Jan 26, 2015

A Guide to Success: How to Build a Wildly Successful Business

Getting ahead is all about smart decisions and learning from your mistakes so you don’t end up failing over and over again. Even though failure is an expected part of anyone’s business advancement it’s there for one reason and one reason only – to teach us what not to do the next time around. So, to build a successful business; don’t look back on your past decisions but rather focus on the future by taking a different approach and really knocking it out of the park.

1. The pitch is everything
Well, not everything but it’s the start of something great. There are three major instances you should go by in order to accomplish having a solid pitch.

To impress a client or a potential investor, the first thing you need to do is have an amazing pitch to hook them. Three key components that every pitch must have in order to be absolutely successful : tease, please and cease.
1. The attention getting opening statement is called a "tease";
2. Offering hope and explain a solution to a problem is the "please" of a pitch;
3. Demonstrating the money-making potential through which you are attracting the attention of a shark or wealthy investor is the "cease" of a pitch

One of the biggest game changers for entrepreneurs is nothing more and nothing less than crowdfunding. It will without a doubt continue to get a great amount of deserved attention in the following year.

2. Create a Magical Transformation
By creating a magical transformation for the customers you are working with you are surely looking into prosperity and fast way to get ahead.

A dramatic "before and after," or really "wowing" results of a certain campaign is what is thought under a magical transformation. The perfect example of such transformation are commercials that show the state of things before applying the product and then showcasing the amazing “after” state of things. For instance, think of commercials advertising for fat burn pills. They would first show a chubby/overweight person struggling to lose weight in all ways known to a person, yet with unsuccessful results. Then, they would offer their “magic” pill and present this person happy, thin and optimistic about life. Basically, the goal of this advertising is to leave your potential customers feeling that they must have your service/product in order to achieve this amazing transformation.

3. Learn from your past failures
As Winston Churchill put "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." You are probably thinking “easier said than done” but with a lot of self-discipline and persistence you’ll learn how to work your past failures into your advantage. The key is to take them as a valuable lesson and guidance as what not to do again or how to work with what you currently have.

Any business means failing a lot before you get to a point where you can find yourself successful and optimistic about new business deals. Just learn to get up when you fall.

4. Keep building relationships
The cornerstone of commerce in the new economy is all the partnerships inside and outside your industry that you should make. You are probably aware that nowadays little of getting ahead has to with what you know. It’s more about who you know and what relationship you have with these people.

You're one step closer to hooking your own shark, by building key relationships and this further can get you connected with a board of advisors/directors/and other sophisticated people to join your quest.

Further, when it comes to building business relationships, you need to aware that you need people from all social layers. Today you need a marketing consultant, an SEO advisor, an investment consultant; tomorrow, you’ll need someone to hire a forklift, for building and storage organizing. Make sure the relationships you build are fair, honest and beneficial for both sides.

For most of the entrepreneurs out there, owning their business is probably the first thought they wake up with and the last they think of before going to bed. Even though at times things tend to look like they are impossible to achieve you should know this isn’t the case with you! If you are positive enough, smart, persistent and organized success will follow. You just need to make all the right moves and see what’s going to happen.

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Putra January 27, 2015  

And "innovation" I think. So, costumers dont feel like old all the time :)

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