Jan 9, 2015

Women in Business: You Can Do Anything if You Make a Good Choice

You are a strong, professional, confident woman and I’m sure you’ve got plenty of ideas and enthusiasm when it comes to “getting back out there”, but the only mishap in the whole situation is that you are not sure where to start, right? That’s okay, we’ve all been in a hiccup situation and have had someone else’s help in the matter. This is why we are here, to beat about the options that may just work for you perfectly.

Here are a few ideas for a business you may take on, hopefully they will be of help:

1. Life Coach
You have probably read or seen “Secret”. This book/film launched the whole idea of new age philosophy that many embraced like their living style and ideal ideology. And, truth be told, this new age philosophy is really amazing. The problem is – not everyone gets it. That is, not everyone is able to execute it without some professional help. You can easily be that person who helps others achieve their dreams. Nowadays, you can find Life Coach Academies and in the course of six months you get your certificate and a diploma and can execute your wisdom. If you’ve always been that person your friends come to for advice and solution, then being a Life Coach is probably the best job for you. Plus, with the crazy working hours we all have you don’t even have to set up and office or rent space for your business. You can have skype sessions or even go to your client’s address. For starters, at least.

2. Editor/Writer
Even though we live surrounded with various technologies and it seems like writing and publishing books has become obsolete, not all is the way it appears to be. Yes, there are plenty of blogs, articles and similar channels in electronic form, but there are still people behind these articles and one of those people can easily be you. If you have always had a neck for writing, maybe this is your chance. Try with some freelance online jobs you can and give it a little time to expand and your collaborators to see how talented you are. In this job you also need to be quick, so hopefully speed is one of your strong suits. If, however, you are not that drawn to writing, you can always take on a job of an editor and go through stuff other people wrote. It takes up less of your time and effort for a pretty similar amount of money.

3. Interior Design
You’d hear people say interior design is a rich-bored-housewives’-occupation. I beg to disagree. This is one of the most beautiful jobs for either a woman or a man as long as there is creativity, organizational skills, a sense for space, budget and individual linking involved. With your interior design consulting services you should have a team of experts that would be there to actually execute the work. Of course, this is not absolutely necessary but it would be great for the business. At first, you can start by just handing out sketches and giving out ideas and you’ll see how everything goes from there.

4. Copywriter
If you’ve always had that creativity in you yet you weren’t sure how to channel it, maybe this is your chance. A job of a copywriter is a wonderful job opportunity for both women and men, yet statistics have shown that women are better at coordinating this type of business. Here’s why: women have the ability to read through people’s emotions and needs and they have the skill to “attack” them in the best way possible and turn them into suitable advertisement. Plus, if you combine your vision with proper marketing items, you’ll surely head towards success. You can take internship with firms that are looking to hire, you can freelance or even start your business from home. One of the advantages of this job is that you are not chained to just one place! If you are creative, organized and quick, this may be just the job for you.

Don’t be offended for someone labeling certain jobs as “a woman thing”. Feminism aside, there actually are certain jobs men do better while there are others which men couldn’t even dream of doing because they don’t have the patience, wit, the neck for strategies, etc. As long as you embrace the thing you do and you do it with passion, you’ll be great at it!

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