Jan 30, 2015

Show Your Feelings with Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry gifts are often given as a sign of showing how much we care for someone. However, you can show how much care and thought you have given to a gift by choosing to give personalized jewelry. There are a great many styles of personalized jewelry, so you can ensure that you choose a gift which perfectly suits the person.

Precious Metal Clay Personalized Jewelry:

Precious metal clay or PMC has been used for personalized jewelry for jewelry gifts for a number of years. The material was developed in the 1990s and is actually a by product of making photographic film. However, when formed into jewelry it can create an eco friendly organic form of silver jewelry. This can be styled into simplistic design such as a pendant, which is then hand stamped to show a personalized message, name or date. PMC can also be used to create memorable jewelry gifts. For example, you can use fingerprint impressions in your jewelry item. You may wish to have the fingerprints of your child on a pendant or charm. Alternatively, you could capture the fingerprints of both the bride and groom and create a unique set of cufflinks.

Engraved Jewelry:

Another option for personalized jewelry is engraved precious metals. A jeweler can engrave a message, date or name onto silver, gold or platinum rings, bracelets, pendants or cufflinks. You can even have a message engraved onto a watch back to make the gift truly unique and special. You may even find that some retailers offer the option of hand stamped jewelry which creates an even more unique “engraved” finish on the item.

Regardless of the occasion you are looking to celebrate, you can demonstrate how much care you have put into a gift, by giving personalized jewelry. This not only provides a gift which can last a lifetime, but will carry a unique and special sentiment forever.

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