Feb 27, 2011

Colorful Celosia Argentea

You can see lots of Celosia flowers inside Nusantara Yellow Park (Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia). Celosia is an annual flower. Wherever they grow, their blooming flowers will always get attention, right?

Celosia has a wide choice of appearance, size, and color. Celosia presents large flower clusters on top of green or reddish leaves. Colors include yellow, gold, red, pink, orange, and wine. Velvety crested types (cockscomb) are rippled, whereas others are shaped like plumes or spikes. Heights range from 6 to 36 inches; flower size­ is not determined by height.

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Feb 25, 2011

Sky Watch:Kujang Monument (2)

As a sole monument in Bogor City, Kujang Monument has become an interesting photo object. In fact, it’s my second post on Kujang Monument photos. Being located at Triangle Park on Jl. Pajajaran, Jl. Otista and Jl. Baranangsiang, Bogor; the Monument can be captured from many different angles.

If you still don’t know, Kujang is a traditional weapon from West Java, Indonesia. This monument was built in 1982 to commemorate the struggle of West Java people for Indonesian Independence.

I captured the pictures from inside our car. It was taken on different days. The first two taken in the bright and clear afternoon (about 4 pm); the last silhouette photo was taken the next morning (about 7 am).

Can’t you see the unusual cloud in the first pic? I guess it looked like a head with chubby cheek and long extending hair. What do you think?

Feb 24, 2011

Nostalgia : My First and Last Dance

What I mean here is dance performing in front of audience. I’ve never done it again. I was at 2rd kindergarten that time. I forget what the event was; but I guess it’s a traditional dance show participated by several kindergartens in the city (Bandung, West Java, Indonesia).

I looked cute in this traditional costume, right? Hahaha, I like wearing the costume since I still can move freely. Before the show, we practiced every day for about two weeks. My Mom said that I was dancing beautifully.
I know I’m not good at dancing. It’s hard for me to memorize every step and movement. Compared with others, I need more times to learn a dance. I prefer to sing in a vocal group. During Secondary School days, I was one of vocal group members of my school. I don’t mind if I’ve never performed a dance again, at least, I’ve done it once!


Feb 23, 2011

For Your Trendy Mobile Phone

For the last ten years, mobile phones have become very common gadgets that almost every one has and uses it. The latest development, lots of people appraise mobile phones as a part of their life style and preference. People tend to look mobile phones as not only a communication device.

How about you, ladies? If you also value your mobile phones as a part of your life style, of course, you want to have one that can express your personality. Since most women love being trendy and stylish; their mobile phones should also look trendy! That’s why you should add mobile accessories to progress your mobile phone’s appearance and performance.

I recommend you to visit MyTrendyPhone.com, a reliable online store that offers quality and wide collection of accessories for various gadgets such as mobile phones, iPods, cameras and videos. Moreover, all items are offered at the lowest prices! Isn’t it great?

I’ve browsed the site; it’s very user friendly. You’ll get whatever mobile accessories that you need, as the online store provides lots of items into specific categories. It will make you easier to search what you’re looking for. I’ve seen their cases collection. You’ll love the designs like I do. I really want to buy one mobile case as a special gift to my husband!

Feb 22, 2011

Tandem Bicycle

Have you ever tried riding a tandem bike? I’ve ever rode it with my SIL, while we visited Pangandaran Beach (Ciamis, Jawa Barat), some years ago. You can rent tandem bicycle in cheap price there. Some recreation places usually offer tandem bikes for visitors to rent.

Tandem is a multi seat bicycle with riders seated one behind the other. Most often the term refers to two seater bikes, but tandem is also the generic term for other multi-seaters like triplets (for 3) and quads (for 4).

Tandems are an ideal way out for partners of different riding abilities who want to ride together. Tandems are also great for blind riders or riders with some physical limitations that may keep them from riding a single bike. And tandems are also great for two strong riders looking for a new challenge or just for fun.

Feb 20, 2011

Green Flower

I think I seldom see green flowers. I saw these hanging flowers inside Nusantara Flower Park (Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia). The vine plant is used to decorate and form various shades. There are two colors of them, green and red. Both are lovely and unique!

I’m sorry I have no time now to search the name. I must leave home in a minute with my father and husband. Have a great week end getaway!

Feb 18, 2011

Sky Watch: Thick Fog

That morning, we’re on the way to Nusantara Yellow Park (Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia). Entering Puncak area and passing through the winding roads, I felt dizzy and nausea. I needed fresh air. So, we stopped by and took a rest at a small eating place. While I drank hot tea, from inside the food stall, I can see the tea plantation view below.

The picture was taken at about 6.30 am. I saw thick fog on the tea plantation outside. It’s cold and windy too, but the air was so fresh! After taking deep breath several times, the dizzy and nausea left me.

Feb 17, 2011

Nostalgia : Pasir Mukti Village

I’ve ever written a post about my activities during three months in Pasir Mukti village, Citeureup, Indonesia. This time, I want to share a little about the village itself.

Pasir Mukti is a unique village. In the photo, you can see the long conveyor belt that passes through the village, from the calcium stone hill into a big cement factory. It’s my first time to see a very long conveyor belt (I didn’t know the actual length) passes over a village. What is a conveyor belt? It’s a continuous flexible band moved by a series of rollers to transport objects or material from one place to another.
Located between the big cement factory and the hill, this village has no other option, I guess. Though the conveyor belt moves through along the edges of village that it’s not full with houses; you can see the soft white dust on the roofs.

For me, the most annoying is the sound pollution. The movement of conveyor belt produces noisy sound. But the village people there seemed not annoyed at all, perhaps they have been used to.

This conveyor will be stopped in the night and every praying time for Moslems (several minutes) in the day. I heard this village is given regularly compensation from the factory. The given compensation can be varied; it depends on the negotiation between the local government and the factory.

Every day, about 1.00 pm, you’ll hear the sound of explosion from the mine in the hill far away. It’s not the loud one, but you still can feel the trill.

I really want to visit this village again, one day.


Feb 15, 2011

Water Ball

What is a water ball? Have you ever seen one? Water ball is a big transparent ball (8ft. in diameter). Made of a clear super transparent special material, the waterball is simple and easy to use.

I saw these waterballs at a recreation center in my city (Tajurski, Bogor, Indonesia). Though it was raining on and off, the visitors were full. While taking pictures, I noticed how to use it. Just blow it up, open up the zipper, and the riders can enters inside. Close the zipper and re-inflate the waterball again to full capacity. The waterball is ready to use and the riders inside can do water walking.

But I guess it’s not easy at all to do the water walking; I saw they were falling inside the ball repeatedly. I still have my doubt to try water ball; what about you? Are you interested to walk on the water?

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Feb 13, 2011

American Garden

In their brochure, it states that American Garden inside Nusantara Flower Park (Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia) presents Country Classic Garden (a replica of American village garden) and Native Garden (a replica of flowering bushes in America).
I don’t share much here, as at that time, the sky has turned into dark and we’re afraid the rain will fall down suddenly. We just took several pictures there. I love wandering around this American Garden; it looks so natural and beautiful.

Feb 11, 2011

Sky Watch: Gray Sky above Nusantara Flower Park

When we visited this Flower Park, the weather changed during the whole day. These sky shots were taken from American Garden, one garden inside Nusantara Flower Park (Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia). At that time (about 11.am), the sky above has turned into darker and gray. Later, the rain was falling and we ran toward a sight-seeing tower nearby to take shelter.

Sky Watch Friday

Feb 10, 2011

Nostalgia : Best College Friends

College times were one of wonderful times in our life, right? I really enjoy my college times, though I must live far away from my parents. I entered my college (Institut Pertanian Bogor-Bogor Agricultural Institute) through PMDK program. I didn’t have to take a test anymore. Only two students in my high school were accepted in the college. It didn’t mean that I’m so smart, but most of my friends preferred to choose another college. Agriculture field wasn’t their favorite choice.

I took Agribusiness study program. Thank God, my grades were allowed me to choose this study. I have many good friends. Now, lots of them are becoming successful persons in their career. Several of them live abroad, including two of my best friends, Monique and Maya.

The picture was taken while we had our last lunch together at a restaurant. The restaurant is near to a beautiful resort; we were taking pictures there. It was a great idea to take these pictures, as each of us can memorize our togetherness at college. Though it isn’t so intense, we still communicate via facebook. Hope they all have a happy life! To Ira, Shally, Fatimah, Maya and Monique : I love you all!


Feb 8, 2011

Best Medical Training Providers

If you are a doctor in UK, perhaps you’ve known that the competition in medical selection process can be quite tight. To be a qualified doctor and take the right career direction, you must get ready for medical interview processes. Every doctor wants to be successful in their medical interviews, so, you should have a better and proper preparation. Have you considered taking medical interview course? It would be the right way to accomplish your preparation.

You don’t need to search anymore. It’s much recommended to choose Oxford Medical, one of the largest medical training companies in UK that offers doctors different expertise, such as medical management courses, interview skills training, teach the teacher course, and other career development courses.

For doctors and consultants who want to enhance their skills, the tutors at Oxford Medical will give you the proper and needed help and guidance. If you are a consultant candidate preparing for a medical interview process, don’t be hesitant to take consultant interview courses at Oxford Medical. There’s no doubt, Oxford Medical is the best provider that will help you achieving better future career in National Health Service fields.

Flying Fox Game

Why is it called flying fox? I guess it relates with flying fox bats that love hanging like any other bat. Flying fox is a hanging cable car. This term is generally applied in reference to small-space zip line equipment. Flying fox game itself is modified from military training by gliding from particular height.

Though it looks safe, I’ve never tried this game. I saw that every glider must use back harness and karabiner for safety purpose. My high sickness is always becoming my main excuse. Until now, I still let my high sickness unsolved.

Anyway, these fun shots were captured on last Wednesday, during CNY holiday. We (hubby and I) and in-laws were visiting a recreation and shopping center in my city (Tajur Ski- Bogor,West Java, Indonesia). The place was full of people. My in-laws were shopping bags there; but I felt lazy being in the crowd in the big store. I preferred to go outside and saw some people gliding on the cable. Have you tried this game?

Feb 6, 2011

Flower Carpet Display

Not far from the entrance of Nusantara Flower Park (Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia), you’ll see this flower carpet display. Most of them are Celosia flowers. Very colorful!

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Feb 4, 2011

Sky Watch: Sunset and Evening Lights

Chinese New Year yesterday is a holiday here, in Indonesia. My in-laws who stay in Jakarta came and asked us to accompany them to visit several factory outlets in my city (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia). Yesterday afternoon, after they went back to Jakarta, my husband and I decided not to straightly go back home; as we wanted to hang out first at our favorite café.

While enjoying my hot chocolate there, I still can take some pictures. The first was captured at about 5.50 pm and the second was about 6.35 pm. The lights were already appearing! It’s a pity that it wasn’t a bright weather. The rain was falling on and off – during the whole day.

Feb 3, 2011

Nostalgia: First Months on the First Job

This photo was captured in 1995. I worked in a big trading company in Jakarta, Indonesia. I was recruited through Management Development Program. Before placed in separated departments, as one team, we must finish tasks to prepare the company reaching ISO certificate.

There are lots of paper works that have to be done. We were given three months to complete all documents. The company hired a management consultant to train us. As a fresh graduate that has no work experience, it’s really challenging job.

Our job is making Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Work Instruction (WI) from every department. To make SOP, it needed repeatedly interviews, revision and meetings. For some crucial procedures, we ever trapped in the middle of argument to decide most efficient method. With hard and smart work, we can finish the tasks in targeted time. After being audited by a certification body, the company can get the ISO certificate. The celebration was held in one hotel in Jakarta. Then I was placed in Human Resources Department for about three years.


Feb 1, 2011

Why Most Women Don’t Like Fishing?

I don’t know in your place, but every time I visit any fishing area like this, I seldom see women. It seems to me that more men like fishing than women.

If you ask me personally why I don’t like fishing, it’s because I can’t stand with sitting and waiting the fish takes the bait. I also don’t like to hurt fish mouth with the sharp hook.

What are the reasons? I still don’t know the accurate answer, but perhaps these statements can explain:

1. Here, men are still assumed as suppliers for their families. Though fishing has been becoming a recreational sport nowadays, the men still feel that they are providing food for their families.
2. I’ve ever seen some women who like fishing on a television program. But in my society, fishing is still assumed as a manly sport. I guess women who want to be more feminine will tend to avoid fishing activities.
3. Perhaps men assume fishing as the right stress-releasing way and the right reason to leave homes for a while. Every one needs a little break once in a while, right?

What about you? Do you like fishing?

These photos were captured last Wednesday, when we were eating out. Near the restaurant, I saw this fishing place.

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