Oct 6, 2010

The Tech Etiquette for You (4)

10. Situation : Is it fine to skip a salutation and a closing in a business e-mail?

Don’t do it at first e-mail. You will be viewed as impolite or even rude. You don’t call someone on the phone, start talking, and then hang up without saying good-bye, right? After the first e-mail, it’s allright to skip it if you’re going back and forth with short messages.

Business e-mails often get printed and distributed to people who may not know you and what you do, so you should include your full name, title, company, and contact information as part of your signature.

11. Situation : You -by accident- forwarded an e-mail to a friend where it mentioned you bad-mouthed the partner of your friend. What do you do?

You have done mistake. Immediately call her, tell her you sent an e-mail you shouldn’t have sent, and beg for forgiveness. It won’t be easy, but picking up the phone is the right thing to do.

Trying to give reason or explain the hurtful things you said will only make it worse. Apologize and then ask if there is anything else you can do to make things right. Promise that you’ll never again say anything bad about her partner.

Remember that using technology well is all in the details. Before you hit Send, take a second look at what you’re sending to whom.

12. Situation : Is it fine to text-message or e-mail big news such as a new job, a pregnancy, etc?

Since your closest friends aren’t always nearby, an e-mail is fine for good news. Say something like “I normally would inform you personally, but I wanted to let you all know at the same time that I’m expecting/ I have a new job!”

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wira October 07, 2010  

good tips, really helpful.
thanks for visiting :)

Anonymous October 07, 2010  

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witular October 07, 2010  

nice tips, especially when it comes to spam email , forgiveness hheheh

Female Stuff October 07, 2010  

For situation no.12 I think text message will be just fine. Especially if the recipients are close friends or family members.

eden October 07, 2010  

Very informative post. Thanks for sharing Lina. I will take note all of these.

MinnieRunner October 08, 2010  

I agree with #11. Explaining would really make the situation worse.

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