Nov 29, 2011

Raw Dates

Have you ever tried raw dates? It's my first time to see the red ones. I've tried the green raw dates before. These raw dates are big, crunchy, sweet and a little 'raw taste'. Interesting fruits!

Nov 28, 2011

David Yurman Jewelry—Perfect Gift for Your Lady

Are you thinking of proposing to the woman you love? Then you might consider getting the lovely lady a ring from David Yurman. David Yurman jewelry is a trusted name when it comes to women’s fashion accessories. You can either buy a gold or silver ring embedded with diamonds or gemstones or the plain ones that would really make your woman happy. The designs are so intricate and the fine details make the entire jewelry piece absolutely gorgeous it would be hard for a woman to resist.

Silver Rings from David Yurman Collection

Silver is a gorgeous metal to be made into jewelries. Silver jewelry today is increasing in popularity and is more preferred nowadays. You can choose from a wide variety of sizes, designs and styles for your silver ring of choice. For such designer designs like David Yurman jewelry pieces, you can be sure that the designer follows the hottest trends for women, so you can really be sure that your girl will be so pleased with the gift you have chosen for her. You can either purchase such rings from Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth and other high-end boutiques, or order straight from the internet.

Gold Rings from David Yurman Collection

Gold rings are also worth the money. This precious metal has been around for years and many rings now are made of gold. You can get gold rings that are plainly designed or those that are heavily embedded with precious stones.

David Yurman Jewelry collection is considered a luxury, and such will be a perfect gift for the most special woman in your life. Unfortunately, not many people can afford such kind of luxury jewelry items, which is why reproductions of the original are available, and they can look so real nobody can spot the difference.

Orange Flowers

This morning, my husband and I fetched my brother and his wife at Juanda Airport (Surabaya, Indonesia). After the car was parked, I saw a tree with these lovely bright orange flowers, inside the parking area. I don't know the name of the tree.

Nov 25, 2011

Sky Watch: Sunrise at the Airport

I captured this sunrise moment yesterday, about 06.10 am, at Soekarno Hatta Airport (Jakarta, Indonesia). While walking toward the plane, I had a chance to take a few shots. Very warm sunset!

The bright sky at Juanda Airport (Surabaya, Indonesia) was welcoming us. It took about one hour and a half to reach the destination airport. I'll be in Surabaya about a week. Have a great weekend, guys!

Nov 24, 2011

For Your A+ College Term Papers

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Nov 23, 2011

The Beauty and Uniqueness of Glass Jewelry

Ladies, are you still looking for unique jewelry to add your current jewelry collection? Have you ever heard of hand blown glass jewelry before? If the artistic and stylish design is your most concern when choosing a piece of jewelry; I’m so sure that you’ll love the beauty of hard glass jewelry. It’s a new kind of jewelry that has attracted many admirers! is a perfect place for you to see all excellent collection of Glass Pendant, charms, necklaces, and earrings. The glass bracelets will come out soon. Each jewelry item is hand blown personally by the skilled artist at DreamsofGlass and made from borosilicate, a hard glass kind that has upper melting point than other softer glass. A unique jewelry and a great artwork indeed!

There’s something more interesting about glass jewelry. It’s also called dichroic glass jewelry; as if you grab one jewelry item, you can notice two different colors when you see it from different angles.

Shopping at is easy, enjoyable and secure. They provide a limited one year guarantee for every purchased item. If you live in USA, you’ll get free shipping service if you order more than $60. The good news for you who live in other countries, they offer $10 flat rate international shipping. It’s really a great offer as I want to give a glass necklace as a birthday present for my sister in law. Ladies, now it’s your turn to check out the store and find out your favorite items!

Nov 22, 2011

The 5 Best Places to Hide Your Jewellery

If your home was to be burgled the first thing thieves go for are items that are easy to carry and conceal, your jewellery being the most obvious. Jewellery can be easy to sell, and if it is a distinctive piece, the stones can be taken out and sold individually. The best way to avoid losing your personal possessions and your jewellery is to avoid break ins in the first place. Installing proper security doors, having an alarm system, using security cameras and also putting security screens on your windows can help stop people from breaking in to your home and also act as a deterrent in the first place. Another way to avoid having your precious jewellery stolen is to hide it. Rather than keeping it on your dresser, in a jewellery box or in your bedside table, think a little more creatively about where you put it.

Secret compartments

Inspect your drawers, cupboards, suitcases or other furniture and see whether you can build a secret compartment within them. You might have a desk with drawers that are perfect for building a false bottom in or have a carpenter build clever compartments in a piece of furniture.


If you have an item that is of considerable value and is one that you only wear on special occasions you might want to think about hiding it in your freezer, and even go so far as putting inside a bag of frozen peas or push it into a tub of ice cream. If you are going to go this far wrap your item of jewellery up in cling wrap or put it in a zip lock plastic bag. Remember which item of food you have put it in and remind other household members not to eat it, just in case they consume your great grandmother's engagement ring by accident.

Dog kennel

Don't limit your hiding places just to inside your home. You can also hide items around the back garden, although they will need to be fool proof hiding spots. You should also protect your jewellery from being scratched and bumped by wrapping it up in bubble wrap and placing it in a zip lock plastic bag which is sealed tightly. A dog kennel is a good place to hide something of value if you really feel you have to conceal it. Tape the item securely up inside the roof or build a second floor for the kennel and put your items underneath this false floor. If you have a big dog sit him on top and no thief will dare go near.


Your pantry is full of lots of great hiding places for small items of jewellery. Once again place your jewellery inside plastic bags and hide these inside the flour container or in the box of cereal that never gets eaten.

Inside furniture

Your furniture can be perfect places to hide small items. You could tape pieces of jewellery up under armchairs or lounges or even on to the underside of a table. If you have a piano lift up the lid and see where you can tape items. Often piano stools have a lid with a cavity in them already for holding sheet music.


Medical Malpractice Lawyers Discuss Cases Involving Dangerous Pharmaceutical Products

Manufacturers of drugs and medicines are required, by law, to exercise stringent quality controls and exhaustively test their products before they release them into the marketplace. There are lengthy and strict criteria in place that govern the testing of all pharmaceutical products – manufacturers must adhere to these criteria or face the prospect of lawsuits brought for negligence and unsafe drugs (like the Yaz lawsuits now being brought in the states against Yazmin, or “Yaz”, a birth control pill that has been much in the news of late).

Normally, there is supposed to be a qualified intermediary in place between a medicine or drug’s manufacturing concern and the patient or end user. In general terms that means your GP. He or she will make a decision based on learning and qualifications, which dictates whether or not you should be taking the drugs in question. This causes a problem in the liability chain. Who is at fault when you take a drug and it has an adverse effect on you? The doctor or the company that made the drug?

There are even drugs that have harmful side effects no matter what (some anti cancer treatments include drugs that make your immune system go haywire, for example). The severity of the complaint being treated, and the likelihood that severe side effects will still be less bad for you than the complaint you are trying to palliate. Are taken into account when prescribing these drugs. In this area, of course, both manufacturer and GP are under an awful lot of strain – because they are effectively prescribing something harmful to you, or something that contains actively harmful ingredients.

If, then, a drug has been proven to be harmful but is packaged with the right warnings, it’s unlikely that a lawsuit will succeed against it. The Yaz lawsuit must first battle the claims made on the packaging of the pill, before it can attack the pill itself.

Manufacturers will try as hard as they can to pass the buck of final accountability by informing doctors, pharmacists and other prescribing individuals about all possible side effects of their drugs – and of course about any harmful ingredients those drugs contain.

Legally the manufacturer has a duty to keep the flow of information about its drugs open – and is regarded as a responsible expert in the eyes of the law for so doing. It does not, though, have to tell doctors about every tiny conceivable reaction, if for example a millimetrically tiny portion of a patient population may, in combination with a host of unlikely circumstances, experience an adverse reaction. Though clearly the more a drug company tells, the less likely it is to sustain damages in any action comparable to a Yaz lawsuit.

Time is a massive factor in a lot of these cases. It can take years for the adverse side effects of prolonged prescription drug use to take effect. Anyone who becomes aware of symptoms and side effects, and who wishes to file a claim, should contact a solicitor as soon as possible after becoming aware of their issues. The longer you leave it, the harder it will be to follow the trail to the proper defendant.


A Tall Cepot Wayang

The sun glasses makes him looks cool :) He's even taller than the adult man beside

I saw this tall version of Cepot wayang (puppet) in a rest area, in the front of handy craft store. I like his funny face. His one big front tooth makes his funny face more impressive.

Cepot is a very popular character of Sundanese puppet (West Java, Indonesia). His characters are humorous and playful to anyone, either to the knights, kings or gods. Nevertheless, through his humor, he still conveys advice, counsel, and criticism.

His figure usually issued by a dalang (narrator and puppeteer) in the middle of the story. Always accompanies the knights, especially Arjuna, the Knight of Madukara who becomes his master. Cepot used by the dalang to give messages to viewers and spectators with humorous way.

In a fight or war, usually Cepot participates with a bedog weapon (a kind of knife). In its development, Cepot also have arrow weapons. The denawa (the giant) used to be his opponent.

Its presence in every puppet show is always waited because of his fun character. Many puppeteers use Cepot as main figure in every performance.

Nov 20, 2011

Flowers at Juanda Airport

Whenever they are placed, flowers will give a touch of beauty to the surrounding. I saw and captured some flowers at Juanda Airport (Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia).

Orchids between stairs Chrysant flowers spotToday's Flowers

Nov 19, 2011

Sky Watch: Road, Tree and Sky

Just trying to capture a road scene that I found interesting.
Sky Watch Friday

Nov 18, 2011

When You Need Custom Writing Help

I have a cousin who’s still in the second year of college. When I met him last weekend at his parent’s home; he looked so dull, tired and pale. I wondered what happened to him and then I asked what the problem was. He said that he didn’t have enough sleep for days as he had to write his term paper in only limited times. Though he had submitted the term paper, he’s really worried about the grade that he’ll achieve. I feel sorry for my cousin, as he doesn’t know that he actually can get custom writing paper service that will help him a lot.

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You can trust their expertise as the term paper writers at are highly educated and experienced ones, and most of them have master degrees. Every different topic will be written by the writer who is an expert in the related field. I’ve told my cousin to visit the official website and he promised that he’ll find more information on benefits using their writing service.

Nov 17, 2011

The People who Have Gone for Good

These photos captured family gatherings that ever been held in our house in Bandung (West Java, Indonesia) about thirty years ago. From eleven different people who were in the photos, there are only two people who are still alive: an uncle and me myself. The other nine have gone for good, including my mother.

I also notice there are a few items that still exist today and used here in our present home, like those two paintings on the wall and the sofa set. We still use the same sofa in our living room and the paintings mounted on the wall near the stairs.


Nov 16, 2011

For Hockey Big Fans

Many people love watching hockey matches and become the big fans of hockey clubs. They can enjoy the match on the television, but watching live match is surely an excitement experience! If your best friend is a big fan of Chicago Blackhawks hockey club; why don’t you book Chicago Blackhawks Tickets at and give the tickets as a special gift? What a nice surprise!

For your information, ice hockey is a team sport game that played on ice. Skaters use wooden or composite sticks to hit a rubber puck into the opponent’s net. Each team consists of six players; five players of each team will skate up, try to shoot the puck and make a goal against the rival team. It’s a kind of sport with fast-paced physical movement; no wonder if it has many big fans. In North America, the National Hockey League (NHL) is the top level for men competition and it’s the most popular league that many fans won’t miss!

For Boston Bruins lovers; don’t miss the nearest match by always checking the schedules at If you’re hurried, you may still have a chance to get Boston Bruins Tickets vs. Columbus Blue Jackets at November 17th, 2011!

The facility to get ticket online is really a great convenience. Checking schedules of your favorite hockey club and booking the ticket match is really easy. If you crave to watch Montreal Canadiens vs. New York Rangers at November 19th, 2011 at Centre Bell Montreal, QUE; book your New York Rangers Tickets right now to get your favorite seat. Happy watching, guys!

Preparing Your New Home for Young Children

Congratulations on the purchase of your new home! There is nothing more exciting than signing the papers and knowing that in a few short weeks you will get the keys to your new home and have the opportunity to start fresh with your young family. It is the security you need, to know you now have a stable place for your family to grow in, and somewhere to create memories.

But ensuring all the memories are good, means making sure you have prepared your home as much as possible, for the arrival of your young family. This means considering any areas that may pose potential risks to safety, and fixing them up before you move the kids in.

1. Safety for your babies and toddlers
Safety for very small children can be difficult, as at this age they are curious, and everything is a new and potential adventure for them. There are a range of safety devises you can get to help you out. These include child safety locks on things like your cupboards and fridges, so they can’t get into them and find hazardous toys and chemicals, as well as locks on draws so they can’t pull them open and hit themselves, and fridge door locks. In addition, you can purchase blocking devices for stairs and doorways, so you can restrict the children to a certain part of the house, for easier care.

2. Pool safety
If your new home has a pool, this will be a great opportunity in the future for your kids to learn to swim and become water comfortable in the meantime. It can also be dangerous if not looked after correctly. Ensure your pool has adequate – and legally required – fencing. This could save your children’s lives. Also head to a
pool supplies outlet and purchase equipment to keep it clean so disease and bacteria don’t increase.

3. Outdoor safety
Again, your front and backyard are adventure playgrounds for kids. Preparing them, means fixing up all garden areas, so they are not over-grown and hidey holes for snakes and other dangerous creatures. Also check your fencing to make sure there are no sharp areas, or pieces missing that the kids or pets can escape through. Your front fence and gate are particularly important as it is what is between your children and the road. A
fencing contractor will be able to help you put a new fence up and advise on your best options.

Check the backyard for any areas where leftovers from building or development may be stored – either fence them off or get rid of them. In the meantime, check for any wires, sharp things, unstable bricks or other building supplies that may fall, or be pushed over.

Check your garden shed. First to make sure the door is sound, and there is no way in except for the door – no little holes or breaks in the walls. Ensure all poisonous items are stored up high, and sharp items, such as the blades on your lawn mower are out of reach of children. A locked cabinet for anything very dangerous is a great idea as then you can be assured your kids can’t get into anything too nasty, if you aren’t around.

In general, think about everything as though it is to be explored and from a knee-high perspective!

Crave to Watch Musical Theater Performance?

Ladies, if you haven’t yet tried to watch any theater performance; why don’t you ask your friends to watch together a theater performance for the first time? You surely will enjoy the show!

You can visit At, navigate the official website and then book various premium tickets of theater performances. If you’re still confused to choose what theater show to watch, let me suggest favorite choices. The musical The Book of Mormon always receives much praise from the audiences. If you’re interested to watch it as well, check out the schedules and purchase The Book of Mormon Tickets right away to get your most desired seat!

For your information, The Book of Mormon is a religious story of two Mormon missionaries that sent to Uganda. They must struggle in the new place to help local people facing unanticipated problems like AIDS and hunger. The musical has ever been nominated for nearly 15 awards at Tony Awards this year and successfully receive nine awards, including Best Musical, Best Book of a Musical, and Best Original Score. That’s why you shouldn’t miss the show!

Booking Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets can also become your other choice. Radio City Christmas Spectacular performance involves nearly 100 people of cast and crew that show a remarkable, wonderful, and non-stop joyfulness holiday show.

If you love rock ‘n’ roll music, you should buy Jersey Boys Tickets musical performance. Jersey Boys is about a group of blue-collar boys that created the Four Seasons group that became the famous ‘60 American rock ‘n roll groups. The musical will perform lots of hit songs of the Four Seasons. Enjoy your first time watching theater show!

Nov 15, 2011

A Street Vendor

Street vendors, street musicians, street kids, and beggars are common things that can be seen around the main streets in my city. I respect more street vendors. They don’t ask for your mercy and they dress more properly. It’s a pity that most young street musicians (in my city) have appearances that can make some people like me afraid (lots of piercing, tattoos, weird hairdo and outfit).Ruby Tuesday

Nov 14, 2011

How to Pack for Your Children When Travelling Overseas

If you are going on an overseas holiday and taking your children with you there are a few things that you need to remember to pack for them. Travelling light is always a good idea, for both you and your children, but as well as your children's clothing there are a few other items that you should remember to pack.

Packing for baby

If you are travelling overseas with a baby then you need to make sure you are prepared. If your baby is breastfed then it will make it that little bit easier as you won't need to pack bottles and any sterilising equipment if the baby is under six months of age. Pack enough nappies to get you at least to your destination. Once there you can stock up on the different overseas brands and have fun trying something new. Same goes for wipes and any other nappy changing products. You simply won't be able to carry the amount you will need for your entire trip, and it is easier to just buy them when you arrive. Pack comfortable grow suits that are easy to wash by hand and that dry quickly. Pack a few singlets and a couple of warm cardigans or jackets. Remember to pack a little hat as well.


For young children pack a few changes of clothes that are easy to wash by hand and that dry easily without creasing. If you are packing
girls clothes pack a dress for for going out, a pair of jeans and a couple of skirts. Pack tops that can be matched with either skirt or jeans. You will need a warm top as well. Depending on the season you might need a sun hat, bathers for swimming or winter woollies.


Be prepared for any kind of emergency. Pack pain relief medicine for children, and if you have a baby you will need to certainly pack this special medication because you might not be able to get it where you are going. A small first aid kit will come in handy with simple things like band aids and antiseptic cream. Make sure you pack your sunscreen too. It is also a good idea to take a small sewing kit with you in case you need to sew on a missing button or do any minor repairs to their clothes.

On the plane

Plane trips can be difficult for children so plan ahead and pack a bag of small toys and puzzles and other bits and pieces to keep them entertained. It will depend on their age as to what you pack but don't give them the whole bag of tricks at the start. Give them an item at a time and try to spread it out over the whole journey so you can break up the trip for them. Encourage them to get some sleep and there is always the in flight movies. Meal times can help relieve their boredom too.


Mimosa Pudica

It’s my late entry for Today's Flowers. My husband and I found this plant on the ground beside the river in his hometown. Mimosa Pudica is general in several landscapes, including damp waste ground, lawns, open plantations, and weedy thickets.

Mimosa is a genus that includes diverse species, all referred to as ‘Mimosa’. There are 400 tropical species of Mimosa that include grasses, bushes, lianas and trees. Mimosa pudica is native to Brazil. The stems are thorny and flowers are small, pink, fluffy balls. Mimosa pudica grows to about five feet high and spreads about three feet (

Indonesia people often call it as Putri Malu (The Shy Princess). When touched, the leaves fold up and droop. Then when left alone, the leaves open again. Like a shy princess…

Nov 12, 2011

Sky Watch: Sunset on the Street

Just trying to capture the sunset that I saw on the way back home from my husband’s home town last Monday.

Nov 11, 2011

5 Newborn Safety Tips

Whether you’re a new mother or an experienced one, newborn safety and health is always the first priority. You’ve taken baby massage classes, you’ve secured your house and bough the best baby car seat your budget allows. But sometimes even the best-intentioned parents can have a moment of distraction and become the unfortunate victims of a baby accident.

How do you ensure the safety of your newborn baby at all times? Here are some tips.

1. Use the proper car seat position

Car seat guidelines require that baby car seats face the rear of the car and be installed on the back seat. Seating your child on the front seat is dangerous because the airbag can damage the seat and hurt your child in case of accident.

2. Choose a safe crib

We’ve all heard crib horror stories of children getting their heads stuck between the bars and choking themselves. These accidents are infinitely regrettable but also preventable. If you’re accepting a hand-me-down crib from a friend or family member, make sure the crib follows the latest safety guidelines. If not, it’s worth buying a new one that does. These guidelines include bars that are no wider than 2 3/8 inches apart and a mattress that leaves no space between itself and the crib structure.

3. Prevent SIDS

SDIS (or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is an all-too-frequent cause of infant death. Preventing it is simple:

· Put your baby to sleep on his or her back
· Don’t use blankets, soft toys or pillows in the crib (they are choking hazards)
· Use sleep clothing to keep your baby warm
· Forbid smoking around your baby
· Avoid overheating your newborn by too many blankets

SIDS is easily avoidable with a little attention and prevention.

4. Watch your baby’s health

It’s hard to identify sickness and illness in newborns because they can’t speak and identify their symptoms. However, with a little attention, you can easily notice changes in your baby’s health. Some signs of illness include:

· Fever
· Decreased appetite
· Vomiting
· Lethargy
· Irritability

Basically, if your baby doesn’t seem like him or herself, you should check for some of these symptoms and take him or her to the doctor. Better safe than sorry!

5. Child-proof your home

Newborns can easily get hurt by ordinary objects in your home. If you’ve had a baby before, you might have learned this through experience. Here are some things to watch out for in your living space:

· Cabinets and drawers. The kitchen and bathroom contain potentially poisonous products. Use safety latches and locks to prevent your child from accessing them.
· Safety gates. These are especially important when your baby starts to crawl or walk. Prevent falls down stairs or keep your child away from dangerous areas by using safety gates to block the way.
· Outlet covers. Most electrical outlets are just at the right level for a child to access. Use outlet covers to protect your child from electrocution.
· Corner and edge bumpers. Some furniture pieces have sharp edges and corners. Make sure to use bumpers and covers to prevent injuries caused by falls on or around these objects.

Child-proofing your home can prevent many accidents and injuries.

If you use a car seat properly, make sure that your crib is safe and use proper
bedding, watch for your child’s health and child-proof your environment, you are doing your best to keep your child safe.

5 Tips You Must Know Before Renting A Storage Space

When you want to free up some valuable space around your home or office, you must rent a storage unit nearby. But all storage units are not created equal; neither in size, nor in facilities. Rent is not the only factor to consider while renting a storage space, but other factors like security, ease of access, flexible accessible hours, and cleanliness must be considered. Some of the storage realities that you must know before renting a storage space are listed below:

No two storage companies are alike Though, the purpose of all the storage units is to store your household or official items for a particular duration of time for which it is rented, no two storage facilities are alike. These warehouses differ from each other in security measures, access, cleanliness, temperature control, customer service.

Security system doesn't ensure no burglaries It is not always necessary that self-storage burglaries won't happen due to the tight security measures provided by the storage company. Padlocks can be easily cut with bolt cutters. A burglar may enter into a storage company by cracking the confidential gate code. You must make sure to rent a storage unit, where there are video cameras on the site, covering as much of the property as possible, through digital recording. Alarms must be installed at every door as well as window, to detect an unauthorized entry.

Storage owner may keep raising the rent Sometimes, the manager offers a huge discount at the time when you avail their services, but they raise the rent a couple of months later. You must ask them if they are going to raise the rent just after you submit your belongings with them. Ask them to provide everything in writing.

Some facilities offer truck rentals and some do not Ask before hand if the company provides truck rentals to its customers. You can always ask for discount on the rental of the truck.

Rent space as per your storage requirements
Make a list of the possessions to be stored in the unit to determine the size of the space you will need. You could be jeopardizing your belongings by stuffing them in a small space. If you are moving long distance or are renovating your home, you would need a short-term storage. While moving you need the services of self-storage, until you are able to gain access to your new home. You would need to rent a huge storage space for storing all your possessions.

Make sure that you can take your things to the unit easily; a cart or dolly to help assist you in moving items to and from the storage unit would be great. To avoid paying any additional charges in the future inquire about things like deposits, move-in fees or monthly statement fees.

Author Bio : David Anderson is living in London with his parents. He really likes reading religious books and playing football. He likes writing on topics related to cheap storage London and man and van. Many people are benefited out of his blogs. He also gives suggestions on different ways of storage, cleaning, handy services and self storage in the safest possible manner.

Nov 10, 2011

The Bridge in My Husband’s Home Town


I spent last weekend in my husband’s home town. There’s a famous bridge in this small city that has become the city icon. I’ve ever made a post about this bridge before, but since I saw there’s a big difference now, I think to write it again as a Nostalgia on its ‘before and after’ look. The bridge looks different for the double railway track project. The new bridge covers the old bridge -from my favorite side of view- I’ll miss the beauty of the bridge!

Let me share here again about the brief story behind this bridge (the old one):
The bridge isn’t for vehicles; it’s a bridge for trains. Some brave people use the bridge to across the river. Located in my husband’s home town (Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia), the bridge is very famous. Local people are used to call it Saka Limalas (Fifteen Bridge); as there are 15 big poles support the bridge.

Two poles had ever broken (one pole totally collapsed) for the severe flood; about thirty years ago. A farmer became a hero that day. The very hard rain didn’t stop him. He ran and stood at the edge of the bridge while waving his burned shirt (using a tree branch) to stop the coming train. His brave act saved many lives!

The Indonesia President at that time invited the farmer to meet the President at the Presidential Palace in Jakarta. As appreciation for his noble deed, the President asked what kind of gift the farmer’s want. He asked nothing for himself; but he requested the President to build an elementary school in his village. The school still exists until now. A statue (a man who’s waving a clothed branch) was also built in the front of the school; to appreciate the real hero’s service.

The hero is still alive and now he’s already an old man. He owns a small but very successful eating place near the river.

Nov 9, 2011

5 Great Ways to Feel Beautiful While Pregnant

Being pregnant is a time of your life you will never forget, though unfortunately most women find it hard to feel good about themselves during their pregnancy. It is important not to be hard on yourself for not looking like a super model. Pregnancy is a time when you are actually carrying another human around in your stomach. There is nothing more natural than pregnancy and you are still beautiful; the following ideas will help make sure you feel that way.

Flaunt It
Obviously your non-pregnant clothes won’t fit you anymore, so it is time for a shopping spree. Don’t just wear a tent for the next nine months, instead get some clothing that is not only comfortable but looks good too. Maternity wear these days includes everything from evening dresses to
maternity swimwear, so get yourself some new threads and feel great being out and about. A lot of companies have great websites which make shopping from home easy, so pick out some sexy lingerie from Victoria’s Secret or a cute tank top from bonds online, and feel great about your new figure.

Celebrate It
Once your little one is born and grown up, you will want to remember those incredible months when they were inside your belly. Being pregnant is an amazing and beautiful thing, with one great way to mark this special time being to get a cast of your belly made up. After the birth when you have your regular figure back, your cast will help you be able to appreciate just how special it was to have carried a child for 9 months.

Eat Healthy
Being pregnant shouldn’t be an excuse to over indulge or to let yourself go. It’s normal and healthy to put on weight though make sure you are eating healthy so that you aren’t packing on more pounds than is necessary. What you eat during your pregnancy will greatly affect how you feel about yourself as well as the health of your baby, so be good to both of you. You will feel better about your body if you know you are treating it right; eat healthy and you’ll be feeling great about your pregnant body.

Treat Yourself
You won’t have control over a lot of things about your body during pregnancy, so take care of the things you can, like your skin. Having great skin is something every woman wants (pregnant or not) so treat yourself to lotions and creams that have your skin looking good and you feeling great.

Take Photos
A great way to mark this incredible time in your life is to photograph it. Take one photo each month to capture the changes happening in your body and the development of your baby. Having the photos done will keep you focused on the miraculous nature of what is happening, rather than feeling like you are fat. Dress up for the photos each month and make it a regular glamour shot. You’ll look forward to the photos and make it a time of the month to celebrate how you look.

Nov 8, 2011

Lovely Jewelries at Sheyna

Ladies, are you looking for new necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings? Whether it’s for yourself to look stunning on this Thanksgiving Day or you want it as gifts for your dearest ones; I’d like to give you a hint here.

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If you’re artsy enough, there’s one you shouldn’t miss: designing your own jewelry! It surely makes you to get favorite design that suits your preference and budget. Isn’t it great?

Check some of Sheyna earrings collection:

Rondelle Earrings
Leaf Earrings
Fall Silver Earrings
Aren’t they gorgeous! Go get them and other items at 10% discount rate by using promotion code sheyna10 (10% off) at

Note: The promotion code will be available until Thanksgiving Day (November 24th, 2011). Happy shopping, ladies!

When You Need Cash Advance

Today’s current economic situation in USA gives hard times to many people. The unpredictable life can make the situation worst. Many people must face unanticipated things that require instant cash; from car services, medicine costs, to increasing bills. Unfortunately, you don’t have any extra money left and your next payday is still weeks ahead. Nowadays, there are already many people in USA that choose quick cash loans as their solution to get cash advances.

Why there’s an increase in the amount of cash advances applying? As a short term loan that doesn’t need any credit check, payday cash loan is becoming the right option for people who have bad credit score and credit problem. Cash advance companies provides immediate cash with simple and quick methods. Between lots of cash advance companies that are already available in the internet, you must submit your online application at the reliable cash advance company that offers you with simplicity, security and fastness.

This type of loan doesn’t need any guarantee except your salary amount. If you’re an Arizona resident who wants to take a payday cash loan; before applying to the reliable cash advance arizona, you should value yourself first to decide whether you can meet the required criteria. When it comes to choose the offered best deal, always pay attention on your main concern and make sure that you can afford the loan repayment without any hassle ahead!

Nov 7, 2011

Different Gifts Your Wife Will Love

If you have been married for a long time chances are you have exhausted the usual list of present ideas, such as jewellery and perfume. You most likely will have to start thinking outside the square when it comes to gift ideas, such as giving a gift basket filled with all her favourite skincare products or even hiring someone to come in and do the carpet cleaning, a job that most people find themselves putting off. When choosing a gift try buying her something that is a little different.

Gift Basket

A gift basket makes a great gift because you can buy them ready made up, finding one to suit your budget and her taste, but you can also put on together if you like. All you need is to find a nice basket or box and fill it will all her favourite products. It might include things like her favourite hand cream or moisturiser, a scented body butter, tickets to the movies, a notebook or diary, a pretty cup and saucer and some special tea or accessories like earrings, a scarf or a colourful necklace.

Gift Hamper

A gift hamper will contain an array of delicious foods and things like wine, sparkling wine, beer, teas or coffee. Your wife may have more of a sweet tooth so choose a hamper with a bottle of dessert wine, chocolates, shortbread, fruit cake, biscuits, jam, nougat or other sweet treats. If she likes things a little more savoury then perhaps choose a hamper with nuts, red wine, tea, coffee, cheese, crackers and other delicious foods.


Hiring a cleaner is a great gift, which you can choose to keep as an ongoing arrangement or having them come in for a few weeks. A cleaner can take the pressure off a busy mum, whether she is working or not, and keep get her back on track with the housework. A cleaner will do floors, windows, vacuum the carpets, clean bathrooms and other odd jobs around the house for your wife.


You might want to give your wife some time off from the kids by hiring a babysitter. She will be able to get out for the day without having in the kids in tow and go and enjoy shopping, perhaps going to the hair dresser, having lunch with a friend or just spending some much needed time alone.

Gift Voucher

A gift voucher is a great present because then your wife can go buy something that she really wants. A voucher to a larger chain store, like Myer or David Jones is a good idea, or a voucher for a music store, a book store or electronic goods store.

Day Spa

Every woman loves having the chance to relax at a day spa. Whether you book her in for a full day of pampering or give her a gift of a massage or facial, she will most certainly appreciate it.


If your wife is free spirited then you could spend her off on an adventure, such as going hot air ballooning, being driven at top speed around a race track or climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Nov 5, 2011

Teenage Mums: Perfecting Your Part

Everyone always imagines it differently. They picture the big diamond ring, the wedding, the white picket fence, and kids coming along right at the perfect time. Unfortunately for many, this just isn’t the case. And for a surprising portion of people, it’s because the order gets turned on its head, and the kids decide to come along when they are still kids themselves.

Teenage pregnancy is a big issue in a lot of countries, but at the end of the day, as a family member, you need to come to one conclusion: it’s time to get over it and do your job! You can dwell on the fact that your son or daughter, boyfriend or girlfriend, sister or brother has made a mistake and punish them for it, or you can realise what’s done is done, and they now just need your love and support.

If you’re struggling coming to terms with the pregnancy, consider some aspects of your new role.

Mum and dad – the new grandparents
It’s a tough one, isn’t it mum? This is not what you wanted for your baby – you wanted them to have a childhood, have a chance to go through their wild days, and then one day, when they have a good solid job to fall back on and a great partner, settle down and have kids. You wanted to go shopping with them, pick out their formal dress together and take happy snaps – not buy
maternity wear. Well mum and dad, that’s not how it happened, so now it’s your job to really be there for your terrified and overwhelmed son or daughter. They will need you to financially and emotionally support them, listen, guide, likely attend appointments with them… but most of all, forgive them. Don’t let your child go through their pregnancy thinking you hate them or are disappointed in them. Reinforce to them they are strong and will be a great parent. Show them you have faith in them, and excitedly get involved in the growth of the baby, naming and all the other aspects.

Brothers and sisters
So you think your baby brother or sister has made the mistake of all mistakes and ruined their life. Well, as their big bro or sis it’s not your job to judge, it’s your job to support. Some things are going to be difficult for them to talk to your mum and dad about, and that’s where you come in. You also need to be that person who still treats them normally, has a laugh and makes the experience easier. They’re your little brother or sister – as per your whole life, it’s your job to protect them, help them and be there to pick them up when they fall.

Your job is easy. Don’t abandon your friend! This is the true test of your friendship. No matter what you think of your friend’s situation, they now need you more than ever, so they still have a connection to people their own age, to their social life and to normality.

The boyfriend
So you’re the one who helped her land where she is? You didn’t plan it, didn’t want it to happen, but here you are. Whether or not your relationship works out, your job is to be the primary support for your baby’s mother. If she can’t have a social life anymore, volunteer to stay with her. Keep her comfortable, give her what she needs, and let her cry on your shoulder when it’s all too much. Remember, she is the closest person to feeling the same way you do, let this bond you rather than break you.


Nov 3, 2011

Melbourne’s Friendliest Bars

Life in the big city can be tough. It can seem that no one has time for one another, that people are too self-involved, and that having a chat to a stranger is considered dangerous, rather than friendly. Melbourne, as far as big cities go, is actually pretty friendly, but it can still be difficult to find a bar where making friends or swapping a few racing tips back and forth is considered kosher. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of some of Melbourne’s friendliest bars so that you can work those smile muscles once in a while and perhaps even make a new friend! Joy!

Madame Brussels

This quirky inner city bar is set at the very top of a non-descript building on Bourke Street. It occupies a rooftop terrace so you can look out over the city and wonder at all the tiny strangers going about their day. Madame Brussels isn’t about strangers, though—it’s about friends you haven’t met yet. Everything from the warmly worded menu to the refreshing and heartwarming (literally) cocktails served in teapots points to amiable mingling. Feeling a bit chilly? The staff will bring you out a blanket. Sun in your eyes? Grab a parasol to block it out! Madame Brussels is a world away from the sterile bars of other big cities, and that is just the way they like it.

Bimbo Deluxe

A pub-cum-nightclub in Fitzroy, Bimbo Deluxe is all about friendly service and a laid-back vibe. The slightly quirky, grungy interior takes you right back to the 1990s, but happily, so do the drinks prices! There is a communal rooftop patio upstairs adorned with hundreds of lanterns that make you feel as though you’ve just stepped into a New York bar, and with the chairs and tables so close to one another, it’s impossible not to make friends with the people sitting near you. Downstairs there’s good music playing—everything from classics to contemporary electronic music—and whether you want to dance, play pool or just lounge around on the comfortable couches, you’re sure to have a good time.

Retreat Hotel

While it may sound like you’re going to come inside and have a facial or do some yoga, the retreat hotel offers a different kind of respite—respite from the pretentious nature of so many other trendy inner city bars. While it is a crowd favourite with both young and old, the Retreat Hotel on Sydney Road in Brunswick has none of the self-awareness that other iconic pubs in Melbourne do. Boasting a big, sprawling beer garden perfect for reading a book or chatting until dusk, the Retreat is a mainstay of the Melbourne social scene and is packed almost every night of the week. Head to the Retreat during Melbourne Cup to watch ‘the race that stops the nation’—it’s known as being a great place to be to experience all the excitement!

Melbourne bars are known as great spots to drink and dance, but if you’re looking to make friends or at least enjoy a very friendly atmosphere, these three bars are among the best.

Sky Watch: Helicopter, Blue Sky, and Wires

This helicopter captured in different days; but from the same spot, in the front of my brother’s home in Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia). I don’t know whether it’s the same helicopter or not. The sky was so blue for some days; you could only see a few white clouds.

Do you see black spots in my shots? Does it mean that I have problem with my camera?
Sky Watch Friday

Nov 1, 2011

Getting the Right Batting Gloves

Batting Gloves are one item of baseball gears which are popularly worn by many baseball players. If you practice swinging bats for hours with bare hands, you’ll surely get hurting blisters. The players also wear batting gloves to improve their grasp on the bat. This type of glove can function as the shock absorber between bat-to-ball contact, the hand warmer in cold weather and the hand protector while you’re sliding on the field.

To get the most benefit of batting gloves, you should find the right batting gloves. It’s not only made from high quality matters, but also you can wear it in totally comfort. High quality batting gloves are designed to suit the shapes of a player’s hands and to absorb wetness but can dry off rapidly.

You can find high quality batting gloves at a reliable sports gear store. If you prefer to shop online, it’s much recommended to visit, a Sports Gear online store that provides a wide variety of baseball, football, hockey, soccer, and basketball gear for youngsters and adults.

If you’re a game sport lover, you’ll love this store. I tell you my opinion here, it’s not because this post is a sponsored post. Before purchasing online, you should know first the right size and other requirements of the batting gloves that you need. It’s very important as while you’re shopping online, you can’t try the batting gloves straightly. Shopping sport gear at is enjoyable, since they offer quality products and excellent customer service. Check it out, guys!

Seatbelts do Save Lifes!

The function of the seatbelt is to hold the passenger in place so the passenger is almost part of the car which avoids the passenger from flying forward as the car stops suddenly in the case of a collision.

When a car stops suddenly due to a collision with another object such as another car, a tree, pole, guardrail, etc. the car's acceleration decreases very quickly in a short period of time. This is called deceleration. Newton's Law of Inertia clarifies how this happens. LAW OF INERTIA: An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force (

Seatbelt has saved my husband’s life. A few years ago, my husband and his friend were traveling back home. At that time, his friend was driving and my husband sat beside. Feeling sleepy, he closed his eyes and told his friend that he wanted to sleep for a while. Thank God, my husband didn’t forget to fasten the seatbelt and also wore a hat. Later, the car collided the concrete fence very hard.

His friend thought that he saw a running truck in the front; in fact, that’s a parking truck! Being panic, he avoided the truck, turned abruptly to the left side of the road and hit the concrete fence of a home. It’s a hard collision since he stepped on the gas pedal more, not the brake pedal!

The front part of the car was crashed almost a half. The windshield shattered and the pieces scattered everywhere. Because my husband was wearing seat belt, he was not thrown out. The hat has protected his head from flying glass. There’s only a little glass that wounded his chin. His friend was also not big injured as he’s also wearing seatbelt, just a little pain on his chest.
Ruby Tuesday


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