 30 different fields. All books are offered in best prices; most of them are lower than retail books.

At bestebookseshop.com, you’ll discover quality ebooks within exact sciences, social science, nature science, engineering, information technology, economy and finance, educational, along with other academic and special subjects. The ebook store is very user friendly. You’ll find what you’re looking for without any hassle! Visit the ebook store, discover your needed ebooks, enjoy their special offers and profitable prices. Happy shopping and reading!

Easiest Way to Convert Your Blog into iPhone Application

Have you ever heard of Bloapp? It’s surely a very useful tool for you who have blogs! You can apply this advanced instrument to transform your blog into an application on the iPhone. It’s fast, easy and free!

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Jun 15, 2011

The Toys to Suit the Kids’ Perennial Problem

Every parent, aunt, uncle and family friend knows the problem- The right toys! What toys can you get that won’t bore the kids, will keep them happy, and maybe (gasp) help their learning. The problem is that that’s not always the problem. Kids are highly social, and it’s not always just their own interest that’s involved. Their friends will get in on the act, too.

The trick is to find something that’s truly new, as well as interesting and fun. Very young kids will get interested in anything, as everyone knows, but a little later on they’ll also be interested in exploring. This is where more complex toys meet more complex needs, and it’s a good way to really find out which toys are really wanted and “socially acceptable”.

Toys are more than toys
Some toys are prestige things for kids. The well known demand for a toy like another kid has, for instance, is a real social issue. Toys have status. Even the most tactful child, confronted with a toy which is too passé for their age, will cringe at the sight of these things. The highly valued toys are a combination of the crowd pleasers and the child’s own special interests. Any parent having a really bright, intelligent child will recognize the issues- What’s the best choice for the extremely important personal interests, and what are the socially good toys?

As a matter of fact, toys are still toys in some ways, as long as they fit the bill. A toy like a basketball or anything very active and play-based is always appreciated, by everyone. Anything from a dinosaur to a remote controlled toy will get a lot of interest, too. The trick is to get the information you need to find the cool toys and avoid the uncool toys.

The quick way to find the right toy- Be sneaky!
Fortunately for parents, there are a lot of options available, particularly if you check out the huge ranges of
online toys. Here you can find anything from toddler toys to the very high quality National Geographic toys for ages 6 and upwards. The good news is that you can get a lot of attention when you’ve got something on a screen to show your kids, and some comments.

You can ask with that convincing parental innocence/ ignorance which is so useful at times what something is when you “accidentally” bump into it. You’ll probably get a lecture, but you’ll also definitely get a good idea of what’s interesting and what’s not, instantly. If you get almost total silence and fascination, you’ve hit the jackpot. If you get a sort of grown up kid response, you’ve found a lemon.

If you’ve got a kid with real internet savvy, a quick check of the bookmarks will tell the tale about what’s cool pretty effectively. Another good trick is to follow the big name brands in the areas of interest. These are a very good guide to prices and quality.

When you get the right toy, you’ll know.

Jun 14, 2011

A Safe Toy

For Ruby Tuesday, I share here an Ultraman toy which belongs to my nephew, Fatih, 6 years old. I think it can be a good example of safe and fun toy. This Ultraman is unbreakable and very flexible; you can create various interesting poses, hehehe.
If you’re looking for safe toys for your kids, here are the shopping tips :

Under 3 years oldKids under 3 have a tendency to put everything in their mouths. Avoid buying toys for older children which may have little pieces that pose a choking danger.
Never let children of any age play with broken balloons because of the choking danger.
Avoid marbles, balls, and games with balls that have a diameter of 1.75 inches or less. These products also pose a choking hazard to young children.
Children at this age still like pulling and twisting toys. Find toys that are well-made with strongly secured eyes, noses and other parts.
Avoid toys that have sharp edges and points.

Ages 3 through 5Avoid toys that are made from thin, brittle plastic that might easily break into small pieces or leave rough edges.
Look for household art materials, including crayons and paint sets, marked with the designation "ASTM D-4236." This means the product has been reviewed by a toxicologist and, if necessary, labeled with warning information.
Teach older children to keep their toys away from their younger brothers and sisters.

Ages 6 through 12For all children, adults should check toys periodically for fracture and potential hazards. Damaged or dangerous toys should be repaired or thrown away.
If buying a toy gun, be sure the barrel, or the entire gun, is brightly colored so that it's not mistaken for a real gun.
If you buy a bicycle for any age child, buy a helmet too, and make sure the child wears it.
Teach all children to put toys away when they're ended playing so they don't fall on them.


Jun 11, 2011

The Dangers of Botox: It is Not for Everyone

Botox injections are on the increase. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good. In Australia, there are a number of clinics in the capital cities offering this treatment. Botox is probably the most popular in Australia because it is the city where more people want to look good, and probably because it has the highest gay community in the country. Botox is not cheap, and if you are going to choose based on price, you are probably going to get a poor treatment. Here is a look at some of the preparation you should do yourself before you even consider getting it. There are a number of dangers, and it is not for everyone.

Avoid Alcohol. Avoiding alcohol for at least 2 weeks before you get the treatment is absolutely necessary. You should consult with your physician on what medications you are currently taking. It may be necessary for you to stop those medications for some amount of time before you can have the procedure. If you cannot stop those medications, you might not be able to have the procedure.

Botox is a Poison. It is important to understand that Botox itself is a poison. It is a protein produced by bacteria. Botox is actually a brand name, and it is produced by a number of pharmaceutical companies. You must discuss this with your physician.

Main Problems. The main problems seem to occur when the injected toxin starts to spread. There will be swelling and a certain amount of discomfort for a number of days after the procedure. It is important you do not massage the area where you received the injections. There are many reports of detailed cases where the toxin has spread to other parts of the body causing muscle weakness and even trouble with breathing.

Professionals Only. It is only those who are highly skilled in the administration of this treatment who can be trusted. Be wary of any clinic that is offering large discounts compared with normal prices. Remember, there has been a large increase in the number of clinics that offer this procedure because it is a real money maker.

Variety of Services. Botox injections are only one treatment, and should be used in conjunction with other treatments, such as, microdermabrasion – peeling of the skin. A professional clinic will have a full range of services and will not immediately offer you botox injections until they are satisfied that is what you need. Looking younger comes from living healthier. Changes in your lifestyle, what you eat, and how well you sleep, can all go a long way to making you look better.

Change of Lifestyle. If you are looking old for your age, it is probably a result of your lifestyle. A good physician will not be selling you on the benefits of botox injections without discussing your lifestyle and other treatments that may be appropriate for you. Lifestyle changes may be called for first.

If you are considering botox, understand it is a serious decision. Your lifestyle changes are what you should be thinking about first.

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