Jan 31, 2010

Women’s Roles

In each and every phase of life, there will always be women’s roles and touches. Women’s roles in life are immeasurable. She can be an affectionate mother but also at the same time can become a strong and sturdy figure to be made as a leaning place by her family.

It is said that the history of Mother’s day in Indonesia, which falls every December 22th, started in 1928, Yogyakarta. Initially, that day is commemorated as an effort to memorize women’s spirit and struggle in repairing nation quality at that time. From that event, we can see that woman can be an agent of change. Women have the energy to alter things, even for big matter like nation economic situation, if they want to struggle and deal with it.

In my country (which is still a developing one), according to the facts mentioned by an NGO in women’s issues; two per three of economic contribution are coming from women’s roles. Unfortunately, the impacts still can’t be felt widely because many women’s works aren’t admitted yet. For example, in rural area which are predominated by women farmers; their names aren’t mentioned in co-operation institute nearby.

Why a woman can be an agent of change in her environment? Women are assumed to be able to inspire many people because they have abilities to enlighten, to educate and to empower people around to actualize their dreams. For example, Cecilia Mbimbus, a modest woman in a little village at Flores, NTT, Indonesia, has been a leader twice of an organization that supplies and organizes clean water for all people in her village. She was trusted because of her good leadership, honesty, sincerity and her ability to convince others.

God creates women with these abilities. It becomes our duties to use our abilities to build and prepare our children as a qualified and strong generation for your better nation in the future. We can start doing it from home...

Rewrite source: Kompas and google
Picture source : en.wikipedia.org

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