Oct 22, 2013

A Cycling Tailor

 I don’t know how to call his profession accurately. So, let me say he’s a cycling tailor. I notice that there are several men with the same profession here, in my city. The man is very helpful for some people like me who don’t have sewing machines in their homes. He frequently passes by our home. That day I called him as I have a maxi dress that need to be cut and resew. I like his neat work.


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Our photos October 22, 2013  

Hello Lina,
Cute pictures of the man with machine.
I know it, because we were in 1998 in Bandung to visit my father.
Greetings, RW & SK

Leovi October 22, 2013  

That is really great, the first time I see a sewing cyclist!

Gerald (SK14) October 22, 2013  

sounds like a good service

Anonymous October 23, 2013  

sekalipun saya tidak mengerti bahasa inggris tapi saya paham dengan yang di tulis mbak,.. di tempat saya ada juga beberap yang membuka usaha penjahitan seperti itu,cuman bedanya tidak memakai sepeda melainkan dengan motor yang tiga roda itu,..heheh salam kenal mbak

betty-NZ October 23, 2013  

What a creative way to make a living. That's a first for me!

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