Nov 17, 2011

The People who Have Gone for Good

These photos captured family gatherings that ever been held in our house in Bandung (West Java, Indonesia) about thirty years ago. From eleven different people who were in the photos, there are only two people who are still alive: an uncle and me myself. The other nine have gone for good, including my mother.

I also notice there are a few items that still exist today and used here in our present home, like those two paintings on the wall and the sofa set. We still use the same sofa in our living room and the paintings mounted on the wall near the stairs.


7 komentar:

kalaiselvisblog November 17, 2011  

u look very pretty sis...
nice one.. well said..

Chubskulit Rose November 17, 2011  

Awwww that must be a very durable couch Lina. Photos really keep such good memories.

Michael November 18, 2011  

Ahhh, memories.

Take care Lina and thanks for the visit. ☺

eden November 18, 2011  

Beautiful photos. I am sure it brings back lots of memories.

Zikir dan Kontemplasi November 19, 2011  

photo memories 30 years ago, and a sofa that is still used that still exist in the home will certainly remind the past-

imriz November 19, 2011  

those photos were to remind that where we came from.such treasures.

Ajangnya orang Sumba berbagi Ilmu Pengetahuan November 21, 2011  

Sweet memory,ini dia keluarga harmonis

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