Oct 18, 2013

Best Alternatives to Breast Milk

Many parents have already acknowledged that the first four years age of a child is noted as golden age times. Every child’s intelligence capability will grow fast as much as 50% during this period; while 30% for 4-8 years old children and just 20% for 8-18 years old. Thus, the best time to get the most out of your baby’s brain potency is when he or she is in their first four years.

Some unaware parents just let their children grow and develop by themselves. What a shame; because of their lack of knowledge, those parents don’t make the best use of golden age of their children. It may cause learning issue to their children, especially in their primary school times.

The brain is definitely the center of children’s growth and development.  To maximize the use of your child’s golden age times, parents should provide appropriate nutrient since early age. Fortunately, the whole required nutrient for brain development can be found completely in breast-milk. It’s no wonder that breastfeeding is very essential for your child.

Not only provides the finest nutrient for your developing baby, breastfeeding is also a great way to build a strong connection with the baby. Every breastfeeding time will expel the love hormone in a mom’s brain; it will improve caring feeling towards your baby. So many benefits to offer by breastfeeding, what should you do if you can’t give breast-milk to your loved one?

Fortunately, thanks to the experts, when you are not capable to breastfeed, there are several healthy breast-milk alternatives that you can find at trusted sources such as http://www.parentschoiceformula.com. Though feeding your baby with baby formula, you may still build the bonding by always holding the baby while feeding time.

Before choosing a baby formula option, you should seek advice from a doctor first as your baby may require added nutritional supplements. For example, rice milk is a healthy baby formula choice with more carbohydrates than cow’s milk, but it has a smaller amount of calcium and protein. The doctor will help every mother to choose the right baby formula that suits the baby’s condition and needs.

Having a baby is surely a huge blessing but taking care a baby involves big responsibility, physically and emotionally readiness and lots of money.  There will be a lot of baby stuff that you must provide for fulfilling your baby’s needs. While some parents don’t mind spending much for their babies, there are many parents in a budget who always love the ideas of getting different free baby stuff like baby formula samples and baby formula sweepstakes. Accepting free samples is a great way to save money without sacrificing your baby’s health and needs!

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