Jan 7, 2021

Guide to Booming US cities for Women Entrepreneurs

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Many places across the USA offer a thriving environment for women in business. If you wonder which parameters are essential when searching for a perfect place for your star-up, look for:

•    Metrics
•    Friendliness toward new female entrepreneurs - business conditions, financing, office space availability, labor costs, etc.
•    Average revenue growth of women-owned businesses
•    Presence of women’s business centers
•    Industry variety for female-owned companies
•    Conditions for working mothers - the size of the gender wage gap and the availability of affordable child care

This article will present a few cities from different states that really stand out as booming US cities for women entrepreneurs.

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus offers a great central location, industry diversity, and young, educated coworkers. It’s a perfect place to start a small business because the state gives guidance and helps start-ups. There is also a Business Center of Ohio that works with businesswomen and continuously helps them grow. Encouraging counseling sessions connect female-owned businesses with resources and networking opportunities. You can have access to technical training, education opportunities, and workshops. Furthermore, The Women’s Small Business Accelerator of Central Ohio offers women entrepreneurs affordable, shared office space, coaching, and mentoring, as well as peer support.

Columbus has an attractive cost of living (lower than the state and national average), affordable housing, good schools, and a low unemployment rate. Moreover, beautiful bike and fitness trails connect the suburbs and downtown's riverfront park system, so your life outside of work can also be pretty amazing.

Denver, Colorado

Denver metro area has a very low unemployment rate for women. And we don’t mean only fast-growing job opportunities for female employees, but Denver also has a high percentage of women-owned businesses. There you can find an encouraging environment for female entrepreneurs. Many female-owned companies are in the scientific, technical, and professional services industries. Moreover, Denver's industry is concentrated in aerospace and bioscience, so it's perfect for entrepreneurs interested in these industries.

This city will offer you a lot of outdoor activities and an enjoyable lifestyle. To unwind from work, you can go on a mindful walk, skiing and hiking in the Rocky Mountains, but also biking and horseback riding. There is always something to do, from shopping and sports to art galleries and museums and not to forget - delicious food.

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Denver landscape
Denver has a high percentage of women-owned businesses.

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is one of the booming US cities for women entrepreneurs. There you can find a Women’s Business Center, offering business consulting, classroom training, and peer-to-peer learning for women in diverse stages of business management. Nashville’s unemployment rate is well below the US average. The city is affordable for living and has low taxes, making it an attractive place for anyone to start a business. You can make the most out of your education and have a good quality of life here, with many outdoor opportunities for relaxation.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles metro area has a high number of female entrepreneurs. Also, this city has more equitable pay between women and men than many others. Los Angeles is one of the best US cities for women entrepreneurs. Women in LA hold influential positions in the media and movie industry. There are endless possibilities for those ready to grow and improve their skills, expanding knowledge and experience. From fashion and beauty to art and interiors, women in LA create, collaborate, and achieve their goals.

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Buildings in Los Angeles, one of the booming US cities for women entrepreneurs
Los Angeles is one of the best US cities for women entrepreneurs

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This midwestern city is very supportive of women entrepreneurs. Milwaukee has several programs and training options to help female business owners grow their companies. The city provides business education, one-on-one assistance, direct loans, and capital and asset-building programs. Here you can have classes on everything you need for a successful start-up, from how to write a business plan and apply for a loan to developing projects and understanding cash flow. You can find support for every aspect of running a company, many networking events, etc.

Honolulu, Hawaii

This tropical city ranks very well in female entrepreneurship. Furthermore, it’s home to many women-focused business centers. Female entrepreneurs have all opportunities and help they need here, from business training, counseling, networking, and much more. A growing number of technology hubs are being formed in Honolulu. They provide women with a chance to find the financing they need. If you plan on opening a tech company with a focus on web, software, and mobile solutions, this city is ideal for you.
Buildings near the beach - Honolulu, Hawaii
Women have many opportunities and help with their start-ups in Honolulu, one of the booming US cities for women entrepreneurs.

Greensboro, North Carolina

Overall, friendliness toward new female businesses ranks very high in Greensboro. There are many programs to help women start and grow small businesses. The Startup Lab is designed for those looking to launch a business and striving to take their business to the next level. Within the Startup group, you can receive counseling on how to start a company successfully, define your customer base, and file taxes. For already established businesses, the Lab offers advice on how to increase your sales, expand your market, and get more clients. Programs are funded by the city of Greensboro and community partners.

Final thoughts

With an increasing number of innovative, inspiring women in the entrepreneurship world, we can conclude that we live in a great time. Besides these, there are many more booming US cities for women entrepreneurs, but this article would be a hundred pages long if we tried to cover them all. However, whichever city you choose, you can be sure you'll have plenty of opportunities and great help and support. So, good luck and start making your dreams come true.


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