Oct 8, 2010

Sky Watch : Slamet Mountain

I share another volcano that captured from my hubby’s home town. It’s my first time seeing the smoke coming out from the top of the mountain. That day, I took several pics at different time and location. This time I share pics that I captured in the morning (about 6.30 am), while the sky was still full of gray clouds. You can see that the spreading smoke has two colors. It’s amazing, right?

Mount Slamet (3.432 m) is the highest mountain in Java after Mount Semeru in East Java and has a crater that is still active and widespread. The last major eruption occurred on 13 July 1988, which led to bursts of flames and lava as high as 300 meters. Mount Slamet located on the border several cities: Purbalingga, Banjarnegara, Banyumas, and Brebes (Central Java, Indonesia).

Sky Watch Friday

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