Jul 29, 2010

Nostalgia: Memorable Houses (2)

This time, I still share the house that we’ve ever lived at. This big and beautiful house is located in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. It’s really a big house and it has large front and back yard. I remember that we took care several rabbits that running and jumping here and there on the back yard; and my mother had many

I stayed in this house just for four years (1978-1982), as we must move again to another town. It was my first four years in elementary school. I was so sad when to know that I must leave this beautiful house.


To Share and Grant Wishes

A wish is a hope or desire for something. Have you any wish that you really want to make it comes true; but you aren’t capable to bring it into reality? It can be said that you face obstacles in achieving your wish. It’s not only about your personal wish; perhaps you have wishes for your family and friends, and for other matters. Have you ever thought to share the wish with others?

I invite you to visit
Tree of Wishes; as you can post your wish there. It’s like hanging your wishes on a real tree of wishes; then you can hope that one day your dreams will be come true.

At Tree of Wishes, you can find different wishes from people. As an example for you, there’s one wish from a daughter to her mother that I’ve ever read:

“….Our goal is to fly her out to Guatemala and give her a birthday with her whole family and parents and try to make up for what she missed all this years. It’s the least we can do for someone who gave us all she could. Please help me touch her heart with a celebration to her struggles, accomplishments and the love we all share!”

Does her wish touch your deepest heart? Well, let’s talk in different side now. Let’s say that you’re included people that have capability and big concern in helping other people. You believe that helping people is the best way to succeed in life. For you, helping other people can make you happy and you will feel that you’re living in a valuable life that has meaning and purpose.

When helping people, you should consider focusing on what the needs. Fulfilling someone’s needs is like helping other to grant the wish. Your help will become very valuable! That’s why Tree of Wishes is created. The website will allow people to share their wishes and let other people to grant the wishes.

Jul 28, 2010

Money Etiquette Issues (3)

5.Contributing to Group Gifts

Trouble: The birthday of your child’s teacher is a few days left. Some of the other parents want to get an expensive group gift for the teacher, and it's more than you are able to spend. Speak up or pay up?

Solution: If one of the moms or dads in your child's class has already purchased the generous gift and is announcing what each family owes, you can thank the person for making such a nice choice but tell her/him, “We already had another gift in mind, so we won't be able to contribute”.

Then you can buy something in your own price range. The other option: If the present is still being decided upon and you'd like to make the case for something more modest, send a friendly group e-mail to all the parents. Make a specific suggestion, such as a gift certificate to the teacher's favorite coffee shop, with a suggested per-person contribution. If they all agree, offer to pick up the gift yourself.

6. Paying Your Way
: A few friends make more money than you do, and they brush aside your sincere efforts to pay your way. You feel like a charity case. How do you handle it?

Solution: Let people be generous, and you can find creative, inexpensive ways to give in return. People who have money to spare are often thrilled to share their good fortune with friends.

And if your wealthy patrons had leaner days, someone may have done the same for them. Be gracious and say "thank you." How? A simple photo album of your trip together or an inexpensive basket of homemade goodies is a lovely gesture. And don't shy away from inviting these friends to do things that are cheaper. Real friends just want to spend time with you. Cost is not the issue.

Source: realsimple.com

Jul 25, 2010

Bitter Gourd Flower (Momordica charantia)

Bitter gourd flowers are yellow, and its bitter fruit is edible. Do you like it? (I do). Bitter gourd is a creeping plant, native to tropical Africa, however today can be found in all tropical regions of the world.

The fruits are four-sided figure with a light green to greenish-white, waxy skin. In some countries, included my country, Indonesia, the fruit is cooked and eaten. The fruit is edible when harvested green and cooked. The taste is bitter. It has twice the potassium of bananas and is also rich in vitamin A and C. Used to cleanse the blood, decrease blood sugar levels and to fight gastrointestinal problems. Source:

Bitter gourd can grow well here. My father plants it in our front yard. A few days ago, some flowers were blooming. I share here this vegetable flower for
Today's Flowers. Have a great week ahead…

Best Hair Salon in North Texas

Female friends, how often do you visit salon in a month? Twice, three times, four times, or perhaps more than that? Well, I’m a kind of woman who seldom visits a salon. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to have a beautiful hair. The main problem is, until now, I still can’t find the alternate hair salon of my previous favorite one that must be closed a year ago.

Where do you live currently? If you live in North Texas, well, you’re a lucky woman! My college friend who stays there has ever told me that she has found the best salon ever. She always recommends Splurge Salon to every friend of hers; include me, though it’s very far from my place.
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-->hair salon in Double Oak or -->hair salon in Lantana TX.

If your hair needs special conditioning treatment, you should visit
kerastase salons in Dallas; you’ll get finest treatment in customized deep conditioning, using Kerastase advanced formula technologies. You should try it to obtain your hair best appearance!

Visit the website to get more detailed information. You can also make online appointment with your favorite hair specialist, so, you don’t need to wait for your turn. Ladies, don’t hesitate to visit Splurge Salon, the best place to get better hair style and appearance in North Texas. Enjoy your improved hair performance, ladies…

Best Way to Protect Your Income

Have you ever heard of income protection insurance or sickness and accident insurance? If you are included working people, you should consider having this kind of insurance. As one of personal insurance products, income protection insurance can give a proportion of your income (up to 75%) if you’re in the short term incapable to work because of sickness and accident. It will pay you up until you come back to work, or if you can’t work again, up until retirement age.

If you live in Australia right now, you should get help first from personal insurance experts at xLife. Whatever kind of personal insurance that you’re looking for, the experts at xLife will help you by offering solution that most suits with your financial situation.

Jul 23, 2010

Memorable Houses

My father worked at a government institution. Following his work duties, we had to move several times. During those times, we live in houses that were provided for employees. The houses were not ours; but it’s still full of memories for us.

The first house for me (Bogor,West Java). It becomes a restaurant now. I don't have the old photo of this house.

Captured in 1976, it's the front yard of the house (Palembang, South Sumatra). It's me and my mom!
Actually I want to share other photos; but my connection is too slow to upload more photos now. Perhaps later I'll share it here.


Best Way for You to Get an A+ Dissertation and Thesis

Writing dissertation and thesis is not an easy job. To get an A+ dissertation, it needs hard process, big effort and great knowledge in the written topic. If you are a student, perhaps you face difficulties in writing a dissertation, as you don’t know how to write an excellent one.

Let’s say that you can’t handle with your writing problem; and the deadline date is only a few days left. So, what is the solution? Have you ever noticed that there are already lots of custom writing companies that provide
dissertation writing service at present time?
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Jul 20, 2010

Money Etiquette Issues (2)

Here are the other money etiquettes (written by Teri Cettina) for you, check it out...
3. Paying for Advice
Trouble: A colleague is an interior designer―or an accountant, an attorney, or another type of professional―and you want her expert opinion. Should you pay her?
Solution: You should. Many people assume that it’s rational for asking for free help. In fact, it doesn't. Definitely plan to pay for your friend's professional time and advice, even if she's enthusiastic about her job. If she doesn't bring it up first, say, “How are we going to take care of the business side of this? Will you draw up a contract that outlines what you'll do and how much you'll charge?"

That way, you won't be surprised when the bill comes. If your friend offers a little decorating advice, helps with your taxes, or draws up a will for you for free, a gracious way to show your thanks is with a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant or an invitation to your house for dinner.
4. Lending Money to Friends
Trouble: You lent a heavy sum to a friend. After she misses a payment or two, she shows up with an expensive new handbag. Do you say anything?

Solution: Yes, but don't make presumptions. She may have received the purse as a gift, or perhaps she just got a raise and is ready to pay you off. It's tempting to confront her angrily, but express concern instead. Say, “This is bothering me, and I don't want it to come between us. But you missed a payment to me, and now I see you with a $300 purse. I'm wondering what's going on. Could we talk about it?'

That might be enough to convince your friend to get back on track with payments. If not, you may have just learned an expensive lesson: Never lend money to friends. It’s better to assume it as gift and not expecting it back. That's much less awkward.

Source: realsimple.com

Best Place to Shop Billet Grilles and Chrome Accessories

If you love to modify your car, well, you aren’t alone. Most car owners prefer to modify their car. In fact, modification can personalize the vehicle to reflect the owner’s taste, sense of proportion and design. There are many things that can be done to modify your vehicle. Have you known that any part of your car can be modified?

To customize your car’s exterior performance, why don’t you install billet grilles and chrome accessories? It will add sophisticated look to your car! The good news is; you can buy it online nowadays. To avoid wasting money by buying improper car accessories, you should deal with a dependable online shop.
That’s why I encourage you to visit unique-auto-depot, the unique online place for you to shop any high quality billet grilles and chrome accessories. With their best and helpful customer service, you will get a big help in selecting the right accessories for your car.

If you want to get high quality car accessories at the competitive prices and it delivered within reliable shipping process; Unique Auto Depot is your best place to shop. You will find any car accessory that most suits with your car type; as they offer wide variety items for your choices! Just browse the website and you will find out that shopping accessories for your car can become so fast, easy and enjoyable.

Jul 18, 2010

Arachis Pintoi (Yellow Peanut Plant)

Arachis pintoi is the plant scientific name. Common international name is Yellow Peanut Plant or Pinto Peanut. Indonesian people call it kacang-kacangan or kacang hias.

From the forest of Brazil, the plant is a climber that develops on the ground and appears like grass from far away. It has little green oval leaves with a separate pale vein in the middle of the leave, making it look like closed little green eyes covering the ground.

Arachis pintoi is a ground cover plant that grows well here. The yellow little flowers blossoming from morning until afternoon and along with the green foliage – it gives you a fresh view! There is no need any extra care. Just water it well everyday and you’ll see the beauty. Source:

For more beautiful flowers, visit
Today's Flowers!

Jul 16, 2010

Sky Watch: Afternoon Sun

The sky wasn’t clear that afternoon. Before covered by dark cloud, fortunately, I still have a chance to capture the afternoon sun (at about 5.00 pm). I took these pictures from a café at 3rd floor.

Sky Watch Friday for more beautiful sky pictures around the world. Have a great Friday, every one!

Jul 15, 2010

Money Etiquette Issues for You

Female friends, during our daily life, sometimes we can’t avoid some sticky financial situations that involve friends and family. These money etiquettes are written by Teri Cettina, I hope it can help you to face these situations.

1. Answering Curious Questions

A nosy friend asks how much you spent on your clothes, your jewelry, or your car, and you think it's none of her business.

When someone asks an invasive question, you're never required to answer. The next time this friend asks the price of a new leather handbag, you can say something like: "I have a new policy that I'm not going to share prices or salaries. It's nothing personal. I've just found it's easier not to discuss finances with friends."

You can also try ‘gentle evasive’ approach (suggested by etiquette expert Anna Post). If your friend asks what you paid for your new house, say, “Well, probably a little more than I should have, but I am so happy with it.” Then immediately change the subject: “Can I give you a tour?” Your answer indicates that the issue is not open for discussion.
2. Splitting the Bill

The bill arrives, and while you had a salad, everyone else had steak.

If there's just a few dollars' difference, consider splitting the bill evenly. If you're really in a money crisis―just say up front, "We're all paying for our own meals and drinks, right?" Make it plain and simple.

If it's a large group, you can also ask your server for a separate bill when you order. Most restaurants have software systems that can easily print multiple bills. If you don't get a separate bill and one of the friends moves to split the bill evenly, it's OK to be pleasantly assertive, you can say: “Hey, guys, I figure $30 will cover my meal, glass of wine, tax, and tip. Can I throw that in and let you split the rest?" Your message is clear ("I owe less"), but it's not the least bit confrontational.

Source: realsimple.com

Best Source of Web Hosting Reviews

For every blog or site owner, choosing the best web hosting provider is very significant; especially if you run an online business. It could become a daunting task, since you have to choose one that most suits your need from lots of web hosting providers over the internet market.

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At AlreadyHosting.com you can read their list of top ten web hosts (2010) that offer cheap web hosting, unlimited domain hosting and recommended as best hosting companies in the internet market. Before choosing your required web hosting service; make certain that it provides all the important features that you need. For example, at the website you can read the comprehensive
Bluehost Review, including the prices, BlueHost rating on each feature, and BlueHost pros-cons.

Based on the offered features and given ratings that you can read in every review of web hosting; you can choose one web hosting provider that most suits your need. At AlreadyHosting.com, choosing your needed web hosting provider becomes definite and easier.

Jul 14, 2010

Nostalgia #9: Wedding Day

Today is our wedding anniversary. It has been eight years since the day that we made a commitment. For Nostalgia, I share some photos of my wedding album. I hope that we can live in a happy marriage life for many years to come.

Best Way to Solve Your Itchy Scalp Problem

Have you ever felt itchy on your scalp? Or perhaps you still experience the itchy scalp problem until now? Like other head and hair problems such as hair loss and dandruff, you should cure it immediately.

itchy scalp has become common head problem that faced by many people, including me. I feel that it can be so irritating and makes me uncomfortable. I have read that there are some potential causes of itchy scalp. Dry skin around scalp and infection could make itchy scalp; but based on the result of studies that conducted by experts, the cause of most head and hair problem is out-of-balance scalp.
Out-of-balance scalp means that there is the wrong ph condition on your scalp. This unhealthy ph of the scalp will allow the high growth of bacteria that could cause problems such as itchy scalp, seborroic dermatitis, dandruff and hair thinning. So, to face your problem, you should choose products that can establish a healthy ph of the scalp to fight unwanted scalp conditions.

It’s much suggested for you to apply scalp treatment products that use ZincPca ingredient, the only natural based treatment that can kill bacteria, regulate sebum and rebalance your ph scalp. That’s why you should try ZincPlex shampoo, conditioner and lotion; the only scalp treatment products that can establish a healthy scalp and cure your itchy scalp problem effectively. Remember that your healthy scalp will effect to your healthy hair growth. Visit the website to get more information and make your order!

Jul 12, 2010

Yesterday Night and a Little Surprise

Yeah, yesterday night was the final football match night. I was surprised when my father said that he wanted to go with us – watching the football match outside. We left home rather late, so, it turned out that most of places were too full. We didn’t get a seat there.

Fortunately –at last- after visiting about three places; we found a place that still had one empty table and seats for us! The restaurant was already full of people, and we’re so lucky to be able to have the last table.
Everything was going well, Spain is the first winner. Despite of the controversial decisions of the referee to the Netherlands team, I guess the Spain team deserved to be the world champion this time.

When we arrived home at about 4.30 am; someone called my husband. It’s good news! My husband won a doorprize gift- a restaurant voucher. We’ll use the voucher at July 14th, to celebrate our wedding anniversary…

Saving Money in Getting the Right Home Fitness Equipments

Getting exercise regularly is very important. The lack of exercise and poor diet can cause lots of health problems. To meet your own goals, you should acknowledge more about exercise. There are some ways for working out; you can choose one that you most like. You can swim, walking, running and other outdoor exercises. If you prefer to work out indoor, home fitness training can be a good option.

Some people are lazy to visit fitness centers; they prefer to have their fitness and exercise equipment at their home. When looking for a piece of fitness equipment, your budget and your needs represent the main criteria of selection. That’s why you should visit Smooth Fitness, the leading online store that offers high quality home fitness equipments, such as treadmills, elliptical, exercise bikes and other fitness equipments.

Smooth Fitness products are put on the online market straightly from the producer. As a buyer, you’ll get factory direct price, free shipping and the best warranty in the industry. Isn’t it great?
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Best Source of the Latest Reverse Mortgage News for You

Have you ever been familiar with reverse mortgage? If you’re a senior citizen and you need to add your income; reverse mortgage can be your best solution. This kind of financing is offered to seniors 62 years and older. A reverse mortgage is a loan that draws the equity out of your home. It can give you additional income in a monthly payment, lump sum or home equity line of credit. Until you sell or leave your home, your money will not be paid back.

The big benefit that you can get from a reverse mortgage is gaining extra income while still living at the home. When you are thinking to apply a reverse mortgage, you should consider many things before. That’s why it’s much suggested if you get
reverse mortgages counseling at Omni Reverse Mortgage, the best source of the latest in reverse mortgage news.

Omni Reverse Mortgage will help you to answer all questions about the terms of the loan and other related things. At the website, you can also try to use a reverse mortgage calculator. The tool will help you to find out how much the equity of your home and how much money that you can obtain from it. Don’t hesitate to visit Omni Reverse Mortgage every time you need the latest knowledge on reverse mortgage!

Jul 10, 2010

Bougainvillea (Paper Flowers)

Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea glabra) is climbing plants whose brilliant colors are feature of Mediterranean countries. Colorful papery bracts usually appear in clusters, surround tiny flowers.

Bougainvilleas are very easy to grow as hedge or in pots. Plants can be propagated easily by cutting. They need warm weather and full sunlight to flower. Native of Brazil, this flower is named after a French navigator Louis A. de Bougainville. Source:

These Bougainvilleas were captured around my neighborhood. It can grow well here. For more beautiful flowers, visit
Today's Flowers! Have a great week end!

Best Truck Accessories for Your Truck

Car and truck styling will personalize the vehicle to reflect the owner’s taste, sense of proportion and design. More often car and truck styling is done just to make your vehicle look better. There are many things that can be done to modify your truck. Any part of a truck can be modified and making modifications is a statement of the owners to express their personal style.

If you have your own pick up truck, perhaps you have realized that tailgate is a significant part of your truck. To customize your truck’s tailgate, why don’t you install a
tailgate net? It’s not only giving your truck a sporty look, but also making your truck more aerodynamic. It turns out that you can save your fuel cost as well; it’s a big benefit, right?

Truck owners, if you don’t have a professional who helps you in modifying, you may be wasting your money by buying wrong truck accessories. That’s why I invite you to visit realtruck.com. With their best and helpful customer service, you will get a big assist in selecting the right tailgate net for your truck.

If you want to get high quality pickup
truck accessories at the lowest prices and it delivered with the quickest ship times; realtruck.com is your best place to shop. You will find a tailgate net that most suits with your needs; as they offer interesting collection for your choices! Moreover, they offer free shipping on over 65,000 items; isn’t it great?

Just dial 1-877-216-5446 and you will discover that shopping accessories for your rides can become so fast, easy and enjoyable. Enjoy your new modified rides, guys…

Last Wednesday

I’m not a big fan of football. I often become sleepy while watching it, hahaha. But last Wednesday, I can’t say no when my husband asked me to accompany him watching the football match: Germany vs. Spain. Moreover, it’s truly a big one and I guess the match was similar with the ‘final’ match.

We were out at about 12.30 am. We planned to go to a restaurant nearby. Unfortunately, the electricity was off around the area! At last, we found a restaurant and decided to watch the match there.

The big screen was located in the parking area, so, it’s an outdoor one! Fortunately, I wore my thick jacket, I felt warm enough; but my feet were cold. Brrr, the weather is so windy…
I ordered hot chocolate, hot cappuccino for my husband and one portion of French fries for both of us. The sauce was so yummy. Those snack and drink can make me keep awake during the match…

There were about a hundred persons who watched the match. Can you imagine the situation at that time? It’s very noisy! I can hear that the screams were non stop…

We have planned to watch the final match together again. How about you? Have you made any plan about it?

Best Email Marketing Software for Your Better Business

Since internet has been used by most people as a source of information; online marketing can become the best way to promote your business. If you are running an online business or you already have websites to promote your business, you should find out more to know what is the most effective online marketing method that you can apply.

Why don’t you use email marketing to promote your online business effectively and efficiently? Email marketing will allow you to advertise your business to many people at the same time. To start applying email marketing, you need to prepare the list of email addresses for your target market, and a proper sales letter.

With email marketing, you can increase your sales, as it will frequently inform your target costumer about your product and its special qualities. Email marketing is also a useful tool to keep connected with your customers and to get back the previous customers.

I have good news for you. To get the finest result of email marketing usage, you can use the proper software to manage and optimize your email. It’s much recommended for you to apply Active Campaign email marketing software, the leading software for creating, managing, and extending your email marketing and auto responder campaigns.

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