Apr 25, 2017

Important tips for young couples after marriage

Family is considered as an integral part of society and marriage between is the starting point of a family. Unwavering marriages create cheerful families and also strengthen neighborhoods, cities and countries. Marriage can be blissful for some and tough for others, but also difficult from time to time. This article will discover all the secrets to help you have a happy marriage!


In our hectic lives, spouses often go in different courses and do not have much time to talk together. Studies show that several couples talk less than 15 minutes a week! However there is a method to optimize this brief speaking time - this is the first four minutes rule. Your language, attitude or expression at the beginning of the day can affect your entire relationship. Learn to show a positive and loving attitude during the first four minutes you spend together at the beginning of the day. Make a special effort to connect with your love.

You've probably have heard the phrase, "It's the little things matter a lot.  Every word of applause and lauding makes huge difference. Studies show that hugs can reduce stress, even encourage the love between a husband and wife! Other attentions and love marks can help preserve romanticism. A caring and loving husband will offer a bouquet of roses to his wife on a birthday or special occasion. A caring and creative wife can amuse her husband with a startling gifts or a special romantic dinner. These small things make your better half feel special and unique.      
When two individuals each give 100% of themselves, a strong link is established - a strong "juxtaposition" that guarantees flexibility, as well as has an ability to handle problems and crises. In this case, both spouses are totally "involved". But a 50-50 arrangement creates a fragile bond in the relationship! Spending some valuable time can be the greatest gifts you can give and thus make an effort to give even more. It is said that "There is more happiness to render than to receive”. It is seen that many Muslim marriage last longer for this reason.
Those who are married know that we all have our human weaknesses and nature. In reality do you recognize the value of your spouse?  This does not mean that you should honor the defects or bad habits of your partner. But search for good sides and the positive aspects! If you have offended your spouse, physically or verbally, you must repent! Of course, you must also make an apology to your spouse! Remember that your spouse is destined to "inherit with you the grace of love for life"


Are there many disputes in your family, or in your marriage?  Many a times the best way for ending a dispute is to remember that a "soft answer calms fury" Sometimes you have to admit your own responsibility. May be you personally might have caused the problem. Support one another, and if one has cause to complain of the other, pardon one another.  

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