Oct 21, 2021

Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs in New York City

women entrepreneurs in New York City

NYC is the place where women can grow. The number of businesses started by women is rapidly increasing, so the NYC entrepreneurship world is becoming more women-led.  However, those about to embark on a new business journey might need more information about women in the NYC economy. Here’s what you should know about opportunities for women entrepreneurs in New York City and see how to become a part of the female entrepreneurship there. 

You can easily reach your goals

Whenever you start something new, you need to have clearly defined goals. NYC allows you to reach your goals – as long as you’re realistic enough. The number of businesses that women run is increasing each year – so far, over 40 percent of private companies in NYC have been founded by women. This tells you that there are many opportunities for women entrepreneurs in New York City – you just need to know how to grab them. 

Financial support

If you’re just starting a business as a woman entrepreneur, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several support programs you can use. Different funding institutions have loan programs designed especially for women in business – particularly those at the beginning of their careers. However, be sure to investigate them more, so you can pick a program that will suit your niche and the needs of your business. 

a meeting of women entrepreneurs in New York City
Women entrepreneurs in New York City can get help from different support programs.

The right moment 

Even though the global pandemic has slowed many businesses down, women should use this opportunity to make a change. The time we live in is the age of changes, differences, and various business directions. The world is coming out of the pandemic, and women should use this moment to start fresh. The new look at all spheres of life delivers new business ideas, making the current business world more hospitable towards women. 

The market 

To sell your product or service, you need to know the market well. Luckily, NYC is so diverse and crowded that you'll be able to get some audience with ease. This is a massive opportunity for women entrepreneurs in New York City. However, it would be best if you used the ability to reach so many people should wisely. Make sure you create a potential customer model first before promoting your business according to their needs and preferences. Analyze the market so you can hit it with a short and compelling pitch, showing why your goals and your products are good for your audience. 


Unlike women, men have always built networks and succeeded by using them – from a playground basketball team to big business ideas. Women should use networking more and stop trying to be completely independent. New York gives you a chance to find so many fellow entrepreneurs in the women's business world, but also businesses that want to invest. Networking is essential in business, and living in NYC gives you a perfect setting for it. 

Also, networking will lead you to people who have experience and knowledge of the industry you’re jumping in. They can be excellent advisers for finding customers, promotions, etc. Make sure you have a reliable team that can give tips on how to become better – as it's hard to make all decisions yourself. 

a woman using a laptop for work
Connect to fellow entrepreneurs to reach your goals faster.

NYC office locations 

Renting a new business space is one of the challenges new entrepreneurs face. This decision will be based on several factors such as your target audience, the location of your home, suppliers, etc. There are some great locations you should consider when choosing your new office space:

  • The Flatiron District – one of the top neighborhoods to rent an office space in NYC due to great commute, affordable prices, and many fun things to do;

  • The Financial District -  everyone running a company knows that the financial district is where everything happens. This bustling area of NYC offers so many good things to its residents, making it attractive for new businesses, too;

  • Midtown Manhattan – known as one of the biggest business districts in the country, this neighborhood offers a lot of entertainment, shopping, and other fun things to do, making it an excellent location for your new office space too;

  • Hudson Square – along with SoHo, Hudson Square is one of the top business locations in the city. Companies from various industries are run right from this place, so being close to them can only benefit your new business. 

a woman walking in the NYC subway, representing opportunities for women entrepreneurs in New York City
NYC offers some fantastic locations for your business to grow.

Starting a business and moving into a new office space

As a woman who’s beginning a new career chapter in her life, you'll be faced with a lot of exciting yet challenging times. One of them is moving into a new office space and setting it up for success. If you don’t have a move manager, you will have to plan everything in detail and leave no task to chance

Commercial moving experts from Simplify Valet Storage & Moving advise you to start planning early, so you can be flexible with picking the moving date. This will lead you to a more affordable move and a less stressful relocation process, knowing you have enough time to finish all the tasks. 

Once you find a perfect place for your new office, it is essential to find out the rules and guidelines of the building. NYC buildings can have different regulations regarding new residents, which may cause delays or problems when moving in. 

Also, make sure the organization of the moving process runs smoothly. Do your best to prepare your items for moving, pack and label boxes for easier unpacking, and plan the position of larger furniture pieces. These final steps will make you closer to all the opportunities for women entrepreneurs in New York City and making your dreams come true. 






Oct 12, 2021

First Things to Do After Moving into Your New Home

An illustration of things to do after moving into your new home

Congratulations on your new home! Moving to a new house is a significant and exciting event, for sure. However, you shouldn't take it lightly. There are many things to consider and tasks to finish when starting a life in a new home. The most important thing is to stay organized. Our checklist of things to do after moving into your new home is here to help you.

The checklist

Even though it might seem like you're finished with the hard part once you close the deal on your house, the reality doesn't always work that way. Moving into a new home and settling in is a different process that requires proper organization. Luckily, this is the final stretch on your new home checklist, so try not to lose steam now. 

Remember, as a new homeowner, it is essential to take care of your safety first and tackle necessary tasks and repairs. After that comes the fun part - decorating and settling in. So, to help you get to this step, here's a to-do list of things that need to be done once you move into a new home.

Take a good look around the house

The best time to do a thorough walkthrough is when the house is still empty. Therefore, before unpacking and setting up your furniture, make sure you take a look around. Here are a few things you should pay attention to:

  • Has the previous owner completed all the repairs you agreed on?

  • Is everything that was included in the sale present in the house?

  • Is everything in working order (switches, fixtures, outlets)?

If you find any issues that don't agree with your contract, be sure to contact your realtor immediately. On the other hand, if you encounter problems not included in your contract, make them your priority.

Change the locks

Changing your locks when moving into a new home is good practice. You never know who else might have the keys to your humble abode. 

By doing so, you will have peace of mind for a small price. Remember to re-key the locks on all doors in and out the house and on windows too.

A key in a door lock
Better safe than sorry counts in this


Make an unpacking plan

If you plan what will go where in your empty house, you will minimize potential issues, such as a piece of furniture not fitting a place you wanted it in. Even though you might have a general idea, take a moment, write it down, and think about the final setup.

Ask for help with unpacking

The first few days of unpacking and settling in can be tiresome if you do it all by yourself. However, if you call a couple of friends to help you, you will have your house ready sooner than expected. Order some drinks and food, and make unpacking a pleasant and unrushed experience.

Make sure your utilities are all set up

This is a task you hopefully arranged beforehand. First, however, it is important to double-check whether the gas, heating, cooling, water, phone, and internet are set up.

One of the things to do after moving into your new home is to contact the local waste management facility to set up your home for garbage pick-up.

Locate the shut-off valves and circuit breaker

These are the things you want to know the location of in case of an emergency. So, if you need to turn off the water or if the power goes out, you will locate them immediately. 

Common locations for circuit breakers are in basements, garages, hallways, or outdoors. As for the water valves, you can usually find them somewhere around the perimeter of your house.

Deep clean

If you don't have the time or energy to do a thorough clean, you can always contact professional services. This way, you will start your life in a thoroughly sanitized house, which is vital considering we are in the midst of a global pandemic.

A woman cleaning her windows
Deep cleaning is one of the first things to do after moving into your new home.

Set up a home security system

According to relocation specialists from Van Express Movers, most of their customers consider moving the best time to set up home security. This is especially important if you will be living alone. The good thing is that you can shop for and set up a system on your own. 

If, on the other hand, your new place already has a system placed or is tied to a contract, make sure you get in touch with the provider and update them on the information. 

Prioritize repairs

Repairs are an inevitable part of moving into a new home that previously had owners. However, some require more attention than others, such as windows that won't lock properly or leaky plumbing. If these haven't been taken care of beforehand, make them a priority on your moving-in list.

A repair kit
If possible, it would be good to schedule the repairs right at the beginning, so you can relax once everything's done.

Remember to change your address

If you hadn't changed your address at the post office before moving, now is the time to do so. Additionally, there are numerous people you should notify of your address change, such as your bank, subscription services, loan providers, or anyone that sends you regular bills or correspondence.

Create a maintenance checklist

Your house is a complex thing that requires proper care in lots of different ways. We recommend creating a maintenance checklist so you don't forget the necessary tasks. 

It would be good to divide your checklist into monthly, bi-annual, and annual tasks. For example, you want to clean your garbage disposal, drains, and plumbing fixtures once a month. Other duties, like deep cleaning your entire home or inspect water filtration systems, can be done once every six months, while termite inspection, chimney, and gutter cleaning, cooling, and heating services can be done once a year.

Walk around the neighborhood and meet your neighbors

Finally, meeting your neighbors is way less awkward just after you move in. This will not only get you off on the right foot in your neighborhood, but it will help you learn about the community and get recommendations you need.

Final words

Even though moving is a bit of an overwhelming process, following our checklist of things to do after moving into your new home will make the transition a bit more seamless. Happy moving!

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Oct 5, 2021

Why expanding your business to San Francisco is a good idea

The Golden Gate bridge.

Wondering whether or not expanding your business to San Francisco will turn out to be profitable? You can find the answer in the title of this text. But, you ask, why is it so? A single sentence won't do you any justice here. That's why, in the article below, we'll give some examples of why expanding your business to San Francisco is a good idea. If you're a business-oriented woman, there's no reason not to see where women-owned businesses are flourishing at this very moment. Also, did you know the number of women-owned businesses on the national scale almost doubled in the past fifteen years? Stay tuned for some helpful information since moving a business is not an easy topic.

An homage to the history

We'll start this one out with a bit of history. Don't worry; it won't be anything long or tedious. As you probably know, San Francisco was the most progressive city in the USA for the last more than half a century. Since the '50s, it has been the Mecca of liberal thought, and every free thinker eventually had to stop and pay tribute to this beautiful city. It has been a place of experimentation, subversion, and almost limitless personal freedom. It should come as no surprise that women play a significant role in the city's economy nowadays. Young female entrepreneurs from all around the country find this gem of a city a fantastic opportunity to enlarge their profits. Are you ready to hop on that train and expand your business to San Fran? If so, feel free to check out zaptmovers.com and see if they can help you with the ordeal. You know what? They most certainly can.

A hippie van cruising San Francisco streets
Since the '50s, San Fran has been the Mecca of progressive liberal thought. Nowadays, it's no wonder that women play an important role in this city's economy, not as workers but as owners.

An economic hotspot

Even the birds in the trees know that the Bay Area is an economic giant. The Information Revolution paved the way for generations to come. As a business owner, you'll enjoy the beautiful consequences of opening an office in the very epicenter of things. You'll have a large talent pool to pick out from, to name one of them. Professionals from all over the country are flocking to Bay Area in search of a good job opportunity, and maybe the position you'll offer them is a vision of a career they've been dreaming of. Being able to choose from a great number of motivated candidates can be a portion of the answer to why expanding your business to San Francisco is a good idea.

How to successfully manage to open a new office in San Fran

You might be wondering: alright, San Fran has potential for economic growth, but wouldn't opening up an office there be quite a hassle? This shouldn't be much of a problem for you since Bay Area commercial movers are among the best in the country. They'll gladly handle the transfer of your business, and the relocation itself won't cause you any stress. Bay Area is among the wealthiest regions of the USA, if not the richest, so you can imagine the professional commercial moving services are top-notch. Dealing with an office relocation is something business owners, regardless of how successful they are, leave to the professionals. And so should you.

A minimalist office space.

Don't worry about having to endure stress when setting up your San Fran office. Experienced professional movers are there to help with everything.

The perks of being a woman business owner in San Fran

As we've already mentioned, San Francisco is home to an egalitarian culture. City residents love to support any project that has something to do with wiping out the remnants of cultural boundaries that have kept women out of the economic game for far too long. Also, many programs help women entrepreneurs in San Fran, such as the San Francisco Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund or Established Women. As a young businesswoman, you're entitled to free consultations or even financial help. Being backed by your community in doing something you love is a blessing. It seems like everyone in San Francisco shares the same vision of equality, which is something most cities cannot mention in the About Me info.

Grants for women entrepreneurs the city has to offer

Aside from the city’s positive and encouraging cultural climate, some grants help women-owned businesses be more competitive on the market. Here we’ll list some of them: 

  • Women-owned small business mini-grant – helps female entrepreneurs with a donation of up to $2000. Before applying, check the requirements.

  • Amber Small Business Grant for Women – gather up as much as $11k for your venture.

  • La Cocina Incubator Program – designed for small-income food entrepreneurs (women of color and immigrants have an advantage here).

The national capital of women entrepreneurship

Once upon a time, it was NYC, but San Fran has taken the lead recently. According to most research results and statistics, this Bay Area gem is at the best place in the US for a woman to achieve success in the business game. It's good news to hear that other places around the US are booming also. San Fran's still number one, though. That being said, there's a slight chance that by expanding your business to San Fran, you will make a mistake. Also, have in mind that the city has a lot to offer to your employees too. As we've mentioned earlier, this city has the status of a cultural artifact. Now, that's just one thing that makes this place a fantastic spot to start fresh. 

A row of houses in San Francisco.
Did you know that San Francisco is the US capital of women entrepreneurship? Now that you do, what are you waiting for?

Why expanding your business to San Francisco is a good idea? - a conclusion

If you had any dilemmas about whether or not expanding your business to San Francisco is a good idea, now you, hopefully, don't have any. If you have the opportunity to open up an office in San Fran, make sure you don't miss it. Anyway, let's do a quick walkthrough. Is San Fran the national women entrepreneurship capital? It is. Does it have a large talent pool for you to pick out experienced job candidates? It does. Are there any programs designed to help women doing business? Of course, there are. Hmm, how about commercial moving services, are they good? Let's just say you won't have a single problem finding quality relocation service providers. Also, does the city have a unique reputation as the most liberal city in the US? There's no need to answer that one. As you can see, nothing is stopping you from opening an office in this beautiful city. 






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