Oct 24, 2013

How to Keep Your Spirits & Energy up This Winter


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Eat right
Your diet is so important. What you put in to your body will determine your mood, your energy levels, and your health. Proper nutrition is always the best course of action with this, and it will help keep your heart healthy, your teeth and bones strong, and your energy levels high.

The best advice I can give is to stick to the traditional eating plan - breakfast - lunch - dinner. If you work within an active role, have a few oat-packed cereal bars to munch on during these breaks for energy. Also remember to drink LOTS of water - the body can never have too much water!

Think right
Winter can be gloomy, but it can also be beautiful - focus on the latter, and don't let grey skies, arctic winds and torrential rain get you down!

I have always thought that staying active and living life to the full is vital towards good mental health. I recommend that you do this during the winter more than any other season. Most people like to stay in at night and cuddle on the sofa in front of the fire, but I prefer to head out for an early-night stroll with the dogs for some fresh air and to clear my mind. I'm not mad, right?

Dress right
Is there anything worse than cold hands and feet? Other than serious illness, I don't think there is, and so during the winter I always take the effort to ensure that I'm wearing thick socks, good shoes and insulating gloves. At night this is vital because there is no sun for your clothing to soak up, a fleece lined coat like this CottonTraders Ascot fleece lined coat.
A hat and scarf is also recommended in winter, because your head and the back of your neck are two of the main sources of heat loss. Before heading out, check the weather, and dress appropriately - if it is raining, a jumper isn't going to cut it, is it?

Stay active
Keeping active is vital towards good health. You can simply do this by walks in the park and even some doing some bits and bobs around the house - for 20 - 30 minutes a day will help to fend of heart disease and if you suffer from low blood pressure, it can help with this too. You will also burn around 170 calories on an average 3mph walk for 30 minutes and so this is a good activity to fit in to your daily routine and don’t forget to wear comfortable clothing like these Jersey pull on trousers from Cotton Traders.
Walks can be combined with family, friends, and of course your lovely canine!

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Míriam Luiza October 26, 2013  

Enquanto vocês se preparam para o inverno, aqui nos preparamos para o verão quente que se aproxima! Mas estas dicas valem para todas ocasiões.

HansHB October 27, 2013  

Nice post! Lovely photo!

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