Oct 30, 2010

Get Your Fresh and Shiny Face in an Easy Way!

Yes, it’s easy! We love look fresh, shiny and younger, don’t we? No need to go to salon and spa. You can do it by yourself or with the help of your spouse. My husband is my face therapist, hehehe. I’ve tried it and I see the results. My face looks shinier! My friends said that I look younger…

This is a chart of basic acupressure facelift points. If the blood and energy circulation on your face is smooth, your face will look healthy, fresh and shiny. That’s the secret.

Here are that you should do:
  • Massage each point in a slow, light clock-wise circle, 15 to 30 times. Then hold each point for 30 seconds as well.

  • Since any oil is not required, you can do it anytime. If you do it by yourself, it’s better if there’s a mirror in front of you. Once a day would be ideal, ladies.
It’s really worth to try!

Image source: innerharmonymaui.com

To Boost Your Physique

Have you already familiarized with Anabolic Steroids that are often used by body builders to grow their muscles? For giving you more information, allow me to describe a little more about it. Chemically and pharmacologically, anabolic steroids are correlated to testosterone, the best recognized natural androgen and anabolic steroid.

Steroid is developed as the replication of testosterone; that’s why it has the same function with testosterone; to endorse the skeletal muscles growth and increase male sexual characteristics. Anabolic relates to muscle-building and steroids are considered as a significant class of biologic compounds in human body that facilitate in carrying together smaller molecules to develop bigger ones. Anabolic steroids are steroids used for increasing several types of tissues, mainly bone and muscle.

As long as the usage follows the doctor prescription, anabolic steroids are safe for you. Many body builders Buy Anabolic Steroids and widely use steroids as it gives successful results in just a few weeks ahead. As mention above, these steroids work straightly on your muscles and immediately stimulate its enlargement. After the muscle tissue is growing, you can continue the body shaping process by doing a variety of work out techniques.

There are several further reasons that explain why people are still using steroids and searching websites that offer
Anabolic Steroids for Sale. These steroids are helpful for patients in increasing body weight after a hard sickness, wound, or long-term infection. It can enhance your body’s capability to utilize protein to build muscle and also add the amount of red blood cell.

Many body builders have used these steroids, as anabolic steroid will make you look health and strong and give better result from your exercise with less time work out. Moreover, with doctor prescription, anabolic steroid is easy to find as it is already available online in affordable prices. Use it wisely, and you’ll achieve best results!

Oct 29, 2010

Sky Watch : Slamet Mountain (2)

Perhaps you’ve already known that Mount Merapi (25 km from Yogyakarta, Central Java) is still erupting. The most deadly is the flowing hot air that has taken about 34 lifes. My big condolences to all victims of Mount Merapi eruption.

Slamet Mountain that can be seen from my husband’s home town (Bumiayu, Brebes, Central Java) has an active creater. It’s spreading smoke; but the condition is normal. Last eruption occurred on 13 July 1988. I hope the volcano will still dormant for long time ahead.

I have posted about this volcano before. This time I share one that I captured at different time and place.

Sky Watch Friday

For Sports Bettors

Have you ever heard of online sports betting? As we all know, at present time, you can get almost everything from internet. When it comes to sports, many people who love watching football, soccer, boxing, baseball, basketball and many more are also like to calculate the result of the games. Predicting the scores can become fun and enjoyable activities for some people. Are you also a sports bettor?

Since internet has become the great source of many things, now you can place bets on sports online. For sports bettors who love football games,
online football betting gives privileges by offering easy-to-access betting experience. There’s no need to go anywhere, you can start and place your bets straightly from your home.

If you are still new in this field, you should be more careful on choosing the right and reliable sports book, as some of them are assumed as scams. To avoid being cheated, it would be better if at first you attain the related information and knowledge by visiting the website that offers guidance to sports betting and reviews about recommended online sports books. Well, enjoy your betting experience, guys!

Oct 27, 2010

Nostalgia: Bracelets Souvenirs

I love wearing bracelets. It’s one of accessories that I always wear every time I’m going out. Ethnic bracelets are my favorite. If we visit a tourist destination, I usually search bracelets for souvenirs.

Except the two stone bracelets (it doesn’t fit with my hand anymore), I still wear the other bracelets that seen on the photo. Every bracelet has its own story! Whether it’s about how and where I got it or who the giver is; if it’s a gift.


Best Lewisville Air Conditioning Repair for You

If you always experience hot months every year, you should get and install air conditioning at your home. Too hot air will not only make you uncomfortable, but also can endanger your and your family’s health. By the way, have you ever heard of geothermal climate control? Compared with more conservative methods of air conditioning, geothermal cooling systems can reduce energy expenses about 40-70% and last long. It will be a great asset for you!

For Lewisville people, Texas hot summer times can be so strenuous and uncomfortable if you don’t prepare the right HVAC equipments at your home. To get the latest technology of cooling systems, it is much recommended to obtain the service of Lewisville air conditioning Company.

To make sure your existing HVAC equipment always functions well, you need to deal with the reliable Lewisville air conditioning repair service. They provide you with the technicians that will always ready to help you in handling any problem occurred with your HVAC equipment. They can also give you consultations and regular maintenances to your home.

Why you should choose the best Lewisville air conditioning repair team? It’s because you will get many benefits from their best service. With upgrade and maintenance service, their experienced team will help you to have air conditioning unit that not only functions better, but also more efficient. It means you are able to save more money on your electricity bill. Isn’t it great?

Oct 26, 2010


Lots of people love fishing. There are reasons why people love doing it, right? If you are a fishing lover, don’t ask me to accompany you, hahaha.

When I visited Katulampa Dam (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia) a few days ago, I saw that the water surface is very low. There were several men fishing on one side that aren’t flowed by water. Two men that sit on the dam wall was most attracted my attention. I think it’s a dangerous place for fishing, who knows; the water can flow hard suddenly and throw them down!

Oct 24, 2010

Peacock Flowers

The botanical name is Caesalpinia Pulcherrima. This well-known tropical shrub has many other common names, such as Poinciana, the Red Bird of Paradise, and the Pride of Barbados. As Barbadian national flower, America is its source. Peacock flower plants can grow up to 3 meters in height.

This plant is very popular ornamental shrub in public and domestic gardens, as the bloom flowers have striking yellow orange vibrant. It has also been noted for its medicinal value; the juice of the leaves has been used by Amazon natives to help cure various fevers, and the seeds are thought to be an aid to chest problems and bad coughing.

One more thing, you can also use the bloom flowers as your earrings. Hahahaha…my husband told me that! It is remembering him to his childhood. And then I try it for myself. We acted like children again this morning, hahaha. Have you ever played like this?
My entry for Today's Flowers

Luxury Leather Bags for You

Most women love wearing bags! We can’t leave home without it. Though we realize that having inner beauty is more important, but having beautiful performance can increase our self esteem. It’s not only because of the beneficial function, bags are one of accessories that women love to wear to reach dazzling look, beautify and complete their whole appearance. The perfect bag will make you appear more elegant as well.

If you are a stylish woman who prefers to have luxury bags that are made from exotic skins, you will surely love
hermes handbags collection. In current fashion markets, quality leathers are really required to create different luxury goods, such as bags, wallets, belts, shoes, and many other fashion items. Exotic skins like crocodile, alligator, ostrich, lizard and python have been broadly used in fashion industry.

Do you know the story behind the famous and classic
hermes birkin bags? It is referred to actress and singer Jane Birkin. At that time, she complained about her difficulty to get delicate and also practical bags. These bags were created to answer her needs. Nowadays, hermes birkin bags are still becoming favorites of most celebrities and other stylish women around the world.

To shop online the original and high quality
hermes bags, you must get it at reliable online stores, such as Stylishpick.com and Handbagleague.com. They provide great collection of high quality bags from various famous brands. Bag lovers, you should visit these online stores!
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Oct 22, 2010

Sky Watch : Fields Beneath the Sky

On the way to Kaligua tea plantation (Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia), I saw these beautiful landscapes. I’m not sure whatever kinds of vegetables that are planted there.

After seeing these photos, I feel sorry now, why at that time, we didn’t stop a while and have a seat at the shelter…
Sky Watch Friday

Oct 21, 2010

How Women Can Protect Themselves?

This post still relates with my previous post, about women’s safety and how important for us, women, to know how to protect ourselves. Women should know this information; it will only take a few minutes to read these tips; but it surely can save a woman’s life. I compile these tips from different sources.

Things to do in an emergency situation:

1. Increase your awareness to your surroundings; wherever you go.

2. Use your intuition. All people, especially women, have this gift. You should trust this power and use it as an early warning. Every time you feel not safe – with any person or situation- avoid it.

3. Tip from Tae Kwon Do: your elbow is the strongest point on your body. Use it to defend yourself, if you are close enough!

4. Tips from a tourist guide in New Orleans:
If a thief asks for your wallet or purse, don’t give it with your hand. Throw it away from you. The thief is more attracted to your wallet than you. It will give you a chance to run, as faster as you can, IN THE OTHER DIRECTION!

5. Let’s say that the bad guy force you into the trunk of a car. Kick out the back tail lights and stick your arm out the hole and start waving to attract other’s attention. The driver won’t see you, but everybody else will. It may save life.

6. After shopping, eating, working, etc., women tend to enter their cars and just sit for a while (for writing, fixing make up, etc.) DON’T DO THIS, girls! The bad guys will have time watching you and this is the perfect chance for him to get in on the passenger side, put a gun to your head, and tell you where to go. So, AS SOON AS YOU ENTER YOUR CAR, LOCK THE DOORS AND LEAVE.

If the bad guy is already in the car with a gun to your head, what can you do? DON’T DRIVE OFF. Instead, push down the gas and speed into anything, smashing the car. Your air bag and seat belt will save you. If the man is in the back seat, he will get the worst of it! As soon as the car crashes, out and run!

7. A few reminders about getting into your car in a parking lot, or parking garage, especially when it’s a dark and quiet one:

Be aware and alert: look around you and look into your car. Check the passenger side floor, and the back seat.

If a big van is parked next to your car, enter your car from the passenger door. Most attackers pull the victims into their vans while the women are trying to get into their cars.

Watch the car parked on the driver’s side of your car, and also the passenger side. If a male is sitting alone in the seat nearest your car, it’s safer to walk back into the mall, or work, and get a guard/policeman to accompany you.

8. If you’re alone, especially at night, always take the elevator instead of the stairs and lifts. If there’s no elevator, you should wait for other people to accompany you.

9. If the bad guy has a gun and you aren’t beneath his control, alwayas RUN. The predator will only hit you (a running target) 4 in 100 times. And even then, it most likely won’t be a vital organ. RUN, in a zig-zag pattern!

10. How to avoid home invasions? Never open your door unless you are convinced who’s on the other side or you can confirm that they have a valid reason for being there. Remember this, dressing up as a repair person or even police officer is one popular trick criminals.

In the occasion that a burglar breaks in while you’re home, you should have a safe room in your house to which you can move back. This room should be equipped with a strong door, deadbolt lock, phone (preferably cell phone), and a can of pepper spray or fire extinguisher. Wait there until the police come.

Image source :freebeautytips.org

For Women’s Safety

Female friends, have you noticed that women are often becoming violence targets? Based on the news on television and newspapers, we realize that many women have turned into victims of various crimes. It’s a scary fact, but true.

If you often go out alone, you should be more careful and alert, as crimes can happen anywhere. But there’s no need to be paranoid; it will only annoy your daily activities and increase your discomfort. As a woman, what can you do to guard yourself? Since it’s expensive to hire a body guard, a woman should protect herself.

Have you ever considered getting
pepper spray? It’s one of personal self-defense tools that you should have and bring every time you are leaving home. If you spray it to the attacker’s eyes, he will feel hurt and even short-term loss of sight. It will give enough time to run far away from the attacker. Though it’s just seconds, it can save your life. In emergency situations, getting a few minutes to escape is priceless.

If you need more powerful tools,stun guns or electroshock weapons can be your option. With this weapon, you can use an electric shock to immobilize the attacker momentary. Again, it will provide you valuable times to escape. It can be your life saver, girls!

When it comes to special safety products for women, it’s regarding products that not only protect women from being crimes victims; but also from harsh work environments. Women, who work in construction and other industrial professions, will require safety stuffs like womens boots, hard hats, safety glasses, and other more. There’s no need to postpone any longer, girls, you should protect yourself!

Oct 19, 2010

Playing Outdoors

As we all know, many children spend hours in front of television and computer monitors. Playing indoors won’t give any health benefit. Children who spend hours outdoors will tend to grow more creative and have a good sleep at night.

The benefits of outdoor play can be found physically and mentally. Physically: the benefits are strength endurance and builds coordination. Playing outdoors widen children’s thinking and knowledge, and also permit children to move freely and make sound, as a form of their self-expression.

I think playing indoors will be fine if you also take your children to play outside in another time. Since children love water, they surely love playing water, like those children in the photos. They don’t need to go to a swimming pool for that, as their homes are next to the Katulampa water channel (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia).

My entry for Ruby Tuesday

Best Guidance of Indian Stock Market

There are several ways that you can do to invest your money. Shares and stocks are just one of investment methods. An investor will always look forward to good returns for all money that has spent. If you are attracted to try stock investment, you should gain related knowledge before entering stock market. As an inventor, you must focus in moneycontrol to get profits and select the right equities for long-term profits.

Have you known the general concept of stock market and shares? People buy stocks of the companies; and then these funds are used by companies to expand their business activities. In exchange, the earning of a company is distributed between the investors.

In recently years, the economy of India country is rising and unaffected by world economic recessions. When it comes to stock investment, you can see that Indian stock exchange has become very potential stock market for investors.

If you are a new investor in Indian stock exchange, you really need guidance and assistance from the experts at an India’s financial portal like Moneycontrol.com. The website will help you by offering the latest indian stock news, trading effectively guidance, stock prices and market statistic of divergent industries, and many other helpful information. For your successful investment, you should apply their service!

Oct 17, 2010

Coral Plant

Red Jatropha Multifida is the botanical name. Other common names: Physic Nut or Guatemala Rhubarb. We use to call it Jatrofa here. It isn’t my best shots. I captured it from a rather far distance; as I often fail taking picture of butterflies. Have you noticed that one butterfly has broken wings?

Coral plant is a quick growing evergreen shrub with a single trunk, a loose, spreading crown and a typical height in cultivation of 6-10'. The leaves are dark green above and lighter beneath. The flowers are reminiscent of red coral and borne in flat-topped clusters on long stalks held above the foliage. Coral plant blossoms on and off all year long, mostly during hot weather.

I share these pictures for
Today's Flowers; you’ll find many beautiful flowers from around the world there.

Best Source for Your Business Holiday and Greeting Cards

Though present time business people have widely used internet technology, lots of printed items are still needed. For supporting daily office activities, business people require business checks, forms, cards, envelops, and many other business stationary forms. It still can’t be replaced.

Let’s say that you own a business. Since holiday and Christmas will come in just a few months, have you considered making your own
corporate holiday cards? Before ordering any card; you should know first the benefits that your company can achieve from issuing corporate holiday cards, such as Christmas and New Year cards.

Not only during holiday season, but also for many special moments, as a business man, you can send business greeting cards to your clients, vendors, and potential customers, even to your own employees. Sending cards to clients, vendors and customers that your business serves are a great way to market and brand your business, and also increase business connections.

If you send and distribute cards to all employees without exception, it will present your appreciation for all their works for you. Giving special cards to your employees will open the communication between management staffs and other employees, and also improve the work relationships.

Since you can reach many benefits from issuing corporate holiday cards, you should make sure that you order at a reliable online source, for getting high quality and well designed cards. When finding the right source, I recommend you to read first all testimonials from the people that have used the service previously. It will help you to make a right choice!

I’ve read all testimonials at Printe-z.com. I can take conclusion that Printe-z.com is the great choice for you to order any greeting card that you need for your company. As it is also representing and branding your business, it will be more proper to order customized cards, such as photo holiday cards. The cards will look more professional and show your corporate brand better. Well, you still have enough time; so, visit the website and make your order soon!

Oct 15, 2010

Sky Watch : From the Top of the Kaligua Hill

(click on to enlarge)

What can you see if you are at the top of the hill?
This photo describes more than words to you.
The clouds look so near. The trees are around you.
The air feels so fresh and cool.
The village down below looks likes a miniature.
Sky Watch Friday

Oct 14, 2010

Nostalgia: Siblings Bonding

It’s one funny picture of us; captured in 1982. I forget who took the picture; but I remember this photo was taken on our first day in Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia). We have just moved from Bandung (West Java). That time, we tried the new bed in my brother’s new bed room.

I’m glad I have kept this photo; as it makes me smile every time I see it. I do miss our past times, while we used to hang out together. But life must go on, right? Each of us has our own path of life that we should go through. Though we seldom meet and get together, the sibling bonding between us will never end.


Creating Custom T-shirts is Easy

I’m looking for unique thing as a gift to a good friend of mine. It isn’t a birthday gift. She has been lived abroad for several years; and it’s the first time she can come home, though it’s only for a few days. I would like to give her a memorable stuff that remembering her to our friendship.

Why don’t I make something creative like designing t-shirts? Since I have no idea how to start it; I begin to search the information online. I’m so glad when I find this site. You can get anything custom-made from t-shirts, hats, posters, mugs, and many more.

I’m really amazed. Cafepress.com custom t-shirts makes creating and designing custom t-shirts much fun and easier; moreover, I can do it from the comforts of my home. Wow, I see hundreds of cool designs and templates that I can apply on t-shirts. But as my aim is to make my own design, there’s a designer tool that can help me creating the t-shirt from scratch. I can save my design for final order or for another revision.
I also need wall posters for my home. To encourage my self, I require several inspirational posters that will not only decorate walls but also convey positive messages. I guess it’s a good way for self-motivation.

If you a savvy online shopper, you can check out all best deals at Dell coupons. The great way to save money is using online coupons and promotional discounts that offered by lots of online stores. You don’t want to miss a best offer, right?

Getting Best Insurance Rates

Why do you need insurance? It’s because of unknown future; anything can happen in the future, even the most terrible thing. You need insurance to protect you from unpredictable situations that can occur in the following years. But with the existing economy condition and strict budget, getting protection like affordable health insurance can become very hard as the rate can be too expensive for you.

Actually, there’s a way to save money in buying insurance. First, you need to know various insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies. There’s no need to search here and there anymore. Nowadays, you can use reliable online insurance resources such as Netquote, Local Insurance and Vimo to get different free insurance quotes. It will make you easier to compare the quotes one another to search the lowest rate that still covers your need.

You can get free insurance quotes online for any kind of insurance. If you are running a business; perhaps you require business insurance for your company and
business insurance health for your employees. The online insurance resources will give you the comparisons of different offered business insurance rate and business health insurance rate in your area. Based on the required information, you will be more convinced to decide the best insurance rates that most suits with your company requirement and funds. It’s truly a big help!

Oct 12, 2010

Violence is Every Where

Unfortunately, it’s true. We can read, watch, and hear violence things in radio, television, newspaper, movies, games, etc. That’s why I was interested to capture these boys, after I read the words on a boy’s t-shirt.


Sigh. I don’t know whether the boy or his parent understands the meaning of the words. I blame the producer; it’s not appropriate words to be placed on t-shirts for boys! We should be more careful on buying things for our loved ones.

Ruby Tuesday

Best Hair Loss Solutions

Do you have problem with thinning hair? Have you heard hair loss products like Therapy-G? For your information, male and female generally lose about 10% of their hair during a latent phase of hair life cycle. Resting hair will fall out every three months and new hair starts to grow. In fact, on a regular day, you can lose about 100 hairs. If you are going through significant hair loss, you can lose more about 100 hairs on a day.

Whether you’re a male or female, there’s no doubt that thinning hair and baldness can lessen your self esteem. You should try to find the best way out to resolve the problem. Don’t worry, there’s good news for you. At luxuryparlor.com, you can get finest hair loss treatment products such as
Revivogen that is designed specifically to fight the source of hair loss, that caused by high levels of DHT in the scalp.

Therapy-G hair loss products will make your hair not only thicker, fuller and healthier; but also protect your hair from sun exposure and bad effects from excessive hair styling. Isn’t it great? If you really need instant solution, you should try
Toppik Hair Building Fibers. In just seconds, you will see the amazing result.

Luxuryparlor.com is the best place to get all finest hair loss treatment products in best prices. If you spend over $99, they will offer you free shipping. So, what are you waiting for?

Oct 11, 2010

White Flowers

It’s a pity, I don’t know the flower’s name. I have browsed for a while to search it; but still no result yet. All I know is they are lovely ones. I captured it near the fish pond at my grand father’s house. I forgot to ask the name. Can you identify it?

Today's Flowers

Oct 8, 2010

Sky Watch : Slamet Mountain

I share another volcano that captured from my hubby’s home town. It’s my first time seeing the smoke coming out from the top of the mountain. That day, I took several pics at different time and location. This time I share pics that I captured in the morning (about 6.30 am), while the sky was still full of gray clouds. You can see that the spreading smoke has two colors. It’s amazing, right?

Mount Slamet (3.432 m) is the highest mountain in Java after Mount Semeru in East Java and has a crater that is still active and widespread. The last major eruption occurred on 13 July 1988, which led to bursts of flames and lava as high as 300 meters. Mount Slamet located on the border several cities: Purbalingga, Banjarnegara, Banyumas, and Brebes (Central Java, Indonesia).

Sky Watch Friday

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