Apr 26, 2017

For housemaids: 8 essential cleaning supplies & equipment

For effectiveness and efficiency that shows in housecleaning, having the right supplies and equipment makes the real difference. The list of essential cleaning supplies below is crucial for both owners and housemaids in Dubai so make sure you’ve all the stuff!

Must-have cleaning solutions
The list of cleaning solutions are suitable either for all types of surface or just one. Don’t forget reading the instruction label before purchasing any of these;

1.   All-purpose cleaner
This particular cleaner is effective on sinks, countertops and stovetops. If you’ve marble or granite countertops, be sure to clean from multi-purpose solution thereby avoiding damage. The same rule is applicable on glass stovetops that require special glass polish.

2.   Tile & grout cleaner
A scrub-free acidic solution cleans toilets, bathtubs and shower tiles best. For floor tiles however, you might opt for something mild as acid can ruin the tile and eat the grout. Most tile manufacturers recommend regular mop and blast of hot water to remove loose dust, dirt and grit. A neutral pH cleaning solution is used to clean floor spills by most of the housemaids in Dubai.

3.   Wood cleaner
For cleaning wood finish, there’s a special polish available for the purpose as all other cleaners would simply ruin the surface for good. Only a solution of warm water and mild dishwashing soap is preferred for floors with a polyurethane seal after which you may simply sweep and mop to maintain the surface. Avoid using too much water or it might ruin the wood quality!

4.   Glass cleaner
Go for a streak-free solution especially formulated to clean the mirrors, windows and other glass surfaces conveniently. This is also another essential supplies used frequently by professional housemaids in Dubai.

You may also look for eco-friendly or green cleaning products available widely at most of the convenient stores.

Must-have cleaning tools
Cleaning tools also vary by surface such as some are too abrasive while others are softer. What you purchase would make a difference;

1.Microfiber cloth
Made of polyester with natural static electricity charge, microfiber clothes are best to extract even the tiniest dust speck from a surface. They’re soft which makes them safe for paint and wood surface. Be sure the cloth doesn’t have anything attach as you clean or it may leave behind streaks or grit specks.

2.Extendible duster
Those hard-to-reach places aren’t a problem anymore thanks to extendible dusters that makes another important item to the supply list of housemaids in Dubai.

3.Scrubby sponges
Like the name, the product can be used for multi-purpose cleaning that is sensitive surfaces are dealt with spongy side whereas tough stuff is best cleaned through the scrubber being abrasive. You can use these in both the kitchen and bathroom.

A vacuum cleaner is best for both soft and hard surfaces due to the multi-purpose attachments. You can even clean certain electronic appliances using the brush attachment without blowing dust all over.

Almost all housemaids in Dubai happen to have the above essential cleaning supplies to maintain quality of work for a spotless job.

Apr 25, 2017

Important tips for young couples after marriage

Family is considered as an integral part of society and marriage between is the starting point of a family. Unwavering marriages create cheerful families and also strengthen neighborhoods, cities and countries. Marriage can be blissful for some and tough for others, but also difficult from time to time. This article will discover all the secrets to help you have a happy marriage!


In our hectic lives, spouses often go in different courses and do not have much time to talk together. Studies show that several couples talk less than 15 minutes a week! However there is a method to optimize this brief speaking time - this is the first four minutes rule. Your language, attitude or expression at the beginning of the day can affect your entire relationship. Learn to show a positive and loving attitude during the first four minutes you spend together at the beginning of the day. Make a special effort to connect with your love.

You've probably have heard the phrase, "It's the little things matter a lot.  Every word of applause and lauding makes huge difference. Studies show that hugs can reduce stress, even encourage the love between a husband and wife! Other attentions and love marks can help preserve romanticism. A caring and loving husband will offer a bouquet of roses to his wife on a birthday or special occasion. A caring and creative wife can amuse her husband with a startling gifts or a special romantic dinner. These small things make your better half feel special and unique.      
When two individuals each give 100% of themselves, a strong link is established - a strong "juxtaposition" that guarantees flexibility, as well as has an ability to handle problems and crises. In this case, both spouses are totally "involved". But a 50-50 arrangement creates a fragile bond in the relationship! Spending some valuable time can be the greatest gifts you can give and thus make an effort to give even more. It is said that "There is more happiness to render than to receive”. It is seen that many Muslim marriage last longer for this reason.
Those who are married know that we all have our human weaknesses and nature. In reality do you recognize the value of your spouse?  This does not mean that you should honor the defects or bad habits of your partner. But search for good sides and the positive aspects! If you have offended your spouse, physically or verbally, you must repent! Of course, you must also make an apology to your spouse! Remember that your spouse is destined to "inherit with you the grace of love for life"


Are there many disputes in your family, or in your marriage?  Many a times the best way for ending a dispute is to remember that a "soft answer calms fury" Sometimes you have to admit your own responsibility. May be you personally might have caused the problem. Support one another, and if one has cause to complain of the other, pardon one another.  

Apr 24, 2017

Ideas you need to have about male infertility

Female along with male infertility is a common subject in the modern era. If you feel that you and your partner have a problem in having a child, then you need to have a clear-cut idea about male as well as female infertility.

What are the causes of male as well as female infertility?

In case of men infertility is caused by a few factors. It is necessary that you need to have healthy production of sperm for conception to happen. The sperm should be strong enough that it should reach the egg. If the sperm is not of good quality then the chances of pregnancy are a bare minimum. The reasons could be that the sperm is not formed properly or die before they reach the final destination. If a childless couple is still of the view that they need a child, then they can resort to the sperm bank in Thane.

Both male along with female infertility is being treated by doctors in different forms. In case of men they need to seek an appointment with a urologist whereas in the case of women it has to be a gynaecologist. Once the cause of male and female infertility is determined the proper course of treatment can begin.

Facts about male infertility

Most times the general opinion is that infertility is the problem of a woman. But nearly half of the cases of infertility are associated with men. Hence, for any infertility test it needs an investigation of men along with the problems of female Infertility can also arise by zero sperm production which in medical terms is referred to as azoospermia. There is also another medical condition termed as oligospermia where the presence of sperm is less. This is bound to reduce the chances of misconception. It could also be a problem associated with sperm motility. In addition to this there can be problems with the structure or form of the sperm.

Testing of male infertility along with the treatment options

You need to take note of the fact that infertility tends to affect both men and women. The problem may not be with the woman always and it is suggested that men undertake an infertility test to get to the crux of the problem.

In case of male infertility, the test is conducted with the help of sperm produced during masturbation. This is the same way by which sperm donation in Thane is undertaken. It is done in the privacy of your home and then gone on to be delivered at the specified time. It is collected in the fertility clinic and once the sample is collected the doctor will go on to conduct an infertility test to figure out the quality of the sperm.

In case of these tests the results, which can emerge is that the sperm is of low count or it can be irregular. In case of diagnosis, the exact count needs to be determined. Some of the solutions in this regard are to stop smoking, do not wear tight fitted clothing and to avoid too much temperature in the lower abdomen region.

Sometimes the treatment for male infertility could be in the form of behavioural tests like adequate rest. Less intercourse may also be suggested in the event of a low sperm count as well.

Apr 22, 2017

Back Pain Causes And How To Deal With It

The most common causes for back pain are accidents and sports injuries. However, sometimes it may be other bigger or smaller things that we don’t pay attention to, and could be the reason why your back won’t stop hurting. It could be a variety of things – from poor posture to your emotional state. You should know that there are alternatives to taking dangerous and expensive medications for your back. In this article we are going to discuss some of the frequent causes of back pain, and how to deal with them.

Not doing enough exercise

If you stay inactive for too long, there is a high probability that you are going to gain some weight and come up with symptoms of back pain. If you stick to a proper exercise regime, you will work out the muscles that play the vital role in supporting your back, and therefore alleviate the pain. Both cardiovascular and strength exercises a couple of times a week will do the trick. Focus on working out your back and abdominal muscles, as they are essential to getting rid of back pain. Furthermore, you could try out stretching and yoga.


Stress and depression

It’s a fact that stress shows warning psychosomatically, in the form of back pain, as well as muscle tension, headaches and neck pain. Research has shown that there is a link between depression and chronic back pain. This means that in order to alleviate the pain in your back, you need to find a way to take care of your stress level. You can do this by exercising, getting just the right amount of sleep, meditating, eating properly, and talking with your friends and loved ones. This way you’ll feel less stressed, and your pain could soon go away.

A bra that doesn’t provide support

Back pain is a common problem for women with large breasts. The reason is the fact that they are carrying more weight in the front, which affects the spine’s curve and results in back pain issues. The solution to this problem is to wear a bra that provides the right support. This way, the weight will be closer to the body, and it will affect your posture. The way to test whether everything is the way it should be, is to draw a straight line from the head to the heels. A supportive bra makes sure that this problem is settled.

Staying in one position for too long

In order to avoid back pain, you need to stand and walk enough on a daily basis. Back pain is often a result of staying in a single position for a longer period of time. This could quite often be sitting in an office chair or your car’s driver seat. It isn’t uncommon forsitting for hours in a cinema or sleeping for too long to be the cause as well. In order to keep your back strong, and keep the proper posture, you need to be mobile. To get rid of the pain that resulted, you should get up from your chair and take a walk on an hourly basis.

Old and worn-out shoes

Every pair of shoes can change your bearing and lead to back pain, if they are old, with worn-out soles. You could replace your old inserts with new ones, and if that doesn’t do the trick, then go out and treat yourself with a proper new pair of shoes. Shoes that don’t have the right arch affect your bearing, which in turn leads to problems like back pain as well as neck pain. When it comes to the type of shoes, it goes without saying that stilettos are a common cause of back pain, so wear those wisely.

Wearing a bag over your shoulder

Balancing the weight of a shoulder bag is a common cause for back and neck pain. If you have to carry a backpack or a purse over one shoulder, you are potentially straining yourself and causing yourself pain. Even if you are carrying a heavy wallet in your back pocket, you could be putting a strain on your sciatic nerve, which results in back pain. Next time when you are heading out somewhere, make sure that your purse or wallet aren’t overstocked with unnecessary items. Bring only want is necessary, in order to decrease the weight, and ensure that you don’t cause back pain symptoms.

You aren’t keeping a proper diet

Maintaining a healthy diet, and therefore the proper weight, is one of the most important ways to prevent back pain. If you are overweight, or worse, obese, back pain problems will most certainly haunt you. You need to avoid eating food that is high in fat and full of calories. The result of such a diet is gaining too much weight, and having chronic pain in your back, as well as your joints.

Final words

There are various ways that you can help and prevent back pain. A Canning chiropractor Perth based expert suggests chiropractic care as one of the best solutions. The great thing about chiropractic care is that it focuses on adjustments that treat your body as a whole, and avoid the use of surgery and drugs. A qualified chiropractic expert has extensive training in musculoskeletal management. Furthermore, chiropractic care has the ability to affect biological processes on a cellular level. In other words, besides taking care of immediate back pain issues, a chiropractor can help with other bodily dysfunctions.

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