Oct 31, 2013

Men and Cosmetic Surgery

If you don’t believe that cosmetic surgery has become a full blown trend even among the male population, all you have to do is pick up a glossy male magazine. With actors, celebrities, and reality stars regularly going under the doctor’s knife, it is hard not to believe that men too are getting nipped and tucked for more appealing physical features.

According to the data gathered by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, between 1997 to 2011, there was 121% increase on the documented cosmetic procedures performed on male patients. Liposuction, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, male breast reduction, and hair transplant were among the top five surgical procedures for men last year.

Why Do Men Undergo Cosmetic Surgery
"Aging executives want to look younger, less tired and more vigorous, so that they can retain their jobs," remarks New York plastic surgeon Elliot W. Jacobs, M.D. "Men who have lost their jobs and are interviewing for a new one may seek plastic surgery so that they too look younger, less tired, and more vigorous, plus they can lie about their age on a job application."

What Are the Procedures Most Popular Among Men?
As early as 2003, men have already accounted for 13% of the 8 million cosmetic surgery procedures done in the US alone. What follows are among the most popular of these procedures:
  1. Liposuction - It is no secret how obesity is among the world’s biggest health problems, no pun intended. Because of this, it is no surprise how liposuction easily tops the list of the most frequently performed cosmetic procedure among men. Liposuction costs range anywhere from $2,000 to $12,000 dollars.
  2. Rhinoplasty - Nose jobs are popular among men who have busted their nose playing sports. Still, it is equally popular among men who are simply unhappy with the way it fits on their faces. Rhinosplasty is a straightforward procedure that restructures the bone and cartilage of the nose to make it bigger or smaller according to one’s preference. The procedure is normally done inside the nose and leaves no visible scarring on the face. Rhinoplasty usually takes about two hours to complete and about three weeks to heal. However, the operated nose will not heal into its final look until 6 months after the procedure.
  3. Botox - As early as 2009, there already were already 337,000 documented Botox procedures performed on male patients. Botox is among the less invasive cosmetic surgery procedures. It eliminates unwanted lines and wrinkles to give a face a rejuvenated and more youthful appeal.
  4. Gynecomastia – More commonly known as male breast reduction surgery, gynecomastia is steadily becoming to be a fan favourite. Last year saw a 5% increase in the number of men who underwent the procedure. Gynecomastia removes local fat and glands in order to eliminate signs of overdeveloped breasts. Gynecomastia is typically an outpatient procedure so patients do not need to worry about the hassles of an inpatient surgery.

Other cosmetic procedures that are popular among the male population include: facelifts, installing teeth veneers, ear tucks, pectoral and calf implants, and chin augmentation. 

Sharon Freeman is a professional freelancer who writes about plastic surgery and the latest surgical trends in the plastic surgery world.

Vintage Bridal Accessories

If you desire to have a classic, impressive, matchless and stunning wedding, you should consider the vintage wedding theme. To make you look like a princess, you need to find a vintage wedding dress and suitable vintage wedding accessories. Many would-be brides adore wedding gowns in vintage style as the dresses have classic and sophisticated touch which most modern wedding apparel don’t have.

Vintage bridal accessories

Besides proper hairdo and make up, many women can count on vintage bridal accessories at OccasionByElena.com to beautify their wedding gown. In fact, for most brides, searching for bridal accessories is a significant part of preparing the entire wedding outfit.  Today’s wedding accessories come to you in a wide variety and jewelry is only one of them. Though there are different kinds of wedding jewelry available, vintage bridal jewelry is always a trend that has been around for years and seems to keep adored by lots of brides-to-be. It’s no wonder at all since vintage inspired jewelry has elaborate design but conveys beauty, grace and history; each is a wonderful artwork with romantic and high value.

Vintage bridal accessories

Every woman desires to be an elegant and beautiful bride in her wedding day. After the wedding dress, another vintage piece like a wedding veil, mantilla, tulle headband veil, bridal cap or French net is one of the most chosen vintage bridal accessories that many women love to enhance their bridal appearance. Whatever wedding veil type that you would like to wear, you can find one at the great online bridal boutique from the comfort of your home.

At the present time, the purpose of a bride to wear a veil is just as a beautiful adornment to complement the dress. But since a veil may affect to your total look, you should choose a veil type that most suits your wedding gown, face shape, body figure, hairstyle and wedding venue.  

Oct 30, 2013

Finding a Reliable Pre Wedding Photographer

Many would be brides and grooms desire to go through pre wedding photography shoot prior to the big day. Usually an engagement or pre wedding photo session is carried out several months or weeks before the wedding takes place. Since the purpose is to have excellent quality of couple portraits, most couples need to find a pre wedding photographer who can competently support them to reveal their pre wedding photography ideas.

Pre wedding photography

Searching for a reliable pre wedding photographer can be a difficult task.  If you’re in a quest of best quality photos, hiring a photographer from the International award winning photography studio would be a great decision. Each would-be bride and groom should know that actually, wonderful wedding photograph is a result of good collaboration between the couple and the professional photographer. For this reason, pre wedding shoot can be an enjoyable and relaxed way for the photographer and couple to know each other –before the real wedding.

Besides taking several stunning shoots of the couple together, the experienced photographer will also make use of pre wedding photo session to watch and learn the couple. It will be required to find out the best style to apply for taking their pictures perfectly.  Commonly, the place of a pre wedding shoot is chosen based on the couple’s want. The ideas are limitless!

Hiring the skilled pre wedding photographer indicates that you’ve made an investment to obtain finest services. The photographer’s knowledge and experience assure you more about the satisfying results of your pre wedding pictures. Having excellent collection of couple portraits, you may create various things relate to your wedding ceremony. For example, you can frame the images and apply them to decorate your wedding venue.  You may also use the pre wedding photos to create a customized guest book or a slide show during the wedding party.

Oct 29, 2013

The Benefits of Company Uniforms

When it comes to creating a successful, worthwhile business, employees are often the first aspect that comes to mind to many business owners. Appearance is often key, especially if employees will be face-to-face with customers, clients, or investors. Often, businesses will have a set or standard uniform throughout each department, if not the entire company. Many businesses currently exist, both offline and online, specializing in a variety of uniforms. Sharper Uniforms is just one example of this business, catering to individual businesses and organisations. Some uniforms can also be custom made, which can certainly be helpful in building the brand of the company.

Sharper Uniforms

Uniforms are often used to help aide customers in recognising employees and differentiating them from other customers. More often than not, a franchise will have a standardised form of dress that is uniform throughout the entire company. However, many roles may have different uniforms or styles of dress. A manager position does not always wear the same uniform as the men or women under him, to help create a mental and psychological deviation, often representing a higher state of power within the company. Many uniforms available from uniform outlets and customized clothing stores will often have a range of different apparel options for people in manager positions.

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