Nov 7, 2011

Different Gifts Your Wife Will Love

If you have been married for a long time chances are you have exhausted the usual list of present ideas, such as jewellery and perfume. You most likely will have to start thinking outside the square when it comes to gift ideas, such as giving a gift basket filled with all her favourite skincare products or even hiring someone to come in and do the carpet cleaning, a job that most people find themselves putting off. When choosing a gift try buying her something that is a little different.

Gift Basket

A gift basket makes a great gift because you can buy them ready made up, finding one to suit your budget and her taste, but you can also put on together if you like. All you need is to find a nice basket or box and fill it will all her favourite products. It might include things like her favourite hand cream or moisturiser, a scented body butter, tickets to the movies, a notebook or diary, a pretty cup and saucer and some special tea or accessories like earrings, a scarf or a colourful necklace.

Gift Hamper

A gift hamper will contain an array of delicious foods and things like wine, sparkling wine, beer, teas or coffee. Your wife may have more of a sweet tooth so choose a hamper with a bottle of dessert wine, chocolates, shortbread, fruit cake, biscuits, jam, nougat or other sweet treats. If she likes things a little more savoury then perhaps choose a hamper with nuts, red wine, tea, coffee, cheese, crackers and other delicious foods.


Hiring a cleaner is a great gift, which you can choose to keep as an ongoing arrangement or having them come in for a few weeks. A cleaner can take the pressure off a busy mum, whether she is working or not, and keep get her back on track with the housework. A cleaner will do floors, windows, vacuum the carpets, clean bathrooms and other odd jobs around the house for your wife.


You might want to give your wife some time off from the kids by hiring a babysitter. She will be able to get out for the day without having in the kids in tow and go and enjoy shopping, perhaps going to the hair dresser, having lunch with a friend or just spending some much needed time alone.

Gift Voucher

A gift voucher is a great present because then your wife can go buy something that she really wants. A voucher to a larger chain store, like Myer or David Jones is a good idea, or a voucher for a music store, a book store or electronic goods store.

Day Spa

Every woman loves having the chance to relax at a day spa. Whether you book her in for a full day of pampering or give her a gift of a massage or facial, she will most certainly appreciate it.


If your wife is free spirited then you could spend her off on an adventure, such as going hot air ballooning, being driven at top speed around a race track or climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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Jona November 07, 2011  
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kalaiselvisblog November 07, 2011  

i would love a babysitter... as my son makes me always busy even iam in online i have 2 keep an eye on him...

Soulful November 07, 2011  

i'd go for the gift voucher and the adventure, lol!

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