May 28, 2020

Five Tips for Family Lawyers Working from Home During COVID-19

The current situation signifies that work from home is the new trend and will be the same until this pandemic descends. Transitioning to working from home when family lawyers Brisbane has a habit of working full time in the office, a sudden change to fully remote is quite challenging. 

The recent time makes you feel like much of the world has stopped turning, but that doesn't mean your work needs to be stopped. However, this is the time to go with the flow and adjust to the new normal. There are many aspects you need to take care of such as tracking time, setting realistic boundaries, offering remote tools, communicating to the clients, and much more. Well, do not worry, to help you out with this new normal here are tips that'll definitely bring a positive change in your work from home routine.
Five Tips for Family Lawyers Working from Home During COVID-19.

Assign Realistic Task

Well, it doesn't matter whether you are one of the family lawyers Brisbane, working from home is tough when you have a daily routine to follow at your office. It is really important for you to have some real task that can be fulfilled from home and doesn't demand to step out of the house.

Track Your Time

Tracking your time is a must for your daily routine. There are several law firms that use manual time tracking methods that include a spreadsheet or noting it down with a pen whereas in this digital era you can opt for law management practice software that includes Clio, MyCase or also can opt for legal billing software like Bill4Time, LegalFiles or any other that can really be helpful to save your time. Moreover you can choose a passive time tracking method as well.

Client communication but with a time limit

The best you can do is acknowledging the client's concerns by reaching out to them. Time is tough for everybody and all they require is assurance. They are concern about their legal matters and they deserve to know what is happening, are you paying attention to their cases, are they getting their alimony and much more detailing.

You can manage your client's expectation of having a conversation with you by sharing your available schedule. It does not mean that if you are working from home it solely becomes your workplace, keep the difference between home and office.

Be helpful to your clients by sharing remote tools

You are not the only one stuck at home and facing the inconvenience, everybody out there in the world is going through the same pandemic and that involves your clients too. You being one of the divorce lawyers Brisbane handling many custody matters and those cases involve unique challenges especially in COVID-19. All you can do is make them familiar with the technology and remote tools and ask them to be in touch with their child who is at the other parents' home.  Ask them to connect with Zoom, Whatsapp, Facetime, and many other technology methods.

Be aware of live news and updates

This current situation has made it crystal clear that it is really crucial for everyone to know what's happening out there in the world. There are drastic changes taking place worldwide and for you, it really essential to know what is happening outside and what could impact your clientele. The news may include the World Health Organization, COVID-19 information Centers, Government Policies and changes, local court news, district court news, and more.


Nobody knows when this pandemic will get over and so this time testing situation has taught to live with the new normal. Your business demands your attention as well as a helpful routine. 

Your home and family are equally important as your client base and making both the picture compelling it is meaningful to have a balanced routine. Above mentioned tips have been significantly useful in order to support your work from home routine. The time is uncertain and this too shall pass, just be safe and be healthy.

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May 22, 2020

How to pack clothes for moving

Having to organize a whole move isn't something that can be done overnight. The entire process has a lot more areas that you need to cover in great detail than you may think. Luckily, you don't have to be an expert in all of them, and many can be covered by professionals. However, there are some that you can do on your own. We've gathered some hacks on how to pack clothes for moving.

Hire movers to help pack clothes for moving

Hiring professionals to handle your move is something that's become very conventional. People regularly hire them to transport their belongings and help with anything they might need. This is why it's important to hire movers and have them on hand at all times. Even though they might not be of use with packing alone, they could help you out with any questions you might have.

The most important thing here is to choose the right movers for you. Qualities you should be searching for are flexibility and trustworthiness. Hiring reliable movers like, who are going to help with everything you need, will give you the time to focus on packing your clothes for moving.

Wash them before packing

Many skip this step when packing clothes for moving because they think they'll get dirty or ruined along the way. However, if you do everything correctly, that's not the case. 
Washed clothes hanging and drying before being packed for moving.
Washing your clothes before packing them for moving is important.

Washed clothes hanging and drying before being packed for moving.
Washing your clothes before packing and moving them will ensure that they're ready to be used right away. This way, you'll easily unpack and be ready to place your clothes in new closets instead of having to wash everything in all the mess that they're already in from moving.

Get the right packing equipment

A great way to ensure your clothes' safety and that they remain safe is packing them in the right packing supplies. Now, the good thing about packing your clothes for moving is that they're not fragile at all. This means that you don't have to think about the special ways to preserve them or special expensive materials.
A suitcase that you can use to pack clothes for moving

That being said, there are still ways to mess your clothes up. Before beginning with the packing process, try to do some research on different packing supplies that are available in your stores.

You'll want to use something that's sturdy and will save them from any possible flooding or accidents. However, you'll also want to pack clothes in something flexible when moving. Having really tough, fragile materials like plastic could tear your clothes if it accidentally breaks. Bags that are really durable are the best way to go. 

Leave something for the moving days

Especially if you're about to move internationally, don't forget to take into account all the clothes you'll need to have on hand while moving. If at all possible, try to think about what the weather will be like as well.

Setting some layered clothes aside just in case is really smart. You could leave some extra room in your boxes if you change your mind later.
Pieces of clothing thrown on one another.
Leaving some clothing items for a moving day is very helpful. You can pack those clothes later when the moving starts if you see that you don't need them.
Pieces of clothing thrown on one another.

Different techniques when packing clothes for moving

There are many different ways to pack clothes for moving. Depending on what the majority of your clothes is like, you'll choose the ones that are the best fit.


The number one most important thing, not only when packing clothes for moving, but anything in general, is labeling. Taking a marker and simply writing down what you put where will save you so much time later on. It's really no struggle at all but will in fact save you from some serious hassle once you need to unpack.

Divide into categories

Writing down everything that you own and then dividing it into categories will also be pretty helpful when you get to your new home. Packing clothes for moving isn't that hard, you just need to get a hang of it.

These categories can be whatever you want them to be. You can either divide them by seasons,occasions, or anything else. It really doesn't matter, you do you.

Folding techniques

There are also many different folding techniques. The one we recommend the most is to try folding your clothes as tightly as possible without wrinkling it. Don't overthink folding before packing clothes for moving, just simply sit down, revise a strategy, and do it.
Pants stacked on one another. Folding your clothes properly is important when trying to pack clothes for moving.
Folding your clothes in the way you'll unpack them easily after the moving is over is crucial.

Pants stacked on one another. Folding your clothes properly is important when trying to pack clothes for moving.


Get rid of what you don't wear

Taking everything that you don't wear and packing it for moving with the rest of your clothes is wasteful. A great thing you can do is donate your clothes. If you think that some of your clothes aren't really in a condition to be worn, that's fine. You can throw them away in that case. Another thing you could do is try to sell them at a reasonable price. This way you'll save up for something else.


Can’t do this on your own?

There's no shame in admitting that you cannot do something. Not everything is for everyone. In this case,consider calling professionals to pack other items, ones that you're not so confident about doing on your own. If anything, you'll acquire some experience for any possible upcoming moves.

Don't do more than you need to

If you're someone who keeps a pretty organized dresser, packing your clothes for moving shouldn't be too much trouble. For the most part, you can simply take your clothes as is and transfer them into the packing equipment you've chosen. Nothing has to be perfect, just try your best.

Don't mix when packing your clothes for moving

When trying to pack clothes for moving, pack only them. Don't throw your shoes, jewelry, or any other items in with them. If you put everything together, you'll risk your clothes tearing or staining from the other items. Investing in more packing equipment is smart and economical in this case.


May 19, 2020

Women’s Fashion Guide to This Spring with Nisnass

Whenever we talk about changing our wardrobe, the first thing that comes into people's mind is that we are either asking to throw away all the clothes we own in the closet or investing in the new ones. This is not the case; a wardrobe change just means a change in the style according to the changing seasonal fashion. When you are updating your wardrobe you assess all the clothing you own and only take out the items that are not suiting the seasonal trend. With spring around the corner, one needs to be updated with the latest trends. And what place could be better than Nisnass where you can get the best women apparel and accessories all in just one place. With the help of the Nisnass coupon code, you can take advantage of shopping for the latest trends mentioned below at a very reasonable price.
Corset Now To Be Worn On Top

This spring, Corsets are going to be in fashion. You might consider it as an undergarment but you will be surprised to know what a perfect outwear it can be, just look at the Kardashian and Jenner clan, they sport this piece of clothing with utmost style. Corsets can be paired with jeans, skirts, and shorts; they are perfect for the warmer weather. In case you think that this piece of clothing will reveal too much skin for you, you can always pair it with a shrug or denim jacket. With the help of Nisnass coupon code, you can get your hands on some amazing Corsets from top brands along with denim jacket to pair with it at a lower price.

The Good Old Bodysuits

The fashion of the 1990s has made comeback this spring, the good old women bodysuits. If you’re looking for layered clothing look this spring, then getting a bodysuit is a perfect catch. You can pair this gorgeous piece of clothing with long flared jeans or skin-tight jeans, shorts, skirts, and dresses. The best part about this dress is how it has a body fitting look yet looks and feels comfortable without suffocating you. It gives sleeker look to your body and also keeps you looking fresh and youthful. Not only that, but you can also pair this dress with the corset as well and make sure you go for cotton material so that you can stay cool in the warm weather. Use Nisnass coupon code and purchase different types of clothing to pair with your bodysuit without falling out of your budget.

Lace Will Be Top Pick Material

The best material you can get your hands on this spring is the lace. This soft breathable fabric is the number one choice this year so that women can stay cool and ventilated. Sleeveless tops or spaghetti strap tops are going to be a huge hit this spring season in lace material. You can pair these with jeans, shorts and short skirts. Other accessories you can use with these lacy tops are stoles, shrug and even denim jacket in case you don’t want to reveal too much skin. Use Nisnass coupon code and pair your lacey tops with some large hoop earrings and beaded necklaces. 

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