Oct 14, 2010

Nostalgia: Siblings Bonding

It’s one funny picture of us; captured in 1982. I forget who took the picture; but I remember this photo was taken on our first day in Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia). We have just moved from Bandung (West Java). That time, we tried the new bed in my brother’s new bed room.

I’m glad I have kept this photo; as it makes me smile every time I see it. I do miss our past times, while we used to hang out together. But life must go on, right? Each of us has our own path of life that we should go through. Though we seldom meet and get together, the sibling bonding between us will never end.


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Rossel October 14, 2010  

oh my, that's really a memory to treasure. look at those innocent smiles. you look very close to one another, Lina.

my entry is here. have a great day!

genial October 14, 2010  

haha.. that's really oldskul... cute!!!

Clarissa October 14, 2010  

aww...so sweet!Na-miss ko tuloy bigla ang mga brothers ko.. wala kaming masyadong pics na magkasama.Priceless talaga ang mga moments na ganyan^_^


promdi October 14, 2010  

ye sis, super sweet, photos such as this ones should be kept for it holds thousand memories

Anonymous October 14, 2010  
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Chubskulit Rose October 14, 2010  

Looking at your photo makes me smile.. a lot lol... Great memories of you and your siblings.


Female Stuff October 14, 2010  

What a funny yet memorable picture :)

Verna Luga October 14, 2010  

I'm sure your siblings will have a lot to tell seeing this... fond days...


Unknown October 14, 2010  

cute pic! hehehe...

old times with siblings is a sweet memory and a source of joy everytime you remember those times.


Roxxy October 14, 2010  

kakamis yong ganun, especially during rainy seasons at nag brown out. you share silly stories and jokes and playa round..haay
Hope you can check my entry too

Hezy October 14, 2010  

haha... very cute, which one are you?

Mel_Cole October 14, 2010  

Aww, that's a very nice sibling photo you got, Lina. It shows very strong bond in your family.

Dhemz October 15, 2010  

oh my! childhood memories...always fun! hehehhe....we are the same...I'm the only girl in the family....thanks for sharing Lina...mine is up as well!

eden October 16, 2010  

Lovely photo with your siblings. Yes, i do miss those bonding times with siblings and I miss them so much.

MinnieRunner October 18, 2010  

Nice picture. It shows how close you are with your siblings. I am too.

Anonymous October 20, 2010  

Thanks for good stuff

Anonymous October 20, 2010  
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Anonymous October 23, 2010  

I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?

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