Jan 31, 2010

Women’s Roles

In each and every phase of life, there will always be women’s roles and touches. Women’s roles in life are immeasurable. She can be an affectionate mother but also at the same time can become a strong and sturdy figure to be made as a leaning place by her family.

It is said that the history of Mother’s day in Indonesia, which falls every December 22th, started in 1928, Yogyakarta. Initially, that day is commemorated as an effort to memorize women’s spirit and struggle in repairing nation quality at that time. From that event, we can see that woman can be an agent of change. Women have the energy to alter things, even for big matter like nation economic situation, if they want to struggle and deal with it.

In my country (which is still a developing one), according to the facts mentioned by an NGO in women’s issues; two per three of economic contribution are coming from women’s roles. Unfortunately, the impacts still can’t be felt widely because many women’s works aren’t admitted yet. For example, in rural area which are predominated by women farmers; their names aren’t mentioned in co-operation institute nearby.

Why a woman can be an agent of change in her environment? Women are assumed to be able to inspire many people because they have abilities to enlighten, to educate and to empower people around to actualize their dreams. For example, Cecilia Mbimbus, a modest woman in a little village at Flores, NTT, Indonesia, has been a leader twice of an organization that supplies and organizes clean water for all people in her village. She was trusted because of her good leadership, honesty, sincerity and her ability to convince others.

God creates women with these abilities. It becomes our duties to use our abilities to build and prepare our children as a qualified and strong generation for your better nation in the future. We can start doing it from home...

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Jan 29, 2010

Farmer, Rice Field and Blue Sky.

It’s a common view in rural area. The rice field is located at a village in my husband’s hometown (Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia). It wasn’t my shot; I received this photo from my husband’s friend who still lives there. I like this, so, I want to share here. Hope you like it, too.

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Jan 25, 2010

About Shopaholic

Shopping is often related to women interest. It’s one of enjoyable activities; but when shopping has turned into an addiction; you can’t let it unsolved.

To verify whether you’re a shopaholic or not, read the seen marks of a shopaholic below:

  • There is always shopping activity in your daily schedule.

  • Have a high enthusiasm in shopping. You can spend all day in mall. If there’s a sale advertisement at one mall, you always and must be there since the first day.

  • Your home has already full of expense stuffs that are unused.

  • Seeing other buys something; you are tickled to buy it, too; although in fact the money is to buy other need.

  • Shopping gives you satisfaction that can’t be replaced by other activity.
If you experienced at least two symptoms above, please, you should be aware of this problem…

According to some American psychiatrists who have handled shopaholic cases in celebrities, shopping has become one kind of dangerous enough obsession-compulsive disorder. Most of shopaholics suffer from depression or low self confidence. For them, shopping gives pleasure and comfort, though it’s only temporary.

If you want to heal from the addiction, you should have strong intention to eliminate this behavior. Here are tips to erase your shopping addiction:

  • Change your way of thinking. Emphasize yourself that shopping means buying things that you really need.

  • Change your daily schedule. Decrease the shopping activity from the list.

  • If you must buy needed goods; ask someone to accompany you. She/he will be your ‘shopping police’.

  • Always bring a list of goods needed to buy; and strict to it.

  • Avoid using credit card. Bring money sufficiently.

  • Fill your spare time with more useful activities. You can decide yourself what you will do. It can be blogging, taking courses, reading, painting, being active in social or religious activities, etc.
If you have applied all tips and still hasn’t yet succeeded, you should consult your condition to an expert. You might have more serious psychology problem.

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Jan 22, 2010

Sky Watch:Catch the Rainbow

It's actually a spontaneous shot. Last Saturday, in the afternoon, after the rain has just stopped, we (I and my hubby) went outside. During our walk on the neighborhood , suddenly I noticed that there was rainbow in the sky. We tried to make a second clear shot on more open area, but it was too late, the rainbow was fading away...

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Jan 19, 2010

Rest in Peace, Anisa

A mom is a shelter and also a comfortable place for her children. Moms should protect their children from everything that can harm them. But these roles aren’t done by Manda. She doesn’t feel that being a mom is a noble job. Her daughter’s life was taken by Manda’s own hands.

Anisa was a cute little girl; 2, 5 years old. She has never been asked to be born in this world. She also can’t choose to have a full of affection mother that cares with love and gentleness. She can only accept her mom’s cruelties, almost every day.

Manda, 25 years old, has closed her heart. There was no love anymore for Anisa, her only one child. Poorness and economic pressure has blocked her healthy mind. She saw her own daughter not as a priceless gift from God; she assumed Anisa as a thing, as her property. Whenever Manda felt bad or she has just been quarrelling with her husband, Manda will loose her anger by hurting her own daughter.

Last Friday night (Jan 15th), a tragedy happened. Having her wants couldn’t be fulfilled by her husband, Manda get angry and started to hurt Anisa again. Anisa cried so loud; and it made Manda more furious. She pressed hard a pillow on Anisa’s mouth, to stop her crying. The fact is, it’s not only the crying has stopped, but also her own daughter’s last breathe… It’s useless that Manda became panic later, Anisa has already gone. Manda must be responsible for all she had done to Anisa. Let the law enforcement takes this part.

At least, Anisa can rest well now. She’s no longer being a victim. She’s happy there because there’s no one can hurt her anymore. I think it is one of God ways to save Anisa from her cruel mom….
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Jan 18, 2010

First Award and a Little about Me

There is always the first time for everything. Thanks for Amina, the owner of a great blog It's My Life, who has given the first award to this new blog of mine. I really appreciate it.

In addition to this award, it’s also required to list down 7 things that most people probably don’t know about me.
  1. I and my hubby still live with my father in the same house. He’s 75 years old now. After my mom passed away, I decide to accompany him.
  2. I’ve ever been a victim of an ‘unfair’ boss. He’s actually a married man. Because I always reject his invitation to have a lunch date, to watch movie in cinema, and to accompany me going home, he didn’t pass my work probation.
  3. I’m very afraid of cockroach.
  4. I really want to be able to drive a car. The problem is, if I am surprised of something, my reaction is letting loose or dropping down anything in my hand grasp. Though the condition is better now (I seldom broke glass/plates anymore), my hubby still forbids me to drive.
  5. I’m the youngest of four and the only one daughter of my parents, but I’m not a spoiled one.
  6. I accept his (now my hubby) wedding proposal because I’m sure that my late mom like him. That day, he told me that my late mom came to his dream and she said that she blessed our relationship. My hubby was able to describe what she looked like and what the dress (her favorite one) she wore precisely, though he had never met my mom before or saw her latest pictures. I also have never met my mother in-law; she passed away when my hubby was still a teenager.
  7. The first two years of my marriage is a hard times. I was so annoyed and sad with other people words that always questioning why I still haven’t been pregnant yet. But now, I can answer the same questions with smile on my face. I won’t loose my hope, I won’t stop my efforts and I won’t stop my prayers.
Thanks for reading this. If you haven’t yet had the award, I let you, my blogger friends, to grab this award. Don’t forget to mention the list.

Jan 17, 2010

Today's Flowers: My Purple Lotus

We plant purple lotus in a little pool on my front yard. I captured this blooming moment a week ago. I was glad that I did it, because rain falls down every day since then. Lotus won't bloom if there isn't enough light of sunshine. Here, I want to share the beauty of blooming purple lotus. For more beautiful flowers, you can visit Today's Flowers.

Jan 15, 2010

Sky Watch: Ring Solar Eclipse

Today, this noon (2.18 pm), from my city, Bogor, Indonesia, I can see the ring solar eclipse for about 11 minutes. It said that it's the longest time of the ring solar eclipse that ever happen. The next ring solar eclipse with the same time duration will happen in the next 3000 years. Wow, I feel so grateful can see this...

The weather is no bright at all. The sky is full of dark grey clouds, and it's raining since the morning. We can't see it clearly. Though the picture result isn't a qualified one, I still want to share here...
It's my first time joining Sky Watch Friday. You can see pictures of sky from all over the world there.

Jan 13, 2010

Be a Proud Stay at Home Woman

Whether you are a mom or just a wife like me, a stay at home woman should still develop herself. Most women can’t be kept quiet after they decided to stay at home. Though in fact there are lots of household works waiting to be done, where all those works take many of their times, energies and minds, they remain to look for something for their self esteem. Thanks to the internet technology, a stay at home woman like me can use it for many positive purposes.

We have our own reasons, why we decide to stay at home. After my Mom passed away in 1999, I have decided to remain accompany my father. I’m the youngest and have no sister. My three older brothers live in different towns and also different islands. I think it’s my job to take care of my father, until now. I feel grateful that I have a husband who wants to live with his father in-law.

For some women, it’s not easy to decide to stay at home. But sometimes a wife doesn’t have any choice if she has to accompany her husband on work duty or continuing school out of country for a long time.

It’s just my opinion; have no intention at all. I believe that every woman has her own path of life. As long as it works well for you, you can continue doing what you have chosen because every woman now has a freedom to make her choices in life. I’m writing this because I need to make a commitment for my self that I’m a proud stay at home woman.

I found a good article written by Laura Trahan. In this post I’ll share a list (written by her) - why stay at home women, especially you, stay at home moms, should be proud of who you are. Here is the list:

You are raising your child.You are the one doing all the caring jobs. You are the one doing the discipline. You teach them, mold them and watch them grow. They grow up so fast and you won’t miss any moment. When your children get older and in a problem, they will feel comfortable coming to and crying on your shoulder.

You don’t have to worry that someone (babysitter, childcare worker, etc.) may hurt your child. Moms are better at raising their own children…

You are providing for your family.
You have the full time to listen to your husband, to listen to your children, plan family dinners, outings, etc. Your family will grow closer.

You feel that your life has real purpose.Every profession has its own importance. Being a stay at home mom, you feel that you are now fulfilling God-given role. Your real life purpose is to be available emotionally and physically for your family in full time.

Of course you may have your own reasons why we should be proud to be stay at home women/moms. We can share it, right? For working moms, please don’t be angry with this article. As I said before, every woman is experiencing different situation and every women has her own path of life. We all are trying to do what is best for our family.

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Jan 10, 2010

Are you a workaholic? (2)

This post is the continuance of workaholic topic. I’ll mention here some practical tips for you to face this work addiction. If your colleague or friend is a workaholic, you can help her. The key words are still appreciating her work productivity. But you can tell her that the condition will be far better if she does not sacrifice the quality of work, health, relationships with family and office colleagues.
There are simple tips to overcome your workaholic colleague:

  • Set the standard work procedures and work instructions guide.

  • Help your colleague to prepare a list of tasks based on priorities. Not all tasks must be completed as soon as possible.

  • Remind her always on the priority tasks that have been set.

  • Do not criticize the long work hours. You can criticize the quality of work if it below the standards. Tell her that the quality and quantity of work are the same importance.

  • To pull a workaholic out of his world, try to get your colleague to join in activities outside the office tasks such as workout in fitness sport club after office hours, lunch together, and others.

  • It is required your patience, but with the right steps, your colleague can usually begin to overcome his work addiction.

What if you are a workaholic? The most important thing is that you have already realized and recognized the symptoms that happened to you. Without any recognition, it is very difficult to overcome this addiction. You must have a strong desire and make the right steps immediately.

Applying these steps below to overcome your work addiction:
  • Try to reduce the work rhythm. Any time you feel tense, talking on yourself, say that you need a little more calm. Take a breath several times slowly until you feel relaxed.

  • Make a priority of the task based on a better level of significance. Do tasks based on priorities.

  • Select each additional task or project offer that you receive. Make assessment of whether a task or project is beneficial for career development or only add the burden of your work.

  • Learning to create a balance between working and not working activities. Choose other activities that can truly make you relaxed.

  • Join and do activities together with people who pay attention and want to help you out of this work addiction.

  • Take a vacation. During the holiday, do not think the task of the office at all. Do new things of interest. Watching movies, reading favorite books, try new foods or to go to places that you want to go. After you complete a holiday, immediately planning what you want to do on the next holiday. You can create a plan for every week end. Making a holiday plan make you wait for something fun, so you do not feel trapped in routine work.
Do all these steps consistently. If you have a strong desire, the good results usually will be able to achieve in just a short term.

A workaholic actually has a positive potential for success in the job. What should be done is to make and direct this potential as well as possible so that it does not become a boomerang for herself.

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How to Have Best Appearance

Having beautiful appearance is important for a woman, but is it the most important thing? What do you think about it? The answers may vary; it depends on each woman’s life values.
Most of women realize the importance of keeping their looks. Looking beautiful can enhance your self confidence. But of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to look like an actress or a model, just be yourself and do what you should do to achieve it.

How to have your best look everyday? There is simple guidance below which can be input for you to achieve your best look:

  • Having good personalities and attitudes makes your inner beauty appears. It is important to have sincere, polite, humble, kind manners and also a clear and positive mind. You might have seen a woman who doesn’t have pretty face, but she looks very charming. It is because her inner beauty attracts others.

  • Being healthy can make you look beautiful. Your face, eyes and skin will look more fresh and bright. Keeping your health everyday by having enough sleep, taking exercise regularly, eating healthy food, drinking enough water and cleaning your body and teeth at least twice a day. The best moisturizer is the water that you drink everyday, it is not the lotion you used to apply on your skin.

  • Wearing simple make up and neat hair style is necessary for expressing your personality. Simplicity is the best. The appropriate make up and hair style will make you look fresh but still elegant.

  • Beautifying your body with neat and clean clothes that suits you is a valuable added value. There is no need to follow the fashion trend if you don’t like it. You should wear clothes that give added value to your whole performance. Have you ever heard the words “Dress for Success?” People often judge you by what you are wearing. So pay more attention while you are choosing what to wear every day.

  • Enhancing your communication skill is a must. There are many books about this subject that you can read or you may take a short course on communication skill. Good communication skill is a must if you want to increase your whole performance. Having a good communication skill makes you feel more confidence and acceptable by other people.

  • Increasing your related knowledge and information will be a benefit. Reading online news or daily newspaper is a good habit. Take your spare time to read good books and magazines. You will not be a boring person if you are smart enough. Don’t you think a smart woman is very attractive?

  • Having a positive body language will facilitate you to adapt with others. It is something that you can learn and then apply it in your daily activities. Knowing positive body languages makes you able to behave properly in every situation and interaction that you face with.
Applying these guidelines will help you to achieve your best look as not only a beautiful woman, but also a smart, charming and impressive one.

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