Feb 25, 2010

Are women bad drivers?

There is a common opinion: women are bad drivers. If you see the pictures above, you might think the same, even my hubby agrees with it! Before making any conclusion, let’s see the facts here:

  • According to insurance statistics, men are the bad drivers. There are the skeptics who mention that a man and a woman have different hormones, therefore making the man a better driver. A male driver is thought to have better reaction time because his brain works differently. But what these skeptics forget is that men drive faster, are more likely to break driving laws, and are more aggressive on the highway.

  • Even tough statistics pointing to men as the culprits behind fatal car crashes, most people always seem to point the finger at women as being the more unstable drivers. With 77% of male drivers more likely to die behind the wheel then women, I wonder if the sex difference has anything to do with driving ability.

  • MSN Auto offers a study prepared by Quality Planning, an insurance policy holder statistical gathering firm. Not surprisingly women came out on top as better and safer drivers than their male counterparts.

  • The Quality Planning study revealed that men scored fifty percent higher than women in driving violations. ABC News, in a report by John Stossel said seventy-one percent of all accidents are caused by men. That same report also pointed out that men drove more miles than women, sixty-two percent compared to thirty-eight percent. However, even with the miles driven factored in, men still caused more accidents.

  • Talking on cell phones while driving is not a gender-based habit. Teenage drivers often break driving laws whether they’re male or female.
So, whether you’re a woman or a man, you can be a good driver or a bad one; gender has nothing to do with it.
Source : cars.lovetoknow.com
Picture source: www.crashstuff.com

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