Apr 24, 2017

Ideas you need to have about male infertility

Female along with male infertility is a common subject in the modern era. If you feel that you and your partner have a problem in having a child, then you need to have a clear-cut idea about male as well as female infertility.

What are the causes of male as well as female infertility?

In case of men infertility is caused by a few factors. It is necessary that you need to have healthy production of sperm for conception to happen. The sperm should be strong enough that it should reach the egg. If the sperm is not of good quality then the chances of pregnancy are a bare minimum. The reasons could be that the sperm is not formed properly or die before they reach the final destination. If a childless couple is still of the view that they need a child, then they can resort to the sperm bank in Thane.

Both male along with female infertility is being treated by doctors in different forms. In case of men they need to seek an appointment with a urologist whereas in the case of women it has to be a gynaecologist. Once the cause of male and female infertility is determined the proper course of treatment can begin.

Facts about male infertility

Most times the general opinion is that infertility is the problem of a woman. But nearly half of the cases of infertility are associated with men. Hence, for any infertility test it needs an investigation of men along with the problems of female Infertility can also arise by zero sperm production which in medical terms is referred to as azoospermia. There is also another medical condition termed as oligospermia where the presence of sperm is less. This is bound to reduce the chances of misconception. It could also be a problem associated with sperm motility. In addition to this there can be problems with the structure or form of the sperm.

Testing of male infertility along with the treatment options

You need to take note of the fact that infertility tends to affect both men and women. The problem may not be with the woman always and it is suggested that men undertake an infertility test to get to the crux of the problem.

In case of male infertility, the test is conducted with the help of sperm produced during masturbation. This is the same way by which sperm donation in Thane is undertaken. It is done in the privacy of your home and then gone on to be delivered at the specified time. It is collected in the fertility clinic and once the sample is collected the doctor will go on to conduct an infertility test to figure out the quality of the sperm.

In case of these tests the results, which can emerge is that the sperm is of low count or it can be irregular. In case of diagnosis, the exact count needs to be determined. Some of the solutions in this regard are to stop smoking, do not wear tight fitted clothing and to avoid too much temperature in the lower abdomen region.

Sometimes the treatment for male infertility could be in the form of behavioural tests like adequate rest. Less intercourse may also be suggested in the event of a low sperm count as well.

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