Oct 2, 2013

Make Your International Shopping Easy and Comfortable Through Package Forwarding Services

There is every chance that you might have heard about the packaging and mail forwarding services that offer you the option of buying products that you like from any online website in the United States and forwards the package to your address anywhere in the world.

What Are Package Forwarding Services?

If you love to do international shopping, then you would have known by now that there are many companies that offers you the option to shop at popular online stores with a virtual address and get these packages delivered to your doorstep at any corner of the world. This type of service providing company is known as package forwarding company. One such popular company that you will find online is the Eshops Direct LLC. No matter where you are in the world, these companies will provide you with the option of purchasing goods from reputed online US stores and will ship the products that you have purchased to your doorstep in quick time without any hassles. You never need to wait for weeks or even track your order to get your parcels delivered at your doorstep if you hire right package forwarding companies.

Get A Virtual Address

One of the main benefits that you get by shopping through these package and mail forwarding companies is that you are able to get a virtual postal address by registering with these companies. The virtual postal address can be used to shop at most of the popular online US sites and hence you will be able to buy all the popular products sold by these stores which you could not have done earlier without a postal address in the US. Moreover, you also have the chance of enjoying special offers and discounts as well as promotions offered by these popular online companies for its citizens from time to time. You can track the parcels heading to your virtual address through the unique account number that you get when you register with the package forwarding company.


There are many benefits that you can enjoy when you get registered with a reliable and reputable package and mail forwarding company.

  • You can choose a virtual address at any of the locations that you prefer.
  • All the items that you purchase can be stored at this virtual address warehouse.
  • You have the option of repacking all these items into a single consolidated pack and hence save on shipping costs.
  • You can carry out any number of online transactions with any number of sites and all items you purchase will be stored in your virtual address warehouse.

Receiving Your Purchased Goods

You need to send a request to the package forwarding company so that they can ship the items that you have purchased to your proper permanent address at any location in the world. You also need to pay for the import duties in your country based on the number of items and the value of the items as soon as the package reaches your country. So, if you would like to shop internationally and get all the products that you shop shipped to your address, then all you need to do is to visit this website eshops-direct.com.

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