Jan 19, 2010

Rest in Peace, Anisa

A mom is a shelter and also a comfortable place for her children. Moms should protect their children from everything that can harm them. But these roles aren’t done by Manda. She doesn’t feel that being a mom is a noble job. Her daughter’s life was taken by Manda’s own hands.

Anisa was a cute little girl; 2, 5 years old. She has never been asked to be born in this world. She also can’t choose to have a full of affection mother that cares with love and gentleness. She can only accept her mom’s cruelties, almost every day.

Manda, 25 years old, has closed her heart. There was no love anymore for Anisa, her only one child. Poorness and economic pressure has blocked her healthy mind. She saw her own daughter not as a priceless gift from God; she assumed Anisa as a thing, as her property. Whenever Manda felt bad or she has just been quarrelling with her husband, Manda will loose her anger by hurting her own daughter.

Last Friday night (Jan 15th), a tragedy happened. Having her wants couldn’t be fulfilled by her husband, Manda get angry and started to hurt Anisa again. Anisa cried so loud; and it made Manda more furious. She pressed hard a pillow on Anisa’s mouth, to stop her crying. The fact is, it’s not only the crying has stopped, but also her own daughter’s last breathe… It’s useless that Manda became panic later, Anisa has already gone. Manda must be responsible for all she had done to Anisa. Let the law enforcement takes this part.

At least, Anisa can rest well now. She’s no longer being a victim. She’s happy there because there’s no one can hurt her anymore. I think it is one of God ways to save Anisa from her cruel mom….
Rewrite source: tempo
Picture source:tumeke.blogspot.com

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