Feb 4, 2010

What Color are You? (2)

Here are the analysis of your color :

Yellow depicts one who is very bright, glorious and a merrymaker. The yellow personality describes quality. According to an expert of Magic of the Aura, yellow shows openness, joyfulness and likes to be surrounded by many people. Unfortunately, the yellow person sometime becomes lazy and not cares. They avoid problem and conflict. Yellow fans include ones who calm and full of tolerance. They use their times to make it up to others and conduct beautiful matter.
Orange is a full of activity color. If your color is orange, you include ones who full of strength and joyfulness. They are thick with ideas, active; they like to interact with friends and participate in various activities. Sometime orange fans use its money to celebrate with their friend. They also can become a little lazy and too patient. Like yellow fans, orange users are open-minded person.
Red is an enthusiastic color; and at the same time expresses enragement. According to an aura expert, you have been born as a leader. They include the creative people, ambitious and always obtain good job. Red personality is very strong and brave. They also can be very emotional and impatient. Sometimes, for the shake of reaching a leader position, the red don’t hesitate to make others to do something for them. Generally, the red include ones who full of passion to do everything better.

Pink is frequently related to love, feminine, and peacefulness. An aura expert said that pink fans have free and very bright personality. Like the blue, even tend to be shy ones, they can make others feel comfortable. The pink tend to flat in realizing their ideas or doing something; but they conduct it vigorously, with love and feeling to others.
Blue almost opposite of red. Red is hot, blue is cold. An aura expert said that blue fans are loyal at friend, work or family. The blue personality has inner intelligence, especially in natural philosophy and art. The blue are thinkers, observers, not- much-talking persons, shy ones and tend to be receivers. They like to learn and prefer to reconcile with others. Sometimes people assume the blue as ‘cold’ persons.
Green is natural color. The green include ones who are very active, especially when in open nature. The green also very pay attention to others. An aura expert said that, green is harmonious and well-balanced color. The green are stabile persons; they also often become peacemaker when people around find problem.
The green can become enjoyable friends. Sometimes they look over confidence. To some people, the green can also be trusted and fair.

Black depicts solitude and silence; but ones who love black don’t mean that they are lonely and depressed. Generally, the black exactly are very intuitive and wisdom. They prefer limited friends. Because of their shyness, some people think the black are introvert. In fact, the black like to associate and have interest with others.

According to the result, I’m the blue. Well, I really love blue; and I think the color analysis of blue also suits enough with my personality, except about the art intelligence (I think I don’t have this).

To believe or not believe; it’s all up to you. My aim here is inviting you to know your own personality more…

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denie February 04, 2010  

haloooo gimana kabarnya niiiihhhh.....?????

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