Jul 15, 2010

Money Etiquette Issues for You

Female friends, during our daily life, sometimes we can’t avoid some sticky financial situations that involve friends and family. These money etiquettes are written by Teri Cettina, I hope it can help you to face these situations.

1. Answering Curious Questions

A nosy friend asks how much you spent on your clothes, your jewelry, or your car, and you think it's none of her business.

When someone asks an invasive question, you're never required to answer. The next time this friend asks the price of a new leather handbag, you can say something like: "I have a new policy that I'm not going to share prices or salaries. It's nothing personal. I've just found it's easier not to discuss finances with friends."

You can also try ‘gentle evasive’ approach (suggested by etiquette expert Anna Post). If your friend asks what you paid for your new house, say, “Well, probably a little more than I should have, but I am so happy with it.” Then immediately change the subject: “Can I give you a tour?” Your answer indicates that the issue is not open for discussion.
2. Splitting the Bill

The bill arrives, and while you had a salad, everyone else had steak.

If there's just a few dollars' difference, consider splitting the bill evenly. If you're really in a money crisis―just say up front, "We're all paying for our own meals and drinks, right?" Make it plain and simple.

If it's a large group, you can also ask your server for a separate bill when you order. Most restaurants have software systems that can easily print multiple bills. If you don't get a separate bill and one of the friends moves to split the bill evenly, it's OK to be pleasantly assertive, you can say: “Hey, guys, I figure $30 will cover my meal, glass of wine, tax, and tip. Can I throw that in and let you split the rest?" Your message is clear ("I owe less"), but it's not the least bit confrontational.

Source: realsimple.com

4 komentar:

MinnieRunner July 15, 2010  

Hmmm.. splitting the bill seems more suiting for me :)

Unknown July 15, 2010  

ini untuk yang wanita ya mbak?

FB July 16, 2010  

Salaries is privacy.. Dont tell anyone

CaptainRunner July 16, 2010  

Rule of the thumb, don't ask questions you don't want to answer yourself.

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