Oct 19, 2010

Playing Outdoors

As we all know, many children spend hours in front of television and computer monitors. Playing indoors won’t give any health benefit. Children who spend hours outdoors will tend to grow more creative and have a good sleep at night.

The benefits of outdoor play can be found physically and mentally. Physically: the benefits are strength endurance and builds coordination. Playing outdoors widen children’s thinking and knowledge, and also permit children to move freely and make sound, as a form of their self-expression.

I think playing indoors will be fine if you also take your children to play outside in another time. Since children love water, they surely love playing water, like those children in the photos. They don’t need to go to a swimming pool for that, as their homes are next to the Katulampa water channel (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia).

My entry for Ruby Tuesday

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