Nov 23, 2011

The Beauty and Uniqueness of Glass Jewelry

Ladies, are you still looking for unique jewelry to add your current jewelry collection? Have you ever heard of hand blown glass jewelry before? If the artistic and stylish design is your most concern when choosing a piece of jewelry; I’m so sure that you’ll love the beauty of hard glass jewelry. It’s a new kind of jewelry that has attracted many admirers! is a perfect place for you to see all excellent collection of Glass Pendant, charms, necklaces, and earrings. The glass bracelets will come out soon. Each jewelry item is hand blown personally by the skilled artist at DreamsofGlass and made from borosilicate, a hard glass kind that has upper melting point than other softer glass. A unique jewelry and a great artwork indeed!

There’s something more interesting about glass jewelry. It’s also called dichroic glass jewelry; as if you grab one jewelry item, you can notice two different colors when you see it from different angles.

Shopping at is easy, enjoyable and secure. They provide a limited one year guarantee for every purchased item. If you live in USA, you’ll get free shipping service if you order more than $60. The good news for you who live in other countries, they offer $10 flat rate international shipping. It’s really a great offer as I want to give a glass necklace as a birthday present for my sister in law. Ladies, now it’s your turn to check out the store and find out your favorite items!

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